The History of America


How are we, as Christians, to understand America’s birth and history? Most of my friends and family members think America was founded by Christians who originally colonized this land for the European nations from which they came. Over the last thirty plus years I have read history books from both sides of the fence. Some who say America is a Christian nation from its birth, others who do not.

Quite frankly, it was most confusing, so I decided to stick with the prophetic scriptures concerning the Roman Empire, the last Gentile empire foretold by God’s prophets, which would be ruling over the nations when Israel’s Messiah returns in divine judgment. By doing this I was laying a foundation in my heart based on the Word of God, not just some historians take on the matter. The confusion in my mind disappeared, only to be replaced with sorrow caused by the rejection and disgust from most of my friends.

One thing that both sides of the controversy seemed to agree on, and was proven true by Christian historians, was that Augustine and Constantine changed the way Christendom looked at the Roman Empire and the prophetic scriptures concerning Israel. Daniel and John’s visions of how the Roman Beast would affect the world was in sharp contrast to what Constantine, the Roman Emperor, was saying to Christendom since he now professed to be a Christian. A great apostasy was taking place, whereby the bodily pre-millennial return of Jesus the Messiah to intervene in judgment against the Romans and their fallen angel masters was replaced by the church and state working together to establish their new version of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Of course, the empire would at times need to bear the sword to bring unruly citizens in line, as well as protect and secure its borders. So Christians were now taught the “just war” doctrine which had been rejected by the original apostles, and Jesus himself. Christendom was being seduced away from the foundational truth that all nations are controlled by Satan and his army of fallen angels, and will remain that way until the return of the Lord Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords.

Jump forward seventeen centuries and we see the right-wing President Bush, and now the left-wing Obama, both professing to be Christians, sitting in the same seat of Roman power speaking the same heresies of uniting all nations and religions to bring in the Kingdom of Heaven. With great pride they declare their intentions while rejecting the bodily return of the Lord who they claim to follow. I must confess that I was a willing partner in this delusion during the Vietnam War era as an officer in the American Army, but the Lord has opened my heart and eyes to see the truth of his coming Kingdom.

By the way, it seems like this political-religious war between the left and right wings of America’s Eagle is heating up does it not? What is so sad is that most of the people making up the two wings declare themselves to be Christians, but yet refuse to understand that the purpose of the shed blood of Jesus, and his glorious resurrection, is to free us from our sin nature, not from some form of human government created by fallen angels.

What will it take to unite these feuding political wings bent on keeping or taking back political power, or is that even possible? How about a Islamic nuclear bomb blowing up some American city? Or better yet and less deadly, a public appearance of Mary, the Catholic’s Queen of Heaven, appealing for all men to unite and establish the Kingdom of Heaven on this Earth? Would a UFO hovering over Washington D.C. do the trick? How would these bickering Christians react if Jesus Christ returned in the rapture and left them behind to give them one more chance to depart from the sin nature that condemns them in their militant pride, love of money, power, and their psycho-babble pursuit of self-love and self-esteem?

As in the delusional days of Constantine and Augustine, there is today a faithful remnant on this Earth who are crying out to their friends and family members to turn away from their religious sin nature and embrace the Lord Jesus Christ, his atoning shed blood, his glorious resurrection, and pre-millennial second coming. I have written about these things many times, and perhaps some of you are tempted to be offended at the repetition. But many of you that read the scriptures know well that foundational truths are repeated over and over again from Genesis through Revelation, all centering on the person of Jesus Christ and his part in the triune Godhead.

So please, don’t be offended, and know that I write these things from a heart that is filled with love and compassion for everyone, for our Lord shed his blood for all of mankind, offering us salvation from the sin nature that condemns us. We have all sinned against other men and even God, and our only hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ. I hope my online book and articles help you even more in understanding the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ. And if you have any comments, questions, even criticisms, please send me an email letter.

Your eternal friend,
Jack D. Hook