April 2009 Comments

Dear Jack;

Uhhh…how about sending me emails that talk like a Christian–helping the poor, the elderly, the sick, the downhearted, etc.

You can talk about all the “doctrines” you want, but the best doctrine is love.

Why don’t you talk about how the most important thing is we love one another and help everyone every day?

I do Girl Scouts and take food and clothes to the mission and write letters for peace and love each and every day. What do you do to help out? Why doesn’t this website you recommend post recommendations on charities and ways to help others.

I really believe we have already been provided with sufficient assets and resources by the Divine so that everyone around the world can have decent housing, education, clothes, medical care, clean water, etc. We just need to be working to the goals that everyone is taken care of.

Why not do something along those lines.

Peace and love my friend.



Jack, I have enjoyed your articles written, at your site,
thank you for speaking truth here.
I am standing now and looking up, my ears are ready for the “trumpet,” sound
to hear it blow across all levels of existence.
So many may not hear, beause they did not listen and receive his “spirit,” as we did!
I pray for them, on my knees, and ask for a little more time, that the Good Shepherd, will
pull more of the lambs into the fold, or house.
Thank you for your boldness, and willing to stand up for our Wonderful King of King, and of
course the “King of the Angels”! Not the fallen ones, of course. The battle is won, we both
understand when The Christ,” hung on the Cross. Battles coming even more,
no worries, becuase our Father protects us, Jack. Just interesting to see all that is
moving around us, the news media, people walking in fear, not faith. I cannot wait to see MY KING,
appear in the sky, and take me home. Anyway, I plan to review all the articles here.
By the way, we are judged as “cracked pots,” but no prolems, I only care of the Master’s thoughts of me.
Bless you sir,
Ready in waiting in Atlanta, Georgia
Now, if we have to die for the Cause, the Cross, we will do, a physical death, no worries. Agape!


Hi Jack.

I don’t quit know your stand on the Rapture. I fully believe we will “see” the anti-Christ, who will appear mid-tribulation. Christ, when asked by his disciples, “When will you return?” Jesus said, “No man knows the day or the hour, not even the Son of Man, only the Father knows that. BUT when you SEE the desecration of abomination, as spoken of by Daniel the prophet, then look up for the Son will return for his bride the church. (paraphrased).

God has shown us in His word, how he deals with punishment and judgment. Noah was saved, “at” the moment of judgment began. Lot and his family were saved “at” the moment of judgment. Therefore, God is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow, so it would follow that the “judgments” of the tribulations, which begin mid way through the tribulation, after three years of peace, when the anti-Christ, who is probably a Muslim, coming out of Satan’s religion, will make himself known.

Listening to you, I sort of get the idea that you believe the church will go through the whole tribulation? So much is going on in world affairs, and technology are that the way is being paved for the end. Who knows who the anti-Christ is… OBAMA?? *smile*

Thank you for the work that you are doing, and thank you for proclaiming the word of God, and offering the plan of Salvation to the world through the Internet and radio. God Bless you.

Dr. Ken


My husband and I are ready and waiting. We both know that no one knows the time but God’s word says to watch…there are signs. We both believe Jesus is, right now, at the Gate of Heaven, just waiting for Abba Father to say,”It’s time, Son. Go back for your people.” Was glad to read your mind on Jews being God’s Chosen. That tells me you’re on the right track and OK. Did you read my “A Gentile’s Journey”? Is that how you wrote me? Char


Darwin rules.
Science and rationalism will prevail.
The disease of superstition and religious fanaticism (whether Christian, Jewish or Islamic) will be exposed, discredited and defeated.

YOU are the satanic forces seeking to destroy our culture and nation.

Your days are numbered .. you narrow-minded purveyors of a new “Dark Ages”.

Soon people will be so fed up with you sick funda-gelical bastards, that they’re going to deal you the judgment that you so richly deserve, for the terrible damage that you’ve done to this country, the manner in which you’ve debased and perverted our sacred secular values and institutions.

THEN real freedom and justice will triumph.

Let justice be done.
Though the heavens fall….
Let JUSTICE be done.



Hi Jack,
This is a great article and speaks very honestly to issues that apply to many other “religions,” movements, etc. as well. I don’t have time to discuss this in depth now, but after this war is over it would be interesting to have more in-depth email exchanges. I want you to know that I very much respect your military service, the very painful struggles you went through, and the compassion that you show to all. Thank you for being the caring person that you are.

