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jack i read your story, i was with the 1/502 infantry 101st airmoble
div, in the eye corp, a place i would love to forget if i could, it just
want go, it was like being in a night mare, but you couldnt wake up so
matter what and will go with me to my grave.i have been to the wall in
d.c. it was very moving to stand there alone at 3.oo am and have all the
menory,s come flooding back like it was yesterday, i was walking with
the dead at the wall,


Hi Jack,
I always enjoy your emails I am a sister of a vietnam hero who died March 2,1968 I will cheish him always and all those that died that day.
I done a lot of research trying to find anyone who knew him because I know my brother was well loved by many, His Name was Charles Edward Bonds (Chuck) and he was with the 9th infantry Regiment at Tay Ninh – Cu Chi ,49 members of Co C 4th Bn 9th Infantry of the 25th Infantry Division and I know there was some one who did make it back and I would love to hear from them..
I also know several who were there but did not know him.
I always ask God to help each opf those who return home to have peace that surpasses all undersntading. Keep up the work that God is using you for I to also have a ministry called Golden Hands Ministries were my husband and i help others.

May God bless you all in the coming days and we send our love and the love of our Saviour Jesus Chirst…

Blessings Hannah


Hmmmm I don’t know….. The woman on the beast statue is right in front of the EU parliament and the Euros all have her image on the back… and they did use the tower of Babel as their design for the building…so far as I know the US hasn’t done any such thing. And after all the Trilateral Commission map encompasses the WHOLE WORLD….with three kings over it , and even though we think the US pres is all powerful, he really is not. Your UN leader is now a moonie. And Rev Moon Was crowned King of Peace in our congress as well as five other countries. Compelling? Watch him on You tube. No I don’t think he’s the one either, but this just shows how ready people are to worship someone. Obama too, it is worship he is getting, but his policies will destroy our economy, not save it and that’s what the Antichrist needs to pull us out of the ashes, such that even Christians will admire him.


Dear Jack,
Thank you for your email. I an a vietnam vet and a Christian. I am always happy to hear from fellow Christian vets just to know that we are still alive, well, and working for The Lord. Be forever blessed!- Lee Gaymon

Places Of Refuge Prison Ministry





Hello Jack, I am a Kansas gal living near Wichita. I used to receive your newsletter, I never did know how or why I got that first email March 1, 2003, but I knew it was a “God thing”. I have saved your mailings since then, but in the process of several moves, major life events and periods of no internet access over the past several years……..I was taken off your mailing list. Are you still sending out articles/newsletters?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

GOD Bless you, Sir,


Brother Jack,
Thanks alot for the informative message you sent to me. Would you let me know how you managed to get my address online? Interesting how the internet has made life easy indeed. Am much appreciative for your message and I will continue to pray for the nations of the world. God commanded me to PRAY on my knees at least 2 hours per day on my KNEES and to PRAY for a leader who will save the nations from sorrow and pain. A leader who will point he nations to he cross. I wondered how and who that leade might be! Yes – the White House leaders hold so much power in the whole world and so I pray everyday for any president of the USA – whetehr I agree with their policies and politics – I pray for them because I know what power they hold in their hads. A single mistake on that power would ignite the whole world to war!!! I will be in contact with you brotherman! You be blessed and stay well – Justine

Hi Justine,

Thanks for responding. I’m sorry but I don’t keep track of every web site that I visit or their newsletter I receive, so I can’t tell you which site had your name. I am retired and a writer, so I spend a lot of time on the internet researching material, especially in the religious-political-military arena. Many of them have forums or a guestbook, some send out letters with other people’s address on them. That’s probably how I saw your name

I hope my online book and articles help you even more in understanding the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ, his shed blood for our sins, and his glorious resurrection. There is coming a day when the Lord will return in judgment and then imprison the fallen angels who are temporarily allowed by God to rule the nations because of the Adamic sin nature of all men. Until that day of judgment we are to call all men to repentance, to love and offer forgiveness to the worst of our enemies, even those who wish us dead. There is coming a man, a leader who proclaim peace and safety for the nations, but he is the Antichrist, the great deciever. Keep in touch.

