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Name: Pastor Macpherson Agofure
Email: sanctuaryofhealing@yahoo.com
You are an extraordinary expositor of the word of God The annointing will not dry in your life in Jesus name amen
Name: Tammie
Email: tammieol55@yahoo.com
Aloha Jack!!
I feel compelled to comment about the death of Osama. I'm ashamed at the ego and pride of so many believers. To rejoyce the death of a enemy is wrong. To seek out his death was wrong. I can only pray and ask Jesus to send more sheperd's like you Jack. To enlighten others with your wisdom. I remain your faithful Jesus Freak sister, Tammie
Name: Ang
Email: notpublic@notpublic.com
Dear Jack,

Please comment on the death of Osama Bin Laden, and its impact on the last days.

Thank you, brother!

Name: Roy Stanford
Email: roystanford1959@gmail.com
I just read an email that was sent to me regarding fallen angels and the deception that they are some how aliens!! The spirit of Yahweh has long since blessed me with the understanding of how the fraud will be used to cause mankind to look away from our master and high priest Yeshua.

I found this to be the first outside introduction to something I have known since being stationed at Ft. Sill OK so many pounds ago! I will continue to stay tuned to this bat channel.


Roy "Old Spice"
Name: Nancy Dismukes
Email: nc3366dis@bellsouth.net
This is a long post, but please bear with me. I think you'll find it worth the time it takes to read it. I've pasted a quote from the Wall Street Journal. At the end of it, I'm posting my comments.

Oil shale reserves can turn Israel into major world producer

Ian King
From: The Times
March 21, 201111:54AM

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THE JOKE has been told by generations of Jews, most famously Golda Meir, the former prime minister of Israel: 'Why did Moses lead us to the one place in the Middle East without oil?'

But an updated version may be required if Harold Vinegar and his colleagues get their way. Dr Vinegar, the former chief scientist of Royal Dutch Shell, is at the centre of an ambitious project to turn Israel into one of the world's leading oil producers.

Israel Energy Initiatives, where Dr Vinegar is chief scientist, is working on projects to extract oil and natural gas from oil shale from a 238sq km area of the Shfela Basin, to the south and west of Jerusalem.

Oil shale mining is often frowned upon, not least by the environmental lobby, as a dirty process that is both energy and water-intensive. IEI believes that its technique will be cleaner than that of other operators because the oil will be separated from the shale rock up to 300m beneath the ground. Water will be a by-product of the process rather than being consumed by it in large volumes.

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According to Dr Vinegar, Israel has the second-biggest oil shale deposits in the world, outside the US: "We estimate that there is the equivalent of 250 billion barrels of oil here. To put that in context, there are proven reserves of 260 billion barrels of oil in Saudi Arabia."

The marginal cost of production, IEI estimates, will be between $US35 and $US40 per barrel. This, Dr Vinegar points out, is cheaper than the $US60 or so per barrel that it costs to extract crude from inhospitable locations such as the Arctic, and compares with $US30-$US40 per barrel in some of the deepwater oilfields off the coast of Brazil.

"These Israeli deposits have been known about, but have never been listed before. It was previously assumed there was not the technology to deal with it."

According to Dr Vinegar, IEI, which is owned by the American telecoms group IDT Corp, hopes to begin production on a commercial basis by the end of the decade, with a view to producing 50,000 barrels per day at the outset. This would be a fraction of the 270,000bpd consumed daily by Israel, but would be a significant step towards making the country energy-independent.

Dr Vinegar estimates that, with one barrel of oil comprising 42 gallons, each tonne of oil shale contains approximately 25gallons.The extraction process involves heating the rock underground, using electric heaters, to approximately 325C, the level at which the carbon-carbon bonds in the rock start to "crack". The oil produced by the process is light and easily refined to a range of products, including naphtha, jet fuel and diesel.

