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America is not Babylon. Babylon is Babylon, in the land of Shinar, ie present day Iraq. Too bad you can’t see this yet, but you will.

Dear Jack,

I haven’t finished your article yet. You always write good ones. I do not believe the list of disasters you are describing of recent past were acts of God. The Twin Towers were, of course, internally created by man as a catalyst for war for monetary gain of the Global Elite, and of course, “attrition of the masses,” especially the alpha male—-American boy soldier and sailor.

The others, I believe, are of HAARP origin. Thoughts? Like I said, I haven’t completed your article in toto—as yet but will do so.


Hi brother jack,
discernment! discernment! discernment! do you remember when paul wrote to
the church in second corinthians about those that were masquerading as
apostles of Christ? how they had come through the corinthian church and
forced their will on the church, even to the point of slapping them in their
face, all the while comparing themselves with themselves, etc. and paul said
he was “too weak” to have done that to them…I see the same thing happening
today but on a larger scale, all the assaults through the media intimidation
and distortion, and denominational influences, etc., basically a bunch of
‘religious bullies’ in today’s church, if they can’t decieve or seduce, then
they try to intimidate and coerce…so to me there is still an enormous need
for discernment and genuine teaching..just a close look at Jesus’ life when
he was in the flesh, how they accused him, tried to trick him with their
questions and catch Him in His words, even when they forced Him out of the
synagogue and tried to throw Him off a cliff and kill Him… so why does the
church think it is going to be any easier for us today?! anyway, i
appreciate your emails, please keep in touch,
sincerely in Christ,

Hi Jack

I have a few questions. Are all Christians supposed to be pacifists? Should good Christian men stop evil or only pray that other good men will stop evil so the pacifist Christian won’t bloody his own hands. I’m confused as to your position on when to fight evil with your owns hands physically. Should we just be on our hands and knees praying to God as the enemy marches to kill us? For me I know that God won’t always send hailfire to destroy our enemies. He won’t always send his legions of angels to destroy our enemies but he might give us the strength and the courage to destroy the evil ourselves which I think can be a miracle from God just as well. Am I wrong? Also didn’t Jesus want them to purchase a sword so they could defend themselves against the highwaymen and robbers that stalk travelers with the intent of theft,murder or rape? Of course Jesus didn’t want them to attack the men sent to take him away and fulfill his role of being the sacrifice to save man. I believe living by the sword means to find enjoyment in it. When a band of highwaymen jump out of the forest and attack you must defend yourself. You can be disgusted when you cut down the leader and he falls dead and bloody at your feet. You can be glad and joyful that your wife and kids walking with you are safe because the remaining robbers fled. Am I right? For real I just want to know your opinion on the matter.


Hi Robin.

Thank you for responding and the sincere questions you raise. I have asked them of our Lord many times when I first came out of the darkness of atheism into his glorious Kingdom. Protecting one’s wife and children against violence is much different than joining armies to kill them. As followers of Jesus we must first understand that nothing happens to us that God has not allowed. By the leading of the Holy Spirit, a man could place himself between evil men who would harm his family. The same Spirit would also provide the time for witnessing to them about Jesus. I have experienced this type of situation before. Remember, our gracious God has placed angels around us to minister in all of our situations….never forget this.

The life and experiences of Jesus while on this Earth give us much insight. Until it was his time to die no harm could overcome him. Think about this…he would take families and cast out demons and heal their diseases, but never lifted a hand to displace the brutal oppression of the Roman legions that occupied the land God gave to the Jewish people. He knew this time of vengeance on Rome would come when he returns as the lion from the tribe of Judah, to execute God’s wrath on his enemies. But now he was here as the lamb of God to show us how lost and sinful we really are.

Once he saves us, he calls you and I to pick up our cross as well, knowing the day of vengeance is to come. Self-defense must always be filtered through the bloody cross for true guidance and understanding. Eternal life, not this life, must always be in our thinking in all situations.