Your new eternal friend,
Jack D. Hook






Hi Jack – I went to your web site and read ALOT of what you have written about yourself and the word – I sent your letter Prophecy: A Vietnam Veteran’s Perspective to my brother-n-law who also is a Nam Vet. I have the utmost respect for warriors in any war – it takes all one has to go to war and then try and live a “normal” life after – Thank God for His Grace, Mercy, and Blood of the Lamb!!!

I have a question and I’ve heard sooo many answers to this, BUT none rang true in my spirit man. So here goes. In Gen. 6:1-4 scripture mentions sons of God, who some say are the fallen angels. 1st question is – how can angels fallen or not be able to get women pregnant? They are spirit correct. Only the Holy Spirit had made The Son with a woman. 2nd question: Scripture says WHILE this was taking place, there were giants on the earth in those days and after, where did they come from 3rd question: The sons of God and women bore children who were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown – is this were Mythology came from? I have heard Patrick Heron, Chuck Missler, Rick Wiles – they all say Nephilim means giants in Hebrew. OK that may be so, but WHERE did these giants come from, they were ALREADY on the earth when the sons of God went in to the women to create men of renown – do you follow?

What is your take on it? And have you heard of the book of Enoch and have you read it? Or the Forgotten Books of Eden? Some people have said that those books explain the mystery.

Thank you for taking the time to read and answer my email.
Shalom & Blessings


Hey Jack,

Just wanted to say Thank You for your latest email. It was most refreshing to hear a brother in Christ, expressing a Gracious point of view re: Eschatology whether or not anyone can know for certain when exactly the rapture will take place… at least in my thinking. I could quite probably be convinced in virtually each of the varying views. It is truly a reflection of the love of the brethren that ought to exist in flexibility one towards another in addressing these although critical doctrines, yet ought not to be divisive within the Body of Christ. We have so much in common in the Precious Blood of Christ to share rather than allow the enemy to use these points of view to separate what Christ has been no committed to holding together. I believe like never before irrespective to when exactly the rapture takes place we have plenty of incentive to be ready and on the Red Alert, and allow the Lord Himself to substantiate the precise order of events re: the rapture. Thanks again for the update re: Mexico, I found that to be most illuminating. Please take care.

In His Great Mercy,



You am pro-Israel. I am pro the world.
No more messages, please.


Jack, I agree totally with your response to Joni. America is not going to fall until the end, Revelation 18. People in America both in and out of the churches worship this country and democracy as their god whether they know it or not. As the people of this nation and people of the world worship this image of the beast, this beast system, much, much more deception is sure to follow. The years I spent in deception to the truth amazes me at times and also the cloud of deception that envelops people around me. Lord Jesus come quickly…



I’m not sure how you got my email address but you’ve got a whole lot of
stuff here that would take about a month to unpack. I am a Bible
student at Liberty University and will be going to Southern Seminary
this fall and I am also an associate pastor and evangelist here in NE
Illinois. I want to see the Gospel spread too, but you make comments
like, ” These two men will preach the true gospel, and stand up to the
Great Harlot of Christendom and the Beast she is riding.” Are you
talking about the Catholic Church when you write of the Great Harlot? I
understand that the two prophets will come back, but we as true
believing Christians ARE grafted in as a wild olive shoot to the tree by
faith in Jesus as the Christ.

Now I respect you as a veteran and an officer and I want you to know
that you have sent this mail to a DoD email address linked to the NMCI
system. I wish I had the time to check out your site but with studies
and church and work, I don’t have the time. However, I know that the
answers are all found in the pages of God’s Word, the Bible. I pray
that God blesses you.

Very respectfully,

ND1 (DSW/SW) Joshua


I read with great interest the thoughts you have sent me. I too am a veteran of Vietnam, having served with the 173rd Abn. Bde.(Sep) in 1969. I have a younger brother who is a minister for Christ via radio and CD’s that he produces and gives away at truck stops as his full time work is driving truck. I am going to send your message and links to him as we have been discussing just what you were in this e-mail. God Bless, keep em coming In Christ yours James.


