April 2003 Comments

Hope you burn in Hell with Jesus!

I just wanted to tell you…that I am totally ready for his return!!And I know you are!! I actually can’t wait!!

Every day I pray for the Lord to return. Everyday I long to be with Jesus in Heaven. You must be careful in your analysis of generalties of Christendom. Only God kows each heart and it is His job to sort the wheat from the tares. True, there are some Christians who are lukewarm but there are those, like me, that believe that I am heaven bound due to the fact that Jesus died for me and arose and now sits at the right hand of God. I believe He paid it all and I truly deserve hell but He choose me from the beginning and I am saved and I accepted His free gift of eternal salvation.

We are watching history unfold right before our eyes. God is in control and preparing the earth for His Son’s return to set up his kingdom for 1000 years. Your beliefs are founded but something is amiss in your rationale. You seem to forget God’s warning about cursing or blessing “His chosen” and receiving likewise judgment. Surely, you must understand that it our duty to defend our brothers and sisters that are being unjustly treated.

You seen to forget that John was referring to the saints that lost their lives after the rapture of the church. Then again you may not believe in the rapture. I believe John was symbolic of the church itself. I also believe that the Holy Spirit will leave the earth for a moment in time so that the antichrist can come to power. He will return in a different form. That is a mystery to me. Also, Christians are being murdered each day and they are not taking up arms in massive force. They are taken like lambs to the slaughter even today.

Religious-political zealots of Christendom do know of eternal life, how dare you. I do not follow Luicifer, I follow Jesus and I know in my heart that He expects up to defend the truth at all costs, whether in word or deed. The truth is Islam has set it’s own course and if we didn’t lift a finger to defend ourselves they would still seek our total destruction. I, too, believe that a conflict will be lead by Russia but that is not the war to end all wars. That is when God supernaturally defends Israel that not one Jewish person will die. But that is only the beginning. Revelations speaks of several wars.

There are many right now that are “blessed are the dead who die in the Lord”. Many have died already for their belief in Jesus. From the beginning of time to present day.

Some how, some where you believe that the antichrist is American? That is just foolish. He is not. He wil rise up out of the old Roman Empire. Most things I agree with you on, but to not take up arms to crush evil and preserve life is ludicrous and is in itself folly of the mind.

To watch Jews and others being killed, starved, gased or whatever and not to do anything about it makes us just as guilty as if we were the perpertrator. Can’t you see that? Do you believe for one second that if none of us stopped to help or fight for injustice, there would be no Christians on this earth to tell anyone about Jesus or Jews or any other groups of people. Islam believes that all who are not Muslims must DIE……it cannot be any clearer than that. Just what book have you read that states any other claim than that one? Surely there is a just fight for the preservation of all that is true and right. We can stand and quote the scriptures daily and the Muslims would kill us as we spoke, make no mistake, our war in a holy war and it began generations ago while we were unaware because we wallowed in our prosperity. Now look where we are. We have to make the stand, even if that means war. But the truth is, if there were no war, they would still kill us. There is some thing about laying down one’s life for his brother but it is another to allow the injustice to continue and turning our backs on those that are innocent. Just what would you do if someone came into your home and killed your children right before your eyes, would you just stand there and say, “Jesus loves you man” or would give your life to protect and defend those you love? I believe if worse came to worse, I would fight and I would and will fight for those that I do not even know if it means I stood for truth and justice. Israel is not to blame in this fight, it is those who seek to anilalate them from the face of the earth. There are God’s chosen and remember He sees all of us and He alone knows how we feel about His people. Truly, I am a child of God and He loves me just as much but He did not make my Gentile race the “apple of His eye”. I still have the same watchful Father in my life but there is something to be said about His choice of the center of the universe. I won’t argue with God, He made me, He loves me, He died to redeem me but He did not chose me in that realm of circumstance. He chose the Jewish nation and He never slumbers of sleeps where they are concerned. So go ahead and raise that peace flag, your view of my Christianity is not important to me as God knows my heart and He alone will say…….not you…….”Well done my good and faithful servant.”

You cannot stand by and watch without doing something. God always commanded us to do something. So we Zionist are doing something, we are standing with the Israel and whatever it takes to help her, fight with her…we do. You will answer someday to God for these words, I don’t know how and I don’t know what God will say, but I am sure you won’t be happy about it. I, too, will answer and I sure want to be on the side that God said I should be. About this thing of war, there will always be wars and rumours of war if not God would not have had it writtten in His Holy Word…..so if the USA and us patriots wave our flag and want people liberated and not tortured, then so be it. Let God deal with me. He certainly won’t say I was luke warm, He could say I am wrong for having this opinion but then He wan’t say, “YOU DID NOTHING”, so I pronounce you guilty as those who mass murdered my people. I make the stand and you see if anyway you want.

