Terror In The Land Of The Living

The tragic events of September 11. 2001 in New York and Washington stir within me the same emotions felt by all. I know the God of Abraham is not pleased with the horrors caused by Satan’s religious hatred. However, if we are born again Christians, we must filter all human events through the Word of God. Especially when we know that all religious-political events among nations, like this terrorist attack on America, are leading to one final world climax. Thus, the climactic question is: Will the people of Earth believe the rising Antichrist from America and Europe and his promise of peace for Jerusalem; or the returning Jesus Christ, to take over the government of the nations?

Today’s terrorism and its geographical and political source is clearly outlined in the Bible. Please read Ezekiel 32:11-32, which describes world events to take place in the last days. Seven times in these verses the word “terror” is used to explain conditions in and around Israel in the last days before Jesus returns in power and glory. Four times the phrase “who caused their terror in the land of the living” is used. The Bible provides the names of the nations involved one way or another:


Elam=Iran and Iraq

Meshach, Tubal=Russia





Notice closely in Ezekiel 32:32 that God personally will bring terror to the terrorists of the world. This will be fulfilled during the seven years of Daniel’s 70th Week, when God’s angels will pour out the wrath of God on all, I say again, all nations. Then, and only then, will the demonic forces of Satan, who control and manipulate humanity, be chained and imprisoned in Hell. (Revelation 20:1-3) The religious and political leaders of all nations refuse to recognize this truth.

One final note needs to be aired in Christendom, whose patriotic urges and desires call out for revenge. If we believe in Jesus and His words, especially His call to love all people and love His return; then we must finally realize that all governmental systems, including America, are the world system controlled by Satan. We believers are to obey its human leaders, who are blind to Satan’s control over them. We are also to pray for them, love them, pay tax to them, and honor the good they do. But, we can’t take up arms for them. We must live and exhibit the “cross” to all of them. We must obey Jesus and not men.

God has ordained the higher governmental powers. He uses them, in spite of Satan’s control, to prevent anarchy. But that doesn’t mean He approves of what they do. We know that human self government is allowed by God because of man’s rebellion to the rule of God in Jesus Christ. The age of rebellion is about to end. Jesus is coming soon to rule with a rod a iron. Are you ready?