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Jack I don’t want this crap!

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Catholic Apologist

Hello Jack
don’t apologize all the time your writing, be harder with your “brothers” that won’t beliefe in what you write and see, a “prophet” has to say what he has to say, a yes is a yes, a no a no, and not a yes and then, oh is it perhaps to hard to you, i’m sorry….Tell the truth, bring the sword and stop apologizing all the time, “I also was blind blabla, I also thought the wrong way, etc.” The people attacking you are not worthy of what you write and will get there judgement, that’s it. Not you are judging them, they are allready judged because they attack you and doesn’t beliefe. USA is there idole, there is no room for JC in them.
JC bless you and write more and harder 😉

As always Jack, i agree that America is Babylon. But as usual, the rest of your article is a bit off the mark. One reason America stands under condemnation is because of the innocent blood she’s shed—and that blood can be found in the soil of MANY nations. I do believe that America is more than capable of betraying Israel; in fact, i think it’ll happen. But at this point America has “misled” Israel in the SAME way that she was misled by Egypt in the distant past—she relies upon the power and military might of America rather than the power of God. “Not by power, not by might, but by My Spirit saith the Lord God of hosts. His Spirit, given full sway in Israel, would heal rather than conquer. But the Spirit is given to those who believe in Messiah….I pray that the eyes of their hearts will be opened, that the Israelis will turn with their whole hearts to their Messiah, that the Spirit will be unleashed in the Holy Lands. But that doesn’t seem to be what’s going to happen.

HI i read your book and it was good but i was taught that you must believe in god in order to get to heaven .and god also forgive you for your sin that is if you ask.i know that there is a heaven and hell. i try not to think bad about people i forgive people who do bad thing to me because your heaven father forgive us for our sin .and he died on the cross for our sin that we might live. i try to live my life the way god would have me to live not man because man don’t have no heaven or hell for me only god do. and i want my name to be in the book of life. you know god is a forgiving god and he don’t make know mistake. so i try to live the best that i can and when people do bad things to me i just pray for them.and say father forgive them because they no not what to do. IM a born again Christ. IM trying to get my soul into heaven. so that I can meet my maker. As always be bless and good luck on your book and my god always keep you. Linda

I have stumbled onto ur website, and must say I agree with just about everything u say. I have one question tho…and it pertains to “Babylons Final Fall”
You say that all the land and all its people will be setroyed in the final judgement, but what about those who are true believers in faith…how can they be killed in this horrible way with all the others who worship the Beast at End TImes?

I am no saint…I have my problems with addictions and want to make a career in music, but I have recently begun to believe in Jesus Christ again, and found God partially because of all the world events happening in the world. I also believe the antichrist will come out of America, and will never accept any mark of any kind. However, I will not go to church, because it is corrupt and a selfish instituion and truely, I believe Satan has take modern church under his wings. Most of my friends think I am crazy when I talk of this stuff, which makes it hard to find sum1 else to discuss with. I am still trying to love everyone, but it is hard sumtimes…and I do slip every so often. But I do know this…I believe in Jesus Christ, God, and the Holy Spirit…I just look at what this world has become and see that there is evil controlling it, and no Creator would want his creation to behave the way we do now. I think I’m babbling now, so I’ll stop…I was just curious about my question above and ask not because I am affraid to die…but I am affraid of going to hell.
Thanks for ur time

Hello Brother Jack,

May I say, “God Bless you, brother, for your newest article “Babylon The
Great Is Fallen.” A friend of mine forwarded me your link this morning. He
asked me what I thought and I told him that this is one of the most
prophetic articles of our times and so right on.

Thanks for speaking out. Believe me, I don’t think you’re crazy at all.
It’s so neat to hear someone out there speaking the absolute truth.

I can’t believe it, but my friend and I were just talking about this very
thing three or four days ago, and you’d have thought that we were talking
to you, or you with us. I kid you not!!!!! I believe it’s a word for our times.