No matter, my name is written in the Lambs Book of Life and no one….not even you….can remove my name. I am washed in the blood of the Lamb.

So have a great day and keep on preaching peace, Jesus did but He also asked us to be our brother’s keeper. So you draw your own line, I like my line…….STOP THE INJUSTICE AND TORMENT OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE. Down with Islam and their moon God, I serve the most powerful and awesome God, the greatest God, the only God, My Creator. His name is Wonderful, His name is Magnificent, His Name if above all other Names.

Love in Christ,


Jack Hook , This is my and many others beliefs, My Jesus shall return to
take His Children and I am one of His own….He died for whosoever and I am
one of them, I amy be a grafted sprout, a former gentile, but I am a
Christian and proud of the fact. Yes, I know my Lord and Savior Jesus
Christ. thank you for the writing. I hate wars of anykind

jack that was a good message and i went to your website and read the prophecy page, and i never realised that the usa could be bablon. nor the preseden the antichrist do you think we will be raptured it looks like all is coming to an end soon
I am not sure where you got your information but you need to go back research it again, the antichrist is coming out of Europe with the world church not the pope or the US. You are covering old info from the 70’s which is wrong then and now.
Don’t ever send me such tripe again and take my name off your mailing list.
I don’t know how you got my name nor do I care. I’m not interested in Jesus

I pray for your corrupted soul


The real Babylon is not America, America was founded under God and with His guidance it was only through His graces that we fought off the British. The ancient city of Babylon, or it ruins rather, exist some 20 miles from present day Baghdad, Iraq. Revelations speaks of Babylon rising again. And with recent events in the world today it not hard to imagine a very angry Iraq leading a coalition of Muslim states against the West and Israel. Jerusalem is as sacred to the Iraqis as it is to you.
Another thing it is not wrong to enjoy having nice, expensive things, a true Christian can live as a true Christian even with luxuries. And a true Christian doesn’t judge or condemn others, leave that to God.
I’m sure you think me wrong, and are probably muttering to yourself that I’m “corrupted” or a damned soul, we shall know soon, we have one thing in common, it seems that the World is aligning itself for the End, Iraq, N. Korea, and new CIA “periscope” report said that that the Chinese have been studying the feasibility of raising a 200 million man army, which Revelations speaks

I believe that the Lord has shown me that the Great Harlot is Roman Catholicism and her influence (Mother of all harlots) which has produced the ‘offspring/daughters’ or the system of religion we see so prevalent today in America. Now Rome is calling her daughters to unity (one world religion), and we see it happening….now how can a true Christian unify with Rome, except there be compromise? Let me know what you think Jack……..Prayerfully, in the Lord….Zetta


That had to be one of the coolest spam emails I’ve received in some time. Thanks much and Blessed Be!



Please quit writing me. I’m not interested in
religion. Religion is the root of the world’s
conflicts. Religion is a big business. Many people are
using God to amass wealth. God is God but He is
wrongly interpreted. What we should worry about is
population explosion, abuse of nature, the environment
is deteriorating. Most of the culrpits are Christian
countries like America and European countries, to much
greed in business, to make more money. You should
preach in America.

Love in Christ,

May the Love of Jesus Christ bless you !

Thank you for sending me the articles,but after reading them all,I am in truly doubt because I think it is not and impossible that the American as Babylon the Great.As I know, the American is the truly understand Jews as the God chosen people.

Thank you


I am sure you are sincere…..but you are SINCERELY WRONG!


Dear Jack;

I have become convinced that the only way to “convert” Jews to Christ
(Yeshua) is for Christians to convert to Jewdism. By this I mean that we
abondon the silly notion that Christians are not under the Law ( as if
the 10 commandments were not part of the law) and we again start to
worship G-d as Christ did. Namely the sabbath and Jewish festivals and
repeent of out man-made pagan holidays of Christmas and Easter.

I have been reading the commentaries of the Baal Ha Turim and Rashi and
get the imprerssion thy think Christ was in fact the suffering servant
Messiah but do niot want to go there for losing their Jewish identity
and having to celebrate Christian pagan holidays.

The spring festivals teach us about Christ in His first coming, the fall
festivals teach us about His second coming. I wish all Christians could
see the prophetic pctures of Chtrist in these Jewiah holidays and in the
Toral shel al pey.

Shalom v’berukah;


Thanks very much for your great newsletters. I read your book a few years ago and it really made me think. In fact think even more these days! Something is really “off” in what we are being told by the media and by our politicians. I don’t think I have ever felt this aprehensive since coming to Jesus 30 years ago. I have many friends and contacts who feel the same way. I have a friend, Steve who was once in the CIA who wrote a book called “Beginning of the End” and he was the one who originally opened my eyes as to the real nature of our country. You may want to check out his website. He has many of the same thoughts you do concerning these end times.

