April 2002 Comments

Now I know I haven’t heard of Jack Hook. I’ve never seen his writings before. There are some interesting comments, but his Jesus doesn’t appear to be the same one I know.

I truly love this and went to your home page and read one of them about your testimony — Oh — the Love of God you show here I had to send this to all my friends and hope some of them will start toward heaven as they should most are but a few still need God in their lives — thanks for putting me on your list- Tom
Dear Brother Jack,
Thanks for your letter & your concern for humanity. I can share some of
what you have expressed in words.
The Lord saved me while I was attempting to pastor my third Church. The
truth of the gospel had been taught well to me by my Dad & Pastor and a
profession of faith had been made at a very early age. But, alas, the truth
of my standing before my God became a reality years later. When Christ
confronted me about my soul, I died spiritually–in realality I was already
dead already, but how desolate my condition was and desperate I was to be
saved. Try as I might, all of my efforts were fruitless until Jesus (the
Savior) found me and ´birthed´ me into His precious family.
A new life, a new family, a new covenant–everything new, bless His name.
Now the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, so “my sheep hear My
voice and I know them and they FOLLOW Me”. Yes, I too am looking for the
“Blessed hope & glorious appearing of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
All of the encouragement that we can give each other helps because He
said, “Wherefore comfort one another with these words”.

I don´t know why you chose to e-mail me…but I read every word you wrote. In today´s world it is indeed hard to focus on a personal relationship with Christ and to dedicate one´s self to reading His Word.
I needed this e-mail today. Thank you

Yes, I did visit your website (you had included the link in your e-mail) and I plan to read more on it. I am “saved” and know that submitting to Christ is the only way to true happiness…but it is so darned easy to give in to the everyday temptations. I can´t seem to “commit” myself to reading the Word daily & “listening to Jesus”. I so want to hear Him/know Him…but have not found the “right approach” or method that I can apply to make my relationship with Him blossom. I do pray…but have not quite figured out how to listen. I want Christ to be the leader in my life and in my beautiful husbands life. I have a hard time “taking the lead” on this…but am trying. Thank you agin for your e-mail and yes, I will see you in Heaven!
Bless you and the work your are doing.
Could i ask you if you are saying the antichrist is from america..Are
you saying Bush is the antichrist..I am not arguing with you..just
curious..i heard he is from syria…Judy
Jack, in my opinion you have lost your “American” mind, that is if you ever had one. I have no sympathy for the plunderer of America, enslaver of Americans and hater of Christ, Israel (the modern terrorist country) and supporters. Quit stepping on God´s toes, get out of his way and let him take care of his Pets. Americans need to take care of America.

Good, evangelical message! FYI–Tammuz was the son of Semeramis, the Queen of Heaven of the Babylonian Mystery Religion. Mythology says that Tammuz was killed and then resurrected, and so the syncretic adoption into Roman Catholicism (in the 4th century spurred on by Constantine and solidified by the somehwat later Augustine) of the Madonna and Child, Mary, mother of God, and Jesus Her Son. Keep looking up for our redemption draws nigh! Shalom, David
Dear Brother,

I don´t know whether you will ever get to read this mail, but I just have to send it anyway.

Without going into great detail, I first turned to Jesus Christ about ten years ago, but have sadly spent much of my time either trying to serve Him in my own strength, or after much despondency turned to my old sinful ways
whilst keeping my old “John the Christian” coat on to decieve all but myself. I even had the audacity to run a website for a couple of years
trying to help teach others how to follow Christ, whilst heading straight to Hell myself. Oh, how blind I was!!! I don´t quite know how I got into that sinful state, but looking back I suppose I could point to a few suspect points in my life that would reveal a few answers.

Anyway, enough of then…this is now!

Due to an email I recieved during one of my darkest nights whilst surfing the internet for all sorts of filth, I was invited by you to visit the site. There are a number of ways you may have got hold of my email address, but I know in my heart that God Himself was the initiator. The truth in your words hit me hard at first, it felt good because I knew they were the truth, but
at the same time some of them seemed extremely harsh…so guess what?…I threw them in the bin and labelled you as decieved, albeit very cleverly, by Satan, and then began writing a letter of rebuke in the name of Jesus!…now
who feels stupid!!!