Dear Mr. Hook:

I have recently come across your website. It is interesting to find someone else who shares the same basic beliefs concerning the Antichrists’s kingdom as I.
There are many verses from the Book of Revelations that imply that the United States of America is the kingdom of the Antichrist. But the verse from the
Bible that stands out the most for me is Rev.16:8-9:
The fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and his kingdom was plunged into darkness. Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed
the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.

There has been a lot of discussion, especially amongst Geologists, concerning a very large magma chamber that lies beneath Yosemite National Park. To this day,
there has been a lot of seismic activity at Yosemite since the United States is the only country that has a magma chamber underground that is still hot.
Scientists say that this magma chamber was the cause of a gigantic volcanic eruption that spewed enough ash to cover most of the present day U.S.

The interpretation of this one verse may seem to be a weird way to base my beliefs that the United States will be the future kingdom of the Antichrist but there
are also other passages from the Book of Revelations that imply that the Antichrist comes from America such as the one that speaks of the beast rising from the
sea. Also, since the United States seems to be the only country that is sitting on top of a hot magma chamber that has spawned a supervolcano in the past,
I believe that the fifth bowl of God’s Judgement will come in the form of the supervolcano erupting at Yosemite that spews out so much ash into the air across
Antichrist’s kingdom that it blots out the sun and plunges the continental U.S. into darkness. Unlike the other other bowl judgements that affect people worldwide,
I think this judgement may very well be poured out upon the people who elected Antichrist to rule them in the first place. This idea about the supervolcano came to
me as a possible form of the fifth bowl judgement after seeing a TV show that BBC did that was aptly named Supervolcano, in which the newborn volcano plunged
the U.S. into a freezing darkness and smothered it in ash.

It could just be that this is the punishment in store for America for electing a president in the future that will be more evil than Hitler and Stalin combined and blindly
following him. If this supervolcano erupts, people may very well be hurting from the intense cold that might come when the U.S. is deprived of the sun’s warmth.
Not to mention, people will be coughing alot since they will be breathing in air that may be laden with fine ash particles that will get in their lungs, causing sores in
them. I also have a feeling that a lot of Americans will be mad at God for letting such a catastrophe happen. The darkness coming from all of the ash that might
be spewed forth from this supervolcano could very well be absolute since the heavier ash particles raining down like dry snow might knock out power grids across
the U.S. by collecting so much on powerlines that it snaps them.

I am adding this speculation as well as many others about the End TImes into a novel that I am currently working on. Please let me know what you think about
this interpretation of the fifth bowl judgement.

God Bless,



I read your article. It touched me, for sometimes, I forget about the details of that time in my life. It is cleansing to remember and I don’t ever want to take any of that time for granted. We all need to remember.

I was in HHC 3rd Bde 25th Inf Div. I was in commo and we usually arrived to establish communication after the crap had hit the fan. During Tet, I was in the Dau Tieng base camp. We caught hell on the bunker line and in base camp. Like you, I did not know the ramifications or historical factors of what was going on at the time. I must admit, a lot of my understanding of all that transpired, occurred when the Internet became available to me.

I prayed a lot in Vietnam, of course to save my flesh, but my true understanding of what life was all about didn’t come about until I married my lovely wife Linda in 1980. She brought me back to the church and closer to Jesus. I left a few brothers back there and some that returned are wounded forever. Often, I feel that a part of me is still in southeast asia.

Keep up the great work and never doubt your God. Welcome home!