The project is attracting serious interest from outside investors. In November, 2010, an 11 per cent stake in Genie Oil & Gas, the division of IDC that is the parent company of IEI, was acquired for $US11m ($11.05m) by Jacob Rothschild, the banker, and Rupert Murdoch, chairman of News Corporation, parent company of The Times. Genie's advisory board includes heavyweight figures such as Michael Steinhardt, the hedge fund investor, and Dick Cheney, the former US vice-president.

Dr Vinegar said that an appraisal now under way would be followed by an 18-month pilot stage. Among the issues this will address will be concerns raised by environmental groups, including an examination of IEI's claims that the process does not require excessive use of water or energy. Reassurance will also be sought that a local aquifer, which is several hundred metres below the shale deposits, will not be contaminated by the work.

Assuming that these early stages are completed successfully, a demonstration phase would then take place over three to four years, during which the work completed in the pilot phase would be continued on a larger scale. Only then would the commercial operations begin. Dr Vinegar said that, by this stage, up to 1000 people would be employed on the project, many of them specialist engineers from outside Israel.

He added: "Funding is not needed for the pilot and demonstration, although once we were getting to 50,000 barrels per day, we would want to have a partner. We have been approached by all the majors."

Dr Vinegar said that the project still faced a number of hurdles: "There is a geological risk: Is the resource there? What is the risk to the aquifer? We have no doubts here, and in particular that the resource is there and is of good quality, but the pilot can prove these things.

"Then there is the technological risk: Can we drill long horizontal wells and can the heaters be placed in them? And can they last?

"And finally there is the economic risk, what the price of oil does. But I think the price is going to continue rising, to the extent that, by 2030, we will be at around $US200 per barrel."

To that, there can be added a fourth potential risk for the project: whether it is capable of overcoming criticism from the environmental lobby to win popular support. This, perhaps, is the greatest challenge facing Dr Vinegar and his colleagues.

What you've just read (if you've stayed with me), I believe is what will bring about the enforcement of the Oslo Accords (the peace treaty between Israel and Palestine). This was to have taken place in 1996, but Israel "goofed" and it never happened. All it would take is the President of the United States to confirm this peace treaty (which he has the power to do without Congressional support). The perfect timing for Obama to do this would be right before the 2012 elections. Since most people (including conservative evangelical Christians) would see this as a good thing, it would ensure his reelection! It would give the U.S. access to more inexpensive oil than we've ever dreamed possible and bring peace to the middle east stopping the threat of nuclear war. At the time that Obama confirms this treaty, the seven year tribulation would start. (Remember that Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize--not for what he has done, but for what he WILL do.)

As Jack has been saying since the 1980's, (perhaps even earlier), the President of the United States IS the antichrist and he's on the scene right now. There are many other things that point to this and with a little digging, you can find them easily on-line (which is why our government is furiously trying to control the internet.

