April 2004 Comments

I personally don’t know why you are writing all this. I’ve been a believer for 28 years, and my life has been, to sum it up in a word, sheer “hell”. I’ve studied the Scriptures laboriously, and frankly it’s open to as many interpretations as there are living souls; witness the denominations who all think they’re correct in their’s. I have suffered from chronic extreme depression for as long as I can remember, and just got out of a hospital hoping to be treated, since NONE of my agonizing prayers bring relief.

If you’re referring to America as being Babylon, I would AGREE with you wholeheartedly. My husband was never the spiritual leader in our home, which left it all up to me. We have been separated for 8 years, a mistake I made when I listened to a “Christian” counselor say we were completely incompatible. I was too weak and vulnerable to debate with her at the time. How I have regretted that!!!

I am without hope in this world, and stay to myself since almost nothing in the churches makes any real Biblical sense to me any more.

So, good for you. I’m glad someone has a testimony! Cheri

Thanks Jack, you are a real friend. I can agree with you and your wonderful Site 100% with exception of the secret rapture. have a look at my site and see why. My church has been preaching and proclaiming that Babylon is fallen for over 150 years when it was not obvious yet as it is today. Do you include her daughters?
Do you realise that the theory of the rapture was given by a Scottish Lass who saw it in a vision rather than in the Bible and that her followers have ever since tried to line it up with the Word of God? Any way, it’s only a small item.
Keep going strong my Friend and you can’t go wrong. Rolf

I was pleased and really impressed with your site. It is my desire to obtain that sort of professional looking site if I am blessed with the time to do so. The testimony, the statement of faith and all of the other things you make available is as far as I can see ‘right on target.’

I am so thankful you sent me an “Invitation to Visit.”

Thank you for doing that. Again, all I can say is that “I am so impressed.”

I would like to link to your site. That is the only way I can keep up with it all. There is so much going on in our world today and I hate to waste time sleeping! I feel as though Christ could come at any moment and I don’t want to miss one second of the experience.

God bless you and the work you are doing.

We can only pray that our close family won’t be found wanting!

Again, Blessings to you because of Calvary . . .

Did you know that Jesus Christ is actually a myth and was an attempt to
personify the zodiac (Jesus-sun,12 apostles-12 signs) I know you’ll deny
this, everyone does, but I thought you might like to know the truth. It’s
kind of funny and sad at the same time. I also found out recently that we’re
not evolved from apes either, we’re actually de-evolved from a much more
intelligent superior race who met a catastrophic end (from an asteroid I
imagine) over 100,000 years ago. It bottle-necked the race to about 10,000
or so and largely spared Africa. That’s why most archaeologists believe we
are descended from apes. They aren’t stupid, they’re just not digging deep
enough. They can’t find the missing link, because there is no missing
link.The entire present state of the human race has it’s origins in this
small group of 10,000, but then what is the origin of that small group, and
what is the origin of all of this, Creator God? not likely, something would
have to have created the creator god, so that’s thrown out the window. Why
do I want to know anyway? Why am I so inquisitive to the origin of
everything? Why do I ask why? Why don’t I already know? Why don’t we already
know? Maybe because we’re all being lied to our faces on a regular basis. We
believe what we’re told, we believe, but why. When are we all going to wake
up out this delusional sleep.
>Your eternal friend, Billy

Great article Jack! Thanks! I do think you’re on the right track, and is it
ever narrow! I wish more were looking so carefully at the example of Jesus’
life and doing as he did instead of “what seems to be right”, including
forcing that on everyone else. And it grieves me also to no end how Israel’s
government, after coming through the Holocaust, could turn so horribly
fascist and lost themselves in such a short time. Building “security”
walls… forcing Jews married to Palestinians to live apart from the rest of
Israel… don’t they know these tactics only make everything worse? In their
race for their own security, instead of turning to God as they should,
they’ve become as their own former captors and persecutors. Sometimes I
think the government of Israel represents the true heartfelt wishes ot its
people about as horribly as ours’ does.

I have no idea what kind of government Jesus will setup when He returns, but
whatever it is, I’m sure looking forward to it!

Thanks again!

Hi Jack!

It has been fascinating to me to study (a small part) your site. It does present a rather different view than is boringly posed at most on the subject of prophecy. I browsed through the first time I went there . . . then, returned to for further review. One thing that wasn’t immediately apparent was your views toward government (America/Babylon), and government in particular. It occurred to me that sometimes we can get a better overview by what others have to say about an idea than from the individual posing the theory.