The long and short is this. A mixture of your Holy Spirit inspired wisdom, and a still small voice within me, bound together with the mercy and grace of God that can only be found in Jesus Christ crucified, led me to a newly forming Christian fellowship in my locality. As soon as I enterd the fellowship I became aware of Gods prescence intensly, through the overwhelming spirit of love and compassion that eminated from the people there. Needless to say I am now a permanent fixture, and very much a part of a small group of people who are crying out with a truly ravenous hunger for the presence of God, and eagerly awaiting the return of Jesus in all His splendour and glory. As you would expect I am as far removed now from my old sinful ways as the east is from the west, and very much more on my guard. I feel an overwhelming desire to bury myself in His word, as it is the only place I find sanctuary. I also have found a true perspective forming in my life with Jesus Christ at the pinnacle. Every morning I seem to be led into repentance. No more for the previous nights debauchery, but something new each day. Gradually God is pointing out the ways in me that are offensive, due to me taking Psalm 139:23-24 and asking God to apply it in my life, and then giving me the strength of His Spirit to walk in His ways with obedience.

The reason I am writing is not to boast, or even to dwell too much on the marvellous things the blood of Jesus Christ and a repentant heart have
accomplished in my life. But to just thank you from the bottom of my heart. In Proverbs 3:11-12 His word tells us that God disciplines those He loves like a father his cherished son. The verses after go on to tell us of the
value of His wisdom, and to seek it with all our heart. Well as a direct
result of your faithfulness to Him, God has used your words to rebuke me and lead me into the heart of His forgiveness. He has begun to feed me with words of His wisdom and they are bringing life to my bones. I know I am annointed by God to do His will and I am prepared to do that even if it means death to my body as a result. But as sure as I live I would rather die right here and now than to forsake Him again, and make a mockery of the Lamb who was slain for me.

I know that in your faithfullness to God you will find suffering at the hands of men, just as we all can expect. But I would just like to let you
know that your work is never in vain ( not that I need to tell you!) In fact, just as Jesus would have suffered all that He did for just one
person to be saved, and still call it victory. I would like to let you know that your faithfullness has resulted in victory, and when you stand before His throne our Father will tell you that my name remains in the Lambs book
of life because of your faithfullness….my brother I owe you my life….thankyou!

Very well written! Do you believe the anti-christ will be Pres. Bush? It will be interesting to see. I wouldn´t be surprised. God bless you & yours…I´m glad to know I´m not alone in my way of thinking…your messages help.

Thanks for the message. I enjoyed reading it. I am inclined to think the antichrist is Nero rescucitated, and I believe the false prophet will be Judas rescucitated.

Indeed, it is mindboggling how the nations rather believe a filthy terrorist like Arafat then a peace loving Israeli government.

Greetings, Ed
Mr. Hook,
No one in Israel believes the American President to be the Messiah. I think it is distasteful to use the current pain of the Jewish people because of the events in Israel to try and score spiritual points for your religion. Why don´t you just curtail your missionizing activities to Christians and leave us Jews alone.
Please take me off of your list.
Rabbi Yeruchem
The word hell or hades means the common grave. A loving God would not allow anything or anyone he created to burn in torture. Your God might, But mine wouldn´t. Just as a parent loves their children and would not burn them to disipline them.
The father of mankind would not punish his children with torture.
You have been brainwashed. Sad but true! Have a nice day. The God I know is loving. Ancient babylonian teachings were where these doctrines
originated. Hellfire, Trinity, Immortal soul and so forth. That is where they got started. false religion has carried these false teachings on believing them to be true. The truth will set you free. That means set people free of these fearful brainwashings the devil puts into peoples hearts and heads to keep them from finding the truth. The devil is the father of a lie. And thats what these teachings are is a lie. The whole world lay in the power of the wicked one. Especially people who claim to worship God and practice and carry on these false doctrines. Who are actually worshiping Satan. He laughs at them as he knows they are fooled by him….He makes them believe its alright to kill for a country in war, When all nations were created by God and God gives no permission to kill under any circumstances. He is the only one who can. And has the right to judge.
~Peace~ always friend …… 🙂
Hi Jack.
I WEEP FOR JESUS. I want to bury my head in his robe and cry and tell him how much I love him. I miss him, I want to come home. I know Easter is upon us soon, and that´s one holiday that I´ve never ever liked, I feel so awful, I feel that he was murdered on the cross, yes he did die for us, but if I would have been around then I would have taken his place to save his heart and soul and they could have crucified me instead. I love him.

