The Death of a Nation

From: Jack D. Hook
To: John Ford
Subject: The Death of a Nation

Greetings John,

This man, Joe Cortina (his letter below), has gone over the edge with his constant attack on the Jewish people. I have read and heard the many recorded speeches of Hitler and Himler during the 30’s when they called themselves Christians and encouraged other believers to unite behind them to root out the “Jewish” problem. Joe’s sad ranting reminds me of those speeches.

He takes what is most obvious to Christians, the moral decline of America, and casts the total blame on all Jews, some of whom hate Jesus Christ. He doesn’t realize or know that he, like all of us, were born hating the true God because of our sin nature. That basic truth should humble him a little, don’t you think, and give him a love for the worst of God’s enemies? Jesus has that love and died for his enemies while we were yet sinners! Where’s that in Joe’s message?. While I respect the soul of Joe and his followers, and his military service which, like mine, was done in ignorance of the cross and second coming of our Lord Jesus, I must speak out against what he has written that you have sadly embraced.

Please consider what is happening here and call Joe to repentance and into faith in the real Lord Jesus Christ and his teachings. Joe and those like him have been seduced by fallen angels, preparing them for the coming 70th week of Daniel, when haters of Jews will even turn against the two Jewish prophets sent by God in Revelation 11. Joe’s message is the hateful and proud spirit of the antichrist. To repeat, we need to remember that all men, both Jew and Gentile, were born with a sin nature filled with national and self pride, the love of money and country over God and Heaven, and the various lusts of the flesh which ultimately lead to the sins Joe even sees clearly, the abortion and homosexual nightmare.

We are all, Jew and Gentile, guilty of sin before the holy triune Godhead and must come to the Godly sorrow that brings true repentance and faith in the pure blood of Jesus Christ to make us clean. Please reconsider your support for this false and mixed up message of Joe Cortina. I have posted below my article “The Judgment Chronicles” for your consideration on these eternal matters.

Jack D. Hook

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—– Original Message —–
From: John Ford
To: Jack Hook
Subject: The Death of a Nation

Yahweh as definitely removed His hand of protection off of America since 911. John

From Joe Cortina, a military veteran:

“A nation does not die over night. It must endure a process of sequential warnings to its people – each one more grave and ominous than the last or at least as detrimental as the preceding warning. My country is now in terminal death throes – all due to TOTALLY avoidable ‘red flags’ over a long period of time. It has been the same for millennia for other nations that have ended up on the ash heap of history.

Not unlike most diseases there are almost always warnings – symptoms that something is not right – matters which must be tended to IMMEDIATELY – before they get to a ‘point of no return’ – a condition of the body – OR the ‘body’ of a nation from which the result – a true miracle not withstanding- ‘DEATH’ is always the inevitable result. It is my belief that the late great United States of America is at that crisis.

I cannot believe that any adult citizen not having to share a brain (wearing a backwards baseball cap) would not know the causes of our demise – as they have been IN OUR FACE since day one – and the warnings of the wise have been legion and consistent. I personally believe that there are certain ‘qualities’ of a successful free society, which must be nurtured and fiercely protected.

I clearly remember a time when Americans would unhesitatingly show outrage at ANY and ALL threats to our most sacred beliefs institutions traditions and freedoms. The very notion of some Jew who had the blasphemous arrogance to “demand” the removal of a Christian tradition in our CHRISTIAN BASED nation would have elicited an outcry that would have made the consequences of any such future insult to the nation UNTHINKABLE! America came first to all patriotic Americans – but that was a long time ago – when there was sound reason for pride in country – and there was no IsraHELL.

When one of these attributes ‘dies’ – it is the signal to IMMEDIATELY regroup – restore that lost quality and ‘ double the guard’ as it were. The death of such a characteristic should be an alarm to every man woman and child to restore it IMMEDIATELY lest it start a trend. It has been said by great men -“the price of liberty is eternal vigilance”. That – is the truism by which every nation that ever was – will live or die.

In my brief journey on earth – I have witnessed the death of not one – but several of these critical attributes – as well as the ‘final’ one which I will address last – for without it, all the rest are but hollow ranting of impotent sophists.

It seems as if all of these ‘deaths’ occurred somewhat simultaneously with some being stretched over a substantial length of time and progressing from bad to worse – essentially unchallenged. It didn’t begin yesterday and it could have been stopped over a generation ago. Now it is probably too late.

The death of propriety.

We used to guard the innocence of our children with a fierce determination. Anything that would be perceived as a threat to their innocence was dealt with swiftly and with almost universal solidarity. Then came the day that our people allowed the ‘invasion’ of ‘entertainers’ whose radical new ‘noise’ was intended to elicit violence, irrationality, and disrespect for anything and everything conventional and wise. It was called rock and roll – then heavy metal – then acid rock and finally today it has become pure demonic violence. It brought us the gifts of ‘free love’ – drugs – hippies – irresponsibility as our way of life and an entire new set of role models of perverted abysmally putrid filth. It has evolved into animalistic ‘street dancing’ and filthy ‘rap’ whose soul is non-stop profanity. Sadly an entire new generation of white youth are now imitating this Negroid primitive savage violence laden profane filth. Where was the outrage?

The death of wisdom.

It used to be that most movies had a ‘moral to the story’ – and wisdom was considered one of the loftiest attributes of humanity and all school children knew by heart many of the wise sayings of our Founding Fathers and great philosophers. When was the last time you heard ANY President or prominent speaker declare ANYTHING of real wisdom? The official mantra of the Democrat Party (half the entire population of America) under the reprobate degenerate Clinton – was: “Character doesn’t count” remember? What does that tell you about the ‘character’ of Democrats? We have dumbed down TWO entire generations of our young people in schools that are a mockery of learning today. I came from a family of educators and have watched this farce proceed unabated for decades. Where was the outrage?

The death of morality.

I clearly remember that to abort a child was considered to be what it actually was – MURDER! I also remember that homosexual perverts were where they belonged – under rocks and not corrupting our children! Pornography was virtually invisible in our society and we protected our children against it. Today we have legalized the murder of the unborn child to unimaginable proportions. We have murdered more innocent babies that ALL of the war related deaths of The Civil War – WWI – WWII – Korea and Vietnam combined! We have gone from a nation of Christian principle to the laughing stock of the remaining moral nations of the world. We now HONOR homosexual perverts and their freely chosen filthy rancid lifestyles We have mocked the sanctity of the sacrament of Holy Matrimony in the most putrid manner imaginable. Where was the outrage?

