Israel´s Protective Covering

I must say at the outset that since becoming a follower of Jesus Christ from out of atheism in 1978, I have never been against Israel or her people. Just the opposite, for it was a Jewish man who asked me to believe in God, that began my spiritual journey. God’s love for the Jewish people is in my heart. I want to bless Israel, not curse them.

It is clear to me that God’s protective covering of Israel since 1948 remains, even though Israel rejects Jesus as its Messiah and King. The combined might of all Arab countries, in many wars, could not destroy the nation of Israel because of this covering. The prophet Zechariah, however, warns there is coming a time of great tribulation for Israel. Zechariah 12:1-9 shows me that Israel is unbeatable as all of Israel’s enemies come against Jerusalem, which has become a cup of trembling and a burdensome stone since 1948. But the people of Jerusalem prevailed, like King David, against all their foes. This has been the case since Israel was re-established in their land in 1948.

But then in Zechariah 13:1-14:3, something has caused God to remove his protective hand. Foreign armies will overrun Israel and God allows it. I believe that Israel’s soon coming covenant with America and Europe, bringing a so-called peace to the Middle East, is partly why the protective covering is removed. The Arab leaders will seduce the West and Israel into thinking they want real peace, but it is a plot to destroy Israel. Ezekiel 38 lays out the nations involved. Isaiah 22:8 and Jeremiah 16:5 also refer to this protective covering being removed.

The whole purpose of the God of Abraham is to bring Israel and the people of the world to a point of decision. Is Jesus Christ alive and is He returning from Heaven to take over the government of the nations and rule from Jerusalem? Or is the American President the Messiah, the savior of the world? For he will be assassinated and seemingly be returned from the dead, and declare from the newly rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem, that he is the Messiah. Read Revelation 13.

I hope all that read this realize that I love the Jewish people, but that love includes a heartbroken call for them to rethink their position that rejects Jesus as the returning Messiah. The time of Jacob’s trouble (Jeremiah 30:7) is near. America is the offspring of Babylon of the Old Testament, with a false Christian system guiding and controlling it. Israel and America are on a collision course. It is Jerusalem, not Washington, where Jesus is returning to. Washington will turn on Israel and persecute the Jewish people.