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Your response hit the proverbial nail on the head. If only people would accept that they sin in the first place, that they are born with a sin nature, they might repent. However, the messages they’ve been getting have been the direct opposite; and those messages are easier to take because they can remain unaccountable for the time being for all of their sins.

I’m working on Part 6 of my UN series and I wanted to know if you were in Vietnam. I’m approaching that war the way I approached the Korean fiasco because both were UN-run wars. Anything you can add to this would be greatly appreciated. I’m long overdue on getting the next segment done, but I guess the Lord had other plans for me or other pressing issues about which He wanted me to write.

By the way, yes, I am a believer in Messiah Jesus. I am, as they say, a completed Jewish woman who was saved (redeemed by the blood of Christ) two decades ago. I praise Him that He found me, since I was the one who was so lost, and that His love for me has been so awesome. Baruch Ha Shem, as we say in Hebrew, Praise His Name.

In His Grip,


hello jack d.hook one thing i want to tell you that i lived in africa but i
was not born in africa but america so i know how it is in this world this
world is all sinful when you read the bible matthew 24;6 it said you will
hear of wars and rumors of wars but see to it that you are not alarmed such
things must happen but the end is still to come amen?so there will be war
and this is the words of jesus christ thanks for your email is good to hear
form you evangelist saide


thank you so much. I appreciate your faith, as it strengthens my own. There is a great darkness that is saturating those around us. It come to the forefront of my vision now and I can no longer ignore it. Jack, the Bible talks about the 10 bridesmaids who had no oil, except for one. I want to be included in that one. I look around me though and I wonder, who will be the other 9, who were not ready? (Matt 25)

I want to speak always with compassion as my forerunner. Sometimes my passions get the better of me.

I thank you again for your words of wisdom. May God keep you, may He keep you safe, for the day of The Lord will be terrible…and the hearts of men, will fail them with fear.

Now your words really made me think about the true destruction this book brings to “babes” . We must pray that we have been shown the truth, that others will “hear, and know the voice of The Lord”

Praise The Lord for wisdom in men like yourselves.

God Bless

Greetings Mr Jack Hook,

I went to your site and what caught my eye was the picture you have on the home page. If you go to my site and look at the vision page the visions in 2005 you will find a vision in there where the Lord show me the statue of Liberty standing in darkness and the hand that was holding the flaming torch was cut off at the wrist. Also on the sermon page the Lord gives a prophecy concerning America. We are indeed heading for hard times but we have Jesus there for us. You are invited to visit my site and sign the guest book as well. Thank you for your service for our country. Keep up the good work. God bless you.

In His Service,[Jesus]


Finally got around to viewing your web site. What a treasure trove of information you have! My Earthlink mail had been shut down for awhile, as I was away on business. I’m amazed at the volume of info you have on your site. I’ve just started to take a serious look at what you ‘bring to the table’. Thank you for considering me. Your web site is both fascinating and informative. We should all ‘look up’. Jesus is going to ‘make his move’ soon! Thanks again.


Well, Jack, I disagree, but I was raised a Catholic and do believe. Was considered for the priesthood at one time. I believe God is all powerful and controls the world and the people in it. Now there is my conflict. I have a problem reconciling that fact. I understand death is inevitable but, is WAR? Why are people created that espouse WAR? Same thing why babies die? At me age of 73 I ponder these unexplainable things. Thanks for listening. Gob Bless and Semper Fi ! Dave


Thank you for your email … I do not find it intrusive nor offensive – and I do believe in freedom of speech …. however, I have enough ‘political/governmental crap’ to wade through in my everyday living, without having it in my face all the time … Sorry, no, I wouldn’t be interested in viewing/purchasing items you’ve written etc. – nor in visiting your website … Good luck with the persuance of what you believe in .. and of what is of interest to you … Please delete my email address from your data bank … Much appreciated. P.S. If the aliens happen by, could you please tell them hi from me!


—– Original Message —-
From: Jack D. Hook
To: Dave Lowe ; Derek and Sharon Gilbert

Hi David, Derek, and Sharon.

I happened to hear your excellent interview with Derek and Sharon concerning the seven seals being mostly past events, rather than John’s vision of what is to come to pass during Daniel’s 70th Week. I think I understand how you came to the conclusion this began at the ascension of Jesus Christ in the first century, but could you be incorrect? I say and ask that in brotherly love and compassion. There is something I would like to explain that might shed some light on the events in Revelation 4-6, which might help you see that the ascension of Jesus to Heaven preceded what John saw in this vision at the end of his life on the Earth at the end of the first century. It has to do with the Trinity.

