War in Heaven

The recent capture of Saddam Hussein is not the subject of this article, but because it has such prophetic significance I would like to make a few comments. The 6000 year history of mankind has now come full circle. The land of Iraq is where Adam and Eve were created by God in the place called the Garden of Eden. It is also where Nimrod and his society built the Tower of Babel that united all people with one language in defiance of the truth of God, Genesis 10,11. Moreover, it is the land of the Old Testament empire of Babylon, who God allowed to invade and occupy the nation of Israel because of their rebellion. It is my contention that with the capture of the land and now its king, the American President is now sitting as the King of both the Old and New Testament Babylon, Jeremiah 50,51, Revelation 18. And even though the people of Iraq are now forming their own version of democracy, most of them will always be connected and indebted to the American people for bringing them political freedom from a brutal dictator. The capture of Saddam will prove to be a giant leap towards the comprehensive Middle East peace treaty that all the world longs for, which is included in this article, so I suppose there is a connection after all.

I have received many responses to my book and articles from people who misunderstand my stand on Christian involvement in warfare. Because I declare clearly that Christians should be nonviolent when it comes to attacks from one’s enemies, they accuse me of being a pacifist. The definition of a pacifist is….one who is opposed to war and violence of any kind at any time, who believes universal peace can be achieved by adjusting differences among nations through dialog without recourse to war. Even though I would agree with some aspects of pacifism, the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ do not support this universal hope of pacifism. Peace among the nations will not come through some utopian concept of everyone just getting along and talking things out. Furthermore, it is not in the nature of man to just lay down while their enemies attack them by word or deed, Ephesians 2:3. Most pacifists fail to take into account the sinful warlike natures we are all born with because of the fall in the Garden of Eden. The scriptures make it abundantly clear that only the direct personal intervention of Jesus Christ returning to this planet can usher in this universal peace that the pacifists of all religions long for. For then the great separation of mankind will take place through the execution of the justice of God. As Jesus said, the wheat and the tares shall then no longer grow together, and the sheep will be separated from the goats, Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43, 25:31-41. To believe anything else is foolishness and folly.

As a Christian then, how are we to respond when confronted by the personal and national violence of mankind? How are we to respond to the half-hearted attempt of the Congress to limit the murder of babies in their mother’s womb, when they passed the partial birth abortion ban? The debate over abortion has raged for a generation now, and this ban is the best they can do? With breathtaking speed, the Congress just recently huddled together to pass the “do not call” law preventing unwanted telephone calls. Where is that sense of urgency to stop the killing of unwanted children? How are we to respond when Godless judges one week enable the lifestyles of homosexuals by striking down the state laws against sodomy, and the next week force Alabama’s supreme court justice, Roy Moore, from office unless he refrains from acknowledging God in his official capacities. And then to top it all off, the Massachusetts supreme court says homosexuals can now marry and I suppose raise families like heterosexuals. Tell me, what child would you want to grow up in this environment?

My initial response to these events was one of intense sorrow, anger, and frustration. In my heart I wondered if the wrath of our Lord Jesus Christ was coming to a boil and I could almost smell the fire as his angels prepared themselves to destroy America, like they did Sodom and Gomorrah. And right after all this I witnessed the President of the United States in London at a news conference with Tony Blair. The President continued to explain the war on terror that has spread to more and more countries. He was then asked whether the God of Christianity was the same as the God of Islam. Without hesitation Mr. Bush said they were. Again, I trembled as I imagined the flaming fire of God’s judgment as he spoke those words. The reality of the sinful times we are living in and where all this is headed rekindled the fear of God within me, which the scriptures say is the “beginning” of knowledge and wisdom, Proverbs 1:7, Psalms 111:10.

How are you pacifists out there dealing with these outrages? Have you forgotten that the scriptures teach us this world and the heavens above are infested with fallen angels that have been given temporary control of this world’s political-religious system? It is these hideous creatures that are fueling the sinful hearts of this world’s leaders to kill babies, enable homosexuality, and engage in religious wars. How are you going to reason and dialog with them my friends? Christendom is confronted today with all of these things and each individual must make a decision on how to respond. As I see it there are four ways Christendom is presently responding. The first way I refer to as….the compromisers….those who either flat out excuse these abominations or try to meet their adversaries half way. The plight of the Anglican Church in it’s ordaining of a homosexual bishop is an example of where that road leads. And then you have…. the cowards….which includes some of the so called peace churches, most of which correctly forbid their people to engage in war, and yet mysteriously have no desire to proclaim the imminent return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Many of them have become so fearful and isolated they huddle in their tight knit communities and act more like secluded monks rather than the Lord Jesus, who commands his followers to go into all the world with the gospel of his coming Kingdom.

