April 2008 Comments

Dear Bro. Hook,

As you know, I too believe that Israel is in an apostacy since their initial rejection of their Messiah some 2000 years ago. The Bible declares it so and calls it blindness. However, I believe that professing Christians are also in their own apostate condition, just as dangerous as the Jews, in that they have re-defined who the Lord Jesus Christ is and what it takes to receive him into their hearts for real. In truth, they have created another Jesus in their minds that is in the image that they have created.

It is very sad that people will not study the Bible, and come to understand that Jesus Christ has his arms out saying to all: “Why will ye not come to me that you might be saved?” It is a real tragedy what is going on. You and I have talked about how most professing Christians today have left off the blood of Jesus Christ that cleanseth us from all unrighteousness. “Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow”. Praise the Lord Jesus for his prescious shed blood that, when applied to our heart, makes a new, born again Christian out of us.

Brother, you and I are on the same page on most if not all issues that we have discussed together. I urge you to continue in the faith, once deliverered to the saints.

In Jesus Christs’ Service,


Jack you are a dangerous man. Stop this bullshit … It is not America’s job to fullfill any sort of prophecy. how in the hell can prophecy be true. There will be no end ot the world. The tenants of every major religion is free will… so if bibilcal prophecy were true then mankind plays according to script andno one has free will. Wake up and smell the coffee..the only other way for prophecy is for time travelers…to be around…this I doubt sincerely too as the actions and reactions of screwing around with future reality would be devastating to everyone..
Other than four or five verses in the New testatment as versus hundreds of other versus there is no biblical reason for war and destruction. So stop spreading this BS to everyone. Just go to Church on Sunday and pray to yourself, God is not listening to the likes of you. Jerry


I also served in Vietnam (1966-67) with the Third Marine Division (2ndBn 3rd Regiment) as a SSgt. I always considered my self a Christian Soldier- still do. I would be pleased to be added to you mailing list. Regards, Joe, Captain USMC retired.



Glad you made it home from Vietnam. We left so many over there, you know. But of such are the wages of war. I have no answers that would satisfy the masses. I only know that there are no winners in war. There are no good wars nor are there any moral wars (an obvious oxymoron). If we all followed the teachings of Jesus … but now that I think about it, manypastors and ministers don’t even do that. Wars are started by politicians and heads of state, usually for financial or other
material gain cloaked in some moral pretext, such as freeing the slaves or making the world safe from terrorists. But usually, it’s all about greed, whether for land, oil, gold or something else. Nothing’s going to change for the foreseeable future, but some day, when mankind has had enough, someone will come along and lead the masses to a life of peace and prosperity. Sadly, I don’t think it will be in my lifetime, but I feel it in my bones. Just remember that the universe, (the earth, if you don’t want to get that far out) is in perfect balance. For every hate crime on earth, someone risks their life to save the life of another somewhere in the world. For every family that gets blown out of their home by a tornado, someone gets a new home from Habitat for Humanity. I could go on, but I think you see what I mean. For people like you and me, the answer is to do
what you can do. Hold the door open for someone you don’t know. Pay a visit to the local VA hospital and cheer up a few of the guys who really need it. Look up an old war buddy and tell him you still think of him. Help old ladies across the street whether they want to go or not :=). Someone else like you will see what you are doing to make the world a better place and maybe, just maybe they’ll start doing those random acts of kindness. Who knows, Jack. You could start a trend. But even if you don’t, you will have made the world a better place for someone that day, and through that, for yourself as well. Time to di di mao.

Captain, AUS (Ret).


Thank you for your gracious response, Brother Hook.

My brother, Jim, also served in Vietnam. He sent me the link to your site.
It is my prayer and hope that Jim will turn to Jesus and your work may be just what he needs.
The closest I have ever been to combat was the Cuban missile crisis of 1962.
I was serving in the Army National Guard at that time and my unit was placed on alert. I was in the guard seven years.
I salute your effort in ministering to those who have served in our armed forces.

May God ever guide you and keep you,



I have read your testimony and was deeply touched. A mother’s prayers answered is the sweetest thing and close to my heart.