The Trinity is a foundational doctrine which if denied, will put one in the lap of the Antichrist, 1 John 2:22. In Revelation 4: 3, 10, we see the Father sitting on the throne, but no Jesus standing on his right hand, as Steven clearly saw in Acts 7:55-56. I think what John actually sees “sitting” on the throne is the Godhead, one God in three persons. The glory of the Father was as a shield, if you will, that hid the glorified, scarred human body of the Son, the Lamb of God “sitting” with him.

Look at Revelation 5:6, where after John has wept, all of a sudden he sees “standing” in the “midst” of the throne the Lord Jesus Christ who moves to the right hand of the Father to take the scroll. John, and we now, are able to see in this vision both the oneness and distinct persons of our wonderful God. In verse 6&7 we see the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit [seven horns, eyes, Spirits].

The fact that in John’s vision he was weeping in Heaven over this delay in opening the seals, only reveals how little any of us really know and understand the greatness of the Godhead. His tears are a reminder to me just how human the great beloved Apostle really was. We are all learning and growing together until that glorious day when we hear the Lord say to us…come up here.

Your eternal brother,


P. S. If you have time, please listen to my radio interview dealing with the Seven Seals at: http://www.thebyteshow.com/Library.html

Hi again Jack,

So, I take it my interview didn’t convince you that John was given a vision of the 1st century ascension to the right hand of God? There’s so much in my book that I was not able to get into in a limited interview. You ask if I could be incorrect? Absolutely, I could. I’m simply presenting an interpretation of Rev. 5-6 that agrees with Matt. 24, as far as the first five seals. If you were to read chapter 15 of my book, it would explain many of the reasons why I believe the first five seals have already been opened.

I totally believe in the Trinity, although my limited human mind cannot perhaps completely grasp it. Your interpretation of the Rev. 5 events confirming the Trinity doesn’t stand in contradiction to the interpretation in my book at all.

The bottom line is, Jack, if you will not read the book, you’ll never understand where I’m coming from. We’ll just spin our wheels. But since you’ve listened to my interview, I will also listen to yours on the Byte Show.



I just finished listening to your interview on Georgeann Hughes’ site on the Seven Seals. While we agree on the essentials of the faith and I found myself saying “Amen” several times out loud, I found much of your analysis on the seals and Revelation 1-6 to be a repeat of Hal Lindsey and the rest of them. The only new thing I heard, that I’d really never heard before, was the idea that the seals begin after the 30 minute pause in Revelation 8:1. This I think is reading WAY too much into scripture that is not there. I believe my placement of the opening of the first five seals in the 1st century, and the opening of the sixth seal in the future, is far less radical than your interpretation.

So, again I would just encourage you to consider my book. If you don’t like it, throw it out and never think about it again. But at least give a chance to what many people are considering breakthrough and life-changing information, won’t you? There is so much in the book that I wasn’t able to squeeze in the one hour interview…I barely scratched the surface.

You are a very articulate and clear speaker…I only hope to be that professional sounding some day.

In Christ,

I read your article and am a born again Christian and have been for 34 years. I have made my mistakes and God has seen me through them and his grace and mercy and forgivness are and always will be wonderful. Because I am loved by my God and Jesus Christ I am saying that you are not really the man you are saying you are. The word says pray for all those in Authority and so I do. Now I have prayed for our Presidents for many years both Democrate and Republicans and if I remember right God is all about Peace. The ones bashing the President and calling him the Antichrist are really not listening to the word and are using only a part of it. United we stand and if you are from the United States of America then you stand with those in Authority if you don’t agree with them then you pray fervently for them. You see God has put them in Authority and I don’t see that you believe that President Bush is a born again believer. You are doing a great job of judging but again I am sure God does the judging and will judge us for our tree in our eye. Thank you for listening to me and you have sure supplied more material for all those who are against war and our soldiers over there. Mel put in 20 years and he is a born again believer. We will pray for you that you will have a revelation from God. Shirley and Mel


Mr Hook,

I have just had the most “horrible” thought.

Could Rick Warren be the fore runner of the Antichrist? With his world wide push of his “new” ministry I feel that it could very well be as so many innocent people falling into it’s grasp.

