03-The Man Who Can See

Daniel 7:20 proves that the antichrist is also a man. Some people have taught there would be no particular person, only a system which can be called antichrist. But here we see that the little horn had eyes and a mouth speaking great things. Of all the parts of a man´s body, why are eyes and mouth singled out? What comes into your mind when you consider a man´s eyes? They´re attractive, meaning this man will be handsome and charismatic. He will be very appealing to the masses of people who don´t know the Lord Jesus Christ, who look only to other men for their security. The power behind this charismatic, political leader is Satan, who the Bible describes as the Anointed Cherub prior to his rebellion against God. Lucifer, the devil, was a beautiful creation of God. That outward beauty has been maintained even through inwardly he is totally corrupted.

Ezekiel 28:17,

“Thine heart was lifted up because of thy beauty; thou has corrupted thy wisdom by reason of thy brightness; I will cast thee to the ground, I will lay thee before kings, that they may behold thee.”

God´s words directed toward Lucifer after his fall will ring in the ears of the antichrist, who is the devil´s puppet. The judgment of God will repeat itself upon this man and all who choose to follow him.

A man´s eyes are perceiving, indicating that the antichrist will know and understand the carnal desires of mankind. He will use his power and influence to solve the basic wants of the people. He will meet the worldly desires of people, but their hearts will remain unconverted. This man will perceive the religious, political, economic and social problems of the world for which we will have the answers. He will be the Christ or the Deliverer to the multitudes, but only in a false way.

Daniel also says of this man “…and a mouth speaking great things.” This is a strong indication of the antichrist´s political background. He will be the master orator and campaigner. Peace and plenty is and has been the promise and goal of every politician, be he a communist or capitalist. This antichrist and his religious counterpart, not only promise, but deliver peace and prosperity to a sinful and evil generation. Remember, even though nations will find peace among themselves, under this man, they are still at war with God. For they continue to say, “We will not have this man (Jesus) to reign over us.” They refuse to repent and recognize the bodily coming of the Lord Jesus. Only the Holy Spirit restrains and hinders Satan´s man and plan. When the Holy Spirit is silent, Satan will then proceed quickly, (Revelation 8:1).

In Daniel 7:20, another characteristic of the antichrist and his nation is illuminated “…his look was more stout than its fellows.” The real muscle and might behind the American-European confederacy rests in the superiority of America. For the little horn is politically, economically, and militarily more stout than the others. Isn´t that the situation today? For years, many Bible teachers, who think the antichrist will emerge from Europe, have taught that America would fall as a world power. They must be scratching their heads today, for America´s influence and power is getting stronger.

This strengthening will intensify because the deceived church in America is prophesying to the political leaders that the antichrist will arise in Europe. Believing this lie, the last American President, himself a professing Christian, will work to keep Europe inferior to America, thinking this will hold back the antichrist. But in reality he will emerge to be the antichrist when he brings peace to the Middle East. Because he has been told by Christian leaders that the peace-making antichrist will arise in Europe, he will not think he is, and neither will the deceived religious leaders.