My husband is also a vet of the Viet Nam era. He joined the reserves in 1968 and admittedly to avoid being drafted and sent to Nam. His father was tragically killed in an airplane crash in 1963. His focus was on his mother and siblings and he was trying to see a way clear of another tragedy that he knew his Mother would not be able to handle. He proudly served in the USAR for 20 years. He retired in 1998. There were a couple of breaks in service.We are both born again Christians and he is a student of prophecy and gifted in that area.

I am not sure what your emails are all about or how we ended up here from Dave requesting information on the Utah Mall shooting. I read your web page (most of it) and there is one thing that disturbs me. You proclaim that Satan and all his fallen angels are in charge of the governments of the world and religions of the world. This doesn’t’ ring true in my heart. Isaiah says that the government is on HIS shoulders (meaning Christ). I also looked at your chart which seems to point at the catholic church as an evil empire and harlot. Do I have your point of view correct? Where are we going with all of this?



thanks for your mail I first went to nam in 65, with the 561ambulance co, I was a Siagon warrior, came back realitive intact got married and then went back with the 1st Inf div in a packet. I was a medic with the 1/26 Inf Div, Blue Spaders. As if that wasn’t enough got divorced extended for the 498 Dust off co, loved it that year scared silly most of the time but did my job. was back for a year or so in germany returned back to nam and was in the 6cc hosp on china beach, or there abouts. I have a big mouth so after calling my 1st louie and platoon sgt a couple of drunks one night I ended up in our punishment co the 50 med co as a convoy medic where I remained the rest of the year.

Yes I do believe in GOD, I donn’t follow his rules that well, but to say there is no GOD is down right stupid and dangerous just look up in the sky some dark night. I will admit I cant concieve of him, but I do believe in him and i have quite a lot to answer to.




What you wrote is absolutely beautiful. I feel the Govt. lied during VN, and still lies; that is why I have so little faith in politics and the political arena. Rush Limbaugh is as bad as Michael Moore – anything to extreme is bad.

I support the soldiers in Iraq, although I don’t necessarily agree with the President’s policies all the time. Yes, humans are sinful by nature. I have often wondered why it is OK to kill in war, but the Commandments say “Thou shalt not kill.” I have always believed that if God leads us to it, he will lead us thru it.

Not sure I am as religious as you. I am Christian and most definitely believe in God. I am sorry to say I am not a regular church goer, because I also became somewhat discouraged w/organized religion also.

I have respect and compassion for all VN vets. I will be thrilled and pleased to read your web site. Please write more. My book collection is filled with books on VN, most of which I have read. Am anxious to learn more about your experiences in country. Were you an atheist before you went to VN? Did VN make you that way? Am very happy to know that you did not continue on that path.

Later – Gerry



I will be looking at your web sight and, I read, exchanging ideas. The question you proposed pertaining to what faith would the antichrist come from brings me to this comment. In Rev. chapter 12 verses 7 though 11 or so it states that Satin and his followers have been cast out to the earth. Satin is the antichrist and the locust army is made up of his angelic followers. I look forward to hearing from you. I also am a Vietnam veteran, you probably already new that.



Jack Bauer is TV bull.

James Bond was Ian Fleming’s way of making money based on fantasies piled
on his real life (but vastly exaggerated in print) espionage experience.
At any rate, it’s going to take more than just one person to carry the
freight for an entire nation.

The easiest way to remedy this situation is for Americans to inform
themselves about what’s going on, vote, make their druthers known and
vote out the politicians who don’t go along with their wishes or at least
provide damn good reasons as to why they didn’t do what you thought you
should have

Democracy needs an informed, participatory electorate with enough brains
and courage to act on real national needs in the here and now, with
knowledge of the past an eye on the future
and “the common good.” With at least a nod to an attempt at fairness and

But that would involve putting down the channel changer and getting out
of the mall for a minute.

Ever hear that song “Lonesome Valley?”

At least collectively “you got to walk it for yourself.”

*All* fundamentalists are whacky. There’s a difference between helping
people help themselves and doing for them what they should do for

One of our founding father said those who would trade liberty for safety
deserve neither. George Orwell warned us about Big Brother. We went for
Big Doofus and Little Dick Cheney.