What is your comment?

Best regards,

You are right Jack;
We should warn the un-Godly, but with Words from the word of God.
It is also to link the Word with the calamities that are coming and have come.

But you know as do I we get bombarded with so called prophets predicting warnings of terror everyday. this is not the Word or the way to convert a sinner.

Perfect Love cast out all fear; we need to lead them into relations with that perfect Love found in the Word -Jesus Christ.

I am a watchman and do warn, but mostly with scripture and Hope.
I think we are one in this.

All the early writings I received in the nineties were that of nukes, Russian invasions, Earth calamities, and now terrorism, but they did not really lead me closer to God.

This warning-watchman information, without giving the true hope ,Love and peace found in Christ, is a good seller, but got us and many others running in fear, and depending on the next so called (word).

After all these years , the Lord has got me to a protected place in Him, I have given up all, we must not have No fear but Long for His coming, even though it means great Tribulation.

Revelations says this world is going to be mostly destroyed, and it is not those who run to caves,or safe places that are preserved, but those protected by the Lord, as Psalm 91 and other places.

I have seen most All my prophetic friends sell out to a dish of being news casters of incredible events, and hardly mentioning scripture or the Way of the Cross; and for Money.

Being a predictor of fantastic news events is much more popular, than talking about being dead to this life, but alive in the Lord.

This is what the message was to bring to you; I worked in a church for seven years, and they care nothing of calamities, they think they will be raptured.

The so called remnant is living for and relying upon the so called prophets, to see where they should be, and what to do, as you say they are giving false hope and information.

I post messages on the calamities, but always include our hope is in the Lord only, and how we must give Him All, (body, soul, and spirit), a living sacrifice, to truly be his, and under His protection.

But people don’t want to hear about giving up their lives for the Lord.

Just as in the churches, the remnant depend on these prophets to lead them, to almost do it for them, when God demands each ones full obedience to Him.

You must become very small in your own eyes, that the Lord can be you All in All, but most of these (my former friends) , have become puffed up, thinking they are something, they have become fools.

Unlike you, they will not talk to us anymore, we were even told by one of these big shots ” not to talk about the Lord, but just warn about calamities, and the enemy”!

It seems we were talking to his former pastor, and offended both of them with the Word, even in Love.

This person knows , as the churches know, it’s best not to offend anyone except the enemy; but the Word is an offense to everyone, until you live by it , Christian or not.

Enough preaching.

We thank you for answering us, it is seldom done, and it’s not that you said anything that we disagreed with; but we further needed to explain the message and our hearts.

Agape ; Rod

I am a Viet.Vet. also (1967 1st Cav. Ankhe, Vn.) I am also a Christian Jack and am very much interested in your questions. I will check out your site. Thanks for your email and God bless. Robert


Hi Jack, this is Emmanuel

thanks for what you are doing, it’s very inspiring and truthful. I never stop reading your articles, they opened my eyes spiritually and I really enjoy them. for the past three years i ve been going through difficult times and even persecutions; during those situations, I weaken many times, but I pray and regain strength. those difficult times started since i began to realize that i must not live my life the same way as many people do in america; I’m talking about love of money, lying, fornication, love of this world, etc.. The devil is now trying to tempt me in other ways, and it’s difficult to bear. like I said before, I weaken many times, but I never abandon faith. I ask God for strength, but when temptation comes i weaken for some times, and regain strength after. is this normal in a christian life? I am willing to be strong and to be faithful, but I don’t have the capacity. didn’t the bible say that this sinful body cannot do the will of God but only Christ can help us achieve that? what does it really mean?
one of my problems is that I need more faith and patience. when persecution, difficult times come, I have too much worries. I need to keep my joy and peace although things are not going well. Another question, if after talking to someone in the street, he or she is convinced, and accept Jesus, how can I help him or her grow spiritually since the real church of God is in minority as to denominations or doctrinal churches? do I invite him or her in one of the denominations or what should I do?

Thanks Jack,
your friend Emmanuel


Thanks for the note. I don’t know what you did in Vietnam, I was a Dustoff Pilot in 67 and again in 70. I am happy that you made it home (In one piece I hope) and I ask you to pass on my appreciation for your sacrifice to those family members who served at your side, in spirit, while you were doing the nations business. Our nation praises our warriors but frequently forgets the families who also served silently back home.

