Daniel´s Peace Covenant

Greetings my friends.

In light of the “cartoon” controversy that began in Denmark which set on fire the minds of millions of Moslems worldwide, I thought it necessary to write this letter. For we all need to be reminded that over twenty-five hundred years ago the Jewish prophet, Daniel, was given a vision of the last days of man on the Earth before the Kingdom of God would be establish in all of the nations. He was shown events that would come to pass during the last seven years of man’s rebellion against the God of Israel. Included in these visions, was a Covenant of Peace that would bring political-religious stability to the entire Earth.

As I wrote in my latest article “The Judgment Chronicles” Islam and Christendom’s militant leaders are now in the final days of decision. World “dominion” and “manifest destiny” are what drives them with both thinking it is God’s will they be victorious! Everyone in the world now understands the life and death stakes in what decisions they make. Will Islamic leaders remain hard-line in their stance against Israel’s very existence, and refuse to end their quest for nuclear weapons which will then lead to another war in the Middle East? Or will they pow-wow with their Russian friends and make peace now with Israel by outwardly reforming the militancy of Islam, even agreeing with the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem? Everyone now seems to agree that Islamic leaders are all quickly coming to a crossroads that either ignites another war of regime change for Syria and Iran, or they “begin” talks for a final comprehensive peace covenant for the Holy Land.

Whatever they decide, the Covenant of Peace prophesied in Daniel 9:27 is on the near horizon. For if the American and Israeli armies have to invade Syria and Iran to make “regime changes” we will know for certain that the covenant will soon be established, and even the Europeans will insist and ally themselves with America to help make this come to pass. Furthermore, Russia will play an instrumental role in bringing the Iranians and Syrians to the peace table whether there is another war or not. The coming of the peace-making Antichrist is certainly at the door.

The Syrians and Iranians know that Israel and America can defeat them militarily, so it is possible the current regimes will in the end bow to the power of the West to avoid an invasion, and together with the Russians, plot a time for a future attack to destroy Israel. This will be the infamous invasion of Russia (Gog of Magog) into Israel which Ezekiel 38 describes as the final world war that occurs “after” the signing of Daniel’s peace covenant. I believe all wars and conflicts in the Middle East before Daniel’s covenant are just preparations for World War III.

As in all of my articles and letters, I again plead with you all to understand what these political-religious-military events reveal. It all comes down to two simple and basic questions. Who do you really love? And who is going to bring true peace to the terrorized nations, the bodily return of the Lord Jesus Christ or the Antichrist? In other words, do you believe in your heart that the Lord Jesus Christ is alive in Heaven and coming soon to bring to an end the reign of terror that Satan and his fallen angels have unleashed upon men who have not yet repented and departed from their inborn sin nature? Or do you believe that mankind is capable of establishing a God ordained peace among nations through his own political works and religious self-righteousness, while at the same time ignoring the sin nature we are all born with?