I’m definitely passing this on to my brother-in-law who is a military man,
but a very very strong Christian. I am in New Mexico and he in West
Virginia, and every time we call each other, our main topics of
conversation seem to be the Middle East, this war in Iraq, and “what will
happen to the United States of America”. I’m going to give him the link to
you like my friend did this morning.

Brother, keep up the good work till He, Jesus Christ comes. May God richly
bless you and keep you. May you ever draw from His Wealth of endless
resource of knowledge. May you sit and listen to Jesus speak to you. Amen.

Before I go, as a citizen of this country of Jewish origin, I want to
thank you for being a wise soldier in His Army. I also want to thank you
for serving this country of ours. May you feel the peace of the Lord and
His Presence tonight. God Bless. Take care,

Your Sister in Christ Jesus,


Greetings Jack: I checked out your website. I agree that USA is Mystery Babylon, that is the seat of it. I believe it is a world wide system, spiritually speaking.

I lived in “Babylon on the Hudson” (NYC) for 15 years. I prayed for an airlift out of there and got one in 1998. When you live there, you really “feel it.”

It can’t go on much longer like it is.

“Even, come, Lord Jesus.”


Thank you Jack for this wonderful artical. You really
have a point but I wonder if the Americans are taking
you seriously. Iwish they would, then we would have a
rival hitting that entire land. All the same, these
are the last days are men will be lovers of themselves
and will be following their fleshly desires. But thank
God for people like you that God has raised up in the
God bless you. Prossy
Dear Jack

Again I agree with your spiritual assessment of the present moment. I have no need to add anything except that if you make claims about extra terrestrials this is your faith, and how you expect things to work out. I agree that the saints will judge the world as Pail says. Jesus taught his disciples that they would sit on twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel. How this might take place will yet be seen. Jesus was crucified according to Luke’s account for saying that the Son of man would be in heaven after they had killed him and would come again on the clouds of heaven which is clearly a reference to Daniel’s prophecy.

Luke 22 v66-71.
“If you really are Christ, tell us!”
“If I tell you, you will never believe me, and if I ask you a question, you will not answer me. But from now on the Son of Man will take his seat at the right hand of almighty God.”
Then they all said,
“So you are the Son of God then?”
“You are right; I am,” Jesus told them.
Then they said,
“Why do we need to call any more witnesses, for we ourselves have heard this thing from his own lips?”
(JB Phillips translation)

Love to you Beloved
Brother, I just read most of your message on the Gold Cup! For sometime I have been troubled in my spirit like something is about to happen?

I totally agree with you that the US needs to leave Israel alone! It took years for the Jews to get their land-why should they give it up for the Arabs?

I’m troubled over the Church and totally convinced that the Prosperity Message has brought about the Apostasy and it lines up with Revelation 3.

Hard times are coming and God is calling the Church to war! We must warn the wicked to repent and it must be us doing it verbally-not asking God to saved our loved ones.

Brother, The Times of the Gentiles are about over! The Jews who have been blinded are coming to Jesus the Messiah!

“Keep that which remains until the end and you shall receive a crown of life!”

Dear Jack and brother in our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

I just want you know that I and I am sure many other brothers and sisters who have also chosen the narrow way appreciate your boldness with love for the people to make the stand in many of your wake up articles. Though all do not understand, those that have the fullness of the Holy Spirit truly do understand and appreciate your heart. Continue on my brother for though we can count many but if it be counted only one that turn from their sin and receive the LORD JESUS in their heart because of your impaacting articles then know your life has been fruitful in the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Continue on my brother and do not be discouraged for soon our LORD draweth nigh with your reward.