Every one in a uniform is not a hero–until they do something heroic.
Otherwise you’re just licensed to kill. If you’re not a good cop, FBI,
CIA agent, troop you’re just a good mercenary. If you’re good at what you

We have a culture of death here: Bring on the apocalypse so we can live
for ever!!

You ask some strange questions. People, of all faiths, beliefs and ethnic
groups get out of pocket–some knowingly and deliberately. Some out of
ignorance or indifference. But,

Every one over the age of two knows they have to clean up after


Jack: All that needs to be done in Iran, is to take one of the drones turn it into an ebomb or fit it with one send it over and into Iran near their Nuke junk and let it do its thing no more nuke no more Iran. period, Lord please forgive me for my thoughts amen. Bro. Stan


Sorry, Jack,
I can’t promote any web site, or argument based on religion – any
religion. It seems to me we are chest deep in our current quagmire
because the crazy Fundamentalist Muslims are butting heads with the
crazy Fundamentalist Christians.
I understand that both religions are, at their base, peaceful. But
they’ve been taken over by narrow minded factions that won’t
compromise, and can’t back down.


Hi Jack,
Good to hear back from you. The subject of prophecy has come to be
confusing these days. I grew up in a denominational environment and they had
so many prophetical scenarios it was confusing at best. One prophecy teacher
in my old Christian high-school had Jesus coming back in 1973…
I will say that I tend to listen more to laymen such as yourself,
especially considering your military background. I have been researching the
truth about the events of 911 and it still amazes me that man can be so
deceitful, but God warned us about the heart of man in Jeremiah 17:7-8.


You have so much to read!!!!

Without having read it all…..here’s something that’s been bugging me.
Why is everyone so sure that Babylon is the US?

When people speak of Mystery Babylon they think of it just like that.
Instead of Mystery, (notice the punctuation) Babylon the great, the
mother of harlots and abominations of the earth…..then later – Babylon
the great is fallen, come out of her my people that ye not be partakers
of her sins.

Yes – the US encapsulates ALL of the things that could be regarded as
abominations etc etc. It is a multi-ethnic nation so – call it a
diorama??? of the Earth. But – sometimes I think….what if it is the
Church? The whole thing is a MYSTERY. The sentence says
Mystery………Babylon the Great…..John didn’t understand, it was a
mystery…..and I think THAT is the great secret of Revelation. Once the
real Babylon is identified…..then and only then will we be really sure
that the ‘end times’ are upon us.

If you look at the church, the catholic church in particular – but also
all the various ‘sects’ or denominations of the so called Christian
church….they all have their own varying ideas of ‘what being a
christian church is all about’. They all have that core of Jesus Christ
being the Messiah. But they diverge in varying directions or
paths….they may even follow the same path for a w hile…..then split
off then rejoin.

If this one world religion gets up and running…..it would be an
abomination in the eyes of God…..because from what I gather, it will
end up with the unholy church worshipping he that is regarded as the
anti-christ. So – that could be the Mystery, Babylon.

I gtg – have to go to the pharmacy to get the kiddies some medicine. I
haven’t thought through thoroughly the above……:) And of course have
as yet to read and think about every thing you said in you original email

God Bless

Dear Jack,
Thanks for contacting me ! Yes, it is good that we have been blessed to meet on the internet !
I am A “Sovereign Grace Believer” ! God is in complete control, and has His own design and purpose for everything that takes place ! As in the case of Jesus Christ, wicked men took Him and nailed Him to a cross ! Yet God took that wicked act, and used it to serve His own purpose ! He provided a Saviour ! So even all the evil in the world today, is serving a purpose in God’s plan !
Do you have a mailing address ? I would love to also share literature with you by mail ! Nothing happens by chance ! And there is no such thing as luck ! Everything happens by design ! And since God is in control of all people and events, He is able to make “All things work together for good to them that love him, to them who are the called according to his purpose” ! Romans 8:28
God is the Potter, and we are the clay ! See Romans 9:21, also Jeremiah 18:1–6 ! We all will become the kind of vessel He chooses to make us ! Either a vessel of honour, or a vessel of dishonour ! The choice belongs to the potter, not to man, the clay ! Go down to any potter’s house and learn that very simple lesson ! As God instructed Jeremiah to do !
The false doctrine of man’s “Free-Will” is paving the way for the Anti-Christ ! For it has the clay making the decision, and not the potter ! Which is nonsense ! Man is not the sovereign of his own destiny ! God is the only true Sovereign !
And the great battle of the last days will prove who is the true Sovereign ! And will prove who is truly in control ! That is the revelation God gave me !