The third response to these abominations is by….the condemners….those who rightly see the wicked fruit of the sinners, who grieve the murder of the unborn children; who are repulsed by the flagrant openness of the homosexual community and it’s political enablers; who are heartbroken and enraged by the horrendous actions of the Islamic barbarian bombers, but then instead of following the bloody cross of the Lord begin to pass judgment and condemnation upon the evil doers. I will never forget how I felt as I watched the planes destroy the Towers in New York. I will never forget the sense of outrage that filled me when Judge Moore was removed from office for refusing to deny God. Part of me wanted the wrath of God to fall on all these adversaries right then. Most of the evangelical, fundamentalist wing of Christendom feels the same way according to all the emails I have received and things I’ve read. Their patriotism and defense of the “ten commandments” has bonded and united them like never before, and I can understand and empathize with their emotions and feelings.

However, as tempting as it is, I cannot get on the bandwagon with them. For they have united with the Republican party that has courted them for their votes with empty promises to change the system and to restore America to the vision of its founding fathers. And you don’t need a masters degree in political science to understand that the art of politics is rooted and grounded in compromise and even corruption. President Bush, who our Lord admonishes us to honor and respect, is their current political Moses, but his remarks concerning Islam and Christendom serving the same God could spell trouble for him in the next election. We shall see. Ironically, the President is correct in his bold announcement in London. For most of Christendom has so redefined their concept of God that they and Islam do worship the same god….Satan. Don’t be upset with me, for Jesus himself said that on judgment day many would stand before him thinking all is well, only to hear him say….depart from me you workers of iniquity, Matthew 7:21-27.

Many readers of my articles become very angry and tell me that I’m showing great disrespect for Mr. Bush when I write that he might become the Antichrist, the King of Babylon. I disagree and can only say to them that I truly love and respect the President and wish him no harm at all. I am only warning him, and the Christians who also love and support him, that from 1776 on, the “office” of the President is the intended final seat of Satan’s power in this world. Whoever occupies that office and signs Daniel’s covenant of peace with Israel will be the Antichrist. Furthermore, Mr. Bush and his evangelical followers are in grave eternal danger by linking the name of Jesus to their erroneous “just” war doctrine. There is no such thing for Christians as a just war that kills one’s enemies on this side of the second coming of the Lord. Remember, what Jesus Christ allows unsaved nations to do among themselves to restrain evil doers, he forbids his saved disciples to do. We are citizens of another kingdom! The President and his religious enablers are on a collision course with the judgment of God that I beg them to abandon.

I have learned over the years that when I am confronted with such events that automatically trigger such intense emotions, to step back for a moment, take a proverbial deep breath, and remember the scriptures the Lord has placed in my heart by the indwelling Holy Spirit. Our emotions of sadness, grief, anger, outrage, and compassion are the same ones Jesus Christ has as these horrible things take place; whether it’s another unborn baby murdered, a homosexual priest ordained, or bodies of the innocent being blown to bits by demon possessed Islamic bombers. I remember after Judge Moore was removed taking that deep breath and asking the Lord how I should think about these things. As I pondered the reaction of the conservative Christian leaders and recalled the teachings of Jesus, it was plain to see that Judge Moore and his evangelical friends have fallen from the faith of the apostles by demanding that America be restored to it’s original vision, as if that will somehow please God. For they are the modern day representatives and offspring of the colonists who took up muskets and bayonets to kill their enemies as they rebelled against the King of England, Romans 12:17-13:7. They have fallen by rejecting the true meaning of the bloody cross and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. They have distorted the meaning and purpose of these foundational truths when they take up arms in condemnation of their enemies. After listening to them, it is becoming increasingly clear their intention is to take back “dominion” over the American political system. And I’m afraid their vision for America extends to the entire world, even if it has to come by bombs and bullets.

While the cowards are hiding in fear with their heads in the sand, the compromisers and condemners are currently engaged in a debate for the hearts of the people. It is the classic battle between the liberals and conservatives, the left versus the right. It is all a smokescreen, a demonic diversion to deceive true believers into joining their ministries. Since both of these groups are engaged in deception when they lure more followers after them, we must warn as many as we can reach there is a fourth way….the contenders….who agree with the cowards about separation, but only in a spiritual sense, not by legalistic “do not touch” commandments of men which causes unnecessary isolation from sinners for whom Jesus died. Contenders agree with the compromisers that we should be tolerant and accepting of others, but reject their indifference to sin and their refusal to proclaim the imminent return of Jesus Christ. The contenders agree with the condemners concerning the abominations of abortion, homosexuality, and the rapid moral decline of society, but we reject their call to unite with political parties to acquire power, and their patriotic urges to wage war on the Islamic world in a battle for civilization.