As a surgeon with the 25th Infantry Division at Cu Chi I am sure this Jew saved countless lives…of all faiths, colors and nationalities. The fact that you were friends with the folks that made JEW jokes without calling them out tells me who you are. Now I was there during the tet OFFENSIVE …the real war. I decided to study the NEW TESTAMENT….and believe me I know the carpenter. He’s not the problem. And its not Christianity its PAULISM. If you have any guts at all e-mail me your phone number for a loving chat. Respectfully yours , Dr B Schenk

Greetings Dr. Schenk,

Thanks for responding, even though your remarks are peppered with venomous language, even calling me a snake-oil salesman. You mentioned my old Gentile friends who told the jokes about Jews which was part of my conversion story located on the “about the author” section of our website. If you read the whole story and understood its clear meaning you would not call me anti-Semitic. For it was a Jewish man and his family that led this former atheist to the light of God. From that day until this very moment, the Lord Jesus Christ has given me a love for the Jewish people and the land of Israel.

Even when Christ-hating orthodox Jews reply to my articles and website with hatred pouring out of their hearts for calling them to repentance at the bloody cross of Jesus, I have only love and compassion for them. They are blinded by the pride of their sin nature as I once was. If you read only a little of my website you will see that is true. Also, you will not find one appeal for money or the selling of the gospel anywhere on my site or in my life, if you knew me at all.

Apparently you are one of those misdirected souls who rejects the letters of our brother Paul. Our other Jewish brother, Peter, had an issue with Paul for a time, but later said in his second letter that Paul’s writings were equal to the scriptures of the Old Testament, meaning Peter knew that Paul was interpreting the Old Testament correctly as he followed the words coming out of the mouth of Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, 2 Peter 3:15-16.

As a Vietnam veteran you are my friend and brother forever. I hope that someday the venom and hatred will be washed away by the blood of Jesus Christ that we may indeed be friends and brothers. I also hope my online book and articles help you even more in understanding the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ, his shed blood for our sins, and his glorious resurrection. There is coming a day when the Lord will return in judgment and then imprison the fallen angels who are temporarily allowed by God to rule the nations because of the Adamic sin nature of all men. Until that day of judgment we are to call all men to repentance, to love and offer forgiveness to the worst of our enemies, even those who wish us dead. Keep in touch.

Your new eternal friend,
Jack D. Hook

Dear Jack,

Thanks for your lengthy reply. I saw the site was selling or directing sales of products. Take my advice it interferes with your message. Next, I beg you to see the movie DEFIANCE. I never said I was Christ hating …if you read my e-mail it clearly states “I KNOW THE CARPENTER” and the messianic JEW who led you to CHRIST is called a Christian.

Let me tell you that I am a new TESTAMENT scholar…I studies for three years with a Catholic Jesuit Priest Father George Murphy at the seminary in LLOYD harbor. LI NY. My journey started with my quest to find out what I would not like…..there was not one that Yashua said I didn’t like. He said he came to not to change the law but to fulfill it. After you learn TORAH and become Jewish you can take your next step to follow your Messiah. That was the path of Father GEORGE …its the only one that makes sense. Believe me if you think saying the sinners prayer without Sanctification and Consecration works then you my friend do not know Yashua.

Please don’t quote scripture to me…the evangelical Christians need the Jewish people in Israel as it foretells the second coming requirement. And people like you who do not know that the Jews have already been promised heaven in the TORAH give your ” all those who shall see the Father shall come by me” speech but it is for you not us. Its actually for you as you are grafted in to us..We are the apple of his eye.

Thanks for your loving letter and keep me in your prayers Jack , I will do the same.
Then read Isaiah again…when we meet will take in it full context.
Best regards , DrB


Thanks for the email I enjoyed it I was in Viet Nam 68-69 I was with the 25 at Chu Chi I will share this email with all my friends here. Thanks again and God bless everyone. Lloyd



I’m not sure that this nation has been run by fallen angels, but I find you accurate in that our “Founding Fathers” were, in the main, far from Bible-behaving Christians. Most were elites and slavers and lawyers and bankers and part of an elite whose malevolent spirit to this day occupies the pagan-decked District of Isis.

The story of the Framers and the Constitution have been so wonderfully recounted in fairy tale history books, but the truth is far from what we’ve been weaned on.

Satan made it plain to Christ that the kingdoms were under his rule. This nation and the others have rejected Divine Law and embraced human law, which can do nothing but tilt toward corruption.

