Your words… “My friends, this is the manifest destiny of the last evil and unrepentant men who will unite and rule this Earth. What you have just read is the final end of all who follow the impulses of their sinful religious and political nature. Today they appear unto us as men on a purpose-driven mission to bring religious and political freedom to the world, and if necessary, they will fight against any enemy who stands in their way. “

Actually those are words lacking reality… one simple question if you will indulge. If the bible is the word of God, then it must be true… if it is true, then it is all true, if it is false, then it is all false. The defining test is, ” If any two shall touch hands and ask in my name, it shall be done”. Of course any one but a fool knows that those supposed words of God are totally false, as is the whole testament. Many have and will argue that you can’t take the bible literally etc,,, etc,,, it all winds up in the same pile of false beliefs and promises.

I would suggest you put an equal effort into something more realistic, you are simply trying to draw water from an empty well!