Hope you are well,



a belated welcome home, soldier. as a jew i can tell you our scepticism of messianic claim comes from a more logical reasoning. our Torah and Writtings have been preserved through thousands of years and can be verified, historicaly . we see no such proof of this with in your writtings. other than their meer existance ,mostly in english. our Writtings are Hebrew , and you try to explain prophecy in english. ussually miss translating so much of the Hebrew that it is unrecognizable as Jewish Writtings.your Jesus is a clearly anglican representation of a Hebrew concept and Prophecy, also unrecognizable to any jew as authentic or meaningfull to us. we will continue to observe those things given to us by HaShem to Moshe , until we , on an individual level. , are able to decern what and who Moshiach is for ourselves. Be well and good luck.


You are clearly completely barking mad.


Hello Jack.

I happened across your email in my “junk mail” section, and wonder just
where you discovered my information.

Meanwhile I quickly perused your website and want to say that my spirit is
always refreshed and invigorated as I discover a brother in Christ who
studies the scriptures and watches, with wisdom and understanding, the signs
of the times. These truly are perilous times as Satan makes war against the

How I do love the appearing of our Lord and Saviour, knowing that each day
is an opportunity to stand and speak for Him in the midst of a dark and
perverse kingdom. I also marvel at God’s work in the lives of all of us who
were once slaves to sin, without both hope and God.

Thank you for contacting me and reaching out. I’ll try to find time to
visit your website to read its articles.



I am a “Free Mason” and I have done much study on the Jews and Christians. I am also a Mormon which includes in it’s temple ordances parts of the endowment of what the “Free Masons” do in their Temples. Free Masons built the second Temple and they observed many things among the High Priests in the Temple. The Square and Compas are important to remember as tools used to build parts of the temple. They are also symbolic symbols used in Mormonism and also taking the right hand to the square, and on our money American one dollar bills, you see the Temple and the Seeing Eye. I am currently in Utah and hope to head back to California in the spring. Steve


I can agree with most of what you are saying but I look at things a little more short-sighted.
As for the devil’s agents I lump ALL of the politicians and those that support them . Those are the ones I want to eliminate from power. However , keep up with your prayers and such. I’ll try to do the same. I am a veteran, although like you I was more in the background. I enlisted at the end of the Korean conflict and was never in harms way other than when the ship I was on had to go and move the Nationalist Chinese from the Tachen Islands to Taipei. That was the closest I was to being in harms way. They told us, (after) that the communist Chinese sank an LST of the Chinese the day before we went in. The most excitement that time was when they blew up some of the explosives that they couldn’t take with them. Scared one of the guys so bad we didn’t see him for two days. Never did find out where he hid. –
Keep up the good work. – I’m not cut out for that type of work. – Bye – Bruce


I missed this November e-mail(The Evangelical Subculture by Jim Baumgaertel) when Jack Hook sent it. I was trying to catch up and clean up the inbox folders, and found this from November. The essays are very important for CHRISTians to review and reflect on. The core essay below is by Jim Baumgaertel…for all Christians. Thank you Jack and Jim.

I guess that is why I’ve not been overly impressed by the overly-emotional charged venues of churches that play rock music, where people jump up and down, and the church grows to a size where no one recognizes each other and know one knows each other by name. Perhaps a church where the pastor has planning boards, money management boards, strategic plans, and appears more focused on member growth than saving souls. Or it could be the “Christian” who over authors popular books and then rents big sports arenas for Tony Robbins type professional and energetic stage shows with music, video for increasing shorter attention spans of Americans, all for only $20 per person (popcorn, singles Christian tropical cruise tickets, books, DVDs, music CDs, not included, $20 for admission only).

Like so many other aspects of our society/culture, too many Christian venues seem more appealing to the ‘feel good’ populace, the very market segments that are willing and able to spend enormous money on people/things/religions/events, that make them FEEL GOOD. Serving CHRIST, serving others, serving community, saving souls and charity is all secondary to first FEELING GOOD, serving ONE’s SELF.



Have we met before? I will definitely check out your web site.
Thanks For your Service to our great Country and Patriotism and especially your FAITH in JESUS CHRIST our SAVIOR.


Thank you so much for your e-mail.

I too am a vet, though of a different war, Christian, confronter of the (administrative side of ) the VA, and something of a writer. I am working on my master’s in military history and especially like to hear recollections of individuals’ combat service.

I also am curious about the things I here about the End Times on the radio. Now that I retired, I no longer have access to intelligence to verify information.

It also galls me how the media quickly forgets what is said to instead twist what they want to say. The Iranian nuclear program issue is an example. The government put out the information a while back that the Iranian program was not trying to make “the Bomb” but refining for making a jacketed bomb or “dirty” bomb. Forgetting the source of the information, they have been all over the President on this.