It may be helpful if I explained . . . I once became rather fascinating with another ‘new idea/view’ on the net. I read a great deal of what was a real GREAT DEAL of data and most of it seemed ‘right down the pike’ in my own understanding of some things posted there. It then became odd in that that person, when you got deep into his thesis that The United States of America was “That Great Satan.”, and in the depths of his reasoning was at the heart of the Coram and Muslim teaching. In deed he was a very well educated Iraqi and had a hidden hatred of America. It wasn’t apparent in his teaching until you worked your way down deep into his manifesto.

We are taught by Scripture to be obedient to those that govern over us. We are also told that the country/people that protect/bless Israel would be likewise blessed. Jesus knew the need to obey/submit to government. Government next to Christianity is the only fence/wall against anarchy. If we have no restrainer — especially in days like we now live, we would have simply that, un-restrained evil. Now there is much about America that is evil. There is also much about the formulated contemporary religious denominations. Yesterday it was in the Daily Press how even the Church of God is now considering blessing/marrying divorced people. The Lutherans are considering accepting Gay into the body of (so called) faith.

At this point I am not ready to take in the “(America/Babylon)” connection you seem to propose. I too have been down similar roads as you have traveled with much pain. However, I have with many conflicts still remained true to my faith and committed to reach as many lost for Jesus Christ as humanly possible. My health conditions narrow my options to what I am doing at this very moment — talking on the 3 Ws about Jesus and the kingdom to come — as well as, the kingdom in which we reside. Although you suffered much pain in your life experiences you must keep looking up, my Brother in Christ!

The more time we spend talking about Satan and his activities the less time we have to talk about Jesus Christ and what He has done, Is don’t and will do when He returns. If you read any of my poorly presented writings you will notice that I too have gone through years of focusing on the Beast, Satan and evil in this world that is now and that is yet to come. We need, by NECESSITY, to understand all of that. However, when we have a fairly good idea and understand the evil we need then to turn away from that focus on our time and turn instead to the job yet to be done. When you speak of the fact that it is . . .

>>” Hence, it is not the nation or the establishment in America that is sending out the gospel, but the Christians in it. . .”

In a sense one would have to agree with that statement. However, you as well as myself, have spent time in many parts of the world. Believe me brother, America could be one of those countries that would strongly fight any effort to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is precisely because Christians in America are allowed to share our precious faith that God has continued to bless this land we hold dear . . . although, recent actions would seem to be headed in disastrous directions. It is churches, Christians and the so-called Christian nations that Satan hates the most and is spending all his efforts to destroy. I think we both may have distain for the Catholic (Roman) Church. However, no matter what you think of their doctrine, they are still known as a Christian religion. It is the “Christ” part of that churches name that Satan hates the most and is throwing everything he has toward them with an effort to bring it down. This is happening in most denominational organized religions. I firmly believe there are TRUE Believers in all Christian based religions and their names will be called when Christ returns.

I am going on and on far too much I reckon, but you and your writings/beliefs fascinate me.

All we are really called out to be doing at this time in world history is to be Working, Watching and Ready for His return. This means spread the Gospel to every NATION!/people/land. All word semantics. We can work ourselves into a lather trying to fight the one that only Christ himself will be able to put down.

I’ve run the gamete from being raised in an Independent Fundamental Premilinial Baptist church on a hillside in Pennsylvania in the 1950s — Attended Philadelphia Bible Institute, served in the government, graduated from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (that we very liberal at that time), Duke University Divinity School, Ordained a Baptist Minister of the Gospel, and lost it all after some years as a United Methodist Minister. It was the last experience that became my Viet Nam. I was recently pleased that they threw down the proposal to be all inclusive in accepting the Gay lifestyle into the clergy. Friend. We have a lot to be thankful for. We have a lot to fear. Times are changing at sound-breaking speed. Hang on Brother, our redemption draweth nigh!

Warm regards in Christ Jesus our Lord


I was reading one of your articles about the pleasures of sin. While reading, I thought to myself I have the same outlook as you did but, what do you do when you have been brought up in churches your whole life that haven’t taught the truth. How do you go about choosing a church that does follow the truths of God. I have been looking for that kind of church but always end up in disappointment because you can’t seem to tell if it’s really a church or just a disguise. The churches that I have atteneded look so much like the world it’s hard to see the good in them at all.

I smoke and I am trying to quit because unlike what I have been taught I do believe that you can’t go to heaven for something like that. I hear all the time God will forgive you but in my heart I don’t feel like that is the truth. Do you think you could touch a little on this subject. Chaz

Wondering if it’s just me, or are the churches in America, who are so divided in their doctrines, as apostate as I think they are?