The death of Christianity.

If you are old enough – remember when virtually all churches taught the TRUE gospel of Christ and every merchant and every person on the street greeted you with a sincere Merry Christmas as the date approached? I defy ANY ONE to locate a TRUE Christian church of any size today in most of America that is not preaching blasphemy – hatred – dispensationalist heresy – material prosperity – killing – war and ANYTHING but what Christ taught us. We are now a nation of Synagogues Of Satan – hellholes of ‘Christian/Zionism’ – the ULTIMATE blasphemy and oxymoron. Even our Bibles are now perverted by Jew owned publishing houses. Christmas has now been perverted into a sordid amalgamation of materialistic shopping frenzies and Godless secular holiday mentality – with NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the celebration of the birth of Christ. Where was the outrage?

The death of Truth.

Remember when we could pretty much trust what our President said – or what newscaster said on the radio? Forget it! Politicians lie today with a repugnance that can only be termed dazzling! Many TV add claims are third world jokes. Lies told by corporation herds today are legion. Top ranking government officials in modern times have openly admitted that lying is Ok as long as you don’t get caught – remember?

We have a government which lies to us 24-7 – a news media which lies to us 24-7 and now a totally Jew owned television empire which has become the springboard for the destruction of ALL the teachings of Christ through a barrage of Jew lies so sordid and cruel as to be unconscionable. Night after night on the Jew NATGEO and the JEW History Channel and the JEW Discovery Channel we are told as FACT that we evolved from one-celled animals and apes. We are told that Christ was a bastard son. We are told that His blessed mother Mary – was a whore. EVERY night there is a new perversion of the truth in the Bible so as to discredit the Word OF our Lord and exonerate the demonic conduct of the Jew throughout the ages. Where was the outrage?

The death of personal responsibility.

Remember when we were taught by our parents and our church leaders and our schoolteachers and our national leaders that WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR OWN ACTIONS? Not any more. Today – from the President to the judicial to the messages on TV – we are told that its is ALWAYS someone else’s fault that we murdered a classroom of students – or shot both our patents in cold blood – or committed armed robbery – or lost our life savings through our own foolishness – or if we are Negro – that it is the white man’s fault that are not driving a Cadillac or don’t have enough money for our crack cocaine habit – or that it is OK to murder our own child if he or she will be an ‘ inconvenience’ to take care of. Where was the outrage?

The death of honor.

I remember honor. It was something to be admired – and had been synonymous with American tradition in military and civilian enterprises. There was a feeling of pride in living amongst people of honor. Even the motto of my chosen military service – the Green Berets – spoke of the character of our time – ” Death Before Dishonor”. That is gone now. There is NO honor in this land. Corruption has become the only way to success. Lying – brutality – and deception have replaced truth – compassion – and sincerity. Want to succeed in business today? Cheat, lie, steal and deceive.

Our military has turned into murdering thugs – capable of any crime with war criminals for commanders responsible for the murders of over one million innocent helpless defenseless civilians. I trained many young warriors and they were NOT the evil sick demented sociopath killers of today’s military. One of these young killers raped an Iraqi child – murdered her 3 year old sister – shot the rest of the family and burned the bodies while partying and drunk with his comrades.

These are everyday occurrences in our modern improved army of rapists and child killers. His justice and punishment for these heinous barbaric sadistic crimes has yet to be carried out. It is years later and he has not been nor ever will be justly punished. Check this out for yourself. Multiply this true horror by a thousand fold and that is what the TRUE face of America’s military is today Where was the outrage?

AND FINALLY – the death of sanity.

When I was a child this country was moral and strong. We may have been a more naive and ‘innocent’ people but we had the good sense to NOT commit national moral suicide. If we were made aware of horrible injustice – here or abroad – ESPECIALLY if we were responsible – to get involved and make it right. We were intellectually honest enough to not be in constant denial of in- your- face evils and were disposed to ‘ do the right thing’. In other words – we were sane moral responsible people who loved the truth – our freedoms and our sovereignty.

Today we have forfeited TOTAL control of our OWN country to the most evil place on earth – the ‘summer’ home of the Devil – ISRAHELL! The Jews control EVERYTHING we see – do and ‘learn’ in our Zionist occupied nation. The Zionists control our Judiciary – our Legislative – and now TOTALLY – or Executive. Bush is a 100% IsraHELL loyal Zionist by his own admission. Our new Godless Marxist Negro President is also a Zionist – as is his VP – as was McCain and the airhead Palin – ALL SLAVISHLY LOYAL TO ISRAHELL FIRST BY THEIR OWN ACTIONS AND WORDS.

We have forfeited our economic future – our financial ruin – to Zionist bankers. Our military is run by IsraHELL loyal traitors (treason by definition – by the way – is placing the interests of a foreign power before those of your own nation). Our education system is run by IsraHELL loyal Zionists so as to insure that the next generation will be good little IsraHELL Zionists.

ALL of the news and ‘documentary’ specials are owned – operated and directed by Christ hating Zionist Jews. REAL Christian teaching in this occupied country is all but totally destroyed by the Jews. VERY soon anyone wishing another a Merry Christmas is at risk of being arrested for a hate crime. Such legislation has ALREADY been in the mill and with the event of the Obamanation – it will be facilitated.

The destruction sanctity of marriage is now a given and the total acceptance of homosexual perverts in AmeriKa is only months away. ANY speaking out against them will be of course punishable by fines and prison – hate crimes – you know. Our school children will be reeducated and given sensitivity training about homosexual perverts (erroneously called ‘gays’ by their Jew supporters and useful idiots) Business will no longer hire any one who is ‘not tolerant’ of homosexual perverts. You will either be forced to take ‘sensitivity reeducation training’ or be fired. The Jew AT&T is a leader and pioneer in this abomination and one need look no further than their rancid YV adds that brutally mock ALL traditional Christian family values.

We will become the moist hated nation on earth for our cruelty. We will find ourselves in endless serial wars with nations of people who never done us any wrong and have had the misfortune to stand in the way of IsraHELL’s agenda of Zionist world domination. We will tax our own people literally to death so that we may finance more deadly ways to snuff out innocent human life and be the cause of more human suffering and world wide misery than any despot in the history of mankind. After all – we are ALLREADY MORE than halfway to beating the Communist record of civilian murders. Isn’t that something to be proud of?

