Is Annapolis a Betrayal, Delusion, or Bluff?

Greetings my friends,

Like many of you who understand the 1948 return of the natural Jews to their God-given homeland to be the fulfillment of Bible prophecy which began the countdown of the “last” days, I am amazed, frustrated, and somewhat bewildered by the actions of President Bush and Secretary Rice at Annapolis last November. For they continue to insist that a two state solution is the only path for peace between the Palestinians and Israel.

Furthermore, I know that several well-known prophecy teachers have met with Bush and Rice over the years since 9/11, warning them that a nuclear World War III begins when Russia, Iran, and other Moslem nations invade Israel, causing one-fourth of mankind to perish. Some of these teachers think America will be destroyed from coast to coast in this war or right before it, leaving Israel alone against the rest of the world. The latest news from the nuclear armed Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, only proves that fear of a nuclear war is driving the policies of America and its allies. I have said and written many times over the years that the world will be brought to the brink of a nuclear nightmare becoming reality and then the infamous Antichrist will establish peace between the Islamic, Christian, and Jewish people.

One of at least three things is happening here when Bush and Rice continue to offer an Islamic Palestinian state in the heart of Israel where all Jews, both living and dead, are to be “ethnically cleansed” from their land as they were in Gaza. The hypocrisy of this is maddening when you hear Bush and Rice appealing to all ethnic groups in other war-torn nations to find ways to live and accept one another, and their differences, in the spirit of freedom and democracy.

President Bush has declared that a comprehensive settlement is to be finalized by the end of 2008. The next major summit or conference in this Annapolis process is to be held in Russia. America’s cold war opponent for a generation, is now becoming a peacemaker. What an astounding turn of events. I have been writing for thirty years now that the day would come when Russia and America, the two “little horns” of Daniel’s prophecies, would bring an “ecumenical” peace to the nations that averts the horror of a nuclear World War III.

The first of three conclusions is that Bush and Rice have rejected the “literal” interpretation of the Jewish prophecies of World War III over Israel that was presented to them, and have secretly joined with the oil-rich Moslems in the dismantling, destruction, and betrayal of the Jewish state. If this conclusion is correct they have determined that Israel as a “Jewish” state has caused the world too many problems and its very existence is a threat to their plans for a New World Order, or as some would interpret, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. To them, God’s land promises to the natural Jews in the Old Testament were given to the Gentiles when the Jews rejected Jesus Christ.

The second conclusion is similar to the first in that Bush and Rice have become religiously delusional by thinking Moslems, Christians, and Jews can reform their own hearts and religions to join with others in producing an “Alliance of Civilizations” that establishes peace among all nations. We all should know by now that it is impossible to remove the hate, pride, and self-exalting lusts that are in everyone’s heart at birth, which influence every decision we make in this life, even that which we think is right and good. Only Jesus Christ has the power to give us new hearts that are free from the control of our sin nature. All men can do apart from Jesus is soften or harden the intensity of the sin that is within us, that condemns mankind to an eternal Hell.

Moreover, Annapolis was used to isolate and target Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas with Osama Bin Laden as the main proponents of radical Islam, thereby giving so-called “moderate” Islamic nations attending Annapolis a cover to join America in deterring or even destroying these deadly radicals. This too would constitute a rejection of the Jewish prophecies in that Russia is not targeted for deterrence or destruction, but is invited to join in the alliance against the radicals. This all means certain war with Iran and its friends unless the Iranian leadership is changed from within or the current regime change their minds, knowing they have no hope in defeating even an over-extended American military machine, so they decide to join the peace process. Does that mean Iran’s hard-line President would take back his words to…”wipe Israel off the map”? You would think so. This monumental change of either leadership or attitude would even include their agreement with America and Israel for the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple next to the Dome of the Rock Mosque on the Temple Mount. Wouldn’t that bring about rejoicing in this world as the threat of a nuclear war is finally over? But is it really over or just treacherously postponed?

The third conclusion is that Bush and Rice, having been warned by Christian prophecy teachers, agree with their outline of coming events in the Holy Land, and in conjunction with Jewish leaders decided to bluff and offer the Moslems “the moon” if they will only accept a tiny Israel as a “Jewish” state. This would mean they have concluded Islam is incapable of ever reforming itself into accepting a Jewish state, because by doing so would be dishonoring and disobeying Allah and their prophet Mohammed. Agreeing to and signing a temporary “hudna” or truce to re-group and re-arm is one thing for fundamentalist Moslems, but telling all the world they accept a permanent Jewish state in the land they consider their own is out of the question according to Bush and Rice. But what if these Islamic leaders believe Allah allows them to lie and deal treacherously in order to seduce their Jewish enemies, then attack them later when their guard is down?

