The Plot to Destroy Israel

Ever since the end of the Persian Gulf War, I have wondered many times how the extremist Islamic nations like Iran and Syria could be drawn to the peace tables for Middle East peace with Israel. For Ezekiel 38 and Daniel 8 clearly point out that Syria and Iran (Persia) will make peace with Israel. My wife and I often talked about potential events that could change the Islamic mind. For even though Satan controls these people he must manipulate events to bring to pass his plans through them. These people are not his robots.

Because of Pearl Harbor, Phase II, a demonic manipulation, the sleeping giant of America is awakened, aroused, and angered to the point of “ridding the world of evil.” Hence, the Islamic world, since September 11, 2001, which became their D-day or day of decision, have realized their regimes could be dismantled or destroyed. This appears to be the fate of at least Afganistan and Iraq. What we are seeing come to pass on our television screens is the moderating of world religions: No fanatics allowed, whether it be from Islam, Christianity or Judaism. It is becoming apparent that most other Islamic political and religious leaders have publicly and outwardly decided to obey the ultimatum of America, “you are either with us or against us.” However, in their hearts, they are only interested in victory over Israel and America. But out of fear they will postpone their final Jihad, or Holy War for another day.

If we are in the time leading up to the fulfillment of the Book of Revelation, and only God knows, then the following will happen sooner or later:

Behind closed doors Syria, Iran, Libya, and others secretly led and inspired by Russia will plot their strategy to seduce Israel and America so they can attack later down the road. According to Daniel 8:25 a Little Horn, which I believe is fulfilled in the Russian-Syrian alliance of today, will deceive the world community, led by America, into thinking they really want peace with Israel and America. They will forge a comprehensive peace treaty for the Middle East. Daniel clearly says that ….”by peace shall destroy many.”

Read carefully Ezekiel 38:10, 11, and 14 which are parallel prophecies to the Daniel 8 Little Horn, and you will find Gog, the Russian leader or Little Horn, is involved in the plot to pacify and seduce the West and Israel. Ezekiel says that Russia will ….”think an evil thought.” Ezekiel then shows Israel at rest, at ease, with its gates and walls of defense down. Ezekiel ties together Israel’s sense of peace and Russia’s involvement in it by saying….”shalt thou not know it?” In other words Russia and its Islamic allies, even though they are lying will convince Israel and America their desire for peace is real.

The final conclusive piece of Israel’s sense of security will come when the plotting Muslims agree to allow Israel to join them on the Temple Mount, by building their temple next to their mosque. You see, because of September 11, radical, fanatical Muslims will “by peace destroy many.” This treaty that allows Israel to rebuild its temple is the beginning of Daniel’s 70th Week of 7 years. The Antichrist from America and Europe will declare that the coalition of nations has “rid evil from the earth.” The world will rejoice and the celebration will begin. The White Horse Rider of Revelation 6 has brought peace and safety to a fearful, terrorized world.

And what does Jesus Christ think about all of this? In Heaven He opens the 7th Seal, as the Covenant of Peace is signed by many on the Earth. There will begin a “silence in Heaven” that will last for 869 days. Then God’s Jewish prophets will rain on the world’s parade and declare the treaty a covenant of death and a treaty from Hell. They will expose the President and the Pope as the two beasts of Revelation 13. They will warn Israel and the world that the Russian alliance is planning to invade and the judgment of God is about to fall. They will declare that Jesus came before the peace treaty and removed true believers, and He is coming at the end of the 70th Week to rule and reign on the Earth.

As born again Christians, we know that before Daniel’s 70th Week begins Jesus is coming to remove His believers from this Earth. The Rapture will only intensify the world’s desire to rid the world of evil. The believers who have vanished will not be missed. For most of the world think we are evil anyway.