Problem is that one day we will bully someone who can fight back and may find ourselves with our own country destroyed – which we will have richly deserved for the misery we have caused. It will be called WWII -Armageddon or whatever you wish. There will only be one ‘winner’. That will of course be the Jew. He will finance BOTH sides of ALL conflicts as he has historically done for millennia – as his ‘god’ was- is and always will be money and power. The joke will be on us and the plea of our ‘temporary insanity’ will unfortunately not work in that final scenario of global justice.

Taxes will soar to pay for welfare scum and to bail out failed BIG businesses. Our sons will continue to go to foreign lands to murder and rape and pillage innocent people and devastate civilizations not approved by the Jew. Our churches have already been bastardized into the Biblical Synagogues OF Satan as Christ warned us. Everything we were taught will be twisted and perverted – freedom will be slavery – truth will become lies – perversions will become virtues – goodness and compassion will become weakness and cowardice.

In other words we will have lost all our sanity. After all – there can be no other rational explanation for the fact the we had VOLUNTARILY – KNOWINGLY – WILLINGLY – EAGERLY – FREELY decided to forfeit our Christian and pioneer heritage – our Constitution – our hard earned freedoms – our dreams for our children – our traditional ways of life – ALL for the greater glory of ISRAHELL! Where was the outrage?

The final cause? Why of course – by now you have connected the dots yourself and figured it out. It was the ‘final death’ – one death too many. It was the one from which there was no return. It was the final insult to our children – our dreams and everything that America meant to all of us – the ultimate indiscretion. It was a collective act of the ultimate irresponsibility. The absence of which created a silence which was deafening to those mortal men who had sacrificed their all for generations yet unborn – men of courage honor and wisdom. ALL of their sacrifices – from George Washington to countless unsung patriots who came later and laid down their lives – their fortunes – hearts and souls for the future well being of this once great nation – all for nothing – because of one collective cowardly act.

The cause is =


My name is Joe Cortina. I was a 60s Green Beret commander and a representative for IBM as well as a scientist for Honeywell Aerospace in Florida. I later became President of my own manufacturing company.

I have two sons and 2 granddaughters who are the reason for my dedication to expose the threats to the freedoms I hope to see them enjoy as I did many decades ago when America was still a Christian-based sovereign nation free of Zionist influence.”


The Judgment Chronicles

I have consistently written ever since the fiery inferno of 9/11, that increasing interest in the Book of Revelation would make these last days a very religious time. Is it happening? Yes! For even the profiteering prophets of the Hollywood elite are jumping on the gravy train with programming filled with invading aliens, ghosts, angels, and films with every conceivable natural disaster that will end the world. They want a piece of the pie the prosperity and prophecy prophets of Christian television have created.

Moreover, only people like the die hard atheist and the lukewarm Christian look at current religious, political, military, and natural events and then stick their heads back in the sand to avoid the obvious. I know this is true, for in my past and to my shame I have been an atheist and later a lukewarm Christian.

Even the religion of Islam has its own interpretations of biblical prophecy, which includes the notion that God has raised up Islam and its coming Messiah (Mahdi) to convert or destroy all decadent Jews and Christians and then establish an Islamic world empire in the Holy Land. But the Book of Revelation, and the Jewish prophets on which it is based, reveals a different outcome. However, one thing that some in Islam and Christendom have in common is the idea that cataclysmic divine judgment is about to fall upon this world.

In this article I will chronicle or put in order how this judgment is to unfold and who it will fall upon. It is a more detailed and descriptive account of the “Prophecy Timeline” I first wrote in my book over twenty-five years ago which you can read on my web site. As I have also repeatedly written, no man knows the day or hour when this final judgment of God will begin. All we are given from the scriptures are signs that mark the final generation. And it has been my understanding and conviction that all of these religious, political, military, and natural signs we have experienced run parallel to the establishment of the State of Israel and the return of the Jewish people to their God-given homeland.

Furthermore, in order to correctly understand these things, we must believe that fallen angels really exist and they have been given control over all the nations on this Earth. For it is their evil ways, working through the sin nature we are all born with, that is bringing down the wrath of the Lord Jesus Christ, which concludes with his bodily return to separate the sheep from the goats, the faithful from the foolish, Matthew 25. These fallen angels have today produced a world filled with the mass murder of unborn children, homosexual marriages, and the insanity of the Islamic homicide bombers, who are bringing the nations to the brink of a nuclear winter.

(1) First Christendom:

The apostle Peter warns us that before judgment is measured out upon all the nations, he will first judge his own house, 1 Peter 4:17. This house I have called Christendom, or all those who have taken the name of the savior, Yeshua/Jesus. Paul describes it as a great house with vessels of honor and vessels of dishonor. The single and simple difference between these two vessels is made very evident by Paul when he said….The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, let everyone that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity, 2 Timothy 2:15-26. Those who depart from their sin nature through the power of the shed blood of Jesus Christ and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit are identified as the vessels of honor that will be divinely separated from the others.

As a reminder, the fallen sin nature of Adam and Eve is within us from birth and as we grow up it assumes dominion over all three parts of our being…spirit, mind, and body. And it is in our spirit or hearts where the base power of this nature resides. Even the good that God the Father originally placed in Adam and Eve is tainted by this nature. There is only one way to “depart” from the iniquity or sin within us! There is only one thing our corrupted hearts are able to understand and then do….cry out to the Lord Jesus Christ for mercy and deliverance from the evil within us. Don’t forget that he loves all of us and wants more than anything to save us from ourselves.

When true confession of this truth takes place, combined with Godly sorrow, repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus, it is our spirit that is instantly re-created with the old nature cut out and washed away by the blood of Jesus. It is likened unto the sign of circumcision. This is when God, the Holy Spirit, indwells and surrounds our newly created hearts. This is the definition of being born again from above, John 3. Until this happens in us, we are all hopelessly entangled in this world system that hates and despises the true God, and we open our arms to any other god that makes us comfortable in our sin by changing its meaning or denying it even exists. This I know is hard for some of you to admit, but it is true. We are all born hating eternal truth and loving the lies that fill our political, religious, military, and economic institutions! And we all deserve to be condemned and sentenced to an eternal Hell.

After we are born from above, our bodies are yet to be saved and they still contain the pride and desires of the old nature, Roman 6-8. Therefore, a battle royal that we have never ever experienced now exists “in our minds” between the Holy Spirit surrounding our new heart and the fleshly desires of our old bodies and brains, Galatians 5:16-26. And I can tell you from personal experience that the evil man that is in my body and brain does not want to hear that he must be restrained daily and not allowed to satisfy his carnal lusts. Nor does he enjoy being told he can’t hate his enemies and defend himself by killing them. He does not enjoy being told that he is just as guilty of killing the Lord Jesus Christ as those Roman soldiers who sent those rusty spikes through the hands and feet of the Son of God. That old man in my body, whose name is also Jack D. Hook, does not like to hear that Jesus is coming to instantly re-create my body through his resurrection power, killing forever that old man that is my sin nature.