This bluff also means Bush and Rice are pre-empting the coming Russian/Islamic invasion (World War III) of Israel thinking this will hold back the establishment of the coming Antichrist, who they have been told will come from Islam or Europe, who is sympathetic to Islam and has a history of persecuting the Jewish people. For when the Islamic states reject Bush’s unbelievably generous offer and blame it on Israel, and refuse to “sign” their names before all the cameras of the nations, more Islamic terrorism is sure to begin. This will give Israel and America all the justification they need in the eyes of the world to once and for all take down the Islamic terror machine, and by force and regime change reform the Islamic religion and nation-states that refused to sign the Peace Covenant.

By striking Iran and Syria before they are ready with Russia to invade Israel, they think they are pre-empting and stopping World War III, which Bush has warned might happen if Iran is allowed to possess nuclear weapons. Once again, what if Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas change their minds after consulting with Russia, and decide to join the peace process started at Annapolis? How will Bush, Rice, Israel, and the prophecy teachers react if their bluff is called?

Whatever conclusion of the three is true or mixture thereof, there is coming soon to the Holy Land a Peace Covenant which will be signed by Syria, Iran, Russia, and many others, that allows for the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. The most important and powerful signature will be that of the last American President, and then many, including Jews, will “begin” to look at him as the Savior or Messiah of the nations. Some in the Moslem world will look upon the Russian President as the Mahdi, the Islamic Messiah. To all of them the Kingdom of Heaven has begun with the “spirits” of Jesus and Allah working together through the American and Russian presidents. Know this, if this Peace Covenant is signed next year it will only take place if the Lord Jesus Christ has removed his restraining hand, allowing Satan and his fallen angels to establish their counterfeit Kingdom of Heaven.

Remember, the combined power of the precious blood and second coming of Jesus Christ is the “only” permanent solution to the deception, death, and destruction that men and governments inflict upon one another to the hideous delight of their fallen angel masters. The God who created and loves you wants you to soften your heart and experience sorrow of a Godly kind that works repentance unto the salvation of your heart, mind, and body, 2 Corinthians 7:10. He will replace your genuine sorrow with his joy by giving you a new heart full of his faith and truth! He will live within you! This is the heart of the New Testament teachings from which all things become new in our inner man. Once this happens you will desire to obey the God of Israel because you love him, knowing that he first loved you and sent his Son to save you from your sins and the bondage of the fallen angels.

This message of love and salvation is offered to President Bush and Secretary Rice as the Lord Jesus shed his blood for all people. Therefore, it is wrong for any of us to “despise” or dishonor the civil leaders who are temporarily allowed by God to rule the nations. We honor them as souls for whom Jesus died, but not the sinful and rebellious behavior they are carrying out among the nations. The old saying…love the sinner and hate their sin…is something we all need to remember, don’t you think?

When the conference at Annapolis was taking place I remembered an article I wrote almost three years ago that addressed this situation. It is posted on our web site and was titled “Solomon is Calling, Part 2…Prophecy, Jews, and Terri Schiavo. I have copied it below.

Your eternal friend,

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Solomon is Calling, Part 2…Prophecy, Jews, and Terri Schiavo

In the last Solomon is Calling letter to my friends, I dealt with the devastating earthquake and tidal wave that killed almost 200,000 people in minutes. I stated that many who read the prophecies of the Bible literally are saying the Asian earthquake is just one sign among many that cause them to think the return of our Lord Jesus Christ is at the door. In this letter, I want to address another major sign that convinces me that the Lord Jesus Christ is coming in judgment. And that sign is the return of the Jewish people to their God-given homeland and the final ownership status of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Since the fall of Saddam and the rise of democracy in Iraq, the leaders of Iran and Syria are facing intense pressure to reform for peace or be destroyed by America and Israel’s military might. In my article “Moved with Compassion” of November 2004, I wrote that because of President Bush’s re-election and his support among Constantinian Christians for taking the war to the terrorists, these two nations are facing their D-Day. I asked back then….will they choose war or peace? Today, the ball is still in their court, but time is running out. Bush and Sharon have played their cards forcing Iran and Syria to make their next move. Each day that passes in the Middle East will intensify and focus the world’s attention on the religious status of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, Zechariah 12:3.

