06-Doctrinal Warning

How can we know which church or assembly is preaching the truth? What false doctrines are being taught today? What errors being taught identify the spirit of antichrist working among the visible house of God? There are basically four doctrinal areas that, if you are aware of, and desirous of walking pure of heart, you won´t be deceived. If you are attending a fellowship which subscribes and holds to any of these doctrines or teachings, you have two alternatives.

First, you can leave quickly and then prayerfully search for a sound Gospel preaching fellowship. Secondly, you can stay there and attempt to change the situation. The only effective way of stopping false doctrine is by preaching the truth from the word of God. But, frankly, you should make very sure whether or not the Lord wants you to remain in a spiritual environment that holds to serious doctrinal error. For it is very harmful and dangerous to your own spiritual welfare. Paul urges several times in his letters to remove yourself from such a place, (Romans 16:17, I Corinthians 5:11, Galatians 5:12, I Timothy 6:5, II Timothy 3:5).

Maybe you have close friends and family who attend with you, making it hard to leave. If that´s the case, and the Lord wants you there, then you must get into the word, and let the love of Jesus flow through you. That love which comes from knowing the truth, will draw people to you. Be ready for persecution and criticism. If you remain faithful, the Lord will use you to save souls from sin and Hell right within your own church. Now, what are the false doctrines to beware of?