Let me ask you all a question. How have you responded to what I have written so far? Do you rejoice or do you recoil? Or could you care less? My friends, it is that old man in you that either could care less or recoils with agitation at the preaching of the true gospel of the cross and the imminent second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. And no matter how religious you are, if your heart is not longing and looking for the Lord’s return you are still lost and blinded to the truth of the bloody cross. Do you want to be changed? Remember, Jesus came to seek and save all that are lost in their sin nature, granting repentance unto eternal life to those who reach out to him, Acts 11:16-18.

Those in Christendom whose only desire is to receive a free pass from the fires of Hell, and not freedom from the sin that sends us there, are the vessels of dishonor. Knowing this is why I have written so many letters and articles that expose the three pillars of pollution that have overtaken most of Christendom today…(1) militant patriotism (pride of this life) rooted in the “just” war doctrine of Constantine and Augustine, (2) the prosperity gospel (lust of the eyes, love of money), (3) and the new age psycho-babble (lust or love of self and fleshly pleasures) of the purpose-driven, possibility-thinking, and mega-church movements, 1 John 2:16. These are just three doctrinal examples of what eventually happens to Christians who are seduced into thinking there is no need to “depart” from iniquity. For if in one’s heart there is no longer any need to depart from sin, there obviously won’t be any desire to understand the very root elements of the sin nature we are born with. And if there is no desire to understand the elements of the sin nature, it will be the Christianized sin nature that is taught as doctrine. These three evil doctrines teach men to commit the very things Jesus died to save us from. Do you see it?

There is coming an hour when the Lord Jesus will physically separate the vessels of honor from the vessels of dishonor. As Peter said, this will begin the judgment of God that eventually will encompass the Earth for seven years (Daniel’s 70th Week). Even though the vessels of dishonor are not longing for the Lord’s return, it is revealing to know how their view of divine judgment compares with the vessels of honor. For there are fundamentally three world-views being held in Christendom today about God’s judgment. The first group consists of all those who think there is no future judgment period known as Daniel’s 70th Week, and deny the very concept. Many of these men think the signs and judgment were fulfilled at the first coming of Jesus and his generation up to 70 AD.

The second group are all those who would agree with me that divine judgment is imminent, but its main purpose is to unify all of Christendom to then take “dominion” over the nations, even by military force if necessary. These men really think the Lord Jesus Christ has given them the power and authority to establish the Kingdom of God on this Earth “without” the Lord’s bodily return and presence. These men have distorted the prophecies of the second coming of Jesus. The Papacy and Presidency are seen as the two offices of power that will help bring this pass. You can now understand why the insane bombers of militant Islam and the militant vessels of dishonor are now on a collision course, which will produce the nuclear nightmare of World War III.

The third group are those who know that only the physical return of the Lord Jesus Christ can remove Satan and his kingdom of fallen angels that manipulate the sin nature of all men, including the deniers and distorters in Christendom. This group understands the elements of the sin nature and choose to depart from it by the power of the Holy Spirit. These men are filled with love and compassion for their friends and brothers who in their hearts have denied or distorted the prophecies of the coming Kingdom, and plead with them to repent before it is too late. These are men and women who know the answer to the following questions. Are Christians called to be sheep for the slaughter or militant soldiers of the sword? Are Christians to be lambs or lions before the Lord Jesus returns, Matthew 10:16, Romans 8:36? How many in Christendom would boldly raise their hands declaring themselves followers of the Lord Jesus Christ if they could “only” be lambs and sheep in this life?

As it is written in the scriptures, there is coming an hour when the Lord Jesus Christ will return with the souls and spirits of those already in Heaven to the atmosphere of this Earth. He will not descend to the Earth itself, but will hover over the Earth and with a shout as a loud trumpet, simultaneously call the names of all those vessels of honor with him, and their dead bodies in the graves will be gloriously resurrected to become one with their souls and spirits. Then, those vessels of honor who are still alive on the Earth will find their bodies supernaturally changed and ascend into the air to meet the Lord, and return to Heaven with him until the seven years of Daniel’s 70th Week are finished, John 11:25-26, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18, 1 Corinthians 15:51-58, Revelation 4:1. This is the first “part” of the first resurrection which will conclude at the end of the 70th Week, Revelation 20:5-6.

I know this bothers and offends some of my friends who have abandoned or rejected the pre-70th Week rapture and resurrection of the faithful remnant because it is taught by many false prophecy and prosperity teachers who are living like kings in their gated fortresses. I love them and now plead with them to reconsider what they have done. We all need to know and keep in remembrance that our Lord Jesus Christ said that he could come any hour of any day as a thief in the night, Matthew 24:32-51. He also stated that no man knows the specific hour or day of his coming. Because of this we know this means there must be two phases to his second coming, for it is crystal clear that Jesus sets his feet in the Holy Land on the 2520th day of the 70th Week, 2300 days from the day the first sacrifice is offered (day 220) by the Jews in the rebuilt Temple, Daniel, 8:13-14. And his coming on that final day will not be as a thief, but publicly, so that every eye shall see him as the Lion from the tribe of Judah!

Those foolish virgins or vessels of dishonor who find themselves on the Earth will finally have their distorted and deluded doctrines of Christ put to a fiery test, 1 Corinthians 3:13. These are the Laodicean Christians who “in their hearts” rejected the loving call of Jesus when he said to them….As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Be zealous therefore, and repent, Revelation 3:19. Please read the article “The Angelic Intervention” posted to my web site in August of 2001 just prior to 9/11, and also “When angels Appear”. In addition, please read the article “Accursed from Christ” to understand the attitude of the vessels of honor, who know that in themselves there is no honor, and that it is all by being “in” Jesus Christ “through” repentance and faith in his power and grace.

Hopefully, you can now see there is given unto us all a clear choice…we can either decide to “depart” from the sin nature within us, or have Jesus say unto us on the day of judgment… “And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: “depart” from me, ye that work iniquity”, Matthew 7:23.