Again I ask, how did Jesus protect himself? How did the writers of the New Testament protect themselves? They didn’t. Jesus was scourged and put on the cross. With the exception of John they were all put to death by their enemies who they compassionately loved while they were being executed! Jesus and his apostles trusted in the Father and did his will, not theirs.

Those of us in the body of Christ must get our heads and hearts out of the carnal Kingdom of America/Babylon and fully into the soon coming Kingdom of Heaven that is in us now through the Holy Spirit. Think carefully on this….if the Holy Spirit in you, and legions of angels at your side, do not give you comfort and confidence then you are still being manipulated by your carnal mind and the fallen angels that tempt our minds with the fear of persecution and suffering!

If Jesus calls us to be killed as a witness against the kingdoms of this world we should thank him for the honor! We too shall rise again on the third day when he comes, Revelation 20. Eternal life should be our focus. Jesus loves us and wants to help us be free from the fleshly fearful impulses within our vile bodies. Please read Revelation 2 and 3 again.

Your eternal friend. Jack

Well Jack thanks for the reply. What you said here was what I was looking for:

“Self-defense must always be filtered through the bloody cross for true guidance and understanding”

Very well written little sentence that is easily understood and yet still so very true. It is always great to have a concept that seems so deep and jumbled inside my head laid out so perfectly in front of me.

“filtered through the bloody cross”

That really means a lot. I will remember that.


Hi Jack D. Hook!

I’ll be glad to have a friend such as you ! and I have full respect for you and for your thoughts!! but it’s doesn’t mean that I believes in your thoughts too,-I’m sorry- ,but let me tell you about myself i’m 14 years old and i’m a muslim -and i’m so proud for that’s – and i’m from Kuwait ! I believe that the life will end and then it will start a new life after arithmetic by the GOD where the ppl who made many mistakes go to hell and the actionable ppl go to the paradise ,but sorry i can’t express my thoughts pretty good coz i’m lel bit bad in english though , i dunno but i hope you understand me !

I’d like to know more about the other religions to take an idea and some thing like that ! but i’m stickler in my religion ! coz as i think it gives me all the droits and it is given religion ! but i know many ppl had a wrong thoughts about it ,but i dunno what about you ? i’ll be glad to read your thoughts about it !?
but let me tell you that’s i don’t have any thing wrong with any religion ,every one is free to chose his religion and his thoughts .

thanks for reading my msj !


Hello Jack ,

I try my best in being a Man of God but I do admit that I do failure terrible at Big Amount of Times. I’ve been actually studying the Bible since I started Reading and Writing. I found how closely Political and Religion is like the Left and Right Hand. Well the site doesn’t matter I suppose just that we believe on Christ and I’m Blessed that you had reached out to me for being a New Friend. Anyhow I will be giving my contact info below:


My Dear friend, there is only One ISRAEL that GOD Recognizes now! THE CHURCH of JESUS CHRIST ! GAL. 6:16 That imposter nation in the mideast has NOTHING to do with the God of the Bible! Dispensational teaching has left much of the Body of Christ BRAINDEAD..The Left-Behind Crap…I was there at one time until I finally learned the hard way that the Reformers had it right…If God trusted Martin Luther with the Reformation, don’t you think we should find out how to interpet End-Times truth ?

Dear Jack:

Thank you so much for noticing my web site. From the sounds of your email, you appear to believe in the place of literal Israel in Bible prophecy. Please be advised that this idea comes from the Counter-Reformation teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, a system that the classic Reformers such as Luther and Calvin called the “Great Whore” and the “Beast.” The Roman Church developed the theory of futurism in order to deflect the clear Biblical teaching about itself. This theory pushed the anti-Christ into the future. The anti-Christ will make his appearance in the future, but he exists now and has existed in the past. The anti-Christ power is the papacy backed up by the devil himself. This sounds harsh in today’s world of live and let live. But the Reformers believed this once they perceived that Rome obscures Christ, the Savior of the world.

