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July 2013 Comments



Jack I am a 2nd Amendment protector and I am not part of a cult. Maybe some can't but I can keep my beliefs as a born again believer seperate from my gun rights. But as a free American I cannot seperate the Constitution from my rights as a free American.


From: Ron White [mailto:rwhitewatchman@msn.com]

To: 'Jack Hook'
Subject: RE: Cult of the Second Amendment by Jim Baumgaertel

Sorry Jack, but this cult guy uses so many Scriptures out of context to create a "human" message that fits his ideology that he himself is in danger of the judgment himself -- plus anyone else who creates a "secular humanistic" thought process, then quotes some Scriptures "as if" they support his thesis is somewhere out there in left field! 

I've noted over the years that you do the same, Jack Hook. 

As usual, such folks' "well-written article" omits any mention of the commands of the Lord and Savior Jim Baumgaertel and others "claim" to serve in making his thesis. 

Who is obeying Jesus' own commands to his disciples?  Are we true disciples of Jesus, or aren't we?  Do we simply pick and choose which of Jesus' commands to obey or disobey, then "claim" that "we" are the only "true" followers of Christ, and all others are cults?

Who is the "cult"?  Who is deceived?  Who is obedient to Jesus Christ? 

Lastly, I note that such folks as Jack Hook and Jim Baumgaertel are on the same side of Marxist-socialist-elitists who will one day try to murder every Christian in the USA, and you are (wittingly or unwittingly) being used as pawns to send out the evil one's message -- then you "claim" that this is "love"!  WOW!  But you aren't deceived about anything!  NOSIREE!  NOT YOU!

I will continue to pray for you, forgive you, bless you, and pray the Holy Spirit opens your eyes to see that He's not the one sending you messages that cause fellow believers in Christ to be murdered by the millions.  Jesus had sound reasons to command His disciples buy a sword (military weapon) and that command has NEVER  been rescinded, EXCEPT by some "enlightened" folks who claim to be smarter than Jesus and to disobey Jesus' commands.  Further, Paul's command to "provide for his own" includes more than mere food or money, but also includes protection from wolves and other wild beasts who come to kill, steal and destroy. 

A day of reckoning is coming, and it's not going to be pretty.  I wonder what Jack's and Jim's excuses will be for being party to the murders of millions of martyrs who were murdered for the cause of Jesus Christ but also owned guns that have never, will never, be used offensively?    That you attempt to portray a message similar to Jane Fonda's during the Vietnam war that makes all military "baby killers" is the very "type" of message you convey regularly, routinely.  It's as false and fake as any $3 bill. 

Ron White

From: Jack Hook [mailto:jdhook@cox.net]
To: Jim at admin@procinwarn.com
Subject: FW: Cult of the Second Amendment by Jim Baumgaertel

Hi Jim,

Ron White has been saying these things to me for several years now.  I will continue to love and pray for him as I ask our Lord Jesus Christ to help all of us see his Kingdom and not the kingdoms of this world system which deny his power and person.  Almost every Christian American who challenges our understanding of the gospel uses the Lord’s command to his disciples to buy swords as rationale to take up arms.

Your brother in Jesus,


Brother Jack,

Yes, Jack, I’ve noticed this about the “two swords” verse.

Also, I notice that there is a lack of disciplined thinking in the first place. My article is not about pacifism. It’s about Romans 13 vs. the US constitution. And yet, many jump to the argument about the use of force. I didn’t even mention the issue of self-defense.

I still have not come to confident understanding of Jesus’ words about buying a sword and two is enough. Three possibilities are 1) self-defense against humans 2) self-defense against animals or 3) It’s an ironic rebuke to his disciples for not trusting Him. I lean toward view #3.

You must have written about this, but I don’t remember. What are your views, brother Jack?

Lord bless you, brother,


From: Jack Hook
To: admin@procinwarn.com
Cc: *Ron White VN Vet
Subject: RE: Cult of the Second Amendment by Jim Baumgaertel

Thanks, Jim,

Ron will always be my friend as he was the one army officer who warned the chain of command in Saigon that an offensive was about to break out at the time of Tet, January 31, 1968.  Some senior officers heeded his warning as he was an established “intelligence” officer, and they prepared the defenses in Saigon, especially the AFB at Tan Son Naut.  His warning and perseverance saved the lives of many of my friends in Saigon as well as my own when I entered the city with fighting on the streets.

In answer to your question, Yes,  I have written many articles over the years, many of them having reference to self defense and the just war doctrine.  I am posting one of them below for your reading.  I am sending our exchange to some of my family and friends who were the subject of the article in hopes they will remember the conversations we have had over the years about our Lord Jesus and his coming Kingdom. 