(2) Then Israel:

The scene now changes once the separation of Christendom is history with the hated and persecuted remnant removed to Heaven and the lukewarm deniers and distorters left behind. Israel and the Temple Mount will be center stage. And upon the Earth the lukewarm vessels of dishonor are now referred to in the Book of Revelation as the Great Harlot, Revelation 17. These deniers and distorters will believe one of the lies put forth that Jesus has removed the divisive elements of Christendom in order to establish the Kingdom of God on the Earth (New Agers will add that aliens helped remove the troublemakers). Don’t scoff at this scenario for there are multitudes of Evangelical and Fundamentalist Christians who teach that a sinning believer will be “taken” home to Heaven if he refuses to repent. Ironically, these are the same folks who today are contributing to the indifference towards “departing” from sin by teaching the false doctrine of…once saved, always saved.

This extreme distortion of the blessed truth of eternal security “in” Jesus Christ “through” repentance and faith has caused many of my friends to excuse, rationalize, and redefine sinful behavior, especially as it relates to taking up arms against their Islamic enemies. The “in” part they like, the “through” part they resent and redefine. One of them said recently to me…”Even if I am wrong about my militant patriotism, I am saved and going to Heaven, for I cannot lose my salvation.” It seems that my friend has erroneously concluded that Christians can only be cowardly pacifists or militant patriots. And because of their pride they choose to be militant patriots rather than having their friends think they may be cowards.

My friend needs to be reminded that God is temporarily allowing religious, yet unregenerate men to establish governments and armies to deter, restrain, and prosecute evildoers, but he forbids those who have been born again of the Holy Spirit to join with them, Romans 12:14- 13:7. This means that Christian pacifists who expect the unsaved religious men in government to be like them are in serious error. For those who are born of the Holy Spirit are neither cowardly pacifists nor militant patriots, but nonviolent ambassadors of the coming Kingdom of God, loving and warning all men everywhere that it is Satan who manipulates their sin nature to do his bidding, Revelation 12:9, 20:1-3, 2 Corinthians 5:17-21. In addition, we are to honor, obey, and pray for the eternal salvation of these men in government.

We are to pick up our own cross while compassionately speaking the truth to men who hate us and wish to do us harm, so they may see the sinfulness of their ways and hopefully repent and seek the mercy of Jesus Christ and eternal life. For we understand that we once were like them, the children of wrath, who follow the sin nature inherited from the fallen Adam and Eve, Ephesians 2:1-8. I now ask these questions of my dear friends, who hold tightly to “once saved, always saved” rather that repenting and trusting Jesus to forgive and cleanse. Did Lucifer have a pure heart before he rebelled, becoming Satan, the great Dragon? Did Adam and Eve have pure and sinless hearts before they fell? Was it the Holy Spirit within that gave them spiritual and eternal life? If it was possible for the indwelling Holy Spirit within them to depart, is it not the same for those who are given new pure hearts when born again? You would do well to read Jude 1-25.

Peace and prosperity will break out upon the Earth as the American and Russian presidents (Daniel’s two little horns), aided by the Pope, unite the world community to establish a peace covenant in the Holy Land, including the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, Daniel 7:8, 8:25, 9:27. All American military forces now in Iraq will be completely removed. The dishonored prophecy teachers in America have convinced the President the coming infamous, peacemaking Antichrist arises from Europe or the Middle East, so by America making peace in the Holy Land he is holding back his evil rise to power. The farthest thing from the President’s mind is the notion that he is the Antichrist.

The Jewish people will think the curse of Hitler has finally been lifted from them. The leaders in Jerusalem will wholeheartedly support the two Presidents, especially now that Islam, with Russia’s help, has made peace with them, even to the point of agreeing to the rebuilding of the Temple right beside the famous Dome of the Rock mosque. What is extremely interesting is that many powerful men in New World Order organizations, like Freemasonry, are just as anxious to rebuild the Temple of Solomon as are the Jews. To these elites, the rebuilding of the Temple represents the coming of the Kingdom of God. What the Jewish people don’t understand is that God’s judgment has now shifted back upon them. Christendom has already been judged and the fire of God’s wrath is soon to fall upon the Jews around the world.

But first there will be a famine of the true word of God upon the whole planet, Amos 8:11. This is the “silence” in Heaven spoken of by John in Revelation 8:1. After Jesus removes his faithful remnant, everyone left on Earth has been seduced and trapped by the lies of Satan. In spite of their religious zeal their hearts are not right before the God of Israel. All of mankind has deliberately chosen the religious delusions of the Great Harlot’s false prophets and their political counterparts. The dishonored prophecy and prosperity teachers of Christian television will still be selling their merchandise in Jesus’ name, and will soon overcome the “haunting” fears that it is was them, the Christian patriots who taught end-time prophecy and prosperity, who were the unfaithful and foolish ones “left behind”.

So it is fitting and just for the God of Israel to give them over to reap what they sow. He will remove his restraining hand and allow men in league with Satan and his fallen angels to have their way. They will drown in the wealth they have heaped together, James 5:1-6. For the first twenty-nine months (869 days) after the signing of the covenant, a political-religious peace will fill the Earth with pleasure. The boom on Wall Street will make the prosperity prophets giddy with joy. The Global Peace Plan of the Purpose Driven and Emerging Church movement, a major component of the ecumenically minded Great Harlot, will be declared a success as it spreads into all nations.

But the hatred and jealousy toward the Jews that today fills the Islamic sin nature will not go away just because of some covenant signed on a piece of paper and the return of the decadent pleasures of the “roaring 20’s”. In fact, many of the Islamic leaders have treacherously and secretly conspired with Russia that at some point, when Israel is fast asleep in their Messianic Kingdom delusions, they will attack and destroy her, Ezekiel 38:10, Daniel 8:25. However, this plot has not escaped the ears of the God of Israel. His Kingdom promises to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and David will come to pass. Israel will see their King ruling the entire planet from Jerusalem.

For the latter rain of the Holy Spirit will fall upon two Jewish men in Jerusalem 869 days from the signing of this phony covenant birthed from Hell, Revelation 11, Hosea 6:3, James 5:7-8. They will begin to preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ once again. The silence in Heaven will be broken when these men begin to speak.

The two Jewish prophets will call all Jews to repentance, warning them that the false gospel of the prophecy and prosperity teachers, fervent supporters of the President and Pope, is a clever mixture of truth and poisonous error produced by fallen angels. The treachery of Islam and Russia will also be exposed, warning all Jews that an invasion and occupation is imminent, with the Russian prince taking away the daily Temple sacrifices, Daniel 8:11, 9:27. CNN and Fox News will present the prophets as “breaking” news from the Holy Land. They will possess supernatural powers where all who try to silence and harm them will be consumed by angelic fire. The Great Harlot of Christendom, led by the False Prophet Pope, will be enraged at being called whores, and call for their heads on a silver platter. God will protect them for 1260 days (869-2129), after which he will allow them to be murdered as the sixth trumpet angel sounds, Revelation 11:3, 9:13-15.

