11-Satan´s Seduction

Satan has seduced through false teachings and teachers most of the organized church today. Paul said that the apostasy would grow worse and worse, to the point where people would hear truth, but not love it (II Thessalonians 2:10). What does that mean? What is the truth? How do we love truth? To love something with all your heart is to become one with the object of your love. It is essential that we love God with all our hearts. We must not share our love with anyone or thing. Some might say “what about the commands to love thy neighbor and love thy enemies?” When we obey god’s first commandment to love Him with all our heart, we become one with Him. Then it is His love through His Spirit that flows to our enemies and neighbors.

Here again is the truth that you must love and become one with: Jesus Christ, the Son of God, His cross, His resurrection, His coming, and all that He said about those things. Much deception today lies in the area of what He said about those things.

The cross of Jesus, if loved and identified with, severs us from an inborn love for this world system. Heaven then becomes our true daily hope and desire. Not through death, but His coming to the earth to receive us. These truths must be loved and applied. So any doctrine or teaching which discounts or distorts the imminency and importance of Heaven and Jesus’ coming; which teaches more about life and success in this world; according to the standards of success in this world; which teaches that the cross was to make you successful in this world, to be a winner; is a seducing doctrine of Satan.

The same applies to the doctrine of the resurrection. Many, if not most of Christendom hold to the teaching, however subtly, that the resurrection power of Jesus Christ is to free you from suffering or poverty. In some circles it has become so perverted that one is made to feel unfaithful if he is poor or in pain. There is some truth in this, but as in all false doctrine, it becomes perverted when it is incomplete in its scriptural context.

The primary purpose of the resurrection power is to free our hearts and minds from sin and the world daily, and to commune with God. What the false teachers consider to be the purpose of the resurrection, increased riches and success, is the very desire it saves us from. All they have done is to “Christianize” their carnal desires for self and riches. To truly experience His resurrection power, is to be free from the damnable desires to be rich and successful, to be somebody, to be admired by men. So the false teachers teach their flocks, who have itching ears, to sin, all in the name of Jesus.

By the standards set by many preachers and teachers today, Paul, and even Jesus would have to be considered as lacking faith and knowledge. Some of these men have publicly suggested just such a thing. May God have mercy upon their souls. For they have placed undue and unbalanced emphasis on deliverance from pain and poverty of the body, while their hearts and minds are saturated with sinful thoughts.

Most people don’t have a love for such truth stated above. For such truth produces in one’s mind and heart a love for the Lord’s coming, to cherish it, to proclaim it. For His coming will conclude our redemption, that is the redemption of our bodies, and the devil’s party will be over! We will be with Him, Jesus our Lord, forever more!