Jesus told us to watch...so that we are not taken unawares. No one, other than God's own people, are going to tell you these things, or put them all together. Each bit of information is a puzzle peice. When it's all put together Spirit-filled Christians will see easily what is happening. Those that can't see are not spirit filled and are being deluded.
Name: Nancy Dismukes
Email: nc3366dis@bellsouth.net
Jack, after you referred to a book titled, Appolyon Rising 2012, I ordered it from Amazon.com. It arrived on Friday and that night I decided to read a couple pages before going to bed. Sixty pages later, I couldn't keep my eyes open and fell asleep. Saturday, I picked it up again and continued to read, then, being more than a little curious, I skipped to the back of the book and read the last 50 or so pages. I'm now debating whether or not to finish the rest of the book. My purpose in writing today is to say that, while Mr. Horn has obviously done a great deal of research, and I, having some knowledge of the Masonic brotherhood through male members of my family, and having no doubt as to the inherent evil in that organization, I caution fellow born-again believers to remember that, while Satan is a roaring lion seeking to devour whomever he can at this time, we must keep our eyes on Jesus. I know my redeemer liveth! If Mr. Horn's purpose is to put together the prophecies of past and present people and entities, he's done a great job. If his purpose is also to make non-Christians take notice of the times we're living in, he's also done a great job. But it seems to me that Satan would also disseminate false information to try to influence and pull away the elect. And this is where we must use caution. Since the antichrist has not yet officially come on the scene, and the pact with Israel has not yet been signed, I believe it is too late in the scheme of things for the Appolyon mentioned in Revelation, chapter 9 to open the abyss and release these demons. He will do so during the first half of the tribulation, I agree. The opening of the abyss is the fifth trumpet judgment. It releases the locust-like demons that will not be able to harm the elect. All this being said, if Mr. Horn and all those before who predicted the coming of Appolyon in 2012, are correct, a great many things must take place first: the rapture, the identification of the antichrist, the treaty with Israel, the earthquake, etc. Since the entities that Mr. Horn quotes in his book, are without exception, non-born again Christians, I really believe that Lucifer has manipulated all this behind the scenes to "throw us off."
Name: Clayton Thurman
Email: cthurman001@centurytel.net
Greetings to all,
How's every one doing? Well I'm looking up for my redemption draweth nigh. Other than that the world keeps on turning with more and more wickedness. Keep up your faith and trust God in these last days as times are getting harder. Gas prices are going through the roof thanks to George Soros and Phillip Browder the two richest men on the earth. Food prices are soaring and etc. Just like Jesus said it would be like in the last days. Boy did Jesus know what He was saying back then and now. Does the book of Revelation look familiar today as we fast approach the end of time. If you are not ready to meet Jesus all you have to do is repent and ask for forgiveness and ask Jesus into your heart and you will be saved. Then endure until the end.
God Bless
Bro. Clayton
Name: John N Cooper
Email: electricman@tampabay.rr.com
I got an email from Jack today and it was really interesting.

A very nice site.

Name: Nancy C. Dismukes
Email: nc3366dis@bellsouth.net
Last night before going to bed, I read Jack's articles, Fundamentalist, parts 1 & 2. By God's grace, what I read changed my life. I was overtaken by Godly sorrow that left tears running down my face. After 30* years as a "christian" I realize I have been deluded with a false sense of security. Jack, thank you for allowing God to use you during these, the final days of the world we have known. Thank you for putting truth into words that this stubborn and rock-like heart could finally absorb. And most of all, I thank our gracious God for His mercy and our Lord, Jesus Christ, who has become both my Savior AND my Lord!

Love in our Christ,
Name: Ronald Fields
Email: moparmtn@yahoo.com
URL: http://www.webspawner.com/users/morparmtn/

Thank you for sending me this site... It will keep me busy for a long time. I pray daily for our country and people.... I have had a bunch of letters out all over the country and Canada about what is going on... Many people are just so blind or just can't comprehend what is happening.

I was a Vietnam era veteran as I served in the navy on a submarine. Here is my story: http://www.webspawner.com/users/morparmtn/index.html
Name: Kathy Gregory
Email: kathymanuel@yahoo.com
URL: http://forums.delphiforums.com/kath
I will take a few days and read at this site. Thank you for sending me the link.
Name: keijo
Email: keijo.leppioja@hotmail.com
Thank you to the lord for his the kingdon will come with power and inrighteousness and no sin will live there of or hate ,but peace and harmony wiht thanskgivng and worship the Lord i njoy and many the songs of glory and praise ,thanks and bless and live in faith with praying ,keijo sweden
Name: Emery Esse
Email: srtalpha2@yahoo.com
What a great testimony for our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ. To God be the Glory!
I agree Brother Jack that this health and wealth stuff is a big lie from the father of all liers, Satan! I think of Joe Osteen, Joyce Myers, Benney Hin, John Hagey and many others who are decieving many through their false teaching in health and wealth gospel. God warns us about these false preachers in, ROMANS 16:17-18; 1COR. 2&3; 2COR. 11:3-15; GALatians 1:6&7; Acts 13:10-12; MATTHEW 7:15-27; 15:14; 13; 23: 24:4-51; JOHN 5:39-47; 8:47; TITUS 1:9-16; 1TIM. 1:18-20; 2TIM. 4:3-5; 1JOHN 2:18-27; I pray they all come to know the true Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Isaiah 43:11-I, even I, AM the Lord, And besides Me there is NO Savior.