I urge you to reconsider this teaching. Go back to your Bible. Put away your presuppositions. Jesus is coming soon, visibly and powerfully to bring this world to an end. This is not what futurists, dispensationalists, and Rome teach. They teach that a millennium is coming when Christian principles will hold sway in this sinful world. No such scenario will occur. This teaching opens you up to doctrines of demons and to a false Christ. This scenario is predicted in Rev. 13. Come out of this system while you still have time (see Rev. 18).



I can see now that I made a big mistake. I should have checked your web site first. I had thought that I was in receipt of an email from one of the disciples of Yeshuwa’ The Messiah who sent me wonderful words of encouragment for my testimony which is posted on their web site.

Your reply sent shivers down my spine when you wrote “Yeshuwa/Jesus”. If you were a disciple of his you would not have used the name of blasphemy “jesus”, which in the Hebrew is ‘yeshu’. The name Yeshuwa is as far removed from your “jesus” as heaven is from hell. The first thing I did when I opened your web site was to check your articles of faith and trinitarian is written all over it which as you obviously don’t know “Denies both The Father and His Son” (1 John 2:22).

I must now ask you therefore to please remove my name from your mail list. If you were entirely honest you should tell people that you had filched their names without permision from the web site manager which would in turn prompt them to be aware that you are not ‘one of us’ but are ‘crept in’ seeking to snatch the faith of the apostles from our hearts. I quickly read the rest of your email in which you “pervert the grace of our Elohiym” (Jude); It is all me me me. Your site is just a forum for the unrepentant. Your eternal destruction is looming. Only the few enter the Kingdom and you Jack are of the ‘many’.

However the fault really is mine as I said I should have checked your deceptive web site first.

Please at least respect my present wishes and do not write me again.


Dear Jack,

In reading your testimony I am deeply deeply touched as I sense the familiar Spirit…..! How I love these testimonies of faith which glorify the mighty works of Jesus Christ in people’s lives. There truly is much power in prayer. How I love the story of your jewish friends and that you are still together “through thick and thin”. That’s how friends and we became stuck (?) together in starting a pioneer church in the eighties….! When moving there as a young couple with two small kids and the third on the way we had found no flat for one year. Had promised our old flat to a young student couple and wanted to keep our promise. So we packed a van and started to that small town. We knew we had to unload in the evening…

Our friend had emptied his garage in the morning and we could unload our things in the evening then living 2 ½ months with them. I cried much in the nights as I thought I would get my baby in the midst of this situation. This was another period in our walk with the Lord. So it went on till today…

Now the breakthrough is on the horizon, even for Germany. Hallelluja. Try to send you my testimony of healing as soon as translated into English. Blessings to you and your dear wife and family, Jack

Yours, Dorothea

I will NOT be accepting your invitation to read a re-hash of Christian deceptions.


I don’t understand how does Roman’s 14 relate to the 4th commandment? I do
wish my husband would get out of the military, its all he has known for a
job and he doesnt want to give up his retirment check after 13 years. it
doesn’t matter to me if we are dirt poor-we’ve barely been above the poverty
line the last 13 years–some of those we were below it. How I wish that he
loved the Lord


I am also a Viet Nam veteran, as a matter of fact 100% permanent disability. I served in primarily the bottom of the iron triangle – Phu Loi, Cu Dhi and etc.

My website is acceptjesusnow.org if you would care to hear any of the sermons I have there. There is also outlines of my sermons (not all, but a lot) I preached when I was pastor at the Baptist Church.

I will study your site and if we are compatable maybe we can do some work together.

Awaiting The Return,

Hi Bill.