More than anything we need the wisdom of Solomon to walk through this geo-political-religious minefield. To be clear about this, none of us have this wisdom “within” ourselves, for we are all born with a evil sin nature that, left alone, can only produce the wisdom of fools. According to 1 John 2:16, this sin nature, which must be exposed and confessed, consists of….the pride of this life, the love of and lust for money, and the love of self and lust for carnal pleasures. But in rebellious Christian America this nature has been christianized into the culture in three ways….militant patriotism, the lust for prosperity, and the psycho-babble of the purpose-driven life. The only way for you to be free from this evil nature is to first acknowledge its absolute control of your life, to then cry out in repentance toward the God of Israel, and finally trust in the shed blood of Jesus Christ to wash away this nature from your heart, making you a new creation with new desires, empowered by the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Please read my article “The Wise Man” of February 2005 for more information on these three “pillars of pollution” dominating Christendom today. That article and this letter is written to encourage all of you to search the scriptures for yourselves. If you fail to do this and continue to seek understanding and interpretation from men with titles….Reverend, Right Reverend, Pastor, Doctor Pastor, Father, Holy Father, etc., you have made these men “the” Lord of your life. And many of them love it so, for they thrive on their authority over you. They are the ones who are keeping alive the sin nature by teaching these three lies as the doctrines of God. Simply put, they are teaching men to sin in the name of the Lord! For example, the repackaged lies of new age “dominion” psychology woven into the purpose-driven movement have now become extremely popular, making this prophecy rejecting movement another vehicle for Christendom to take over the nations and establish the promised Kingdom of God on Earth. The Lord Jesus Christ wants to be your source, so if you seek answers from men only, you leave yourself open to great deception and confusion. The Spirit of God is your true teacher, who will show you all things, if you listen to him, John 16:13.

Jerusalem is the geographical epi-center of hate and evil in this world. The clash of cultures and religions are rooted there. Why? I have encountered many people over the years who despise and hate the Jewish people, and sadly this evil is spreading. It is hard to get through to people who have such feelings in their hearts. I am confident that none of you on this list have fallen into this satanic deception. Satan hates the Jewish people because it was through their father, Abraham and his seed, who God chose to bring and offer salvation to mankind. If you read the scriptures carefully, I think you will agree that the calling and promises of God for eternal life were upon Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and ultimately center on our Lord Jesus Christ for fulfillment. As I understand “eternal” salvation, both in the Old and New Testaments, there are three groups of people….Gentiles, Jews, and the Saved. In the Old Testament, the saved were those Jews of Israel and any converted Gentiles who understood and put their faith in the blood sacrifices of animals that pointed to the coming Jewish Messiah as the final offering for sin. Those natural Jews in Israel who mixed pagan Babylonian doctrines and practices into their understanding and continually refused to repent were eternally condemned to Hell with the lost Gentiles by God’s prophets. In the New Testament, the eternally saved are the Jews and Gentiles who look back in repentance at the blood sacrifice of the Jewish Lamb of God, and put their faith in the risen Lord Jesus Christ, his coming Kingdom, and his foundational teachings.

Until Jesus comes again, we will have these three distinctions of mankind. Many false teachers in Gentile Christendom have written off Israel and the natural Jews of today and have declared themselves the New Israel and the New Jerusalem. Somehow they are confusing the natural blood and ancestry lines with “eternal” life. Of course, every natural descendent of the patriarchs of Israel must be born again in our Lord Jesus Christ to go to Heaven. Jesus said this to them first, did he not? Just being a natural descendent of Jacob will not save them eternally. And it is not anti-Semitic to tell natural Jews that if they reject Yeshua/Jesus they will die in their sins, and enter Hell to join their Islamic enemies.

Finally, the promises and prophecies concerning the land of Israel are to be taken literally. They have been and will be fulfilled as written. The return of the natural descendents of the patriarchs in 1948, the taking of Jerusalem in 1967, and ultimately the future rebuilding of the Temple for the Jews during Daniel’s 70th Week, should awaken all of us that Jesus is returning. Anyone who spiritualizes this away is going to be deceived by the Antichrist that is coming to Jerusalem to establish peace in the Middle East. Remember, the coming Antichrist, Roman Prince, or King of America/Babylon will at first acknowledge the significance of the Jewish people and their nation, and outwardly pretend to stand by their side against Israel’s Islamic enemies and even secure a political-religious peace for Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. The relationship between President Bush and Prime Minister Sharon is the latest example of this coming prophesied alliance, Isaiah 28:14-22, Daniel 9:27, Revelation 6:1-4. These two men might very well be the ones who start the ball of judgment rolling. The charade of the King of Babylon will be short-lived, for two Jewish prophets will arrive on the scene in sackcloth and ashes, calling on the Jews to repent for rejecting the trueYeshua/Jesus as the Messiah. These men will condemn Islam as a false religion and expose the false gospel of the Antichrist and his False Prophet or as Paul wrote “another Jesus”, and will incur the wrath of all the world, Revelation 11:7-13.