Contenders know in their hearts that Jesus is truly alive and all of these things are but a sign of his return to put a complete end to Satan’s kingdom, Revelation 20:1-3. Contenders understand what it means when the scriptures say….earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints, Jude 3. We are convinced and obedient when we read the writings of our brother Paul when he says….and to you who are troubled; “rest” with us, when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels, in flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, 2 Thessalonians 1:7-8.

Unlike the pacifists and the cowards, who renounce all violence and war, we who contend for the gospel know that God will bring this world system of Satan’s to an end with great violence. And until the end comes we are engaged in a spiritual war with enemies who hate us because we speak the truth to their rebellious hearts. My prayer and desire is that I can obey the words of Paul….fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, unto which thou art also called and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses, 1 Timothy:12. I must stop here and shamefully confess that I have failed to do this so many times over the years. It becomes even more shameful when I realize that many are giving their lives in other nations for the testimony of Jesus Christ, while in comparison I sit in the lap of luxury and ease here in America. However, I sometimes wonder if it would be easier to dodge bullets than the constant barrage of temptations to lust and pursue after the riches of the false prosperity gospel.

I must also confess that over the years I have walked in the shoes of the cowards, compromisers, and condemners. I have cowered in fear many times when angry people reject my testimony for Jesus Christ. I know what it is like to be in the company of many people who don’t love Jesus and I just sit there in fear and shame when I know the Lord wants me to share his word with them. I know what is like when unbelievers argue with me about the Lord and instead of holding to the truth I try to compromise with them so that they don’t dislike me. The most difficult times for me are in the company of the condemners, for I have so much in common with them. We agree on so many issues of the day and it is so tempting to just climb aboard their political bandwagon and march off to war for the “mother of all battles” against the Islamic world. Interestingly, I receive the most flack from the condemners after I tell them to be patient, to wait for Jesus to come, and let’s pick up our cross rather than kill our enemies.

Some of them mistake my words against war for cowardice, even treason, which hurts me deeply when I hear such accusations. If some think this of me the only response is to ask a question in return. Do you consider Jesus, who refused to fight the occupying Roman armies and allowed himself to be killed, a coward and traitor of Israel? He is the one who calls his followers to pick up their cross, I’m just repeating what he said. Moreover, I can testify from personal experience about the military and warfare, having spent five years in the army, and knowing friends who didn’t come home from Vietnam alive. I have friends I grew up with who wear the scars from bullet holes and shrapnel for their sacrifice and bravery. My first cousin carried away to safety ten wounded soldiers in the midst of a firefight, all after he suffered a bullet wound that almost killed him. He can hardly carry all the medals and honors he received. It is difficult to hold back my emotions whenever I think of what he did.

As I observe and listen to these courageous friends and relatives when we get together every year for reunions, I don’t feel worthy to even be in their presence. They are great and honorable men who deserve my respect. Many times I wished I had been assigned to the frontline units and been wounded, just so I could stand along side them. As crazy as this sounds, I sometimes wish the combat times we all experienced during the 1968 Tet offensive I would have been hit. It’s like a sense of guilt that I returned to my family unharmed and they didn’t. I’m sure other veterans who read this understand what I’m saying. I am sincere about my feelings toward these men who sacrificed themselves for others. Regrettably, not one of us knew the Lord Jesus Christ in those days. What we did as young men in ignorance does not diminish the thoughts and acts of self- sacrifice that we, as soldiers, were taught and took with us as we went off to war. I know now the day of God’s justice is at hand; he is about to hold court. If I knew this truth as a young man I would have told my friends and relatives we must wait for Jesus to return to execute eternal justice on our enemies. The communist soldiers of Vietnam weren’t our real enemies, only the demons that fueled their hatred for us and ours toward them. We should have gone to them with the cross and warned them of the coming day of God’s judgment. Know this my friends, soldiers on both sides of the war acted in ignorance, deceived by the same demonic spirits that manipulate the leaders of every nation.