ACTS 4:12-Nor is there Salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be Saved.

Emery Esse ( JOHN 14:6)!!!
Name: Dave
Email: dave6439@comcast.net
Most Vietnam Veterans don't know the truth about the Vietnam War,howsoever, The Pentagon Papers and US Imperialism in South East Asia [by Dr Noam Chomsky] sums it up in about one word or so: Hysteria/the domino effect.

As an unwitting participant of this fracas (two separate tours of duty) I returned to the world no longer knowing right from wrong and imposed an evil will upon so many others.

When I left for war I was a good lad with deep principles and values to guide me, alas, I experienced a change...yet even now saved, I suffer greatly from regret. Through the blood of Jesus on Calvary’s cross I have been spared damnation, but sadly I cannot repair the damage I've done. I try to pray daily and feel the hand of Jesus on my shoulder, but I still have to live with the shame.

This is the price I pay for repentance.

May God forgive me in all things, guide my way, and save my soul, as I am truly a repentant man.
Name: wesley
Email: wescatnm@dishmail.net
Hi Jack I did serive with the First Marines in Vietnam 68-69 . If it weren't for the good LORD I wouldn't be writing this letter. I can't tell you how HE has blessed me and still blessing me .

God Bless you in your work .......Wes
Name: Tammie
Email: tammieol55@yahoo.com
Dearest Jack and Carol,
So many years have passed since we first made contact. I value all your articles Jack. It's been a rough road trying to teach Christians that there is no just war doctrine. When I was young I couldn't understand how preachers would stand at the pulpit and nullify Christ's teachings when they taught about just wars and patriotism. It seemed I was fighting a losing battle.The saddest thing is I can never find a church home. I've tried my whole life and church hopped hoping I would find someone who wasn't afraid of teaching the truth. Another gripe I have is churches don't teach celibacy as a way of life. Both Jesus and Paul taught this for those who could accept it. I have practice celibacy for over 10 years. (since my divorce) It just isn't what people want to hear so it's not taught. But I tell you the truth, I fully concentrate on Jesus and serving him as opposed to serving 1 man in marriage. I've never been happier and my love of God grows daily. I know there are Godly marriages, I've witness them. But there is a alternative and people need to know this. Thank you Jack and Carol for speaking the truth. I hope we meet someday, if not here then in Christ's kingdom. Love from your sister in Christ, Tammie
Name: john MacQuilliam
Email: jmacquilliam60@co.newton.ga.us
Thanks Jack
I served in the 25th Inf. 3rd Pl 13th Art. 155sp 1967-68 at the age of 18.
I became a bible believing Christian in 1978. As a flower of the writings of the LORD JESUS CHRIST I have not found a religion that will
tolerate my questions of their beliefs. The only question I ask is, "What is good Friday?"
Anyway I'm glade someone else ask questions and reads the WORD. As it is written. "And the WORD became flash an dwelt with us."
Peace be with you. Love John
Name: Joseph
Email: arnaudj@hotmail.com
I spent 20 years in the USAF, 15 years in the DoD, Department of the Army, and 7 years workng for large defense contractors. It seemed that in all that time, everything was based on building the implements for war. A huge waste of human life, and an equally large waste of the taxpayer's money. I was in Iraq as a contractor for just 2 months. I broke my contract because I saw things that made the Vietnam war look like kindergarden.

This world is very badly broken and sinful. I really think Jesus will be back soon, hopefully in my lifetime, but if not, that's okay too. I know where my final destination will be, but it isn't because of anything I did. It is all about what Jesus did for me on the cross with his shed blood.
Name: Dinesh
Email: shabbathster@gmail.com
Praise The Lord,
I would like to join your guest book
Name: John the Baptist the 2nd
Email: John@JohntheBaptist2nd.com
Hi Jack, Christ is Coming indeed. John