I reviewed you website and while I appreciate your right to freely express your opinions. I prefer to not engage in a dialogue with you about any subject with religious content. I would be more than happy to discuss Vietnam or your military career in terms of “Where were you–what did you do” but that’s about it.

Thanks for writing. Best wishes.


It was nice of you to send me your website I liked reading your life and
conversion and ask the Lord to touch the lives of those who are blessed to
hear from you.
God bless you !

Thank you for your email I will read your articles. My son as we speak is in Iraq fighting for this goverment….and our freedom….or theirs, I can’t decide which.
I am curious though what wed site you got my name from…I don’t mind ..I was just curious.
Sincerly Yours
P.S. Thank you for what you did years ago…I know no one thanked you then….but I am thanking you now…… God Bless you.


Many years ago communisizam was the universal evil ! Now it’s Isliam ! ( Islam is not a real religion , the koran is a crimenal doctrine, mohomed was a rapist, murder, a white slaver, an all around crimenal. he took somethings from the tora and bible and put them in the koran trying to give it credability ) I seen many many years ago as a young man that our goverment was corupt ( I never trusted carreer polititains ) and not just ours. I have asked all five of my ellectted reps. for help in getting an FBI civil rights investigation, Because my rights were violated by several state employees at the minn. department of employement and economic development. But my ellected reps. did nothing but stab me and my family in the back!!!! We will not vote for them we will vote for other candidates!!! At 17 ( I am now 43 ) I knew we would have to fight lsliam. I also seen that we would have to fight China as well! I am sad and afraid to say it but Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2008 and she will ILLEGALY be declaired the winner. She will sell us out to china more than her husband Billy bob did! Sometime between 2009 and 2012 China will attack and invade America!!!! China is now making deals with musliam goverments to secure oil for there war machine.! Theres the tie to the armys of the godless that will attack isarel as said in the bible.! We to put it bluntly are in a world of shit.!!!! All of those who have betrayed us will pay in the end they will not go unpunished.!!! I will defend my family from the godless of China and islam.!!!!


Hi Jack,
I just read your article on despising government, and I have to say thank you for the courage to write this article…

I have been walking with the Father for now about 27 years, and have been out of the ‘harlot church system’ for about 8 years now, my husband, also saved, has worked for the canadian government for over 25 years here in victoria bc,

this has brought us much grief and contempt over the years, as people seem to think this is not Gods will to be a part of this system, and look down on you quite a bit,

He has always given God first place in his work and life, and all the decisions that come with it, and he has been moved up to manager status over the years, and we beleive this was something that God did, every time it happened,

and for us…we truly believe this has been ‘training’ mostly in dealing with people and their problems, nature and emotions, as much as coping with the job and its own set of things that cause you to decide many times what integrity is, and how to stick with what you really believe, keeping the faith in truth,
its training in leadership….for many of us will be asked to do that in the kingdom upon earth when it is here….just because the Father has chosen to do it through a satanic government, does not mean its not right, or valid…

when in the church, our pastor gave homage to local mps and leaders etc, but in truth, the guys who are below them,managers and general office workers, keep the country going, and many of them are folk who are just trying to help people…and do a good job, not bad people, most not saved, but this does not mean every one is totally evil…meaning many have still got some principles….(not meaning they are not sinful in nature)
of course we know, that all government on earth now is corrupt, and always will be, and only when Jesus Christ comes back will that change, and we will see what true government is…

roll on that day huh!

but in the meantime, we are as you say to pray for our countries, speak up against wrong, when we are supposed to,

but all this
‘fight, and resist, take up arms etc, kind of talk we hear so much these days,
all the
fear, and constant unsettling of spirit I dont believe is of God at all,

for we are NOT of this world! we are seperate from all of this….we should be different!