Christians in the U.S. have been propagandized into believing that the wars our military fought–to include the genocide of the Native Peoples–were just. I can’t find anywhere in the teachings of Jesus Christ where He ever required or requested violence on the part of the brethren to avenge Him or further His kingdom.

With the New World Order, we are all faced with a monolithic power that truly embodies the principalities of darkness. It’s true, too, that we are not to wage war against flesh and blood. This is the time to share Jesus Christ, who is the world’s only salvation and the only victory against Satan’s attempt at world rule.

Too many Christians have somehow embraced errant teaching and have come to the conclusion that the U.S. is a God-breathed nation specially imbued with the right to wage war wherever she wants, when, in essence, all her warfare did was make profits for bankers, industrialists, and politicians. Christians somehow impute integrity and honesty to our news media as if they were getting honest information from a free press. We do not have a free press.The Prince of the Air also rules the airwaves, but Christians show no discernment about the propaganda they ingest every day because, after all, this is the U.S. and the government and the media would never lie to us.

Our government is incontrovertibly corrupt. The system and its acolytes are not our advocates. Voting and political parties cannot redeem this malignancy. Warfare cannot save us.

Chuck Baldwin won’t answer you. I’ve not known him enter a give-and-take via e-mail with anyone who doesn’t agree with him. In fact, Baldwin is part of the problem.


Thanks Keith,

It is heart-breaking when men who seem to be brothers in our Lord Jesus Christ, like Chuck Baldwin, refuse to acknowledge this fundamental truth that fallen angels control all of the nations. If they don’t change course from this rebellion, their last chance will be the mark of the beast.

Your brother in Jesus,


I appreciate your feelings about the wars and our involvement in causes around the world. I don’t agree with your positions , however, concerning America. I was a Wolfhound in 1968 and experienced much of what Charlie Company went through. I remember years ago, in NYC when neighbors watched out there windows as a person was being stabbed to death. Lots of emotions were involved I’m sure. The end result was some sleepless nights and memories for those who watche and did nothing to help save a life – even if it meant sacrificing their own . I do believe in satan and his influence around the world in politics and governments and even in some who worship their gods the way they choose. I know that we will all be held accountable for our actions – good and bad. I would much rather try to bring freedom ( and in doing so , bring religious freedom) enabling the doctrines of Christ to be freely taught and practiced, than sit at home praying for peace and goodwill to all men – There will always be a price for real peace and freedom. Prayer is great and with faith many things can be accomplished, but, I believed God gets involved AFTER we do ALL that we can do. The Old testament is full of wars and rumors of wars. Jehovah ( who was a God) chose war over enslavement by evil governments and cultures. America has a morality problem and will stumble greatly and will be stung by people that oppose a free society. It will bring us to our knees and hopefully back to the Savior. The VN war could have been over in 68 and the people in the south could be free. This has been told us by NVA generals. Instead, we listened to the pacifists and marxist ( mostly student and educators) that influenced out politicians to stop winning and give the enemy some breathing room. Stop the bombing!!!! Again, the same leftists in our government ( who are safe in there freedom beds and enjoy the good life) decided that freedom was not really worth fighting for if it’s another people ( also Gods children). But how many of the leftist chose to live in hanoi and be subject to the “no free speech” doctrines of a communist government. Remember, after we quit the fight – those NVA went next to cambodia and continued there ambitions. I believe America will be cursed as a nation as long as we turn our heads the other way, when Gods children all over the world who desire the freedoms WE HAVE, are enslaved and oppressed by truly evil regimes. When those jihadists start voting your christian churches closed because it offends them, You can pray all you want. I think God expects us to ACT within the laws that we have that are just and right. Free countries never go to war with free countries. The great satan is investing in governments all over the world (why?) to destroy this country because it has been a Judeo-Christion nation – even with it’s imperfections. What are we willing to invest in? Prayer didn’t save the early Christians from the lions. As you can see – I am also compassionate about these subjects – I could go on for hours. I do believe that satan loves us NOT to be involved in the cause of freedom. What’s the scripture about – not greater love hath no man – than to give his life for his friend ( paraphrasing). I believe their will be reward in heaven for those who fight and die for the cause of liberty and freedom. Thanks for letting me rant. One Proud Wolfhound!! Merrill


First off: glad to see some believers out there that “get it” on the fraud of the Constitution and this idea of “Godly rule”.