Thank you so much for your response. It does seem we have much in common. For though I am not totally disabled, I do have a service-connected disability (not from combat). Also I have pastored a couple of small churches many years ago. I am now retired from the workforce and a writer, so I spend a lot of time on the internet researching material, especially in the religious-political-military arena. Many web sites I research have open forums or places for public comments where people leave their names and addresses for communication purposes. That’s probably how I saw your name and web site. I enjoy reaching out to meet new friends and see the internet as a fascinating vehicle for exchanging information.

I am trying to reach out to the military and veterans with the message of hope in the Lord Jesus Christ and his teachings. I have found that many veterans, especially those involved in intense combat, are very interested in spiritual matters. Some of them now understand how that all of us were born into this world with a sin nature filled with the pride of this life (militant patriotism a manifestation), love of money, and love of self and carnal pleasures. These things are the root of all wars! Some of them now understand that we all were deceived by politicians and religious hirelings (dating back to Constantine and Augustine) into thinking it was alright for Christian men to kill their enemies.


Hi Jack.

Thank you for your response, I hope we can correspond on a regular basis. If you ever need to talk I am here. The Lord God is my reason for carrying on, I try to write as much as I can but the hands don’t cooperate every time. I pray that The Lord will bless your efforts on His behalf and that we can maybe keep in touch.

your brother in Christ,

Greetings Jack,

Thank you for your email.

Yes, I do believe that the God of Israel is not asleep,and that His eyes are on that Land from morning to night,

and that all that Land belongs to Israel, and no one should force her to give it away to anyone AND then to her ENEMIES!!!!!!!!!

This is sheer madness, and God will catch up with all nations in His good time……LET BABYLON FALL, and may it never rise again!!.AMEN

Yes, I’m very interested in your articles.



Invitation?. Your “Invitation” to throw myself back into the pit of “christendom” by visiting your web site I perceive as one last ‘throw of the dice’ by the enemy of human souls. Having been tossed to and fro for over fifty years of my life in about ten of the 28,000 competing factions of “Christendom”; until mercifully released by my being enabled to “Repent and believe the gospel of the Kingdom” (Matthew 24:14. Mark 1:15) about two years ago; I am not therefore about to commit spiritual suicide by drinking again of the poisonous waters of “christ”ian doctrines being disseminated in your web site. Because of the glory and platitudes you, no doubt, are receiving from men; you Mr Jack Hook clearly are not able to see the wall of fire already devouring your fellow workers of evil and rapidly coming your way. You will understand therefore why I must request that you remove my name from your target list. George

Dear Jack,
You must have found me on a Vietnam Veteran site. the
Lord is leading you to correct subject lines as I
would have deleted your message as spam mail without
your subject text. I think he lead you to me as I have
been praying for knowledge and I have felt we are in
the end times. I am not ready and have so many issue’s
to settle in my heart and mind. Just as you quoted
about yourself, I am constantly being told by demonic
powers that I’m not really that bad a person. Even my
friends and family are telling me that I am a good and
christian person. Like you, I too, look at those
considered the most evil among us, the murderers,
child molesters, and rapists of the world, and by
comparison I am a shining light of virtue. But I know
I am not ready to meet God. I feel so lost and
without salvation. I have actually feared that God has
quit striving with me due to my hardness of heart. I
call upon him in the name of Jesus Christ, but there
was no answer. I remembered a preacher’s sermon years
ago was on how God would stop striving with a person,
and they would not answer when the sinner begged for
Christ to come into their life. I have been unable to
find that scripture. Could that preacher have been
reading the Bible from the scripture you quoted in
“Solomon is Calling, Part 4” at the conclusion? I
spent several hours at your site reading and have
bookmarked the site so I can return and read more.
Every word I read, I agree with.
I am 66 years old with heart problems and so afraid to
die with out assurance of salvation. I know the Holy
Spirit has not been poured out upon me or I would know
it. Hopefully, I will find some sort of peace and find
some answers to bring me closer to Christ, at your
site. Thanks for finding me. Sammy

