The Time Draweth Near

Have you noticed since September 11th that it is becoming more “politically correct” to talk openly about prophetic topics such as; the judgment of God, Armageddon, the millennium, and even the second coming of Jesus Christ? Many major news magazines and television networks are no longer opposed to discussion of these biblical terms. Whatever their motivation is, whether for ratings and money or a sense of fear, the message or question is becoming clear….is something about to happen in this world that mankind has never experienced before? Even someone with their head in the sand, who only thinks of himself and his daily affairs, must understand this political-religious world system is changing in a dramatic and deadly way.

It’s ironic and heartbreakingly sad, that as the secular world is becoming more interested in the end times events, Christendom, for the most part, is indifferent to or divided about what is going on. They are the ones whose heads are deeply embedded in the sand. Except for a small remnant around the world who understand and are looking and longing for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, most Christians are blinded and lost in their religious organizations. In many churches it is “religiously correct” not to talk about or teach the book of Revelation in a literal down to earth sort of way. Most churches are busy competing with one another, using buildings, entertainment and programs to attract the same people. Many of them are engaged in foolish judging of each other over….what to eat and drink, Sabbath days, hair styles, music, etc., and have become like those Paul describes in Romans 14. The more “spiritual” churches are feuding and fussing over the gifts of the Spirit and have completely lost sight of the giver of those gifts, the Lord Jesus Christ. These are some of the reasons why the commentators in the media understand more about what is going on in the world than Christendom does. Like Jesus said….” they strain out gnats and swallow camels” meaning they divide over small matters and unite over the huge doctrinal errors of patriotism, psychology, and prosperity deeply engrained in the American gospel.

Even those in Christendom who teach about Armageddon and the pre-millennial return of Jesus have brought great shame upon the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. For many of them have allied themselves with seducing teachers, like the Kingdom Now crowd, who has Christendom conquering the world through them, and then at some point Jesus will return and rapture or take them all to Heaven. Of course, they must have a political-military counterpart to achieve their lofty goal, which explains their doctrine that America is God’s “last hope for mankind, a shining city on a hill.” They proudly teach this is the “manifest destiny” of the United States and its pluralistic church. Their pride and patriotism has deluded them so thoroughly they can’t see the utter confusion their teachings create. My friends, this blind patriotism is the glue that binds all of Christendom in America together.

Even Billy Graham has strayed into their fold when in 1991, prior to the unleashing of the Gulf War, he stood with President Bush and declared….”there comes a time when we must fight for peace.” In New Testament times, neither Jesus, nor his apostles ever called believers to do such a thing. This is the way the unregenerate nations of Satan’s kingdom resolve their differences and God allows it. We as believers are to pick up our cross and call them to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ and his return. When Christians end up resorting to war for political freedom they have already lost the spiritual war and have become slaves to sin. This lie from the mouth of Mr. Graham will bring nothing but the wrath and judgment of God on Christendom, just as Jesus graphically announced to the heartless, lukewarm church….”I will spew thee out of my mouth,” Revelation 3:16. Please understand that I’m not saying these things with condemnation, but out of love and compassion for all those who are trapped in this deception. I have looked into the mirror and seen enough of my own sins, which were logs in my eyes at one time, so I’m not saying this with any hate or malice. For we have all sinned against God and crucified Jesus Christ, and are in need of his grace and mercy. I can identify with the Apostle Paul when he says….”I am the chief of sinners.” But repentance and faith are essential, there is no other way into God’s grace. Today, as the new President Bush is engaging in war in the Middle East, these unrepentant preachers and prophets are again standing with him and leading the charge into harm’s way.

Jesus himself predicted this worldwide interest in end time events and the confusion and deception among Christians over how and when he is to return. Please read carefully Luke 21:7-9: “And they asked him, saying, Master, but when shall these things be? And what sign will there be when these things shall come to pass? And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived; for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and the time draweth near. Go ye not, therefore, after them. But when ye shall hear of wars and commotions, be not terrified; for these things must first come to pass, but the end is not at once.”

When Jesus said many would come in his name saying….the time draweth near…. he was not describing the New Agers, Islam or any non Christian religion. He very clearly and carefully is prophesying, and giving us a sign, about a false Christian religion which would come to Jerusalem and Israel at a time when the world is in great peril, terrified of the wars and turmoil that threaten the Earth. They will come bringing peace and prosperity to the Middle East through military power and intimidation. Listen carefully, world peace will follow this war on terrorism that began September 11th. Those of you who today think that Islam is Antichrist and America is Christ, will view this as a good thing when it happens. But if America, like Islam, is also antichrist, then you have a serious problem, don’t you? What we need to understand is that all nations and religions of man are antichrist. Satan is the father of this world’s political and religious systems, even creating a counterfeit Christian one. That’s the deception the God of Israel wants us to see.

