Will Meditation Make Our Colleges Safer

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I am forwarding this excellent update from Dave and Deborah at Lighthouse Trials hoping that you will study it and send it on to your family and friends. Some of you are probably on their mailing list already, but if not, I encourage you to do so. Dave and Deborah are part of the body of our Lord Jesus Christ on this Earth, and the ministry they have is vital in these last days. They boldly speak the truth in love towards all men.

The incredible horror that took place at Virginia Tech produced many storylines, most of which from the media revolve around the victims and their families, the deranged killer, and the reoccurring calls for gun control and more security. You will never hear on Fox News or CNN the spiritual truth behind this grievous tragedy. Only those who have truly been born again and understand the working of the fallen angels through the sin nature that dwells within all men, know what is happening and where this is all leading.

In spite of the sadness and cries for unity and tolerance given by the “religious” representatives at the memorial service at Virginia Tech, even invoking the name of the false god, Allah, the real explanation of what has happened was never spoken by these religious leaders, even President Bush when he spoke. Why? Because they don’t understand themselves that we all were born with an evil sin nature that is manipulated and stirred up by the fallen angels, whose purpose is to bring all the nations and religions to a point of despair and hopelessness, where mankind will gladly follow the coming Antichrist who can establish peace through unity on this war-torn planet. Like it or not my friends, the fallen angels under Satan are still allowed by the triune God of Israel to be the princes and powers in the high places of this world system. They are the gods of this planet until the second coming of the Lord Jesus, no matter how hard the dominion preachers of Christendom meditate and contemplate.

Whatever the religious delusions of this killer were, this evil event will happen again along with more of the wars between the false teachers overwhelming Christendom and the madmen of Islam. Our Lord Jesus Christ clearly said the last days on Earth before his coming would see the return of the days of Noah, where a world filled with unspeakable violence and lusts for money and every sexual fantasy will seem to spin out of control. The Antichrist and his False Prophet are on the horizon my friends and will use this evil the fallen angels have stirred up to unite the nations and religions. The New Age babble that has been Christianized by men like Rick Warren and Robert Schuller will have a huge impact on the peacemaking Antichrist. Meditation and the “empty-headed” mysticism of contemplative prayer cannot wash away the sin nature we all possess.

We who have been made citizens of Heaven to become its Ambassadors, are sent by our Lord as sheep in the midst of wolves, harmless as doves, even when confronted by men possessed by fallen angels on a murderous rampage, like the madmen of Islam and the student at Virginia Tech. The spirit of Antichrist at work in the American people today will condemn this murderous madness, but will never see the evil in their own sin nature…the militant pride of life, the love of self and money that is taught as Christian doctrine. Rather, the Antichrist spirit that works in all men will look in the mirror and compare his virtuous life with the demon-possessed killer at Virginia Tech.

Remember, the combined power of the bloody cross and second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is the only escape from our own sin natures and the fallen angels who delight in the carnage that is filling up the caverns of Hell. Has anyone on Fox News asked the question as to where the victims of Virginia Tech went when they were murdered? Did their souls go to Hell? Were they joined there by the killer when he put the pistol to his head and committed suicide? Are you mad that I even ask such questions? Until we Christians get away from this comparing ourselves with the likes of suicide killers, be they Islamic or deranged students, we will never be able to truly plant the seeds of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Lighthouse Trails Research Project SPECIAL COMMENTARY

Will Meditation Make Our Colleges Safer?

In light of the horrific event that just took place at Virginia Tech, the question will be asked by many, “What will make our colleges (and our society) safer?” No doubt, countless solutions will be presented, everything from more gun control to increasing hate legislation. But there is one thing that is NOT going to make things safer, and that is an increase in the practice of meditation.