Can’t ask anybody at the churches, so I am asking you. I read the Bible a lot, and I am really wondering about the “simplicity of Christ”, and whether these people have faith in their faith, or faith in the true and living God, and in Jesus Christ himself.

It seems like every church I go into claims his name, but has another Jesus and another gospel from the other one. When I read these words in the book of JEremiah: “You have as many gods as you do cities, oh Judah.”, I couldn’t help but think of the churches in America. ‘Cause that’s how they seem to me, and very, very confusing!

Thank you,
The beginning of wisdom is to fear Yahuweh,His truths are reveal to those who fear Him in obedience through honoring his name.
Jesus is dead Ha messiach Yahushua ben Yahuweh has risen and now sit at His right hand on His eternal throne.
If you have His name you have the key to knowledge and truth.

Shalom may you find His peace

America is leading the Gentile world powers against God???!!!
Seems to me that it is the Islamic nations that would do that.
I always believed that the Antichrist person would come from Syria and be a type of Antiochus Ephinanes IV, only worse!

Scripture leads me to believe that. How did you get America out of that?


The Bible is as interesting a piece of Jewish folklore, as one could hope to find. As to it being the word of God, No. Not of course unless God likes to contradict him/herself, and talk in circles. I doubt that.
Where and when you are born dictates what you believe is the “Word of God” so to speak, and Christianity leaves out about 3/4 of the population of the earth. That isn’t a very good endorsement, for an all powerful entity.
Paul to the Romans, and Paul’s letters, demonstrate that Christianity is the word of Paul, and not the word of God.
Please don’t bother me again with your “Christianity” bull…., and do close the door after you when you leave.

Thank you dear brother for your offer of sending me your studies of Israel, Babilonia etc. May the only almighty God continue to bless you, your dear ones and your ministries in all areas of life

amen and amen


your chilean brother in Jesus


Human Logical Ignorance

Christianity is NOT Revelation from Allah. Christianity is simply human logical ignorance or paganism or the wild imaginings of man the despised sperm drop, the ungrateful.

Christianity is Trinitheism that does not add up but multiplies the three Gods of the supposedly Holy Trinity by four (3×4), to which one is added to arrive at thirteen, the number that blackens the Friday because it is the sum of the Sun God and his twelve disciples or twelve months of the year, (3×4)+1=13.

Jesus Christ is from the original JeZeus Christos wherein whom lies the Trinity consisting of the mysterious gods of:

1. Jehovah
2. Zeus
3. JeZeus Christos.

These are three separate Gods with each maintaining the three and still remaining as one, with all three remaining as one:

1. Jehovah – The Holy Spirit who is one and also three, which adds up to four
2. Zeus – The Father who is one and also three, which adds up to four
3. Jezeus – The Son who is one and also three, which adds up to four.

The three become and remain 1, (3×4) +1=13.

Zeus the Father is the father, who is the Sun God who gives life with his twelve months of the year.

The year gives four seasons hence the Four Gospels.

The Son became the Living God through the very cleverly planned and executed escape from crucifixion that left two crucified thieves with three crosses that bore the inscription, JESUS KING OF THE JEWS, and a tomb that was dressed up with 100 pounds of aloes and myrrh, wrapped in separate shrouds and put together to give the appearance of the newly entombed.

Christians are by no means followers of the Messiah, nor does the Christian-converted-to-Islam become a perfect Christian. There is no perfection in Christianity.

It should not be expected that the Christian parents and siblings of the converted-to-Islam will one day wake up and become Muslims in some sort of resurrection.

Christianity is disguised paganism of the blind leading the blind. The convert who cannot clear up these facts in his head has not completed his journey into Islam but remains on the fence in his Christian Limbo.


Your unwanted e-mail is just that. While I am a man of faith, I notice the cascade of “end-timers” throughout the decades only prove unwarranted and foolish. If your message falls on the unbeliever’s ears the message is interpreted with scorn and derision. If your message falls on the believer’s ears it only excites and detours his walk.

I have seen no benefit in the (almost) four decades of “end timers” I’ve seen proclaim that today’s news is the fulfillment of prophecy. How many times can the “industry” proclaim the end of time is at hand? How many times can the “industry” proclaim that one person is “for certain” the anti-christ? How many times can the “industry” be wrong.

America is not in the Bible. I’m sorry. But I just can’t read it that way. We’re not the great satan. We aren’t the Babylon. We aren’t even in the footnotes. I don’t know what happens to us, but we just don’t count much in end times.

Be sure to take me off your list. Be sure to never never never e-mail me again. I do not want a reply. I don’t want any contact. I am offended and annoyed by your e-mail in the first place.