I stated in my last article “Silence in Heaven” that on a day that only God knows he will give the command to his angelic forces to step aside and let the demonic world bring forth the false Messiah. This man will confirm a stunning peace treaty with Israel and her enemies which includes the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, Daniel 9:27. This incredible accomplishment will cause men to begin calling him the Messiah. Little do they know that when the silence in Heaven begins with peace on the Earth, the preparations for “War in Heaven” are being made by the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Please understand that at the time God’s silence is ended on Earth, World War III will break out as Satan attempts to kill every living being on the planet in a nuclear inferno. The double dealing Russian and Islamic forces, led by their own self-proclaimed Messiah, will invade Israel and the nuclear nightmare will become a reality. Please read carefully the following scriptures that describe these coming events.
Revelation 12:6-9 (6) And the woman (faithful remnant of Israel) fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared by God, that they (angels) should feed her there for a thousand two hundred and three score days (1260), (7) And there was “war in heaven”; Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels, (8) And prevailed not, neither was “their” place found any more in heaven. (9) And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil and Satan, who deceiveth the “whole” world; he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.
If you study Daniel and the Revelation you will discover that on day 869 of the 2520 day timeline God will bring forth two Jewish prophets and 144,000 missionaries who will restore many Jewish people to the true Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ, Revelation 7,11. They will be warned that the Russian and Islamic leaders have lied at the peace table and are going to invade Israel, bringing the judgment of God upon the nation of Israel for its rebellion, Luke 21:20-24, Daniel 8:25. Somewhere between day 869 and 1230 the Russian confederacy will attack and defeat Israel, allowing for the Russian leader to stand in Jerusalem and “take away” the Temple sacrifices, Daniel 8:11, 12:11. Israel’s remnant will finally understand that as John stated above, the whole world, even the President of the United States, is deceived and controlled by Satan. This faithful remnant will flee into the modern day nation of Jordan to a place called Petra or Sela, where they will be supernaturally shielded and cared for by Michael and his angels, Daniel 12:1, Isaiah 16:1, 33:16, 42:11, 43:20. No smart bomb or Delta force commando unit will be able to penetrate this wall of angelic protection. Eventually, the explanation for not being able to overcome this angelic shield will be that aliens have landed and abducted all of these Jewish people or they are cooperating with the aliens to take over the world.

It is at this same time that God commands Michael and his angels to put an end to World War III before all mankind is destroyed in the conventional and nuclear war that is underway, Ezekiel 38, Revelation 6:3-4, 8:7. In order to do this Michael must first engage in angelic warfare in the heavens against the demonic forces arrayed there to stop him. Satan will not be destroyed, only defeated and cast to the Earth, now unable to fly through “their” place in the heavens or atmosphere anymore. Since he can only operate on the Earth, he and his forces will enter and possess human bodies to continue his wrath against mankind, who he hates more than he does God.

Michael and his angels will at this same time rain down fire on all the Russian and Islamic armies and their messianic leader, who have overrun Israel and are now engaged in an escalating battle with America and Europe. Once the Russian and Islamic armies are destroyed by angelic fire, which everyone will watch on CNN, the American and European armies will be allowed by Michael to march into Jerusalem. As I have said in other articles, all of this will then usher in the final 1260 days of Daniel’s 70th Week. Somewhere between the death of the Russian leader in Jerusalem (day 1230-1260) and the beginning of the last 1260 days, the American President will suffer an assassination and miraculously be revived, only to be possessed by Satan, who Michael has personally thrown out of the heavens. Among the first words out of the mouth of the risen President will be that the Kingdom of God is now here on Earth and he is its king! Just as the Russian antichrist stood in the Temple to “take away” the sacrifices, so too will the President cause them to finally “cease”, crushing the hopes of the remaining Jews who thought they would begin their sacrifices again. The Pope, also known as the Beast of the Earth, will be at his side calling on all the world to believe and ally themselves with him. John records in the Revelation that all the world will wonder after and worship him, except those who have become believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and know he is returning in 1260 days, Revelation 13, 19. This world wide alliance will include the Chinese, who will join forces with the Americans to engage the outer space aliens (Jesus Christ) in the epic battle for planet Earth, Revelation 16:12-16, 19:11-19.

There is one thing I hope you understand and it is that everyone is involved in a war whether you like it or not. You are either at war “with or against” Heaven. For those who reject Jesus Christ completely you are at war against Heaven. If you remain in this state you will experience the justice of God as a criminal does the judges of this world system. There will be no mercy and whether you have sinned less than Saddam or Osama doesn’t matter, you will be with them in Hell. As Paul said to the Thessalonians, those in Christendom who condone or compromise with sin and remain in that state will also experience the fire of God’s vengeance at the coming of our Lord. They, like the ungodly, are at war against Heaven. For the cowards who have secluded themselves, I can only encourage them to awaken, pull their heads out of the sand, and reach out to the lost people around them and start proclaiming the bloody cross and the imminent return of the Lord Jesus Christ. The cowards are not obeying the command of the Lord to go out among the nations and call all men to repentance, but rather have selfishly and fearfully separated themselves unnecessarily. For those in Christendom who have become the judges of the law and take up the sword with their powerful political friends in condemnation against their enemies; who refuse to be patient and pick up their cross until Jesus comes to execute true justice, they too are at war against Heaven. If any of this describes you there is hope only in Jesus Christ. Before God blows the whistle and the 70th Week of Daniel begins, give up the war against Heaven and become a contender of the common faith that was given to the apostles and to us today. The Bible is alive and relevant my friends, but you must acknowledge and receive the Lord Jesus Christ to experience this miracle.