All of us struggle with thinking that America is the Great Babylon that will produce the false Messiah for the nations in the coming 70th week of seven years revealed by Daniel.  President Obama with his ungodly support of abortion and gay marriage could indeed be the “Man of Sin” or Antichrist referred to in the scriptures.  But until he becomes that evil beast we should be praying for him and his family that they turn from their evil ways and embrace our Lord Jesus and his wholesome teachings. 

Your eternal friend and fellow veteran,


Brother Jack,

I’ve linked to your site for years and so definitely I know you’ve written lots. I’ve been on your mailing list for years also. My words could never do justice to what you and Ron have been through. I’m glad you told me about his background. And thanks for sending me your article. I read it a long time ago, but the Lord has a purpose for me looking it over now.

My question is this: What are your views on the passage Luke 22:35-38?

I still have not come to confident understanding of Jesus’ words about buying a sword and two is enough. Three possibilities are 1) self-defense against humans 2) self-defense against animals or 3) It’s an ironic rebuke to his disciples for not trusting Him. I lean toward view #3.

It is an encouragement to have someone to discuss these things with! I’m grateful for you, Jack.



From: Jack Hook [mailto:jdhook@cox.net]
To: Jim at admin@procinwarn.com
Subject: Forgot

Hi Jim,

I forgot to send the link containing some radio interviews I was involved with a few years ago.  Here it is:  http://www.thebyteshow.com/JackHook.html

One of them is entitled “The Bowl Judgments and Peter’s Sword” where we talk about what our Lord was saying and doing as he was about to be arrested and crucified.  After reading your three options we have concerning this supposed command to arm ourselves in self or national defense, I stand solidly with you on #3.

Keep in touch,


Dear Jack,

You'll always be my dear friend and beloved brother in the Lord Jesus!  Our beliefs in our Lord and Savior far outweigh differences in other subjects.

Ron White



Excellent (article Cult of the Second Amendment) ... Very Interesting Angle.  Especially for someone like me who "enforced the laws and rules'  Carrying a gun and wearing a badge.  Excellent Christian angle.  Thank you for sending it. Titus


Please remove me from your mailing list.   My opinion of the 2nd amendment are my own and as a disabled veteran do not intend to be brain washed by the Bible or anyone.   I live by grace and faith in Jesus Christ only...


Well  Jack acording to this fellow, Jim B.,  The Early Christians of our Country were wrong acording to fight against  The un-godly british crown,  And Outher Christians were wrong to Fight against the un-godly  Hitler, and The un-godly  Japs.  Talk about  someone putting out Religious Nonsence,  This fellow is at the top.   Sincerly  Chaplain  Bender


Thank you, Jack for forwarding this article. BTW, I agree with what he is saying, totally. Please could you send/write a teaching about how we have responsibility to protect our families.
Cindy B.


Thank you for the excellent email (Cult of Second Amendment) and the excellent articles, Brother Jack.  

I thank God for men such as yourself who listen to the voice of God and speak accordingly.  

Rightly dividing the Word of Truth keeps us from error.  

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path."  Psalms 119:105.


This guy, Jim Baumgartnel, is typical of the modern day church crowd that can neither biblically reason or apply scripture correctly for reforming society. His perverted interpretation of the Bible is the same perverted gospel crap taught by the German pastors just before they all signed their oath of allegiance to the new Nazi dictator. If this idiot really believes the crap he is spewing then he should never again celebrate the 4th of July because he is celebrating men that took up arms against a corrupt government. If he knew anything about history he would know that it was the colonial pastors that lead the nation to war against the British. If Jim thinks that authority should obeyed no matter what then he is the head of his house and I guess if he decides his wife should be a prostitute to make some extra money then she must obey him. This is just about a ridiculous an example as he proposes about obeying corrupt government. All authority from God is delegated with very specific limits. Government officials have no authority to make laws on their own. God’s law is supreme and theirs are subordinate to God, they are not a bunch of little depots that can do whatever they please. I will forward you some proper biblical thinking from our colonial pastors addressing this subject. As for Jim’s line of garbage, it is going in the trash where it belongs until he gets some education to speak on the subject intelligently. Actually, our colonial pastors taught that one of the first signs of a nation in moral decline is the men losing their martial spirit, unwilling to fight for the cause of righteousness. Jim is not demonstrating his moral qualities but just the opposite, which shows how far he has fallen away from true Christianity.