Hello all,

Have you looked at Steve Quayle’s website lately? I went there today looking at the articles on Chem-trails over the USA and the rest of the world. It will make you sick to realize how far gone the world is with evil and the planned destruction of the human race by evil illuminusits. Satan has gone hog wild . I am about to get back into my prayer room with God about all this breakdown on earth. We are heading out of here or we are staying to endure what is about to break loose. Much of it already has broken loose but is not reported to the massess unless you get on line to find the truth on trusted web pages. Soon I will not be able to use the internet because it is getting so invaded by government creeps who keep tabs on all of us. I recently read a book called “Fatal Deception”, about the asbestos coverup in the US and around the world. We are goners folks just plain and simple ….GONERS! Nothing means anything to me anymore except one day a time in prayer and fasting for what I don’t know…..I will leave the leading up to God. So many lies out there that I lost the ability to even pray with an understanding of what for. Can you relate to this? Anyone? Glad when it hits the fan and comes to a close. Until then me and my kitty cat will watch comedies on the boob tub and eat ourselves into oblivion with comfort food when we are not fasting that is.