I would like to tell you again, that unless you have
actually received info or visions, confirmed, from JC,
it is not good to say what is going to happen next.
Please be very sure of what you´re doing.
Dear Jack,

As I indicated the first time I responded to an email from you, I agree with ALMOST everything you proclaim. However, there is no literal biblical reason to suggest that the anti-christ will be an American President. I would suggest that you take one of two courses. Either state what you are proclaiming is a prophecy of God OR state that this is simply your opinion. If you are proclaiming that what you state is a prophecy of God, then we can determine whether you are a prophet of God OR a false prophet by observing the outcome. If you are proclaiming that what you state is simply your opinion, then we can ask you for literal scriptural quotes that you believe supports your opinion.
I´ve written twice before, I don´t know how I got on your mailing list,
but I want to get off of it. I do not believe in Jesus, or rather, I
don´t believe he was anything but a human being, a grand human being,
but not divine. I don´t wish to engage in religious philosophy,
believing each of us is capable of worshipping God as they want to,
please remove my address from your mailing list.

your views are wacked. You need to read your bible. I´ll pray for you. now take me off your mailing list.
Love Andrew
Hey Bro, very nice.
Keep on proclaiming God to be omnipresent and supernatural, and letting the people know the world is not God´s will. Heavenly bound for a reality of freedom in Christ. Oh what glory awaits. That we may keep His path straight, that our hearts will be focused on His ways so that he will not have to weave through a maze of illusion to speak with us. Always great to hear your words, Your friend in Christ
Enjoyed the article. It is wonderful to see how God works with us to help us realize things, isn´t it? I am not sure I agree about America´s involvement,in the events of the future, but I rejoice that you are getting out the message of “repentance toward God and faith toward Jesus Christ.”
Jack. I truly thank you for all your articles and I wanted to let you know
that I do forward them to some people I know whom I think should read you.
How do I guide my 6 yr old child through all this??

Hi and Good Morning and thanks for this one…And God is weeping over Israel too……Sad Sad Sad…My Prayers and Amens for this as we are not doing well in this world right now. God Bless, Glenda

If “you” do not live a torah observant life “you” are the one that H-Shem´s Y´Shua will refuse entrance to His holy mountain. Unless you stop pointing the finger you by no-means will be saved from the wrath about to be poured out on man kind. Tell me, have you ´seen´ were the dead go? Tell me, what have “you” seen? What has the Creator shown you above your imaginings? I would appreciate an answer. Since “you” are so, wise, instruct me of my ignorance so, that I may learn.
You should really be writing the scripts for the X files or Star Track with that imagination you have for Bible prophecy.

The only “damnable charade” is the assault on our family papers i.e.Holy Bible … you morons will be out of a job when peace breaks out … your track record for predicting/speculating is dismal at best.

Did I ask you? I don´t remember asking. But thanks anyways. Unfortunately for the Jews and Christians they think they know… but they don´t. That is why they will be asking for forgiveness from The God of Light. The only way to Peace is the reconstruction of King Solomons Temple with all parties concerned having a part. I would bring peace, but no one will listen.
Amen, Suleyman

Jack, this scenario is a commonly expressed misunderstanding among the christian end timers and is the result of misapplied scriptures ripped from Holy Writ completely out of context, strung together to ´proof´ a third century adaptation of mythraic mysticism. If any single person fits the antichrist mold perfectly it would be the Hellenistic, uniter, lawless demigod, Jesus Christ, who was invented by the self proclaimed apostle, Paul. This position is deadly because you have blinded the seekers of His way with wholesale folly.
In His Love is Life… YeriYah
Dear Jack D. Hook,
Thank you for your message we received: ISRAEL WEEPS FOR TAMMUZ. There is not much time left before we really begin to see more of these things intensifying, and God says He will spit out of His mouth those who try to “ride the fence” — that is, being lukewarm. As an intercessor, I pray daily for a clean heart before God so that I may continue to repent and keep praying for all to repent and seek God while He may be found. There will be a Great Revival, but before this can happen, we will endure a great spiritual drought. Thank You for boldly proclaiming the message as was prophesized in the Book of Ezekial and throughout the Bible to Revelations. Babylon indeed is falling.
Hello Mr Hook. Please remove my name from your mailing list. I´m not interested in religious rubbish.
Why be born again when you can just grow up?
I´m an ex Christian now atheist who´s seen the deception of Christianity.
Wow! You sound pretty certain that a/the U.S. President is the antichrist!?
How can you be so sure? Also, that´s a pretty interesting “take” on the
contemporary application of weeping for Tammuz… I´ll have to give that
some more thought…
Dear Jack,

“As this world races blindly toward a violent collision with the Lord Jesus Christ,…”