But I digress.

Thanks again,



Dear Brother Jack,

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, I am blessed with your articles and I believe the exciting and final days is in our doorsteps I think Christians should be on guard always since our enemy is determine also to take what the christians have if we remained lukewarm in the things of God, I am encourage to teach fellow believers in the area of spiritual warfare so we will remain awake and at all times on guard.I have visited your website and signed your guestbook.

God Bless you.

In Christ,
Pastor Ruel



You do not know how much your recent email touched me! I am convinced that the Gospel that we are hearing today is NOT the FAITH that was once delivered to the saints! That FAITH that many died for because they would not compromise! Thank You for sending this- I have forwarded it to those that I feel would receive its message! We are truly in the apostasy of the church in these last days! Will the REAL JESUS please STAND UP?


Jack … Good reading …. Thanks for the contact … however I almost deleted it as your name was not known to me … how or were did you come by my email address ?
Regards, Harry


Nice to hear from you Jack. Your writings bring the Left Behind series to mind. I read the first one and lost interest after that because it was all so grim and prophetical. I am a Christian just like you, but more prone to reading the New Testament where there is hope rather than promise of punishment for sin. I understand that it took years of prophecy and tragedy to make believers of us mortals. I remember like yesterday the first day that I became a true believer, and it was many many years after I was sprinkled with Holy water. God came to me where I was and yanked me by the hair through the ministry of someone else. As I watched an actor drag a wooden cross down the center aisle of the church with fake guards whipping His back, it all came home to me. I was humbled to realize that it was all for me.
Thank you for your duty in Vietnam. I was about 12 at the height of your battles but I believed it to be wrong then, and still do. For some odd reason, probably related to money, our leaders believe that we should go meddle in some other country’s politics and sacrifice our soldiers in the process. The war in Iraq is particularly disturbing to me because the majority of our citizens believe that it was a mistake yet it goes on and on. I blame neither party for the way things are…just as many Democrats voted us in as did Republicans. They chose the way they did based on personal fear and political popularity. Sounds a bit like the Pharisees et al.

Much of what we base out votes on is spoon fed by the media in this day and time. There’s a war on everything these days and most of them are losing propositions. My Mama told me not to long ago to “take it as it comes.” There’s a lot of wisdom in her words. If the world as we know it ends tomorrow, I know where I will spend eternity and it won’t be in the lakes of fire. My life has been a lesson in faith, passed on by all the believers before me. For that reason, I choose to spend the rest of my life here on planet earth being pro-active about things like Jesus does. I have a healthy tolerant respect for those who believe otherwise.

Keep the faith.


Jack, I want to thank you for your knowledge you have sent me; I find it very interesting I have read info that I didnt understand nor heard before. I really hope you will send me more info. I hope that someday I will be as knowledgeable as you and I can make the right decisions in the days to come. thank you, Bill


Jack do me a favor; keep your silly opinions to yourself. Thanks


dear jack, i do not claim to have participated in a ” just” war, if there was such a thing and i wasnt a 100% disabled nam vet, i probably would participate in it, however, i was a combat medic in that one, so felt that i was more into keeping people alive than killing them, but as they say, war is hell and sometimes the lines get blurred. five minutes after arrival it was evident to me as an 18 year old kid that pappasan behind his water buffalo was not planning to come to little rock and do me any harm any more than the gulf of tonkin incident was a threat to me. it has always been a rich mans war and a poor mans fight and that part seems to never change. i will have to say that the country i supposedly went to war for no longer exists or is now unrecognizable to me. i see little point in going to a war where you tie the soldiers hands and prosecute them when the enemy has no such constraints. it is basically as simple as if you take two dogs, put a muzzle on one and let them fight, which one will win? it seems to me the politicians of today are all a total loss if we are hanging our hopes of staying a strong nation on them.


Please take me OFF of your mailing list. We are optimistic Christians who believe Jesus when He commissioned us to “disciple all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and, lo,
I will be with you always.” Matthew 28, 18-20. That job is NOT COMPLETED yet, and Jesus wouldn’t give us a job to do if He didn’t think we could complete it. The world is not coming to an end. May the Lord open your eyes to His Truth and Will.


Dear brother Jack,

I often read your articles and listen to your studies on the Byte show.
You have a good and clear voice on the radio! George Ann is often a little bit
harder to hear! She has a soft voice.

Jack I have a question.