I have listened to lots of this stuff on the internet, for several years now, but of late, I have found myself becoming more and more grieved in my spirit at all this talk,
we are
called, to ‘rest in christ’ not be scared, agitated and explosive’ as many seem to be of late,

its almost like the more stuff comes about, the more they revel in telling us time is almost out, and if we are not ‘prepared’ and ready, we will be in dire straits,
surely to ‘prepare’ for the most part, is to be found resting in the Father, as without that, how can one know at all what you are supposed to be doing, and the danger
of not being there…is to go forging ahead in your own understanding….

we are warned about so many awful things, and its not helping the people of God at all,
those who need to hear these warnings,(the unsaved and carnal christians) are not listening, and never will, so as children of God, shouldnt we be ‘building one another up in ‘hope’ and faith, not just fear and panic…

of course we should be aware, and prepare somewhat for some things, that might be coming, we can do this with a calmer spirit surely?

but we must never forget too, that the children of israel ran out of ‘everything’ after a month in the wilderness, and God had to ‘provide’ for his own,
we are rather short sighted if we think our gold, food and other things will last us for the whole of the period they are talking about, and I wont get into that,as I personally dont think its quite upon us yet…

in the end….every one of us must simply trust and lean upon the Father,and this is repeated many times in history , when times were very hard and the end of the age will be no different…

I hope my thoughts have come through ok, I am very disturbed by all this stuff, and once again I just wanted to say I agree with you about what we should be like…
isnt “prayer” our best defence for change?
isnt our Lord the one who showed us that we dont “take up arms’ to defend ourselves,?

I will never have, or want a rifel or gun, I am a 55 year old british canadian, gal,
who will have to rely on my faith and trust in the protection of the Father,

I could go on for ages, but I think I have to go now and see to my pets, and have a cup o tea..:-)
many blessings ,peace, safety and wisdom be yours…Angela.


howdy jack, no disrespect intended, i have my own beliefs and philosophies.
thank you for your intrest in sharing with me your thoughts and belief.
best to you. Chester


I’ll visit your web site. BUT: I am not “religious” in the usual sense. I believe very strongly in the native American / Buddhist practices of respecting mother earth and nature. I do NOT believe in GOD, and I was born a JEW, so I may have trouble with some of your view points.. but I am open minded. I am also a feminist-humanist…and a bit of a redneck at times I am an nra member..writer/biker/poet..which also makes for interesting party conversations..I tend to stay away from bible thumping lords prayer reading chest crossing types, which is A MAIN reason why I despise the 12 step-fellowships they are so full of hypocrisy, its nauseating. but, I’m 17 years clean..I did get a “foundation” there, but RAN for my poor radical life!!!!

Dear Mr.Hook! Thank You for your letter.I’m glad to talk with a wise and life-experienced man.I’ve been visit your site and read some articles(but not all yet!)And”Moved with compassion”was especially interesting for me,because I’m military historian,Nam and America of 60-70 is my favorite theme.I’m 25,living in Russia.Our town named Nyagan’,this is Khanty-Mansiyskiy Autonome County,Siberia.Not many(just a little bit!)books about Vietnam War were edited in our Country.Thank You Lord,now I have free I-net and my information hunger about Nam almost out…I’m Sorry for my unperfect English.Hope You can understand everything what I mean.I call that “dog-syndrome”,like dog I can understand,but it’s very difficult to say.So I’m using dictionary-book sometimes.Can you shortly tell me about your friends sended in Vietnam? Well,that’s enough for today,it’s too late now(3’40″AM),I’m gonna sleep…Tomorrow I will visit your site again.Can I copying some your articles to translate and work with it?That’s OK? Thank you for your letter,hope we will met again in the wide spaces of I-net.Best regards from Russia. Sincerely,Pavel(Paul).Thank You.


I don’t ever like to be rude to anyone so I’ll look for a nice way to say this. I’m Jewish and don’t follow my religious pathways on the computer. I know who I am; where I’ve been; what I’m doing and when. Therefore, to communicate with me, leave your religious suggestions in your own computer. Don’t send them to me!! As for your liberal “cut and run” pacifist attitude toward these murdering prehistoric pieces of shit and their place on this planet? Well, it’s not the same opinion as mine so I guess we don’t have much else to talk about. Sorry to be so abrupt but I’m known as a no-nonsense kind of guy. I know who I am!!!
US Army Special Forces (Airborne)
Combat Veteran, RVN, ’67-’68

