Dear Jack, I wanted to let you know I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately. I believe I need to tell you how much you strengthen my commitment and faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ. I am not the intellect or theologian that you are but you were able to reach me. You know I’m a rouge Jesus Freak. My walk has been lonely. I can only preach about a pure love of God and it’s rough year after year with no church body. I believe loving God is 24/7 and I believe if I can get people to walk awhile with me they understand. I hang with the addicted,afflicted and people with broken hearts.Needless to say I’m not on anybody’s fancy dinner list. Sometimes it gets so hard Jack. Sometimes it takes years of working with people. I’ve had some great successes and I’ve had some devastating failures. Sometimes I feel so burned out trying and trying. But you Jack are special. I’m not into end time prophecy. Not smart enough to understand it all. I pray every day for Jesus to return. The sooner the better. I know this world is about one thing once you come to Christ. Spiritual warfare. And it’s getting darker. But I want you to know you are a light to me. That’s huge. It’s hard for me to trust a lot of believers. I know you really love our Lord and I know your work is very hard. You made a good and Godly difference in my life. So thank you Jack. Please keep on keeping on! The race is almost won. Tell your beautiful and loving wife I said hello. And may the good Lord continue to bless your ministry. Your Jesus Freak sister in Christ, Tammie