I started reading your work a while back, a lot of your work is right on.
But JD, there are a few things you are not taking into consideration. The man who sits in office, Our President…George W. Bush. Stands for Israel and tries to protect her. He knows that in the day that America does not preserve Israel, the things you say will come to pass.
God will not protect any nation that stands against Israel.
Our President knows this is a Holy war. He not only tries to preserve Israel, He stands against the raping of our Nation’s God by the Hollywood crowd and the like.
Yes, so much is in play.
The US is also in Revelation as the great Roman Empire.
The US shows her face as the gallant protector, yet the whore who cheats on her God.
Our President is trying to make the statement stick in America that Jesus Christ is God.

Right now, your words would be more accepted by you stating …
George Bush STANDs FOR JESUS CHRIST AND HIM ALONE. NO other president is doing that. Kerry stands for the love of money and power and will do satan’s work in a heart beat.
Why don’t you say something about this?

Dear Brother in Christ
your commentary was most interesting.
I too feel the sorrow for what we see happening so very rapidly, and what is more sad, so many are deceived, secular press lulls them into apathy, not to mention the majority of the churches, I had a letter a while back from Salem Kirban who has written a study Bible which a friend told me was really a great one, they were sold out and he is trying to get it republished, would you believe, upon contacting some of the largest televangelists and publishers, he was advised, that ” the King James version is not being read any more, and people are not interested in prophecy” perhaps not the exact wording as he wrote to me, but you get the drift. And sadly, I am sure that is about the way it is, all the Bible study going on here in hundred of churches, they seem oblivious to what God would have us do and of prophecy and what is happening so rapidly right before our eyes, and worse, many just do not want to hear anything unpleasant.
If only they would realize, God goes before us in battle, but to lead, He must have followers.
How often, I have yearned to see the church rise up and be the church, to see a great revival and many saved, it seems they are intent on filling the pews and building bigger fancier church houses, easy listening and entertainment, little thought seems to be toward the glory of God and serving Him in obedience. Those who do attend church service, hopefully the majority are saved, Jesus clearly taught, it is those who are sick that we should seek rather then those who are well. Around here, there is little in the way of real outreach, they turn their back on the plight of the unborn being slain in our own State and cities, this above all else grieves my heart, friends and I , only three of us have been standing in the gap at the abortuary for a number of years, we have talked to countless Christians and Pastors inviting and encouraging them to join us and help close those doors, only 100 could do exactly that in a week or two, out of the thousands in and around here, how sad, they cannot be bothered, the excuses are never ending, and pathetic, one preacher asked, what would we have him do? duh??? Another could not participate for one of his board members daughters had an abortion and he did not want to create discomfort. Or it’s too controversial etc etc.
Do they not even realize, those post abortion women need to know they can be forgiven as they repent and give their heart to Christ, how many suffer silently in agony of remorse and regret that goes on through a lifetime. I find this appalling, and it seems nothing I say impresses any one.
People must be made to consider the reality of the times in which we live, the entire world is right on the brink of disaster, certainly our nation is crumbling by the day, and the majority do not seem to have a clue.
We are called to occupy until His return, which for His church could be at any moment, people who believe must be brought to the reality of truth, redemption is truly drawing very near, and yet so many are so wrapped up in the world and it’s ways. Keep up the good work, and may the Lord richly bless you and yours
in His service Rose

I agree, things are happening so fast, life style in the United States becoming so sinful, everythig pertaining to God is forbidden Jesus name , spoken, will put you behind bars in an area in Texas…But it is all down for us to read and to be prepared.
The Jews are all considering going to Isaial from Russia, France and the U.S.
The goverment has spread its strength all over the world, forsaking the homeland, playing “super power” not realizing it is loosing its power and it has opened the doors for the muslium faith to over ride the Godly belief we have always enjoyed.
We have read the Book, Going to the 3rd chapter of Revelation , where there is a call from the clouds…and we who have the love of God secure in our hearts, will be gone with the our loved ones who left before us and what a trip that is going to be. We have read about Jesus, studied His teachings, but to be able to see him face to face,, will be totally awesome…. Looking, and listening and believing for that Cloud, that trumpet sound and seeing Jesus there calling us home.

