The Spirit of Judas

In today´s volatile and uncertain world, all earth dwellers are being subjected to an intense call for unity and loyalty to one´s country, and even to some greater form of a New World Order. On the surface, as we watch events on our television screens, it all sounds so right and proper. However, the political and religious leaders who are attempting to unite this world, with peace and prosperity for all, fail to realize the spirit and power they are operating in. The Bible calls this the spirit of antichrist in 1 John 4:3, which is the voice of the dragon or Satan of Revelation 20:2. For this is Satan´s world system at work until Jesus Christ returns to end his dominion. You can also identify the spirit of antichrist as the spirit of Judas.

The life of Judas, who we all know was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus, is a vivid example of betrayal and disloyalty. Remember, Judas walked and lived with Jesus for over three years. He saw the Lord´s miracles and power, he heard all of his teachings, he felt his love for people. Any outsider would declare that Judas was one of the ringleaders of this new sect in Israel. But Judas turned on Jesus. He tried to change the mission of Jesus.

Christendom´s religious and political leaders are repeating the error of Judas. They can´t see their need for a new heart, a new nature that only Jesus can give through repentance and faith in his blood sacrifice. Without this new nature we are all hopelessly destined for Hell. They don´t understand the sin nature we´re all born with. A nature that is proud and full of wrath, that loves oneself, money, and this world system controlled by Satan. Like Judas, today´s leaders want the power, prosperity, and glory, but refuse to understand the cross of Jesus Christ. They want to wear the crown, but refuse to die on the cross. They refuse to believe that all of us are guilty of nailing Jesus to the cross. Christendom has become a harlot. It has betrayed the one they claim to follow; it has become Babylon the Great of the Revelation.

Instead of learning from the life of Judas, America´s people and leaders, while claiming to be Christians, are labeling anyone who disagrees with their “one nation under God” tradition, as unpatriotic traitors. As this world war on religious terrorism spreads and intensifies, the greater will be the call for loyalty and unity. It´s ironic, but anyone who desires publicly to remain loyal to the truth of the cross and coming of Jesus, are the ones likened unto Judas. We are being lumped together with cowardly pacifists and leftists who also don´t understand Jesus or his mission. I suppose that is why Satan is referred to as “the master of deception.

For those of you who are offended by what I have written, I plead with you to study the Bible, to see for yourself. Set aside for a moment all of your traditions, that keep your love and devotion to this world system and not the coming Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Read John 17:12 and 2Thessalonians 2:3. You will discover that the phrase “son of perdition” is used twice in the New Testament; first referring to Judas, then to the coming Antichrist. This means that the Antichrist is not a Moslem, Buddhist, or Hindu, but a false “disciple of Jesus Christ.” But, like Judas, he will betray Jesus, by wanting his crown, but not his cross. Those in Christendom who want world dominion and are also indifferent to the coming of Jesus, are part of the great apostasy predicted in the Bible.

One final question needs to answered. Would you rather be considered a traitor by the “American New World Order” or by the coming King of Kings, the Lord Jesus Christ?