hey pop its Tim, I was thinking about you for the past couple of weeks or so and i thought i would finally get a chance to visit your website and for the first time today i got on it and there is a lot of powerful stuff on here. I really dont quite understand it and maybe you can help me? I dont know if grandma told you but my best close friend who was like a brother just died about two weeks ago, and its been hard to say the least. I come to you because not only are you my grandpa but i can trust you and i believe you, i want you to help me find my way back to christ for i am sorry to say that i may have strayed off the chosen path for me, and frankly that scares me. I have so many questions i would like answered and thingsi need cleared up so if you would email me back at my personal address timothysfretts@gmail.com i would love to talk to you. well thats it for now look forward to speaking with you soon. love you