All Jews will have to decide about these two great prophets. For just being a natural Jew in those days will bring great persecution and the curse of Hitler will again fall upon them all. They will be blamed for everything that is now falling apart. Zechariah predicted that many of the Jewish people will again fail to make the right decision and perish when the Russian/Islamic armies invade Israel, Zechariah 13:8. He also said there would come forth a remnant that believes in the two prophets, including 144,000 Jewish men who will take the true gospel around the world, Revelation 7. Because of Israel’s national rejection of their Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ, the judgment of God will fall upon Israel as the Russian/Islamic armies overrun and occupy the Holy Land, Luke 21:20-24, Daniel 11:40-45, Ezekiel 38:9, Isaiah 28:18. How will America and the Vatican react? Having just been called Antichrists by the two Jewish prophets, the President and Pope will not feel compelled to come to Israel’s aid when the invasion begins.

The prophecy teachers who, through the President, promised Israel the scriptures said they would never be defeated and scattered again, will be stunned and momentarily speechless. Had they misread the prophecies concerning Israel? Fox News will declare the defeat of Israel as their cameras record the jubilant armies parading in the streets of Jerusalem, many of them heralding the Russian leader as the promised Islamic Messiah, Mahdi. The Russian prince, Daniel and Ezekiel’s King of the North, will gladly accept their worship and shall magnify himself above every god and demand the whole world submit to his power, Daniel 11:36-39, 45-12:1, Ezekiel 38, 39.

(3) Then Russia/Islam:

The successful Russian/Islamic invasion of Israel that brought with it the control of the world’s oil reserves will trigger the beginning of World War III. The nuclear nightmare will begin as weapons of mass destruction are set off in various places, killing millions with each blast. The carnage escalates where the entire human race is threatened with extinction, Matthew 24:22. The Jewish prophets in Israel are still preaching as they are hunted down by the Islamic armies. Every time the prophets are discovered angelic fire kills their pursuers, Revelation 11:5. But Fox News has discovered that these two prophets have called upon their God to now destroy all of the Russian/Islamic armies who have even started fighting among themselves, Ezekiel 38:21-23, Revelation 8:6-7.

While the cameras are rolling, the heavenly fire begins to fall everywhere. The Russian leader will himself be incinerated as all the world watches in stunned silence. The nuclear war will be stopped immediately as all eyes begin to look upward into the heavens, knowing that someone or thing with tremendous power is out there. The False Prophet, the final Pope, will arise to calm the world by declaring…”The Antichrist, the Russian prince, is now dead.” The terrorized Jews not yet killed, who rejected the two prophets in favor of the President and Pope, start planning to resume the Temple sacrifices. Surely the President will go along with their plans?

It is worth noting here that the archangel Michael and his angels will wage war against Satan and his fallen angels in the heavens prior to the igniting of World War III and cast them all down to the Earth, Revelation 12:7-9. Satan and his bandits will no longer be able to fly through the heavens and be limited to the Earth. These evil angels will find homes in the bodies of those men on the Earth who hate the two Jewish prophets and their followers around the world.

Satan himself will possess the body of the Russian prince, filling him with pride at his victory over Israel. However, Satan will have to flee his new home when Michael’s fire consumes and brings to an end the life of the Russian leader in Jerusalem, Daniel 11:45. For when Michael hears the sounding of the first trumpet angel of Revelation 8:6-7, the Russian/Islamic armies will come to their end. With the supernatural destruction of Russian and Islamic forces complete, who is next in line to experience the judgment of God?

(4) Then the Great Harlot:

As the traumatized world rejoices in the end of World War III that almost ended the human race, the words of assurance from the Pope will begin to take hold. He could have supernatural help in calming and uniting the people. For I have written several articles before explaining from the Revelation how that God will allow his angels to manifest themselves where they can be seen and heard by men, Revelation 8:13. I think he will also allow the fallen angels to do the same. Therefore, one of them of high rank, disguised as Mary, could very well appear at critical points and reassure the world that all is well and the Kingdom of God will be established. The appearance of the venerated Queen of Heaven would sooth all of the fears within mankind. Even many Jews will again be snared into her delusions, for Jeremiah tells us it happened in his day, Jeremiah 7:15-20, 44:11-30.

Within thirty days following the death of the Russian prince in Jerusalem and the end of the global war, someone will assassinate the President of the United States, Revelation 13:3. More than likely the assassins will be sympathizers of defeated Islam. The lukewarm deniers and distorters of the Great Harlot will be in deep mourning. The world once again will be plunged into darkness and despair. But as they begin to question the Pope’s words of assurance, a mighty miracle, a great sign and wonder will take place, 2 Thessalonians 2:9. This could be perfect timing for another appearance of Mary to perform a great miracle. For the slain President, revered by some who thought he was the Messiah, and not the blasphemous Russian leader who is now dead, will come back from the dead, probably after three days, Revelation 17:8. Listen to the words written in John’s vision concerning this miracle…and all the world wondered after the beast. And they worshiped the dragon which gave power unto the beast, and they worshipped the beast saying, who is like unto the beast, who is able to make war against him, Revelation 13:3-4?

If you continue to read the Revelation you will hear the President (beast), after he rises from the dead, speak blasphemies against the true God of the two Jewish prophets. He will come to Jerusalem with the American and European armies to secure the Holy Land, and then stand in the Temple and declare himself the Messiah, the savior of all men, 2 Thessalonians 2:4. Some Bible teachers think he will proclaim a counterfeit trinity…Father, Mother, and Son. I agree, for John says the world will worship both the dragon, which is Satan proclaiming to be the Father, and his Son, the beast, the risen President. The Queen of Heaven will complete this evil godhead. The plans and hopes of the Jews to jumpstart the Temple sacrifices will come crashing down upon them as the risen President causes them to cease, Daniel 9:27, Revelation 13:5-10.