Thank you for your reply. I did look at your website and read the article about your daughter. I, too, like you, do a lot of reading, research and writing. My husband was with the 1st Infantry, The Big Red One, from August 1969 until October 1970. He has many problems emotionally. It finally got us a divorce. We still talk almost everyday and are still friends but his mental state had got to the point it was very scary. I was terrified of him. He is not married nor am I. He was a good man before Vietnam. I have tried very hard to find someone that knew him through several web sites on the internet but have had no luck. I had been writing about the story for a couple of years and then hurricane Katrina came through and I lost it all. I have to start all over but so far have not had the heart to start. When I write I have to sort of be there in my mind. It’s not look I can just sit down and write. Someday soon though. He will not talk about Vietnam. All I really have to go on are letters he wrote me and pictures and what I have heard from others. I too am a Christian and trust God to make my life complete in His own way. My Mom died 3 months ago and it has been really tough and me and God has had a lot of talks lately. She was my very best friend and I had her for 54 years. I miss her so much but my comfort is knowing she went so peaceful and is in a much better place than I am. God just closed her eyes, reached down and gently picked her up and took her Home. Such a blessing. I just wanted to know about your time in Vietnam and what years you were there and all that sort of stuff. Thanks again for writing and I hope to hear from you again. Take care and may God bless you and your family.

I just got your note. I probably am not a good candidate to read your writings.
I believe that Islam is the murderous Babylon and that the USA and Britain and Israel are brothers to be rejoined by Messiah as in Ezekiel 37 at His coming and that He will fulfill the destruction of Babylon as in Zechariah 14.
No where in scripture does He describe His hatred for the descendants of Joseph, although there is warning in Amos 2-3-4-5.
His anger is continually and openly focused at those nations that come up against Israel. He names then. EVERYONE of them is a MUSLIM nation. We are contaminated by sin, yes, but we repent when we are chastised. Islam does not.

Unless the LORD builds a house, the weary workmen toil in vain, Unless the LORD, the city keeps, the guards maintain a useless watch.
PS 127:1

Yes I am open and you may send me e-mail. When did you serve and which branch?
Col. Butler, USA RET.


Dear Captain Hook,

I couldn’t help but open your mail to me as we are both veterans and have worked with the USO in the Middle East during the Gulf War. We were with the USO serving the Sixth Fleet for seven years and returned from Israel in 1986 as citizens, a gift from Yahweh.

I am in the middle of editting one of our novels and writing another so I don’t have time for much mail at this time but you might be interested in my new novel, “Aliens, Demons and Angels”. I’ve a long way to go yet.

I’ll get to your letter another time.

Shalom shavua tov,


Shalom Jack,

I spent most of a day in your web-site.

I did not get to your experience in the military. I have plenty of memories of those myself.
I’m a Desert Storm Veteran.

Anyway, did you know that most of christendom is full of paganism and idolatry?

Do youi know anything about the prophecy mentioned many times, of the lost tribes of Israel being scattered all over the earth, to be drawn BACK to the Torah of Truth, along with faith in Yahshua the Messiah, at the end times?

Did you know that they that hunger and thirst for righteousness SHALL be filled, but they must be obeydient to YHWH?

Matt 5:17-19
hmm interesting huh….?

Yashua us saying that he did not do away with the Torah of Truth.

Never hear this in church do you?

verse 19 talks about the least in the kingdom of heaven…what is that?
Something I do not want to find out.

Look at Matt 7:21-23.

Wow isn’t that sobering!

What is the only group of people that prophecie in “his” name cast out demons in “his” name etc?

(I watched by the videos of the pastors “slaying” people in the spirit), being drunk and foolish in the “spirit”, yet not surprised, this is what Yahshua is talking about!!!

He wants nothing to do with lawlessness, which is Torah-less ness!

Anyway, I hope I have piqued you interest in Torah, the Torah that Yahshua said to keep and honor.

Shalom in HIM<

my son died from the effects of desert storm and i am still asking why he ask for help will he was there there is no paper work stating he got the help he ask for.am i mad damm right i am.guess who i am pissed at?need you know more .my 1st hubby was in vietnam war hes also decd now.


yes I believe they are I mean aliens the universe is just to big for there to be no other life then us, I don’t really believe in god but if you do I respect that, and I believe there is going to be peace in our future, yes they will make peace, and yes I believe they can share the same temple it should not be very hard to get along with other’s, sadly I do not know what they all have in common, I think that should be easy for the Christians I mean after all they have adapted so well to varies changes in the past, I think sheep would best suit them, and I think they would be a lion for they over come so many things I may not be Christian now but I used to be tell one day I went to church and they looked down on me because I was not wearing a dress so now I believe in giving all religions a chance.


Thank you for your views and that is what makes America Great! Jack, Pray for our President…………………. The Bible is clear how we should pray on that issue.

God Bless you Jack and your work and God Bless our Country!