Prophecy: A New American President


The coming together of the “melting pot” of humanity known as the United States of America is an astonishing thing to behold. It is breathtaking. What happened on November 4th is truly an historical event that will profoundly affect all of the nations. Only those with a heart of steel and a mind that relishes in America’s enslavement of black people will not be thankful that the oppression and injustices done to black-skinned people is finally over as the first black American is elected to the Presidency. Things will never be the same in this country, even though many who hate Obama for any reason will try to fan the flames with racist or condemning comments. Even John McCain graciously acknowledged this great event in his concession speech. I wish this was all there is to the story. But there is another side to this revolution in American thinking and development that must be told.

As the Jewish prophets, Isaiah and Jeremiah, foretold centuries ago, there would arise among the Gentile empires in the end times or last days a nation of “mingled” people from all the other nations on the Earth. It would become known as the “Lady of Kingdoms” who would seduce and conquer the rebellious Jewish people, and be the military hammer of the whole world. This futuristic nation referred to by these old prophets as the “daughter” of Babylon is the United States of America, Isaiah 13:19; 47:5, Jeremiah 50:23,37,42; 51:20, Revelation 18. Is the Statue of Liberty sitting in the harbor of New York, coupled now with the election of Barack Obama the connecting link between the past and present that causes all the nations to once again call America the Lady of Kingdoms?

This letter is an updated version of one I have used to invite people to visit our website. Many of you will recognize the questions I ask below from the original letter you received from me that caused you to respond to my invitation. Considering what has just happened on November 4th with the election of Barack Obama and his remarkable speech in Chicago that evening, I am determined to ask you to re-visit my questions and observations. Among the many things said in the eloquent speech was President-elect Obama’s stern warning to America’s unrepentant enemies when he said, “we will defeat you”. Who are the “you” and did they hear him?

Russian imperialists and Islamic fanatics have brought this world to the brink of a nuclear nightmare coming to pass, according to some American and European officials, including Joe Biden. The British and American people have been looking for just one real-life savior in the likeness of James Bond or Jack Bauer, who would convince the Islamic Fundamentalists and their Russian friends to “outwardly” reform themselves and make peace with Israel and the Western powers, or be utterly destroyed. The immense popularity of these two fictional characters who single-handedly confront evildoers, certainly reveals the hopes and dreams of many people in America. And nothing would please the many confused Fundamentalists of Christendom more than to see Islam’s “culture of death” reformed and brought into the community of peaceful nations, so that their sons in the military will no longer be…in harm’s way.

The American people have now spoken and given the mantle of power to Barack Obama and Joe Biden. How will Russia, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas respond to President Obama, who has promised to engage America and Israel’s enemies face to face to avoid World War III breaking out in the Middle East? We should all remember that whoever occupies the White House instantly has in his hand the greatest sword or hammer of war this world has ever seen. Will President Obama use this sword to convince the Russians and Islamic radicals to join him at the peace table? He has already threatened to send more forces into Afghanistan to win the battle against the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden. Is President Obama the real-life Jack Bauer or James Bond, having a sword in one hand and a olive branch in the other, who is coming to restore order and establish the peace of the promised Kingdom of God on the Earth? As you consider your answer please consider these other relevant and interrelated questions:

(1) What does the future hold for Fundamentalists of all religions now that Obama is the leader of the Western world?

(2) Will there be more war or compromise and peace?

(3) Are aliens or angels real? Is someone or thing “out there” in the heavens? If so, do they have anything to do with the wars raging in the Middle East?

(4) Will Israeli and American tanks have to roll into Damascus and Tehran respectively, to keep them from obtaining nuclear weapons? Or will Iran and Syria make peace with Israel? Does there need to be regime changes in these two nations first?

(5) Will Russia and America work together for peace in the Holy Land or does the Russian invasion of Georgia signal a new cold war? Will the Pope help? Will Mary, the mother of Jesus, help as well?

(6) Can the Jews and Moslems share the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, allowing for the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple right next to the infamous Dome of the Rock mosque?

(7) What do communism, fascism, monarchies, theocracies, democracies, and republics all have in common? How are Christians suppose to relate and react to the men in charge of these various forms of civil government?

(8) Will the coming infamous peacemaking Antichrist be a Jew, a Muslim, a New Ager, a Christian, a Bonesman, or a member of the Freemasons? Could he be an American President who unites all of these different factions together?

(9) Is the second coming of Jesus to the Earth a spiritual or bodily return?

(10) And finally, are Christians counted as sheep for the slaughter or militant soldiers of the sword? Are they to be lambs or lions in this life and world?

In conclusion, it is important for all Christians who rightly oppose and expose the abortion, homosexual, and religious “dominion” policies of Barack Obama to remember that our Lord Jesus Christ wants us to respect, honor, pay tribute, love, and pray for this newly elected President. As Paul and Peter both wrote in the New Testament we are to “honor the king” no matter what his beliefs and practices happen to be. For Barack Obama and his family are still people for whom our Lord Jesus shed his blood. It is true that he, like President Bush before him, is following “another” Jesus and a different gospel which diminishes the truth that Jesus Christ is the “only” way to receive eternal life. Because he claims to be a Christian brother it is our obligation to help him see the truth, just as we want our own eyes opened by others when we become deceived at times. It is true that Americans electing a man who supports women who want to kill their unborn babies, and who supports the homosexual lifestyle and the legalizing of their union, is a sign that the spirit of Sodom and Gomorrah ruling in Washington D.C is about to be confronted by the judgment and wrath of God.

This divine judgment begins with the Lord removing his “restraining” hand and allowing the fallen angels to establish on the Earth their own version of the “peaceful” Kingdom of God by manipulation of the sin nature of men who refuse the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ. As Christians who understand that Jesus Christ is bodily coming to “make war” upon the nations who embrace the lifestyle of a Christianized Babylon and/or Sodom, we must remind ourselves that until the day we were given salvation from our own sin nature we were no different than Barack Obama and his friends. We must call them to repentance, even as Jesus did when being led to the cross by his enemies. Please read my article “Honor the King” posted on our website for more scriptural detail on how we should relate and react to the election of Barack Obama. While we must kindly confront Barack Obama and his friends with the truth of Jesus Christ and his teachings, we must also honor the man, his office, and most importantly, his eternal soul which God wants to save from an eternal Hell.

Please visit our website and sign the “guestbook” or send an email. Thank you for reading this and I hope to hear from you soon. Again, if you are interested in the questions above, please consider reading the articles “Then Comes the Fire”, “The Judgment Chronicles” and “The Fundamentalist” posted on our web site. For details concerning my military background during the Vietnam era, please read the articles “Pacifist, Patriot, or Pilgrim” and “Moved with Compassion”. Just click on the web site link below and click on “Articles”. The radio interviews I have been part of can be listened to by clicking on this link: http://www.thebyteshow.com/JackHook.html

Jack D. Hook