03-Unity in Diversity4 Prelude

How else is this unity of the defiled and undefiled being attempted in America? What other angle is the devil using? Satan is today attacking all segments in America´s Christendom through the decisions of ungodly men and agencies in government. This attack has many fronts and faces. It is even against groups which are normally against each other. Why? It is because Christendom in America is composed of those God calls harlots, and those He calls brides. Both are being attacked.

This seemingly indiscriminate governmental attack on “religion” is a satanic diversion designed to entice the true bride of Christ to commit fornication with other antichrist political parties and the harlot church system. Satan´s diversion is accomplished by tempting real men of God to compare the harlot church with these ungodly government officials, who are making wrong decisions on important issues. By making this comparison, the harlot, who has perverted major doctrines, begins to look like “Mr. Clean.” Men of God are then tempted to ignore or forget the major doctrinal errors of the harlot, who is also being attacked by these same men.

Satan has always been attempting to seduce the body of Christ, to compromise it. In America, he is using issues that are agreeable both to the harlot and the bride, to help create this uniting in spirit of otherwise separated religious groups. (School prayer, Christian schools, religious freedom, abortion, family values, homosexuals, etc.) Ungodly men in high places in government are making decisions on these issues that are opposed by both the harlot and the bride. This coming together of different groups is a modern day equivalent of the Jewish Sanhedrin, which consisted of opposing factions united in a common front at the time of the Roman occupation of Israel. Today this is called “unity in diversity.” Everyone is urged to unite behind agreeable issues and under the least common denominator.

As God is allowing this governmental action to fall upon Christendom, His reason for suffering on the harlot is different from His reason to allow true followers to suffer. The suffering of the harlot is punitive, whereas the suffering of the righteous is to demonstrate His love and power to the lost as they observe the faithful in their affliction. This is another way that Satan deceives. He wants us to think the harlot is suffering for its pretended Godliness, as the bride does for its pure faith.

What should be the calling of the bride as she encounters the harlot? True believers should be calling the harlot and political parties to repentance, not joining up with them. As they refuse to repent of their impurity when confronted in love by the bride, we shall see an increasing allegiance between the leadership of the harlot church and the friendly political leaders who court her. Together, they will persecute the true Christians who are a thorn in their side.

These outwardly friendly, political powers in government are using these common issues in Christendom as bait to attract their voting support, to help them be elected. They are proving to be very successful. These friendly political forces have an outer form of Godliness, but are antichrist at their foundation. Their political parties and platforms are not based upon the person of Jesus Christ and all of His doctrines. They all, while sitting in church with their harlot allies, continue to say to our Lord Jesus, “We shall not have this man to reign over us.” The soon return of the Lord to physically judge and rule over the nations is neglected by both the harlot and her political friends. Even if the Lord´s return is mentioned, they do not long for it and cherish it.

The result of what´s occurring in Christendom and government in America will be the “woman sitting on the beast,” Revelation 17:3. The harlot and her friends in high places will be the target of God´s wrath during the 70th Week of Daniel.