My Brother Jack Hook

Sorry about the delay in answering your request. I have been on vacation and very busy. Praise our incredibly loving Lord. Your article spoke well to my heart. Yes, do we love like Jesus does? That has always pierced my heart! I simply do not love with that intensity when I have no tears for the lost. Our Lord grieves over them and if I do not I know not calvary!

Bless you brother!

Pastor Evan

I signed your address book on your web site. Please add me to your mailing list.

You know, people are mean and cruel and deceived, and it takes guts to stand for the truth. Thanks for your obedience. God will reward you. Keep on going, brother!!!



I don’t know how you got my e-mail, but I am grateful for the info. I know that God is directing your path as he is mine.
Thank you so much, God bless you
Dear Brother Hook:

Thank you for your reply to my email. We each have a commission to preach our Lord’s message to a dark world. As far as the Rapture of the Church, when we step into His presence, He will show us the Full-Truth, and we will be able to refer back to our dull-understanding; looking through a darkly glass, and say, ” What’d you know! I wasn’t right after all!” 🙂 Isn’t it wonderful; however, to know we are sealed by His Holy Spirit of Redemption, that our Salvation doesn’t depend on our doctrine or theology, but Hia precious blood atonement. I still want to encourage you to read THE SIGN. I checked out all of the different approaches, as well. The Lord bless you and keep you healthy and strong in these trying times!

In Yeshua the Messiah,
I just discovered your website while searching for articles on Babylon the Great. Your article on this subject was really good. I started attempting to disprove the anti-American nuts who believed this mystery city was America. However, in my quest (mostly from studying scripture), I’m now certain I was the nut. Sometimes I wonder if Jesus was thinking about America when He said, “The love of money is the root of all evil.”
I also enjoyed your great testimony. I can’t wait to come back tomorrow and read more of your articles.

God Bless,
Just read your article about Israel, President Bush, the Rapture… You really force me to think. I do agree 100% about Israel and the so-called “roadmap to peace,” I call it the “highway to hell” plan. I actually like and respect our President, but his double standard in dealing with Israel is really frustrating. I believe the Lord is calling Christians to support Israel in this hour. I don’t have a lot of expendable income because I’m disabled (paralyzed with Lou Gehrig’s disease). However, I know the Lord has been urging me to support ministry’s working in Israel.
I’ve always believed in the pre-tribulation rapture, but now I’m not so sure. Before I became ill, I was the “perfect Christian,” a Deacon, Sunday school teacher… I also had a good marriage, two beautiful daughters, a great career, big home… I was deceived! I didn’t even know what intimacy with the Lord was. The Lord has used this trial to purge me. You wrote – “Those in Christendom who long and look for Jesus to return, who would rather be with Him in Heaven than anywhere else, must, like that of our brother Paul, cry out to God in our hearts…” Lord, leave me here that I may tell others of you and your truth….I´m willing to stay behind that my lost brethren and family may be saved.”
You’re right, I long to be with our Lord, but that longing has given birth to an even greater longing; to see others, especially family and friends find what I’ve found. I can’t walk or talk, my wife has had to feed and bathe me for the last 5 years. Thanks to technology, I can counsel, witness… others via E-mail… I told you all that to say, my trial has made me rethink my beliefs about the rapture. God can and does use tribulation for our good to purge and purify us. It’s His last choice for arrogant and self-righteous people like I was. If the church does go through the tribulation, even that will be His love. He is a good God!
God Bless,
Dear Brother Jack,

Thoroughly enjoyed your site for the last few minutes… I’ll come back when I have more time. I especially loved the email postings! Hang in there brother.
Although I may be a bit premature… it seems you are not a “peddler of the word”… May God Bless you! Oy Voy! Will Churchianity ever stop?

Anyhow, thanks for the invitation! I don’t know about you but, being here in Washington, I wish there were others like us. I’m surrounded by mega-churches and dead-denominationals… Of course I’m not really welcomed anymore by the televangelists and mega-pastors here (we have about 5)… ’cause I write to them when they preach heresies. Oops! I was at the mayor’s Prayer Breakfast a couple of weeks ago and several of them actually walked away in order to not have to shake my hand! hehehehe…

I’d love to get together with others from my area. Get back to me if you are facilitating this?

