02-When Leaders Corrupted

History is overflowing with examples of how God warns people and governments against sin and corruption. You don´t have to look back too far to discover this truth. The fall of President Nixon is an example of this. Why was he removed from such a high powerful position?

Proverbs 29:23

“A man´s pride shall bring him low, but honor shall uphold the humble in spirit.”

Mr. Nixon fell due to the sin of pride. What was he proud of? He was the first president in decades to restore relations with China. He brought American soldiers back from an unpopular war. He was the president when man first walked on the moon. As the world views success and achievement, Nixon could be considered as one who has reached the top. Mr. Nixon´s pride produced a thirst for popularity, power and prestige. This is common in all of us until the Lord saves us.

But, what is the warning we get from the collapse of the Nixon administration? It is that if God will strip one man of his position, popularity and power because of pride and the rejection of Christ, He will strip an entire nation for the same thing. Especially one that considers itself to be Godly, when in reality, it has worshiped the land more than the Lord they name.

Most Americans take more pride and glory in their national success than they do in the cross of Jesus Christ. America, take heed to Paul´s words!

Galatians 6:14,

“But God forbid that I should glory, except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world.”

The very things most American Christians glory in, even rejoice in, are an abomination to God. For Jesus died on the cross to strip and sever us from such evil glorying and pride. Proud, pompous people elect proud, pompous presidents.