Thank-you for your letter. The way I see it. The U.S.A. puts to much time into everybody elses problems, and not taking care of or own. But on the other hand if you look at history the U.S.A. loves a good fight regardless where or whom it may be with. The goverment is ran by a bunch of money hungry people, not thanking of the thousands of men and woman that will die in any war that they put us in. It seems that we are going to fight regardless the out come of the future. That is what we were born to do (FIGHT). Be it in a War or be it in peace., if we don’t fight over seas we will fight one another. I was a Marine for 4 years 1972-1976. I’ve been overseas and seen alot. Fighting is our way of life and nothing will change that. If you note, the North and South fought and the North won. Karea .. North and South fought and the North won. Nam.. North and South fought and the North won. just gos to show that history always repeats it’s self. Just remember this is only my thoughts. Thank-you Ray



I probably will not join your membersaip,, but will Answer your inquires as best as I can., First, let me tell you that I admire your candor and willingness to tackle a job as old as Job. I am a historical read and I am in the midst of Elizabeth the first. If this does not bring recolections of the early days of Jews and Palestinians, I donot know of anythig that does. n answer to you primary question: Do I thinkd thewre will be more wars?,m the answer was written when the first war began…Good to see someone cares.. Dick



See a doctor — you’re ill. That’s all that could explain your nonsense about Gaza which was stolen from the Palestinians like the West Bank.


I to am double minded. I pray everyday and I know my LORD does wonderful things .I do REALLY be live in 1978 I asked my LORD to come into my heart,I was in very deep trouble at the time .I walked with him for quite a few years than back to my stupid self. I pray and get high Im high right now.PLEASE PRAY for me im lost but I know what to do to get free but I don’t .I should do the things I tell other is GODS way . PLEASE HELP John


Ahoy Jack:

Thanks for getting in touch with me. I do a lot of writing myself and have published six books. Five of them about the Marine Corps. The book MY WAR – YOUR WAR, A Marine In Vietnam has received much praise.

I’ll visit your web site.
Semper Fi

thankyou so much for your website! It is conformation to what JESUS has been telling me.I truly love you for hearing HIM. Now i know i am not the one decieved. You are hearing from the same GOD that i am. I am not a learned man.GOD teaches me in dreams and visions,but i was starting to doubt because HE seemed to be telling me that allmost everyone is decieved.It all seems to make sense now.I have been called a blasphemer for simply repeating word for word what GOD spoke to me. Now i feel more boldness to confront those that HE has told me to. Please wright me if you have time.

Jack. I acknowledge receipt of your invitation which I will not be accepting. You are obviously going down with the sinking ship of Christendom. I do not wish to join you. Samuel


Hello Jack,

Thanks for serving our wonderful country during the Vietnam war. I see you are not only a natural warrior, but a spiritual warrior as well.


I just read your article about how you got saved, etc. I cried over the part about your Mom, etc. Very touching.

My brother, who lives in FL, mentioned your site to me this a.m. (I live in Seattle). I’ll look over the rest of it later. He thought I would enjoy it since we are both Christians of Jewish origin (like Sandy) and both enjoy theology (I have a degree in that stuff). Whatever you may have to say theologically, whether I agree or disagree with it all, I know from the get-go you are a genuine Christian by the spirit of what you expressed in your personal introduction, so any friend of Jesus is a friend of mine!

God bless. Bob

In all the years I’ve been in Church and in Ministry, I have seen many of the things you speak about, and have preached against it… but this is the first time I’ve EVER seen any thesis concerning America in prophecy that called America Babylon. I thought Babylon was in Iraq??

Isn’t the center of the world going to be there, due to the rapture?

Granted, I am pretty blank about how America must have to disappear for this to happen… since America would not stand for anyone attacking Israel, nor would they condone any world government in Iraq.

In my years of study and upbringing, it’s always been implied then that, in the end times, America must be removed from it’s status as a super power… a virtual non-player in the last days.