Brother Rags

I was just reading your website about America being Mystery Babylon. I certainly agree with you. It seems to me that America has invaded the mid-east, and they are controlling every move Israel makes. You think this will be for 3 1/2 years. Also, I have been studying the Hebrew roots, and all the paganism is of satan. We have allowed all these festivals into our worship of Yahweh. After learning the true name of our savior, “Yahshua” I question people taking the liberty to change the name of Yahweh’s son. After all his word says, “my sheep know my voice and they follow me” also, the angel told them to name the baby Yahshua, not jesus.” Then we have where the word states that he will come in His father’s name, and jesus is not the father’s name, but Yah-shua is. Throughout the Hebrew text Yahweh was referred to as Yah. The word says not learn the way of the heathren, he goes into the forest and cuts a tree, fastens it upright, and decks it with silver an gold. Not only have we learned their ways, we now practice it and incorporate it with our worship..Phew…We have a lot to learn especially when the word instructs us not to add to nor take from His word. Phew…
Yahweh is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow…he never changes. He is the Elohim of the Sabbath, not of the Sun day…Sun day worship is paganism. Thanks for sharing your views with us, I just thought I would share mine.
Thanks Jack but I am a baalat teshuvah and no longer have interest in articles from a non-Jewish and J-sus/Christain viewpoint.

Dear Brother Jack,

I have visited your web site on numerous occasions and have read a lot of your commentaries. I very much agree with your neutral stand and your view on Christian militancy as being unscriptural is accurate.

I live in Canada and I am stunned by the militant rhetoric coming from supposed Christians in the US. I can understand US patriotism, as I lived and worked in the US, but coming in such full force from Christians is something very unnerving. This patriotic spirit is very much anti Christ. I cannot imagine Christ ordering the bombing of a foreign country, no matter what that country had done.

There is another discomforting aspect to the supposed war on terrorism. If the claims that Al Qaeda and other Islamic militants are against the West BECAUSE it is Christian, then, true Christians would not go on returning hate for hate and destruction for destruction, but as their supposed Lord had undergone, Christians should embrace martyrdom at the hand of their enemies. Christ never went on reviling his enemies or plotting for their demise, but prayed to God to forgive them.

First century Christians died in the hundreds of thousands as martyrs, burned as torches, fed to starving lions in public arenas and undergone terrible persecution and death at the hands of those that hated them because they were Christians, yet we read that they never drew a sword to protect themselves or waged a preemptive war.

The other obsession with most US Christians is the state of Israel. They hold the present state of Israel as something special, a fulfillment of Bible prophecies and that the Lord would only return to Jerusalem if Christians supported Israel.

It must be noted that not all Christians share this belief. The Roman Catholic Church (despite its many shortcomings) does not believe this. Furthermore, the Greek Orthodox and all Near Eastern Christian churches that have roots all the way back to first century Christians do not attribute any special place for modern day state of Israel. Above and beyond, it must be noted also that there are many Orthodox Jews living in Israel today that do not attribute anything biblical towards the state of Israel. In fact, they view it as an aberration. They do not even serve in the Israeli armed forces.

While we as Christians must not tolerate anti-Semitism, but we also must not tolerate injustice. Even if we believe that God had given the land of Israel to Jews, God himself instructed them to look after the strangers that are living among them. He told them to remember that they too were strangers living in strange land. God told them to respect the right of the strangers and not steal their land. Did Christ not die for the Palestinians too? The modern day state of Israel has been established for more than 50 years and it has not lived in peace since then. Why? The blessings of God are peace and not just land. What is land good for without peace? Abraham who was blessed by God lived in peace most of his time, despite not owning any land.

In the year 70 AD, the Roman army surrounded Jerusalem and finally destroyed it killing hundreds of thousands. What did true Christians do back then? Did they engage in helping the Jews with their revolt against the Romans? No they did not. This is despite the fact that most Christians back then were Jews. They left non believing family members, brothers, fathers, sons, cousins and so on in Jerusalem and fled to the mountains, just as Christ told them to do, and let the Roman army desolate Jerusalem. They never lifted a sword to protect Jerusalem or their non believing relatives. I believe that Christians today should study this episode and reflect deeply on it. If one is not with Christ, then he is against him.

True Christians today must help the Jews, not in defending earthly Jerusalem, but in bringing them to Christ and to look forward to the heavenly Jerusalem.

There is a wonderful Jewish community that has embraced Christ. They are called Jews For Jesus. I encourage everyone to talk to them and see how the Lord is helping Israel today come to him and be saved.

In Christ, Marwan
Wow Jack,

I love the content on your site.

I have heard the “left behind” teachers speak of modern Iraq as Babylon, and I with you agree that that is as perposterous as the day is long.

Since I began reading Revelation 2 years ago I have found few who are willing to openly suggest that America the ugly could be Babylon the great.

But I like you agree that we most resemble this depiction in Revelation.

Yes you sold me, sign me up for the newsletter, that is of course if I don’t have to buy it, as I am not affluent. (saying the least)

God bless you continue in your work, it’s marvelous, Love, Peter