14-World Supermarket

“…and the sound of a millstone…”

A millstone in the old days was one pair of thick stone disks used for grinding grain. When the farmer would harvest his grain, he would grind it for human use on a millstone. John tells us that the world will not hear the sound of food production from Babylon anymore. This implies that Babylon was a large food producer and consumer. This idea follows the pattern of Babylon´s dominance over the world´s goods and resources.

Using the craftsmanship of her people, America is the leader in food production among the nations of the earth. Food is becoming the most important commodity in the world. The price of food will skyrocket in the future, due to increasing drought, famine and war in other parts of the world. Food will become a weapon and lever for the beast and false prophet, much like oil has been by OPEC.

Who controls that weapon today? What would happen if all of God´s people were raptured, leaving only the selfish and greedy to continue on? Even though there will be only a few raptured, they represent the strong voice of the Lord. When the Holy Spirit is silent but still present on the earth, the American system will gain control over the earth, using food as part of the plan to dominate.