Right now, mystical meditation is being introduced to children, college students, moms, patients, and business people at an accelerated rate. Literally, our society is being altered with meditation (i.e., mysticism). Now some may say, “Well, what is wrong with that? Don’t meditators become more peaceful and loving?” The following explanation by a New Age meditator would resonate with that idea:
One starts by silencing the mind–for many, this is not easy, but when the mind has become silent and still, it is then possible for the Divine Force to descend and enter into the receptive individual. First it trickles in, and later, in it comes in waves. It is both transforming and cleansing; and it is through this force that divine transformation will be achieved.
While we tend to picture in our minds, when we hear the word meditation, a peaceful guru sitting on a beautiful mountainside in India, in truth mysticism is occultic. It’s as simple as that. Ray Yungen explains:
At the very core of the meditation effort is the concept of what is called the higher self. This is thought to be the part of the individual linked to the Divine Essence of the Universe, the part of man that is God. Contact with this higher self is the ultimate goal in meditation and has always been at the very heart of occultism.
Yungen says that those who meditate are:
Individuals who, in the context of historical occultism, are in mystical contact with unseen sources and dimensions; who receive guidance and direction from these dimensions, and most importantly, who promote this state-of-being to the rest of humanity.
So while it may at first appear that meditation helps calm and relax the meditator, in reality, he or she is coming into contact with “unseen forces,” which we believe are familiar spirits (demons). One metaphysician (one who practices mysticism) explains that this occultic practice (mediation) was once only practiced by very few but is now available to all:
At one time such cosmic knowledge [of the higher self] was hard to come by. It was known as the mystery teachings, or the occult (hidden) teachings, or the secret doctrine and it was only available to selected individuals in secret retreats which have always existed on Earth. Now it is available to all who are interested.
In view of this, the occult is entering our society through numerous avenues (Religion, Business, Education, Health, etc.), and most families are being impacted to one degree or another. And the question must be asked, Is the occult going to make our society and our colleges safer? If indeed the occult is the realm of darkness and evil, then the answer is a resounding NO.

The premise behind mystical meditation is that all paths lead to God and that God is in all things. That is why New Ager Neale Donald Walsch says that even Hitler will go to heaven because God is in him too. Furthermore, he states that Hitler did the Jews a favor by having them killed. The ultimate goal in meditation is that all will be united; everything will be ONE. New Age promoter Leonard Sweet calls it the Theory of Everything. One New Ager explains where this is all heading:
Soon it also became apparent that those of us experiencing this inner contact were instinctively (and spontaneously) drawing together, forming a network. In the many years since, I have watched this network grow and widen to literally encompass the globe. What was once a rare experience–that of meeting another person who admitted to a similar superconscious presence in his or her life–has now become a common, even frequent, event … what I once saw as a personal (and individual)transformation I now see as part of a massive and collective human movement.
In other words, the destination of meditation is that all will come together in unity. But this demonic realm that millions are being drawn into will not have the Gospel in its midst. And thus, countless souls will be lost.

What happened this week at Virginia Tech is so horrifying and unimaginable, and clearly was instigated by demonic forces. The last thing people in the world need right now is to be further introduced to the occult. Isn’t it time Christian leaders turn away from contemplative spirituality (a form of mysticism), repent and come back to the true Gospel that is the only hope for lost souls. While these leaders increasingly continue to promote contemplative, they are helping to bring the occult (the hidden darkness of Satan) into the lives of many. May God have mercy and open their eyes. What our world needs is only one thing — that is to hear about the light of the world — Jesus Christ that they might believe and be saved. Meditation will not make our schools and our society safer.

Ray Yungen sums it up very succinctly and indeed very soberly:
Salvation is having personal faith and trust in the person and finished work (sacrifice) of the Lord Jesus Christ. We have “peace with God” (Romans 5:1), are “forgiven” (Ephesians 5:4), and are “reconciled” to God (II Corinthians 5:18) only by Him. That’s where our faith or trust is to be directed. The notion of achieving Christ consciousness [through meditation] is just not compatible with being redeemed by Christ’s precious blood. The two just don’t mix. Romans 5:6 says: “For when we were yet without strength [spiritually impotent], in due time Christ died for the ungodly.” A consciousness can’t die for anyone–only a person can. If you “receive not the love of the truth,” as Scripture says, your eternal destination will be determined:
Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie. (II Thessalonians 2:9-11)

Note: The passages and quotes above are from Ray Yungen’s new release, For Many Shall Come in My Name. This book examines closely the New Age movement that has so impacted our society, including the Christian church.