The Battle of the White Horsemen

As this age of rebellion against the Lord Jesus Christ gallops toward a violent ending, the prophecies of the book of Revelation are becoming more important. I have believed for over twenty years that as the end of this age draws near, more and more people will look to the Revelation, especially as monumental political and religious events take place, all centered on Israel and Jerusalem. This is why there is so much confusion over what the Revelation teaches. The enemies of God do not want you to know the truth.

There are two White Horsemen in the Revelation. The first is in Revelation 6:2, who represents the Antichrist or the Beast out of the Sea, who counterfeits Jesus Christ as the promised peacemaking Messiah for this war torn world. As we watch the violent events in the Middle East unfold on our television screens, it seems like the world’s people are prepared for Satan’s Messiah and will welcome him with open arms. The final President of the United States who signs the coming peace treaty, allowing Israel to rebuild its temple, will be the first White Horseman.

There is much confusion about the sequence of events of the Revelation, as well as the wars that are outlined there. Many men teach that the last war or battle of Armageddon found in Revelation 16:16, 19:19, is a battle between earthly armies fighting each other, or allied together to fight against the armies of Israel. Both of these scenarios are confusing. Israel’s armies will be defeated and its people scattered by God’s judgment well before Armageddon arrives.

In Revelation 19:11 we see the second White Horseman, who clearly is the Lord Jesus Christ descending from Heaven to Earth to make war. This is the battle that all true believers are waiting for. This is why we proclaim as Jesus did, “My kingdom is not of this world.” We are not cowardly pacifists, but members of the army of the Kingdom of God, waiting for the King of Kings to return. For followers of Jesus to enlist in earthly armies is to join the enemies that Jesus is coming to destroy. In the meantime, we are calling sinners to the bloody cross of Jesus, to His love and forgiveness, before it is too late. Jesus is described as a lamb and a lion and so are we His followers.

Please read carefully Revelation 17:14 and 19:19. These verses are to be understood just like they are written, clear and simple. The battle of the White Horsemen is at the end of Daniel’s 70th week of seven years, the battle at Armageddon. All of America’s potent military power, united with all the armies of the nations, will be in a conquered Israel waiting for Jesus to return to make war against Him, not each other or Israel. They will obviously not believe it’s Jesus that is coming, but an alien outer-space invasion force determined to conquer and rule the nations.

For you who scoff at this, remember, for the last three and a half years of Daniel’s 70th week, the Earth has experienced tremendous upheaval and judgments from God. Angels will have appeared and hovered over cities preaching the gospel, warning against the mark of the Beast, and declaring the truth about Babylon. The world’s people will know “someone is out there.” Are you ready? Who’s army have you joined?