This is the first time in my life I’ve heard anyone theorize that America itself was the Babylon spoken of in the Bible…

I’ll have to chew on it for a while…


My thoughts are this:People that say they follow god and believe in him should not be in politics,Rev.Jessie Jackson for example is one who
used god to get in power and make a name for him
self.I do not believe that schools should teach about pass wars for nothing ever changes and that the United States is the biggest bunch of noisy bodies there are.Not all the people the politicians they remind me of a bunch of old women that can’t let people try to figure things out for them selfs.And when the end comes the ones who suffer are the inicent ones who don’t want war.Our own suffer for what one man says
lets go to war boys.What do we get out of it? Hurt the loss of the loved ones for the young are so blind to the government that they believe they are doing right that is what they see on the T.V.The U.S.A needs to take a real look at there own back yard before judging other nations of there ways we have people here that suffer all the time.



Recent thought (in the last 30 years or so) has concluded that the Anti-Christ will rise up out of Europe’s EC Community, and then be placed in the halls of the U.N. to continue the rise in power to head of the UN, the logical place to rule the world from. (I remember the ‘panic’ of immature Christians back in the 70’s when the EC came near to it’s 10th member… thus giving birth to a new list of prophesy teachings).

Influences like LaHaye & Lindsay have touted this type of teaching for years, with million-dollar best sellers on the subject… in both fiction and non-fiction. (i.e., Left Behind series, the “Bible Code”, etc).

Obviously, for this theory to work, America must somehow lose it’s sovereignty to a larger body. The only way I can see this happening is for the rapture to occur, thus removing all influence of true Christianity from the mix, allowing America, with it’s main body of liberal mentality that already wish to do such a thing, coupled with it’s vulnerable fear (along with the rest of the world) due to the rapture, pulling together for one united cause, thus making the path short for the Anti-Christ to seize control to ‘solve everything’.

At that point, he will usher in the tribulation by one of his first steps… Peace with Israel… Worldwide peace, for that matter.

This is why I think that all efforts of every President to tie a Peace Accord at all of those “Camp David Summits” have been fruitless. It’s not to done by any one country, but by the Anti-Christ himself.

If I am understanding correctly, your position places the Rapture in a ‘pre-trib’ time zone, and all of the events related to America’s full complete happens after that occurs. Is that correct? If this is so, the question of ‘who’ the anti-christ is, or where he will hail from is relatively moot, yes? If that follows true, then isn’t a debate on the issue of no value to the purposes for which the saved on earth are meant to serve? (winning souls).

Please don’t think I’m trying to be contrary in any way… I’m just trying to sort it all out.

I welcome your thoughts.

You see alot….Katrina also came for the false accusations against arabs and the genocide

and oppression force on them+looting their ancient treasures.Gaza was only one of the reasons.

Yes, you see the beast system plan as day.

I had serve 8 years in the Navy….and I know that the gov’t is one thing for a minority like myself not to speak against.The Partiot Act is a legal way&accuse to oppress minorites

mainly those of color.Therefore I will read your mail,but won’t discuss…since freedom

is a hoax for blacks(Deut.chapt.28) latins and native americans.

I recommend Professor Churchill of colorado….he is a peaceful Native American man

that is full of faith in the preciuos Gospel. They want him to shut up.

In most cases America is a nation one leaves…never protest it.

It is part of YHWH ‘s will,like the way Eygpt once was in Ancient times.

Hello again Jack, I need your help … I feel a deep urgently to warn christians to hold fast and contend for the Truth.

As you know the great falling away that is happening during these last days is also moving christians away from the Blessed Hope of the event when Jesus catches away His church. This happens before the start of the 7 year tribulation period and at the end of these terrible period the Lord Jesus will return with His saints.

Please can you assist me in mailing some info to refute all these other teachings discounting the rapture.

I must add that over the years I have seen that those persons who move away from their belief in the rapture go into error doctrinally – this I have seen without fail.

I eagerly look forward to your response. Your eternal friend, Trish