Dear Mr Hook,

Just finished reading the last several articles you have posted in your archive. My friend, had a vision from the Lord about the President of the United States a several years ago. In that vision she was shown the last sitting President of the United States would be assisnated and the Congress would get up and applaud and be glad. Now that is not very complimentary or it is reflective of the present day problems that we are seeing in our own country. I have received many dreams and open visions about what is coming to America as others are having all over the world. The last one indicated firmly that Bush was working with the Saudies to bring down America into chaos and internal fighting for a bid to control the USA by force. In that same vision the reason was for OIL.

You made reference to many, many, things that I have been encountering with people in the Churches. Things like major demonic manifestations in there behaviors toward the real true saved called out ones. I found myself agreeing with a lot of what you are writting. One question…..do you think it would be wise to get a plane ticket to Jordon and see if they have any reservations and rooms available in Petra? Sounds like it is going to be the place to camp for a while if we are going to be here during the 3 1/2 years of the AntiChrist bad behavior.

You said:

I firmly believe that it is the Holy Spirit who indwells us and “shows us things to come” that revealed the offices of Pope and President as the seats of the two beasts of Revelation 13.

I agree. The US is the most powerful in the world and the Pope the most powerful False Prophet (he is the one talking to the church in the end to take the mark). The Pope wants a Vatican II in Jerusalem, Israel and so do we want our Embassy there.
I think the royals in England are part of that. Most of the US Presidents are genetically connected to the royal line and are used for God’s purposes. God uses Satan to try us to see whose side we are on. I truly believe that the job is almost done. The ministry feels like a pulse. You can see it in front of you, the deterioration of the truth in evangelism. People have gone across the line by the droves, its devastating to watch. Patriotism has had a major effect in blinding them to the truth. The devil uses the political system to drive the herd away from the Bible. It’s disgusting that the sheep have remained biblically illiterate. You cannot get the truth without studying the Scriptures and that is only under the Holy Spirit’s guidance. People that try to read the Bible without committing to the Holy Spirit don’t get it either. If Jesus doesn’t call us up soon there won’t be nothing to rapture.
In Christ Jesus,

You have an interesting twist…America is Babylon?!?!?!
I would like to learn more.
I am very disgusted with all that is going on and all the lukewarm christians.

Please take my name off your mailing list, your close minded and will pay the price on judgment day for teaching a pagan false name to unsupecting people ! You will have no excuse, you were told,but you love the idol Jesus ! Sam

What is your opinion of Billy Graham? I have been looking him up on the internet and I was shocked to read such disparaging remarks and articles about him. Do you know anything about him other than his popularity in the secular world?

Dear Jack,

I must congratulate you on your powerful website. Words can be a strong
weapon. Unfortunately it works both ways and is two-edged.

Searching for the truth in Life is certainly a passion of mine too. I come
from a scientific background having done my medical studies, practiced
medicine and then completely turned to Natural Healing. It is the
unrecognised power of Nature that impresses me most. I talk about energies,
rather than real entities (people, materials and measurables). However, my
search has brought me to the concept of a “background” universal energy from
which all others are sourced. Call it God, if you wish. For me, this has
gone beyond belief and is now part of the knowledge realm.

Having been brought up as a Catholic I became disturbed in my rebellious
teens about the distortion of reality in the presentation of the Word. When
quoting the Bible, people represent it as if these are the words of God. Of
course they are not. They are the words of men, as is the American
Constitution. The Bible was written a long long time after Jesus his death,
and most of it by people who weren’t even there, who didn’t even know Him.
Consequently, the Bible are words that commemorate the life of a man called
Jesus. Indeed, a man called Jesus, not God. Jesus brought a message to the
people of his time, used words and phrases appropriate to his time, and
certainly did not speak English. Or American.