I must address here for a moment the coming planned “deportation” of the Jewish people from Gaza and the West Bank which is stirring tremendous division among the Jewish people. For President Bush has caved in to the demands of Arab leaders who have called for all Jews, including the dead in their graves, to be resettled on Jewish land and has coerced and/or convinced Prime Minister Sharon to tow the line. And nobody in Washington is suggesting that all Arabs be deported from Jewish land back to other Arab states from where they came. Moreover, the truth is that most Arabs in Israel have it better in Israel than Arabs do in their own nations and would choose to stay in Israel if given the choice. This one-sided ethic cleansing suggested by President Bush makes absolutely no sense morally or democratically and is riddled with hypocrisy. To explain these contradictions away, some insiders are now saying this Bush plan for a Jewless Palestinian state, living side by side with Israel, is all a “big bluff” in that the President has decided that Islamic leaders in Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia are incapable of ever recognizing any state of Israel.

By his offering to the Arabs another state within the heart of Israel, in exchange for a final comprehensive treaty they “all” must sign with the whole world watching on CNN, Bush has determined or gambled that Islam will never agree to such a plan. Instead, they will find some excuse to blame Israel, and begin anew the terrorism on innocent Jewish women and children, thereby giving America and Israel the justification in the eyes of all the world to once and for all destroy the Arab/Islamic terror machine. What if the Arabs call the bluff? How can Bush/Sharon say they were only bluffing? What if the Arabs are persuaded by the Russians to accept this offer of a Palestinian state by Bush/Sharon? I have written many times in previous articles and it needs to be repeated often that Ezekiel and Daniel describe just such a scenario that is developing today, Ezekiel 38:10,14 and Daniel 8:25. Even if the insiders are wrong about the planned bluff, one way or another, America and Russia, the two “Little Horns” of Daniel 7&8, will establish a political-religious peace in Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Wars and rumors of nuclear war will dictate their intervention! The two Little Horns of the western and eastern Roman Empire, who were adversaries during the long cold war, will take their seats as the great peacemakers of our time.

After the signing of this treaty, which I am sure will be the “big” story on Fox News, the apostle John predicted in Revelation 7&11 a great awakening among the descendents of the Jewish patriarchs because of their two prophets, and many Gentiles will have their names written in the Lamb’s book of life because of it. The two prophets will also warn the Jews that Russia and its Islamic friends made a political-religious peace only to seduce Israel and that an invasion unleashing World War Three is imminent, Revelation 6:1-4. Almost two thousand years ago on the day of Pentecost, the “Early Rain” of the Holy Spirit fell upon the Jews who then later reached out to the lost Gentiles, and according to Revelation 7&11, the “Latter Rain” of the Spirit will again fall upon the natural Jews to bring in a great harvest among the Gentiles, Hosea 6:3, James 5:7.

I hope you understand what I believe in my heart concerning this matter. Again, please don’t spiritually align yourself with anyone who removes or replaces the calling and promises of God to the natural descendents of the patriarchs or the land of Israel. If you do you will find yourself on the road that leads to the worship of the Antichrist. One verse that the beloved Solomon wrote always comes to my mind when false doctrines or evil thoughts come my way….the fear of “the” Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction, Proverbs 1:7. It is vital for you to know that “the” Lord he is talking about is not the false god of Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, but the living God of Israel, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Your eternal friend,

P.S. What do the Jews have in common with Terri Schiavo? Like the merciless judges who condemned Terri to a slow death, that even animals are protected from, at the request of her adulterous and suspicious husband, most people look at the Jews as less valuable than others. And both have sought the help of America’s President only to be betrayed, and in Israel’s case they were also coerced into agreeing with the “road map” for peace. Terri is now dead and Israel is soon to follow. The Lord Jesus Christ is not pleased by the culture of death reflected in Terri’s husband and his judicial supporters, including the Supreme Court. However, he is even more displeased with the false gospel of Catholicism, which condemns those who trust in its doctrines to an eternal Hell. Terri’s family apparently is trapped in Catholicism. I sincerely hope they know the real Jesus and understand that the sacramental system and prayers to Mary will not save them from their sins. Have Pat Robertson and Rick Warren lovingly warned them about this? Don’t hold your breath! For just as President Bush caved in to the Arab oilmasters, Robertson and Warren have aligned themselves with the Catholic system. I share their zeal for preserving the life of Terri in this world, but I wonder why they are so indifferent when it comes to preserving and contending for the “only” way to eternal life? In the end, America/Babylon will be destroyed without mercy from coast to coast by the Lord Jesus Christ, just as it destroyed without mercy fifty-million unborn children, Terri Schiavo, and Israel. God is not mocked…. his vengeance is coming, Revelation 18, 2 Thessalonians 1:7-9.