Take Care, Harold


Sorry, Sir, but I wish you would not call Presdient Bush a counterfeit Christian. You don’t know his heart..only Jesus does.


Dear Jack,
The only people that I have heard of who want to
fight an invading force of Aliens is the Bush White House.
Just who do you think the son of perdition is?


Dear Jack,
Thank you so much for your email, and for sharing your web-site. I’ve already checked it out and bookmarked it for reference; and am planning to read and study it in detail. I’m a bit curious to how you got my email address, but believe that the L-RD ordained this, so I am also thankful. Please include me in any future mailings that you might send, and if there is ever a prayer need or concern, please don’t hesitate to let me know. G-D’s blessings to you and may He continue to guide you as you share His heart. Again, thank you.

in His grace,


Hello. Your message makes one stop what they are doing and THINK. Yes, I will take time to read info in your library. I scanned your site tonight. People need to reevaluate where they are heading.
Thanks, Maryann


Thanks, but we prefer to live in the real world. James


Hello Jack,

I really did not have time to read all these e-mails on my inbox as I read them at work, so the discussion that started last year about the militant Christians I just read it yesterday and today.

The reactions that other people had in relations to your beliefs and comments does not amaze me. I will explain why below.

When I readed the two e-mails of Sandy and David I could hear inside of me a voice telling me “Yes, this is the solution, this is what we should do to Muslims etc.” Now, I know that this is the voice of the devil, of the flesh, I learned how to recognise it.

Sandy and David and the like should learn how to deny this inner voice and follow what the Holy Spirit says.

What they seem to forget, them and all those who agree with them, is that Muslim and Al-Qaeda call America “the great evil of all”. Now, let me ask you something, are we not saying the same thing? Even when Bush and Blair talk, they keep on saying that it was God who appointed them as leaders, and it is God who told them to go to war in Iraq and flight against Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda, on the other hand, is saying that they are the instruments of God to clear evil out of the world (let me mention here, if you did not know already, that the building of the Pentagon is a five-point star, and this is the symbol of satan personified.)

God is in control of all things, all the events that are taking place right now are all under the control of God. Even that Muslims will be hated by all is written in the Bible.

The generation of Ismael, the Lord blessed them because they were still the children of Abraham, and what did the angel of the Lord say to Hagar in the desert. Gen 16 v 10-14: “10 And the angel of the LORD said unto her, I will multiply thy seed exceedingly, that it shall not be numbered for multitude. 11 And the angel of the LORD said unto her, Behold, thou art with child, and shalt bear a son, and shalt call his name Ishmael; because the LORD hath heard thy affliction. 12 And he will be a wild man; his hand will be gainst every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren. 13 And she called the name of the LORD that spake unto her, Thou God seest me: for she said, Have I also here looked after him that seeth me? 14 Wherefore the well was called Beerlahairoi; behold, it is between Kadesh and Bered.” Brothers fighting against brothers, Ismael and Isaac were brothers. Yes their fight against one another it is now centuries upon centuries. We are all paying for Abraham and Sarah’s unbelief. They came out of the will of God and we are all paying the consequences.

So Muslims and Christians are brothers, yet we fight against one another, but Christians are commanded to love your enemies, love our brothers, love your neighbours…

The militant Christians should read their Bible more, and ask the author of the Bible to decodify it for them, and to learn to remember the Old Testament when events like this take place in the world of today!