What will be the reaction of the lukewarm, militant, money loving masses of the Great Harlot to these words of blaspheme? Keep in mind that until this great sign and wonder, most in the Great Harlot have not fallen into the delusion of some that the President may be the Messiah. The root of their lukewarm hearts was in the love for themselves and their money, even to the extreme point of taking up arms against those who would make war against them. Listen to what a longtime friend told me when I confronted him about his militant patriotism….”We would be poor stewards of God’s money if we allow our enemies to take it from us.” I reminded him of the early Christians of whom it was said….”You took joyfully the spoiling of your goods, knowing in yourselves that you have in Heaven a better and an enduring substance”, Hebrews 10:31-39. Now they ( I hope my dear friend repents) are being tested one last time by the falling fire of God’s judgment, Revelation 3:14-22, 1 Corinthians 3:13. And the fiery words of the Jewish prophets in Jerusalem are convicting a remnant within the Great Harlot to rethink the doctrines they have stubbornly proclaimed as truth.

This fiery test will eventually become a matter of life and death to the Great Harlot and all people, as the False Prophet Pope, also known as the beast of the Earth, will confirm that the risen President is indeed the Messiah, Revelation 13:11-18. This would seem to be another good time for Mary to back up the Pope’s declaration. The slumbering remnant now forming within the Harlot will remember the Jewish prophets quoting the Revelation where it says the risen President will be given power over all peoples and nations for forty-two months or 1260 days. The billions of people within Hinduism, Buddhism, together with the New Agers and what’s left of Islam, will become devoted followers of Mary and the President she calls all to worship. In spite of that, the words of the Jewish prophets and 144,000 evangelists are creating a revival among all peoples, infuriating the Pope, Revelation 7:9.

It is my understanding that most in the Great Harlot will try to have it both ways as long as they can. While they don’t mind venerating Mary, they will hang on to the view that Jesus is in Heaven and yet on Earth as the risen President. This sounds a bit odd to some of you, but remember, there are many in Christendom today who believe just such a thing. For men like Kenneth Copeland and Bennie Hinn believe they are little gods and yet Jesus is in Heaven. However, the day will come to pass during that final forty-two months when the Pope and political leaders surrounding the President will turn on the Great Harlot and force them to join with the rest of the world’s people and worship only the counterfeit trinity through the President by taking his mark, Revelation 13: 11-18, 17:16. Those who refuse will be made desolate, naked, and burned with fire. Even though some refuse to worship “only” the risen President, they refuse to repent of their love of money and their carnal pleasures and will die lost in the harlotry of their sin nature. The repenting remnant among the Harlot will flee it and join up with the Jewish prophets and evangelists. What happens next in the judgment of God?

(5) The War of the Worlds:

It is extremely important here for all of us to take a deep breath, stand back, and imagine what the nations on Earth have just experienced according to John’s vivid accounts in the Revelation. Over six billion people have just witnessed the nuclear war that man has feared for a generation. And as they fully expected the human race to perish from the Earth, powerful beings appear in the skies and fire consumes the armies that started World War III. Then while grieving for the fallen American President, he is raised from the dead on CNN, and declares himself to be the Messiah. Those who are deciding to believe in him are now full of questions for their great savior. And it won’t take him long to answer the three main questions of the masses…who are these powerful beings that stopped World War III? Who exists out there in outer space? And what will happen next?

This false Messiah will explain to the world that “his” angels are the ones who have stopped the war, but they have not cleansed the heavens yet of all fallen angels that followed the archangel Lucifer when he rebelled against God. The two prophets will be called liars for thinking it was their God that stopped the nuclear inferno. Many people from the New Age movement who teach that aliens are either of the “dark” or “light”, will quickly agree with their Messiah and add that angels are also known as aliens or ascended masters who travel from galaxy to galaxy. Satan, who left the body of the Russian leader and now possesses the body of the President, knows that it is the true Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and the holy angels led by Michael, who are really “out there” in the heavens. So do the Jewish prophets!

Satan also knows there is yet to fall six remaining trumpet angels over the next forty-two months, Revelation 13:5. And he knows that Jesus Christ is coming at the end of those forty-two months to send him and his fallen angels into the bottomless pit for one thousand years, Revelation 20:1-3. Therefore, he must prepare the people to think just the opposite, and give them hope that these “dark” aliens can be defeated. He wants all the nations to unite and make war on the Lord Jesus Christ when he comes in his power and glory. Satan wants everyone to think an alien invasion to conquer their world is coming, and together with his angels and the combined military strength of all nations, they will be able to defeat the invaders. He knows it is impossible to defeat the Lord, he only wants to take with him to Hell as many souls as he possibly can.

As I just said there is yet to fall the judgments of six more trumpet angels, and included in the last trumpet angel will be the seven bowl angels who bring, during the final thirteen months (391 days), the fullness of God’s wrath upon the men who refuse to repent of their sin nature and receive the grace and mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ, Revelation 9:15, 10:7, 11:14-15.

It is worth noting here, that when the fifth trumpet angel is seen and heard while hovering over the Earth, there will be a release of two hundred million creatures from the bottomless pit of Hell, who will for five months sting and torment mankind. Then after a three and half day pause, they begin killing for the final thirteen months all those who love and worship the false Messiah, Revelation 9:5, 15. The followers of the two Jewish prophets and the 144,000 evangelists will be off limits to these mutated creatures released from under the Earth, whose bodily appearance are like horses and winged locusts, with faces as men, hair as women, teeth as lions, and tails like scorpions, Revelation 9. These creatures from under the Earth are led and possessed by another group of fallen angels who were imprisoned in Hell at the time of the great flood of Noah for genetically mingling with the daughters of men, thereby giving birth to the giants in the likeness of Goliath, Genesis 6:1-8, Deuteronomy 2:20-21, 3:1-11, 1 Samuel 17:4, 2 Peter 2:4-5, Jude 6.

These imprisoned fallen angels are the friends of Satan who will help him to turn the world against the followers of the two Jewish prophets by not harming them. Remember that when these creatures are released the two prophets have already prophesied for some time (1110 of 1260 days), driving the President and Pope crazy with hatred. And then, when the creatures begin stinging everyone but the two prophets and their supporters, the President will announce that the two prophets are alien hybrids, possessed by “dark” angels in league with the creatures. Efforts to kill the prophets will intensify so that on the 150th day (1110+150=1260) of stinging torment, the Jewish prophets will finally be killed as the sixth trumpet angel sounds, Revelation 9:12-15, 11:7-14. With their death in Jerusalem, the stinging creatures disappear, and the whole world erupts in great rejoicing. It’s party time. And for three and a half days the dead prophets, who had prophesied of the coming of these creatures as well as their own death and resurrection, lie in Jerusalem with the cameras pointed at their dead bodies.