Translating a scripture from one language to another changes the meaning and
feeling behind the words. This is true in our modern world, as I know very
well. Being born and bred Dutch speaking and having then moved into the
English culture, I write and think in English and find it impossible to
translate my articles into Dutch without altering some of the deeper senses
of the words. This must even be a bigger problem when we consider words
written in a different language and a different times. Look at the
difference between old Dutch and our modern version, or old English and the
new Oxford Dictionary.

For myself, I am trying to find a way to experience “God” in a non-verbal
way. I can almost say that I don’t want to talk about it; I want to be
silent and see if I can communicate with the most basic of my energies. I
look for answers inside, not for justification on the outside.

But what about the injustices in our world? I know. It is terrible, and what
I found even more disturbing is the fact that, if people just shut up, sat
down, stopped doing what they were doing, the world would immediately be a
better place. The more we speak, the more we invoke debate. The more debate,
the arguing. The more arguing, the more hatred. The more hatred, the more

We feel we need to talk more, tell people about the message. And yet,
sometimes I feel that the more I talk the more people will resent me talking
and the less they will listen. It’s a funny world we live in, and we know so
little about it.

I hope you will enjoy the attached articles.


Ah, nothing like a good dispensationalist vs. amillennialist argument. I’d take the time to pick apart your interpretation of prophecy, but it wouldn’t do much good. Suffice it to say that your “literal” interpretation of prophetic Scriptures is far too full of holes to hold any water. Besides, isn’t it a bit arrogant (not to mention anti-American) to assume that the “Great Babylon” is America?

South Korea


I believe I visited your sight some time back and might have even posted in your guest book. Perhaps from one of my other Christian sites. Your site looks a bit different now if not mistaken.

Jack, you are doing a wonderful ministry for the Lord, and commend you for it. I myself am just coming out of the “Word” church. We are on the same page about a lot of things it would seem, included the end-time prophecies.

Thanks for taking the time to email and stay on the course!

Blessings, Honor, and Glory to Him, forever and ever, Amen!


Dear Jack,
I just read your testimony with tears in my eyes.
Thank you.

I’m looking forward to looking over your site more and more. I feel so blessed having read it. And I am rejoicing that you and Sandy are still friends. How wonderful.

My husband and I have walked, no, trudged that alcohol laden, partying, money hungry road. It left me soul ravaged through and through. It’s so refreshing to live a life free of such bondage. Naturally, I still have struggles as we all do, but I’m talking life change. I know you know what I mean.

I hope your wife is still living. I’m guessing that she still is, praise God.

I was really touched at the part where you discussed your Mother’s passing. I’d been to a church that preached that type of faith and see it sometimes on TBN. I love that station because it certainly does have some worthwhile shows. But there are some that just send chills down my spine.
I digress.
Your sudden realization and tenderness towards her condition of body and soul was beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

I’m curious about one part.
I love Zola Levitt, not sure if you are familiar with him or not but I’m sure Sandy would love to read/hear him. Anyway, he’s a Jew by birth, Christian by choice. I get his newsletter and he talks about certain churches who talk the way the pastor you said did, the night you were saved. I’m kind of blown away that Sandy was able to receive a blessing from that type of prayer. He must be some kind of Christian. Truly.
I hope this minister has come to realize the truth. The world today is getting weirder and weirder, but the truth just keeps getting more and more pared down. It is very simple, no?

God bless you & Carol, Jack. I hope to stay in touch.
Will read more of your page soon.
In His Care,

Dear Jack,
Thank you for the invitation to visit your website.
It was a pleasure. The articles and online book
posted on Babylon the Great is Falling website are
incredible. I have long believed that America is the
great whore of Babylon.

I can tell that the Spirit of God is moving through
you. From one child of God to another, thank you for
your dedication to writing about the true message of
Christ. I did sign your guestbook and added a link to
you on my website.

May God richly bless you in your courageous fight to
stand for the true message of Christ.

Stay close to Christ,