Who are you? Why are you wasting my time with this religious trash! I am a fully dedicated Wiccan Priestess. I am happy and fulfilled with my destiny. If you were a quarter as dedicated to your path as I am with mine, you wouldn’t feel the need to annoy people; you would be secure in your own and you wouldn’t need everyone to believe the same to feel you are following the right path


who are you? how did u get my email add? where are you? and why did you write me? I’m the pastor of a Baptist Church here in Maine, I’m familiar with everything you said, but if I were you I would be very careful about calling a born again Christian “and” God’s man for the hour the antichrist! Most of America is now opposing our dear president, don’t tell me that now even God’s professing people are turning on him! the revived Roman empire you speak of “is” the European Union, who at last check already has the one common currency, is “against” the physical seed of Abraham, whereas “our” president is the only political leader left standing up for Israel and even prepared to defend her against “any” enemy. I’m afraid you’re thinking with your eyes closed–this is unwise. you are correct concerning the papacy and false universal religion of Rome, but you’ve got the wrong political babylon, it’s the EU.
II Tim 2:7-“Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things!”
Pastor Oliver

Dear Mr. Hook;

I must first inquire as to why you have ‘spammed’ me and especially this House of The Lord? (But at least it is with a somewhat accurate version of The Word of God rather than some Insurance Company “selling their wares” this time). I am not stating that you are wrong or ‘errant’, but only that we have a difference of opinion on certain issues, and nothing more. I believe this is quite common, thus tolerable provided it is not an ongoing “pursuit”.

I am the Senior Reverend for Y Olde Churche offe Christianitie (The Old Church of Christianity), thus your e-mail has left me rather perplexed and puzzled.

Are you attempting to ‘minister’ to me, a Man of God, called by God for God? (…and you are an ‘armchair Preacher’ and thus are “ministering” Man’s Doctrine, not God’s)? God Forbid! (No denunciation is intended nor meant by that, if you “took it wrongly”). Everything is ‘peaceable’ …so far.

Have you sent it unto me solely because I am a 21 year Vietnam War Era “Vet”, or did you not realise who “watchman@” is when you crafted your e-mail. (I have also been to your Website ‘in part’ and found we disagree on a few issues). Later this evening, if time permits, I will pour over it in its entirety. I am unsure if I will draft a reply or not as it truly is up to every man to work out his own Salvation, therein it may be best left alone.

This e-mail (below) that you have sent unto me; Pray tell, is it being presented to me for ‘additions, deletions, or corrections’ ….or did I just happen to fall into a mailing list you recently purchased? If so, why on earth are you ‘spamming’ in The Name of God? Do ye not realise that is against Man’s Law and God’s Good Doctrine? Thou Shalt Not Use The LORD’S Name In Vain truly does not mean “cussing”, it means using His Holy Name to justify “questionable means”, “one-sided affairs”, or to ‘qualify’ meaningless tasks. The use of G.D. or J.C. as a ‘cuss-word’ did not manifest until around 321CE (AD). The use of “G-d_ammit” did not exist back in those days as a form of swearing, and neither did “J.C.” mean that you swore because neither name existed in Language (tongues) until a much later date …this you can verify in most any Language History Book! (After 18 years of being “in the faith” and schooling one tends to “pick up” these little tidbits you see?

Hmm. I am at a loss for a reason as to why a person of the ‘lay ministry’ would be ‘ministering’ to me, or have the gall to do such a ‘damning thing’ before The LORD God. Why is this so?


Hello, I just received your email. I also read some comments, in the comment section. I must say it was interesting. I don’t know your docterine. I was born again 22 years ago and have been in and out of several churches. I never bothered with one that didn’t believe in the Holy Spirit and his gifts. The Holy Spirit has been my guide. I have learned to count on him. He is truely someone I can count on. No man or woman has ever been perfectly honest to me, but The Holy Spirit has.
To all those who love to judge the man writing these articles, the man whom only seems to want the best for all of us, I ask, God show tenderness toward you. If you ask God to speak to you he will. He does love all of us and wants the best for us. He certainly will not leave you in the dark if you truely ask him for guidance and help.
Have A Blessed Day
Please do not send any more of these fanatical religious writings. They are harassing the peaceful environment of my home and this has been forwarded to the appropriate authorities.
Dear Mr. Hook –

I want to thank you for what you have written here. May our Lord and
Saviour, Jesus Christ, bless you abundantly for revealing the truth as you
wrote it so aptly and without reservation.

I was wondering something…what you wrote has significant meaning for me –
especially in terms of eschatolgy and the book of Revelation – and I was
curious as to how you got my email address. There is no doubt that I was
meant to read what you wrote – it is something of a confirmation for me –
which is why I am curious about how you came to send this message to me.