For about three weeks ago I signed your guestbook.
After that I received two mails from christian ? (brothers?) in India. One from the
Kashmir district (I am told) and the other from the south of India. Also several pictures
were sent to me. I had sent some pictures of myself. (Not important)

I was touched and moved when I received those kind emails, because I was at that moment rather sad.
My husband died two years ago and I feel sometimes very lonely.
So when I received the tho mails from India I was very very surprised and saw this as the kind hand of God.

However, recently I received a request for money and then I thought …. be careful.

I didnot react on that request, instead of that I wrote an email that I would
bring them in contact with Open Doors, a christian organisation all over the world also
in India. They can perhaps make contact with them in India, if they have workers in India and
provide their needs.

I am anxious to hear from India again after that I told them this! If you know what I mean.
Does it often happen (to your knowledge) that people (who signed your guestbook)
are contacted by other people?

Well, I will be careful, because this world is a dangerous world full of people that will
deceive other people. It is hard to say but also often very true.

Jack, thank you for reading this email and maybe you will contact me one of these days
when you can spent a little time.

Shalom until now
Your sister in Christ


ok well you probably dont remember but we use to struggle philosphinly wise a while back until one of your posts offened me and i retailiated and you stop replying leading me to believe that rather a level headed thinker who also had faith you werre the usual crackpot preaching to the weak in hope of finding supporrt. But something a bout this post got to me and be awear that i dont understand it all im only 19 and politics is still very boring to me no matter how many you mention world war III but your first ppoint about how the Jews were promised that land in the bible well yes thats true but also the same land was promised to at least three other religions in their holly scriptous so really they are all fighting for what they think they were promised

Point two Russia although once big it is’nt now its still big economically backwards and its not a threeat anymore the only reason America dosnt like it is because well i dont know but its not going to pick up arms against you i mean for one thing it hasnt got anything so how can you say this please if your going to preach to people who could listern to you get your facts right its dangeous to say things like this.

Another thing for god sake Iran isnt dangeous its only trying to get the same power America has and Britian and France its not known for having a vicious dictator running it and for gods sake stop trying to stop making out that it has weapons of mass destruction cause if you lok at it econmically the only crountry that has the resources and is dumb enough to think it has the aurthority to have them is your own US of A

just so you know its spelt MUSLIM NOT moslim and i hope thats a typo and not some bible basher remark cause god your the butt end of every joke in the world. you could go up to a eskimo hermit crack a joke about someone from the bible belt who loves Jesus and he would exactly what your on a bout and have a good laugh at people like that. I mean ive meet muslims in my local area very nice people you have no right to attack them like that i mean not every christian was involed in the crusaides but you know you dont mention that do you

Lastly my personal spritiual views anit changed im still loving the buddist peaceful aspect of it and its far easer to be a pagan in todays world than christian as since pagans worship nature you can prove a pagan gods existence by going out side and touching a tree because that is paganism the nature in this world are gods since without the nature we’d of never been created and if it when’t well wed be dead within a year

so reply if you want to i really dont mind i just had to get that off my chest (if you turn out to be right ill be swing from chains in hell after i die but at least ill be in good company)


Dear brother in Christ,
I’m attaching something that I helped to write about the Israel question.

I would not argue against the idea that the return of Jews to their ancient
land could be a fulfillment of prophecy; however, I don’t believe that
unsaved Jews have any covenant right to the land. They have been broken off
by their unbelief. Therefore, the perilous situation that they are in has
been created, in part, by the Zionist political movement which encouraged
them to return to a land from which God disinherited them.

The promises to Abraham are to his Seed (singular), i.e., Jesus. Only those
Jews and Gentiles who are “in Christ” are the rightful heirs to those

God bless,


Thank you for this most insightful article. I too am very disturbed and have unbelief that a President I have supported would push toward a real anti-Christ situation. You have been the third person that confirms the following; In the last week I have had two other different messages that have confirmed the feeling I am receiving from the Father. This new year will bring a lot of changes to everyone on earth. An e-mail I received was concerning an Asian Country speaking about the people in the U.S.A. This isn’t written per exact wording, but it is the exact meaning. “American’s are spoiled and do not know what hard times are. You have your poor and street people, but even they can receive help. When hard times comes to America there will be many that will fall away from Christ teachings.” Be fore warned, we must cover ourselves in the word of God. This is what will carry us through the fire that is to come. (fire, meaning trials)

Now is a time to reach out to the unbelievers and bring all that will listen into the kingdom. Rather our Savior will return this year or the next it doesn’t matter, we must work while we can.

Thank you Jack for being one of many on the line of the battle. Many
Blessings to you,


Dear Jack….lighten up,man….prophecy is at best a well educated guess. Don’t die an unhappy and unfullfilled person. Look inside yourself… Peace and love Dave