Rick Warren´s Purpose

Greetings my friends,

Fox News, the favorite media outlet of the conservative Christians, has recently asked in a documentary on the life and ministry of Rick Warren, if he could save the world. What do you think? Is it conceivable that Rick Warren and his worldwide following can stop the carnage of war that is raging around the world? Or is he like most Evangelicals who depend on America’s military power of persuasion? Are they capable of bringing reform to over one billion Islamic militants who believe their god has called them to take dominion over the nations, by force if necessary? Does Rick Warren possess the power and influence to unite the Jews and Muslims of the Holy Land behind his global peace plan? Does he have the ear and support of the two most powerful professing Christians in the world, the President and Pope?

From what I have read and heard his peace plan is based upon the “three legged stool” which means the uniting of political, religious, and economic leaders of all nations in a common purpose to establish a New World Order of peace and prosperity. Please read Revelation 17&18 for the true nature of this three pronged political-religious-economic world order. Do any of you have any interest in what the Lord Jesus Christ has said concerning world peace and how it will be established? Is the source of our knowledge on this subject important at all?

I have read Rick Warren’s book, Purpose Driven Life, and the best I can say about it is….it is confusing. It seems there is truth written on one page, and then made void by confusing doctrines on the next page. To begin with, he never clearly explains the critical part the blood of Jesus plays in our salvation from the inborn sin nature, and unless I missed it, only refers to the death and suffering of Jesus. My reading of the King James Bible, not the paraphrased interpretations he often quotes from, always refers to the death and blood together, for they are inseparable. Furthermore, there is no clear definition of the elements of our sin nature which includes….pride of this life, love of money, love of self and power, sexual lusts outside of marriage, hatred of other men, bearing lies and false witness of others, etc.

Rick does write repeatedly that “self-centeredness” is the root of all the world’s problems, but fails to define and expose this as part of the sin nature we all have, which “only” the blood of Jesus can wash away. Moreover, he appears to align himself with New Age teachers who proclaim that “self-centeredness” needs to give way to the feeling of being part of a greater divinity. In other words, we must abandon ourselves to recognize our own divinity, a god among other gods. They say we are not born as sinners, we are born with a divine nature and just don’t know it yet. This is heresy and delusion that dates back to the Garden of Eden when Satan tempted Eve by saying….you shall be as gods, Genesis 3:5.

He doesn’t seem to understand the fear of God, or true brokenness over sin, the Godly sorrow that is connected to repentance, which the Bible teaches is part and parcel of true salvation, 2 Corinthians 7:10. I am left with the impression that he feels it is more important for us to know or understand “our” purpose for living on this Earth, rather than our need to first know the wretchedness of our sins, the fear of God and his judgment, and our deserving of that eternal condemnation. Rick Warren and his multitude of followers have forgotten or never knew that when the Lord Jesus Christ came to this Earth to show us his purpose, we all “killed” him. Unless these things I have just outlined are understood we can never really live in the love and presence of God and respond to him by just loving him back in thankfulness. These things are the fundamentals of what it means to be a Christian.

After reading his book, I find nowhere, unless I missed it somehow, where he teaches about the resurrection of the dead bodies and how and when this will happen. Didn’t Jesus Christ rise bodily from the dead and promise us the same? How can he ignore the blessed hope of the Lord’s return to resurrect the dead and change or glorify the bodies of the living believers on that day? This is a critical and fundamental point, for the resurrection of the dead is taught in the Bible over and over again, and knowing this truth compels us to study the prophetic scriptures in order to understand the sequence of the resurrections and the judgments of God. For those who have been truly born again by the Holy Spirit instinctively long and look for the return of the Lord Jesus, and want to be with him face to face as we are now with him Spirit to spirit. If a man professes to be a Christian and is not longing for the Lord’s return, he is still lost and deceived by the fallen angels who whisper in his ears the very lies that Rick Warren has proposed concerning the gospel of world peace.

