01-Destruction or Deliverance

What is the test of prophecy? How do you know if a prophecy is true? Any prophecy must have at its foundation this truth: If it predicts destruction for the unrepentant sinner, and ultimate deliverance for the forgiven and cleansed saint, it is sound. Of course, there is much more that is required to verify the accuracy of the prophecy, but it must have within it this truth.

This book was written to help people understand the prophetic word of God. I encourage and admonish all readers to not depend on these writings, but study the scriptures, for they alone can be depended on. In that light, I want to conclude by exploring the scriptures which reveal the deliverance of God´s saints.

The 70th Week will be a great test for all men. The wrath of God will envelop the earth. Therefore there must be an escape or deliverance from God´s wrath for the faithful and wise. For God put His wrath on the body of Jesus in order to deliver us from it, (Romans 5:8-11, I Thessalonians 1:10, 5:9).