Wow, what a statement. It is true, though, and it is a great sign. The day of the Lord draws nigh and men love darkness rather than the light of the world. Thank you for the message. I am not sure if the president will be taken by the spirit of Satan (just as Satan came into Judas), but it would sure be something to see “born-again” Bush speaking great words and blasphemies.
Beautiful writing, and oh how true. Even so come Lord Jesus. Lord forgive me for my wicked ways. In The name of Jesus, the Christ of Nazareth. God Bless you Brother. Paul
Hi I am Audrey…….. from Belfast. I don´t know how I got this e-mail below. I thank you in advance for sending it to me as I am somewhat ´lukewarm.´

I mostly agree with you, except I do not think the American President will be the one making the peace, but the President of the EU. A representative of the EU was meeting with Arafat when thwe building they were in when it was hit by an Israeli missle. The EU is working hard to insert it´s self into the peace attempts.

I see The USA in the 18th chapter of Rev. There is no other city or nation this can be said of. With Love and Prayers.

My Dear Brother in Christ,

Christian greetings! Thank you for educating me of the things you learned from the Scripture of God. Yes, I am truly wating the blessed hope of the glorious appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ.He is only my hope. I remember the Reformed catechism: “whether we die or alive we are of God” because we are children of God saved by His grace alone. I am ready of that day because Jesus Christ is my Savior.

Also, thank you fro reminding me the spirit of covetousness and this is the reason why they will worship the beast. They are lover of money. There are also Christians today also victim of covetousness. Here in the Philippines, especially in my areas of responsibility victim of this evil spirit. Thanks God that He saves from that sinful attitude. I remember Mr. Pink words that the antidote of covetousness is giving, giving tithes, love offering and to help the needy brethren. If we cannot practice right spirit of giving we cannot overcome the spirit of covetousness.

Thank you so much for your article. Please pray for me and our ministry here in the Philippines particularly here in Davao and other parts of Mindanao. Thank you so much for your labor. God bless you.

In His grace alone, Brother Ronald
Peace of the Lord be with you brother Jack and thank you very much for your last letter!I really enjoyed reading it and I can say that I agree with that point of view because is a biblical one.Now,in a way I see more evil future involvment from the EU in the Midle East then from the USA.But this is only my opinion.I could look right now at a lot of trends toward this global peace task.If you hear about a lot of frictions between Europeans and N-Americans not just about steel industry and trade but about a lot of other essential issues you are going nearer this day when a new world order and a new super power will lead this sinful world.But I am sure , we both got better hopes to be with our Lord for ever.
Dear Jack,

I like this article, even as I think that the present american president
does not have the charisma to be the antichrist. I think we must look
elsewhere. But your article is good in that it sequences logically the
various events.

Thanks and shalom

I am a born-again christian. I know Jesus is my savior. I read the bible every morning and have prayer and meditation with my Father God through Jesus Christ. I know that my trust and faith are not as strong as I´d like them to be. Thats a couple of things , among many, that I discuss in prayer each day. I know I´m not where I want to be in that regard. I think at many times we all feel that way. As I heard one pastor put it,” I´m not where I want to be but I´ve left the train station.”. My question is, in your view, how will you truly know that the true Messiah has returned? Thanks for your time and may God bless you.

Don´t send me this irrational jabbering gibberish again.

who do you think you are? do not preach please to me about xtian identity. I am a proud jew , remove me please immediately from your listing.

Greetings in Jesus Name:
Thank you for sharing this article with us. We are standing in agreement with you, in prayer that God continues to use you to his glory. Our prayers are with you today and always

How do you know the anti-christ will be the President of the USA?
How is it that it that Russia and Arabs will attack Israel?
How can you show that the Anti-Christ and his followers will be able to take credit for this rescue of Israel?

Sir, I take it that you do not believe that George Bush is truly a Christian leader? On what do you base your knowledge? He has repeatedly talked about taking the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior and that it was the Rev.Billy Graham that had the privilege of leading him to the Lord. I believe that you have mistaken some of prophecy.

Please delete me from your mailing list. I do not get involved in religious talk, it is a very personal matter to me. As for Israel? they are slaving the Palestinians, killing, maiming them, strealing their land, their dignity, everything and then we wonder about the
suicide attacks. Have you seen the gunships, US Made firing rockets at the civilian population ?
You are so far off base here that it isn´t funny. Do want to learn God´s Word or don´t you?
Thank you Jack, I could not agree with you more. I also believe that no one in this world can alter the course of God´s plan and whatever is happening is completely within the control of God. What we all can do is to reach out and get more to come to the Lord.