Rick never writes about prophecies that even Jesus himself taught concerning his return to this Earth in judgment of men who have joined with Satan to deceive others, Matthew 24, Luke 21, Mark 13. He seems blinded to the fact that Satan is the god of this world system, and that through his army of fallen angels controls all governments and religions, including the Great Harlot of Christendom that rejects the truth of the bloody cross and the imminent premillenial return of Jesus. Only one isolated time does he refer to Jesus returning, but neglects to expand on its vital importance. He even says Jesus wants you to disregard prophecy and concentrate on the mission of the Church, a mission defined by Warren and not Jesus Christ. In Warren’s words, Jesus is saying that prophecy and when he returns…is none of your business. By his blanket rejection of the need to understand the prophetic scriptures, he has joined himself with the Great Harlot of Revelation 17. Sooner or later, if he hasn’t already, he will find himself aligned with the Pope, the ultimate leader of the Great Harlot of Christendom.

Rick seems to imply that this Earth will pass away or cease to exist and we should “only” be thoughtful of “eternity” in Heaven. This is not the complete truth, but a deceiving mixture that brings prophetic confusion. He is either ignorant of prophecy or he is “purposely” steering people from the truth which is….The Earth will never cease to exist, but will be first freed from Satan’s control at the bodily return of Jesus Christ at the end of the 70th week of Daniel….Satan and his fallen angels will be chained in Hell….Then after 1000 years of Jesus Christ and his resurrected followers ruling and reigning over the mortal surviving believers who will replenish this Earth, Satan is released and another rebellion among the mortal population will be ended by God’s fire, which will burn them all….Satan will be cast into the Lake of Fire….Then the second resurrection occurs, which is the raising of the dead bodies of the condemned to be reunited with their lost souls that were in Hell….They will then be judged and sent to the Lake of Fire forever.

Our great Lord will then make a New Earth that will link up with the Holy City (Heaven) that will descend upon it forever. This is all found in Revelation 19-22. Warren makes no mention of these critical truths, thereby bringing great confusion when you read his repeated references to eternity and Heaven. It appears to me that Rick Warren is a major player in the “dominion” and “emergent” movement in Christendom, or as he calls them in his book “World-Class Christians”, who are attempting to establish the Kingdom of God on the Earth. These men see no need for Jesus Christ to bodily return and intervene in the affairs of men and fallen angels. They truly think the Lord has given them the power and authority to take dominion over the nations, including the Islamic states. What we are now witnessing everyday around the world is the preparation for the final clash of false Christendom and Islam.

Rick Warren and his friends are deceived and deceiving many. They have replaced truth with error. Obviously, they would disagree with that, saying that I, and others who have exposed his teachings, are the ones who have strayed from the faith. I know that I am to pray and ask our Lord that the truth be shown to Rick Warren because the blood of Jesus was shed for him and all of mankind. God the Father desires for all men to walk in his love, truth, and mercy. It is our decision who we will serve.

Rick wrote much about the purpose of the church and how we are to be open to correction and keep the unity and harmony of fellowship. This is a good teaching. I sincerely hope he includes himself and all the other leaders who have joined with him. Sadly, he gives me the impression that only the “laity” are to follow this teaching and support the “clergy” and submit to their leadership. But what is one to do when the “clergy” have fallen into grievous error by twisting and redefining the teachings of Jesus Christ and refuse to repent?

Please don’t hesitate to respond to this letter by return email or making an entry in the guestbook on my website. I want to thank those of you who read my latest articles “Despising Government” and “The Judgment Chronicles” and sent me your comments and questions. It is greatly appreciated, and this includes all of you who think differently than I do about these things. Those who take the name of Jesus Christ should honor one another and speak what we believe about the scriptures in the meekness of wisdom. We are to reprove and rebuke one another in the love and grace of the Lord Jesus, always remembering that he alone has the final word on all things.

Your eternal friend,