When I say that I am not surprised that these sorts of Christians are around is the fact that these are fleshly, proudful of their nation, these are those who swear allegiance to Christ and swear allegiance to America at the same time (you can only serve one master, not two!). I would not be surprised if these will even accept the mark of the beast, as they will be just following what the government will impose on each citizen of the world (satan is blinding them with lies that look like righteousness and truth). They should stop to be so patriotic because it does not lead to anything. They are just accumulating problems on themselves.

The Bible say that at the end times brothers and sisters will betray one another, the love of God will grow cold in their hearts, and they will war against each other, brother against brother, sister against sister, even whole congregations against one another. That is why also the Bible says that two will be in bed, one will be taken away, the other will remain, two will be in a field, one will be taken away, the other will stay. These are members of our own family, members of our own congregation, the weeds between the wheat.

That is why I said I am not surprised there are people like this.

Let me share a secret with you…every time I pray and ask the Holy Spirit about events that are happening in the world today I ask him: “What it going on? What is happening? Where are we going? What is going to happen next?” the Holy Spirit always tells me: “It will get worse!” It tells me often.

Never like now we are nearer the return of our Lord Jesus Christ, he is at the door, Jesus said when you see Israel surrounded by armies, now that its end is near. Believe me, this will happen very soon.

Again, already the mark of the Beast is circulating, but people, even Christians, do not realise!

Do you know that everything we buy now (food, clothes, etc) has already the mark 666 on it? The bar code. The 3 longer lines (left, centre and right) are 3 sixes. The number 6 on the line is like this: II – just check other 6s in another bar code, except the three longer ones, you will see that I am right.

What about every credit card, debit card, store card? They all have the microchip already.

Do you know that the microchip is already been inserted into people? In Spain there was a case of a person who went to a night club (and this is 2006 national news here in London) and they inserted a microchip in his arm. He then charged the microchip with money, so that he will not need cash in the club. Every time he had to buy something in the club, all the cashier would do was to scan his arm and detract the credit out.

Here in London there is something called “the Oyster Card”. Now, they are obliging everybody to have this card so that the travel in London is cheaper with this card. There is a microchip in the card. You just charge it with the amount you need to travel and that is it.

I heard of American prisoners being microchipped with all their details in case of escape (This was news in 2004, if I remember correctly).

Even news that we read on the papers, that we hear on the radio, TV, internet, etc. is jus the tip of the iceberg of what the government’s agenda is.

We all need to have the discernment of the Holy Spirit to understant these events. “He who has ears, let him ear what the Spirit says”. Jesus always said it, both when He was on earth and in Revelation, to John.

I leave you with two passages of the Bible in Rev: 12 v 11: “They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony” and 19 v 10 (last paragraph): “For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Even now I feel to speak in tongues, but I am at work, so I am doing it in the spirit. PRAISE GOD! ALLELUIA!


You are free to forward this to whomever you want, but please tell them that if anyone wants to e-mail me, to e-mail me at this address:

blessed@godspost.com and not at my work address, as I am writing this at work.

God bless you my friend Jack.

I would like to visit US, I must have told you in the past that we believe me and my husband that God is calling to serve in US. I was born in Chicago, so when we come, if we are near, we shall pay you a visit, if you wish. We don;t know yet in which state or town God is calling us to serve.

Have a good day in Christ and keep the faith always.



My dearest brother in Christ,

I am a 50 year old Christian man, veteran of the USN and USAR and a former Police Officer. But at this time I am very confused. I received this e-mail from you , but I do not know who the first party is or how that conversation started. Did I miss something in a previous e-mail? Was I given this so as to respond or just for informational value?

I have read your reply and have been on your web site before and you are a very intelligent person. Tact, articulation, empathy and sincerity come through loud and clear when you write. I enjoyed reading your e-mail.

However, I have a few concerns with what you stated and some things about your website, and I am not sure if I should bring them up to you or just let sleeping dogs lie, so to speak, so as not to offend. I do not want to come off as some “Holier than thou” person and if I have a question or concern, sometimes it comes out that way, quite unintentionally, though. That is why I hesitate to say anything.

So, I leave it up to you. Should I say what I want to say and we can discuss it, or should I leave well enough alone?

Thank you for your time.


the lamb is not king. the lamb is shishkebab. (take me off yer moronic list)