The cowards, compromisers and condemners, who refuse to come out of their delusion, will soon be faced with a monumental decision when it comes to the Jewish people. For the Jews are again being blamed for all the troubles in the world. The Islamic world is today continuing in the evil footsteps of Hitler and the mesmerized German people. But they are destined to be destroyed by God, as I have already explained. Upon their defeat, they will be replaced by those in the Harlot of Christendom who believe the risen President is the Messiah. Other members of the Harlot will be hated and destroyed by the false Messiah’s political-religious establishment for not believing in him, Revelation 17:16. Even though they refuse to worship the President, they are still bound by a spirit of harlotry, manifested in the love of self and money. As their eyes are opened they will start repenting for the horrible deception they were in and join with the 144,000 Jewish missionaries.

I’m afraid that as things unfold in the Middle East, most of Christendom will make the same mistake the German Christians did during World War II. They will watch in unbelief as Jews are being miraculously protected in Petra, and 144,000 Jewish missionaries are circling the planet preaching the coming destruction of America and the Great Harlot of Christendom led by the Pope. The two Jewish prophets will drive them nuts. Because of these things they will be filled with hatred towards the Jewish people and the holocaust will begin anew. When December rolls around, while the Pope’s loyal members of the Harlot are celebrating their pagan Christmas traditions with the burning of the Yule log, the Jewish people will again be burning in the fires of a new Auschwitz. The condemned Jewish families will remember the war stories of how the German Christians around Auschwitz celebrated Christmas in great joy, knowing that right down the road the ovens where executing their “Final Solution.” Remember, all of you that are cowards, compromisers and condemners, this is your sorrowful heritage in Germany. This is where your religious walk is headed. My ancestors came from Germany and as a child I also worshipped the Christmas tree Christ. But when I found the Jewish Messiah I began to realize how central Israel and the Jewish people are in the plan of God. I know this rocks your boat but the Christ of Christmas is the Tammuz and Nimrod of the Old Testament, Ezekiel 8:14, Jeremiah 7,10. It is as Paul said…another Jesus, another gospel…cleverly designed to usher in the false Messiah who will claim to be the Christ of Christmas, 2 Corinthians 11. To all of the Jewish people who read this, I ask you not to include the contenders in your judgment of Christendom. We want nothing to do with the sick anti-semitic mindset of our fallen brethren.

I know that some who are reading this right now are filled with doubt and unbelief that these things I have written are literally going to happen. For no one has ever seen the angels in all of their power and glory. Many Bible teachers are embarrassed by all of this, so they invent interpretations of these scriptures which replace the angels with men or allegorize the scriptures, thus creating all kinds of confusing interpretations . This is why so many people just refuse to read or study the Revelation. All I can say to you who have these feelings is, I haven’t seen the risen Jesus Christ with my eyes either, but I know without a doubt that he is alive and that he is coming back to this Earth. The apostle John saw him and that’s good enough for me, for I believe his report. Like John, I know for a fact that he came the first time to offer himself on the bloody cross to show us all how far we have fallen from God. This display of love and mercy for his creation is the very heart of the triune Godhead.

I want all of you to know that no true Christian rejoices in the eternal death of any lost sinner. We do not long for or look forward to the coming wrath of God to kill his and our enemies. For we understand that we also crucified and nailed Jesus to that horrible cross and in ourselves are nothing but filthy rags. But, we also know that the blood of Jesus has washed and cleansed us from our old sin nature we are born with in our hearts. We long for Jesus to come so we can be with him, and for him to complete our salvation by giving us new bodies that will never sin or die again. We long for Jesus to come again to physically chain Satan and his fallen angels into the depths of Hell, where he cannot deceive the whole world any longer. The question is….do you precious people who are reading this want this too? All you have to do is confess your sin and ask Jesus to have mercy on you, to come into your heart by the Holy Spirit. If you truly repent and confess your sin before him, you will know in your heart that all is now well with your soul. I leave you now with this final word from Jesus….whosoever, therefore, shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father, who is in heaven. But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father, who is in heaven, Matthew 10:32-33.