I would probably concur with Jack on the fallen angels premise. As Paul teaches in Ephesians 6, there is a hierarchial structure of Satanic rule by which the kingdoms of this world are presently ordered and ruled. The divisions of nations and the constant dividing and sub-dividing by wars, famine, and economic manipulation are spiritual signatures of the “principalities” who engage in the great war in the heavenlies, and which is pictured in Revelation.

Since the time when old Israel chose Saul over God’s rule, and traded his appointed judges for a monarchical human figure, history has been a constant battlefield between the nations, of which NONE—repeat—NONE were or are “godly”. The only end to the conundrum of evil rule on planet Earth will occur when the …”the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ…”—that’s the seventh seventh angel of Revelation

We cannot vote in righteousness—we are to be separated from the world system in regards to ascent of authority to political structures, and NOT follow the distortions of Romans 13 which grant unjust men the appellation of “higher powers”. We are to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. We are to discern the wolves from the sheep and not don wolves’ clothing to convert wolves. That is the deception which gave rise to “Moral Majorities”, Christian Conservatism, and the thinly masked veneer of righteousness which is just another form of dominionism.



Thanks Brother Jack . I took all the message (Manchus From Charlie Company) to our Tuesday Night Bible study. It was a great blessing that i got to share this with my group . At present we have 5 Viet Nam veterns at our church. . Our pastor is on the local radio here and he going to use this for a message on the radio. We going to inviite any vetern to join in our bible study We will be haveing it on Thursday night I pray that the Lord will move and we have a great time in Gods name . We can share our stories as well but our main focus in going to be to spread the name of Jesus Christ to all the vets in our town Thanks again and pray for our new mission that God will put a hand on our shoulder Thanks again Always a friend in CHRIST God bless Lloyd


GREAT work, Jack! I’m up to Chapter III already. I don’t know if this is an appropriate comment to make or not, but this is all pretty scary stuff.

It’s all been hitting us right over the head for years now, & hardly anybody seems to “get it”. However, please don’t let it stop you from (continuing) your mission.

In my own small way, I try to “get the word out” whenever I can. Not an easy task to be sure, but then I’ve always liked a challenge.

Stay well Jack, & thanks for your service-literally-to God & Country!

Trying To Be A Brother In Christ,



Hi Jack,
My name is Chuck and I was moved by what I read even though I am a Vietnam veteran myself. I have experienced the casualties of war and through the grace of God for whatever reason I was able to survive two tours of Vietnam and return to a normal life. My first tour was in 1967. I was just a green 18 year old like the rest the kids that went to Nam. Just to give you a little history on me. When I arrived in Pleiku I was assigned to B 2/35th Inf 3rd Bde Task Force 25th Inf Div.(later redesinated as 4th Inf Div) so I can wear either combat patch, but I chose the 25th because I was with them longer. I was suppose to be a supply specialist and armorer. Well, being green and not ready to take the reponsibility of running a company supply room I asked my Co to send me to the field as a 11B and he said Pvt I can sure accomadate you and that’s where I got my secondary MOS of 11B. All I can say is I must have been crazy to do that,but I felt better about myself being out there with the guys and not being in the rear.
My second tour was in E Troop 2nd Sqd 11th ACR and Air Calvary Troop(ARP-Aero Rifle Platoon) basically same as LRRPS. So I know what those fellow soldiers went through and what it is to see your friends die in front of you.
Really what I also wanted to say to you was I believe what you say and what our world (United States) is facing biblically. I am a believer my self and I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you for sharing your heart and keep me in your prayers.
Chuck (SSG Retired US Army)