God´s Greatest Desire

It is important, even imperative, that we understand obedience to the God of Abraham and what that all entails. For many would say that obedience is God´s greatest desire. Why does anyone want to or desire to obey God? Is there a right or a wrong motive for obeying God? If we have been born of God, not only does the Holy Spirit indwell and empower us to obey the commandments, but He also gives us the proper motivation. This is so critical, for multitudes of false teachers are seducing people to desire obedience to God for the wrong reasons. Your reason for obeying God can reveal whether or not you´re walking in the Spirit or the flesh.

If we desire to obey for impure reasons we are distorting the grace of God, and are not walking and living in the power of the Holy Spirit. In essence, we are then working for our salvation. Let me explain. Attempted obedience that is not based and rooted upon personal identification with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, is the product of an impure heart. Remember, all of us are guilty of nailing Jesus to the cross, for we have all sinned before God. And yet, the very cross we nailed Him to, is the place we can be forgiven, if we repent and confess our sin. He allowed himself to be humiliated, tortured, mocked and ridiculed to show us all how far we have strayed from the God of Abraham. Hearing this should produce Godly sorrow and shame.

The bottom line reason or desire to obey the Father flows from a heart that understands how much God loves us and wants to save us from an eternal Hell. We obey, through the power of the Holy Spirit, because we love God. This is why true believers want Jesus to return soon, because then our sinful bodies will be changed and glorified never to suffer the horror of sin and death again. We will be with Him forever.

Since God has demonstrated his love for all mankind through the death of Jesus, what is the Father´s greatest desire? Let me make it real plain. Of all God´s desires, the one that sits atop of them all is this: That people would love Him back! He longs for his fallen human race to respond to Him and cry out for forgiveness and fellowship.

Remember, Jesus is returning to take back the government of the nations. Events in Israel and Jerusalem are signs that He is coming soon. The Antichrist from America will bring peace to the Middle East. The choice is simple; we can either love this world system and the Antichrist, or we can love the soon coming King of Kings. All those who have responded to God´s love and love Him back will not be condemned, but enter into His glorious Kingdom on earth!