The risen President will convince the nations that these hideous creatures had been hiding secretly underground until the time of the War of the Worlds, when they will prepare the way for the final invasion force that is coming. The military might of America, in alliance with all the world’s armies, will no longer be warring against one another, but join together to do battle against these supposed enemies of the False Messiah, Revelation 17:14, 19:19. This is Armageddon! Because the followers of the two prophets are not touched or harmed by these creatures, the false Messiah will use this to help turn the world even more against the true followers of the Lord Jesus Christ, Revelation 9:4.

To top it all off, when the slain Jewish prophets rise from the dead and ascend into the heavens on all television networks, the followers of the False Messiah will know for certain an invasion is coming from space. They will think the risen prophets are returning to the main alien force in the heavens that is preparing a final invasion. Following the glorious resurrection and ascension of the prophets the seventh trumpet will sound, bringing with it the fullness of God’s wrath in the seven last plagues that last 387 days, Revelation 10:7, 11:14-15. To the earth dweller’s surprise the mutant creatures are back with vengeance. Only this time they are killing their prey, Revelation 9:18. One third of mankind will be destroyed by these creatures.

Do you remember the alien invasion movie “Independence Day” put out by Hollywood in the 90’s? Do you recall what the American President said on camera to the terrified multitudes as alien spacecraft hovered over the major cities of the world? With the whole planet looking for answers from him he said….”The question as to whether or not we are alone in the universe has been answered.” He then successfully united the nations to make war against the alien invaders. Chilling is it not? For Satan is today working through ignorant and willing vessels to prepare the way for what is to come. His mission is to call the truth a lie, so that good is evil and evil is good. He hates every one of us and desires us to be in Hell with him when Jesus comes again.

As Daniel’s 70th Week of judgment, which began with America establishing a political-religious peace covenant in Jerusalem, comes to its final days and weeks, what will happen to the land and people of America/Babylon?

(6) Babylon Falls:

I need to repeat here, before answering the question of America’s final end, that this subject does not bring joy to my soul. It is gut-wrenching and fills me with sorrow. For I remember almost daily and vividly the five years I served in the United States Army during the time when soldiers were mocked and accused of being baby killers, when many war protesters spit on us when we returned home. To this day I weep when I think of my friends who died in Vietnam, and the friends, even family members, who bear the scars of bullet holes and shrapnel in their bodies, and in whose presence I don’t even belong. And I take a back seat to no one in respecting and honoring the men who served and sacrificed themselves for others, even though it was in ignorance of the truth. We were deceived, plain and simple!

And now, after Jesus has opened my eyes, I am called a traitor, a pacifist coward, a flaming leftist, and yes, even a terrorist sympathizer. That hurts, but I know it is said in ignorance by those who refuse to study the scriptures and seek the truth from the Lord himself. They don’t know that I lived for many years with the guilt of not going with my friends to Vietnam as a trained combat reconnaissance specialist, where many of them were killed and wounded while I was sent to Officer Candidate School. And when I finally did arrive in Vietnam at the tail end of the Tet offensive in 1968, I was assigned to Headquarters command and not the jungles where my recon friends were killed and maimed for life. Please read the article “Moved with Compassion” posted on my web site, for the rest of the story.

Back in those days most of us in the military came from some religious background and even were required to state our religious preference to be engraved on our dog tags. I will never forget how proud and honored I felt when the pastor of my hometown church placed my name on the church bulletin which my mother sent to me while in Vietnam. He and the others were sincere and earnestly prayed for their sons who were in harm’s way. But they were all wrong in what they were doing, and had deceived me and themselves. We all had fallen prey to the religious lies of the fallen angels that rule all of the nations. After the war, when I finally came to know personally the living Lord Jesus Christ, he revealed to me from his scriptures how Christendom had for centuries been teaching lies about Christian men engaging in violence against their enemies. For the first time in my life I could see the difference between the Kingdom of Men and the Kingdom of God.

The scriptures now came alive for the first time in my life. They were no longer just the boring words of ancient men recited by preachers who were just as lifeless as the manner in which they preached these scriptures. Even though they were sincere and earnestly prayed for me, they had forgotten or never knew that Jesus taught his disciples to understand and wait for the coming Kingdom of God that he would establish worldwide at his imminent return. This was never taught to me as a child, and neither was the truth that we are to love our worst enemies be they Communists or Nazis, pick up our own cross, and walk on this Earth as harmless as doves, and as sheep in the midst of wolves. I finally realized that in Vietnam I was not a harmless dove, but actually had become one of those wolves, even dressed in sheep’s clothing. As a wolf in sheep’s clothing, I had no idea that Jesus Christ spoke of two Kingdoms…his, and the one that Satan had created as a delusion and counterfeit, which the scriptures refer to as Babylon.

After truly repenting of my evil sin nature that had religiously and politically deceived me, I began to understand that the spirit of Babylon ruled in all Gentile empires from the time of Nimrod until the present day. I now understand that the spirit of Antichrist/Babylon is today centered in the politics and religion of the United States and the European nations of the old Roman Empire. Babylon the Great of Revelation 18 is America and will be destroyed, not by China, or Russian and Iran, but by the God of Israel himself. It will come to its end during the outpouring of the seventh bowl judgment of Revelation 16, with further details in Revelation 18. Please read the article posted on my web site “Babylon’s Final Fall” to read the chain of events that bring this all to pass.

The heart breaking truth is that the delusional pride of militant patriotism, which so easily ruled in my heart before the risen Jesus Christ opened my eyes to his coming Kingdom, will only deepen and strengthen in men during the last seven years of Daniel’s prophecy. Even during the final eighteen months, when the mutant creatures come crawling out of the smoking pit of Hell to sting and then kill, this patriotic arrogance and the air of invincibility will manifest itself. Only in this war it will be the human race against the invaders from another world. This will lead to Armageddon, when all of the kings and armies of Earth are gathered together in the Valley of Megiddo to war against the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, thinking they are about to do battle against the alien armies of fallen angels, Revelation 17:14, 19:19.

Before the gathering of all the armies to Megiddo, and before the cities of America have been burnt to the ground by the holy angels, while people are still deciding if the President and Pope or the Jewish prophets are telling the truth, the merciful God of Israel will send one last warning to the masses of humanity not yet killed by the judgments pronounced by the trumpet angels. For the day will come when he will send three angels, each having a specific message, Revelation, 14:6-13………Please click on “Articles” to finish reading the conclusion of this article. Thank you very much and please send me your comments. Jack