I realize I am imposing on you, and I know through my own ministry (I am a
retired policeman and former alcoholic myself, and now work with alcoholics
and drug addicted people) how busy you probably are, but if you have a
moment, could you send me a quick note telling me how I ended up on your
list? Believe me, Sir, this is not a complaint at all – it’s just that I
have received other mail which was not “formally” sent to me, but that was
nonetheless meant for me, and caused, I believe, by the Holy Spirit.

One way or the other, I do thank you for what you wrote, and along with
you I eagerly await our Saviour’s return, and I pray that He will not find
me “sleeping” (wasting time in worldy accomplishments, as you wrote) when He
does come back in triumph.

Again, be blessed in the assurance of His victory, my friend.

This is so moronic and stupid.
Babylon is in Iraq. You can find it on any cheap map.
Babylon won’t be destroyed until towards the end of the tribulation not before.

You are adding to the book of Revelation by stating the US is Babylon, and are in direct violation of Rev 22:18

You have no respect for the Holy Spirit, you PRESUME to know what you are not told.

This is just moronic trash.

Read your Bible and shut the hell up until you know something.


This is so powerful…. the time is at hand.

Pastor Glen

Hello Jack;
I received a message “Babylon the Great is Falling” at another e-mail address, and really appreciate it. Would you please add this address to your subscription list.


Rev. Russ, Ph.D.

We’ll see, brother Jack. You give me pause for thought–I am shown America under judgment now…..I’m always open to learning more…to listening more…and I have no need to be “right”–but I want to be in God’s word, and pleasing to Him…not myself or my idea of prophecy…anyway–I see a shorter time than you. You seem to make lots of sense though. God bless you! Zeph
Bro. Hook, there has been a thought in my mind for a few years now. It is: Could the end come about between religions and Christianity, instead of nations. Since the beginning of time–after the fall– the conflicts between people have always been between religion and the real BELIEF .. Between cain and abel–it was religion. Isaac and Ishmael–it was religion. ever since then, it has been religion and Christianity. All of my 60 yrs, i have heard that it will be between Americanism and Communism. I believe that it has more to do with religions and Christ. That’s what it was in Jesus’ time with the Pharisees. It sounds right. What do you think?

Rev. Carl

Dear Brother Jack:

You write with such passion, and I agree with most of what you write. Your Salvation message is teriffic, and that’s the most important thing. Thank you for being faithful to getting out the message that Jesus Christ is the only Way to Redemption.

That being said, I must depart with you when you speak with such absolute authority concerning things yet future.

To say that America is Babylon the Great is something that no human can say with absolute certainty, just as no one can say from our present perspective, who the Antichrist will be.

I do agree that America deserves a Sodom-Gomorah-type judgment. The 40 million plus babies aborted, alone, deserves that type judgment. But, it is possible the Babylon the Great mentioned in Revelation could be another great city, nation or region of that future day, which, admittedly, could be very near.

I tend to agree that America will be a part of that end-time system that will be judged. But only a true prophet of god could declare that, and we have no prophets of the type God used to deliver His Word once and for all on things yet to unfold.

We can study the Word and overlay it upon todays news events, and get from the Holy Spirit, I believe, profound insights. But, we can’t claim “Thus saith the Lord” in the same sense Jeremiah or Isiah or Daniel or John could declare.

The other thing that troubles me a bit is, I infer that you don’t accept the pre-Tribulation Rapture view. Many Scriptures, I’m convinced in the deepest part of my soul, give assurance that all believers of the Church Age will be taken to be with Christ before the 7 years known as Daniel’s Seventieth Week begins. One such is 1 Thessalonians 5: 9-11.

You are doing a great job of keeping us aware of the last time in which we live. I commend and thank you for that.

May God continue to bless your efforts.

I’m curious, are you an American?

Dear Mr Hook

Please take me off your mail list, please.

I wish you luck in your heavenly mission.

If I was the Antichrist I would definitely aim for the White House
as the most adequate seat of power not some shit-hole in the Middle East.

You wanna bet?

Trust the Antichrist to skip the script (and the scripture)

Best Regards and God help us all.

Arcangel San Miguel


dearest jack your news letter makes a lot of sence”and i to can see where america could be bablon, and i was thinking on this same thing yesterday’and then i got your news letter today”america is in a generation of time for all to take place that the word said it would be ”the harvest is ripe”and the fields are not pretty”thank you for this news briefing

Dear Sir,
I read your testimony with sorrow and with joy, because you found Jesus as your personal Savior. I read the prediction you wrote. I don’t often read these things, but given the godlessness of our country, I can’t argue, because I have told others in my hearing that this country is going to pay a terrible price one day. We must live a life of love and compassion to those around us, in all purity, that they may see Jesus in us. Its very late, so I better send this. Sir, God bless you and yours, just think, one day you and I will meet at Jesus feet, what a blessed thought. By for now.