These Christians will come declaring that the God of Israel has ordained and appointed America to bring “the time” of God’s rest for the war weary nations of Earth, especially Israel. As we even now see developing, the nation of Israel will welcome this false Christendom because of its economic, political and military connections in Washington. The marriage between false Christendom and Israel will take place. Seeing this, along with the defeat or humbling of Saddam Hussein, radical Islamic leaders, in lockstep with Russia, will at some point change their tactics and plot Israel’s destruction through a treacherous peace initiative described in Daniel 8:25, 9:27, Ezekiel 38:8-14. The whole world will rejoice thinking Islam has truly changed, the stock market will soar, and the oil fields of the Middle East will be secure in the military hands of America. Israel will be seduced, thinking they finally have the rest God has promised them.

It is the Kingdom Now prosperity patriots that Jesus is describing to his disciples, who come in Jesus name to Israel. They say with their lips that Jesus is the Christ. But many of these people also teach and believe that they too are “little gods” or christs, thereby fulfilling the dual meaning when Jesus said….”they come in my name, saying, I am Christ.” They both claim to be Christians and some blasphemously state they too are Christ. Two of Christendom’s leaders will bring all of this to pass. As I have written many times before, the Presidency and Papacy are the two offices which are described in Revelation 13 as the Beasts out of the Sea and Earth, who will turn on Israel, just as they have betrayed Jesus and his teachings. Israel will suffer the wrath of these two apostates when Jewish prophets begin announcing to the world that these men are imposters.

America will not lift a finger to help the Jewish people when the Russian and Islamic hordes violate the peace treaty by invading and overrunning Israel, unleashing world war on the planet. America will enter the war to protect the flow of oil that fuels its economy, however. Even though God will allow Israel to be defeated and scattered for its sin, he will supernaturally intervene and destroy in fiery judgment the Russian-Islamic armies. Just before he does this, the Russian leader will take away the Jewish sacrifices and stand in Jerusalem and declare himself to be the Messiah, Daniel 8:9-11, 11:36-45, Ezekiel 28:2. He shall come to his end, as will all of his armies, when God’s angels rain down fire from the heavens. Seeing this, America and its church will at first think God has given the Holy Land to them and send their armies to Israel, as well as all of the Middle East.

After this fiery judgment, all of the masses who have joined false Christendom will begin experiencing the wrath of God, when the President also stands in the rebuilt Jewish Temple, causing their sacrifices to completely cease, and declares himself to “the” Christ, Revelation 13:6, Daniel 7:8,11,25. The fiery death of the Russian leader who earlier declared himself to be the Christ or Messiah, will only encourage the President that he really is the Messiah, especially since he has returned from the dead after being assassinated, Revelation 13:3. It will be D day, the day of decision, for the lukewarm masses. For the God of Israel will begin to violently shake the sand their heads are buried in to make them come up for air. What they will face when they open their eyes is the patriotic loyalty mark of the risen President instituted by the Papacy. Since many of these people believe they are little gods themselves, it will not be a great leap of faith for them to assume the President is also. However, the day will come when the President will demand that all acknowledge that he is above all gods.

As we rapidly drift toward the fulfillment of these chilling end time events, the news magazines and television media will experience an increased appetite for end times information. The book of Revelation will become a very popular topic. Even though it will be the false prophets of Christendom that will get their attention, I believe that God will use this appetite to call people to the truth, to study it for themselves. For those of you who open the Revelation you will soon discover, if you’re honest and hungry for the truth, the clear and convincing fact that Jesus Christ has indeed risen from the dead and is about to return to this Earth in power and glory. You will see that he is going to deliver those who love him, and destroy those who have followed a false counterfeit of him. You will see that the God of Israel is going to send Jewish prophets to spark a great revival among the nations. If you, right now, are not looking and longing for Jesus to return, you have been blinded by your own sin and are in danger of eternal judgment. If you are not longing to see him face to face it is because you haven’t experienced him heart to heart. Also, there are many in Christendom, who like me, have at times fallen from this first love, who need to go back to the bloody cross of Jesus for forgiveness. For his cross is the only entry point into the grace of God. Make that decision right now, don’t wait another minute!