I thank you for the note.. I am not sure as to who you are nor how you received my e-mail address but I was very interested in the subject matter. Too often persons let the things of life interfere with the things of God, I have found myself on that slippery slope on occasion and have to remind myself that I serve a GREAT God who is in total control and cares what happens to each one of His children. I find myself earnestly longing for the return of our blessed Saviour more and more as days go by. The many dissappointments of this life can lead a person in one of two ways.. either away from God out of discouragement or towrards God seeking ENcouragement… I have found myself at that crossroad recently and almost chose the wrong path, but for the grace and love of our Heavenly Father, who´s patience with me has been great, I would have been lost in a sea of
self pity and doubt. Instead HE offered me a new hope and a new goal in life… to accept HIS anointing to live life free from fear and doubt and heartaches-unbearable. Again let me thank you for taking the time to shares God´s word. May HE bless you richly for it.
You are another nut in a long line of nuts that have had the audacity and goofy urge to publish all the psycho garbage I just read .You have too much time on your hands, Get back to your basket weaving, Also I really hope the nurses monitor your meds closely and monitor your access to sharp objects. But seriously I know you are just playing you little imp of darkness…..
Amen/..! The truth!! Thank you for sharing this wonderful massage with me. It has blessed me tremendously. Man fails tme and time again but God never does. God´s Love Esther
Dear Jack,
Thank you for the article. There is a definite word from the Lord coming to our generation. May God help us all to proclaim it without fear and with boldness.
God bless

You are quite frankly a fanatic, I do not say this to put you down, but you are one. Jesus himself said that no man knows the hour of his return. Unfortunately it is people like you who have lead people astray. People come to accept Jesus as Savior and then read a ridiculous website like this and are then lead astray into thinking that Jesus will be back any second, and when he does not come back according to some timeline they fall away, and you will be held accountable for this. You are also breading hatred for Catholics. I am an Evanelical Christian and love Jesus. You definately need prayer. Your comments about the Catholics are pathetic at best and at worst
hateful. It is a great thing that the greatest country on God´s green earth allows people like you to print your nonsense. However, you will have to answer to the Lord someday for the things that you write. If I were you I would consider repenting.
Interesting read Jack, I may see things unfolding a little differently but the end result is the same. I can see the so called Church ( and I use that term respectfully), worshipping Tammuz even as we speak, The Israel of the Lord, Spiritual Israel shall we say. For some time now as you indicated in your article, I can see the Church worshipping a Jesus that does not match up with the King of Kings, The Lord of Glory. I am in a rush this morning will visit with you at another time. Blessings. Richard
I repented that I believed in Jesus Christ the anti -messiah
and I confess that Yahshua Messiah is the Jewish risen son of Yahweh who´s name has never been mared or missused by christianity > no x-mas no easter no pagan holidays for real truth visit Sabbatarin network. G-d Gathers the relgions of the world to make war with them . My Messiah will come from the sky on a cloud! the anti- messiah has been in the world since the times of the apostles. Yahweh Bless you and lead you in Truth
Mr. Jack Hook,

With today´s events, I can start to see how people may be mislead. I was never taught the US would be the place of the AC, but I never discounted it. I read you mails and wonder about the us. Just recently the cloning and INS debates have been in the news. I thought that these very things Satan could us to lead people astray. I think of how the cloning process may be used as a scheme for the resurrection of the AC! Or even the need to have more stringent INS standard that may evolve to an implant to show citizenship.
Just thinking and remaining prepared. Take care sir, and I look forward to your next update.

What planet are you from??? don´t send me any more emails

This is definitely a different slant on things. I don´t, however, believe the antichrist is George W. Bush, Jr. The antichrist is to come from the peoples who attacked Jerusalem in 70A.D. The European Union sounds more like the area the antichrist will come from. True, we were a colony of England and British subjects at one time. Food for thought – but – too far-fetched. People do love G.W.B. Jr. and his popularity has grown since 9-11 and he is attempting to make peace in the Middle East BUT! so are the people in the EU.
You need help and maybe you will get it someday. You really need it. Take me off your address book before you warp my thinking
I really appreciated and needed that [personally] TIMELY email. Thanks for sending this & i have to say I agree & it is sobering isn´t it!
I haven´t a clue about your website and not interested. We are very active as Miss. Syd. Lutherans and since all religions have their faults and we´ve checked lots, we are happy with what we have. Not interested in having more e-mail as I´m already short of space.

Sharon is a butcher and it is he who is an obstacle to peace, not Arafat. So long my man, keep the preaching to those who wish to hear it.