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Concerning Glen Beck. This really is sad for me because I really do like Glenn Beck. He points out things that are true in history that is important for us all to understand. But then, this is how the elect would be sucked into falling away, isn’t it? A lot of good food, mixed in with a little bit of poison. Delia


Dear Jack,

I read your post with great interest. As a young believer, I read “Reese Howells, Intercessor” and was greatly moved by it. When Grubb’s book “Yes, I Am” came out, I read it and immeditately all my alarms went off. It was thoroughly new age. I wrote a paper on it, and lost my friendship with my pastor, his parents, and his pastor brothers, all whom I had known for some time – because Grubb was a close family friend. This was 1980. In the end, the one pastor/brother took Grubb’s teachings to the next levels, and ended up destroying his church and his family. “A little leaven leavens the whole lump.” Just wanted to reaffirm your thoughts about him, and Beck…


Dear Greg,

As a doctor you obviously have been trained to think carefully. As a born again Christian you have been given by our God the greatest gift ever, the Holy Spirit, the comforter who also guides us into all truth with great care and precision. Your experience with your close friends and the writings of Norman Grubb has touched my heart, for a dear friend and former pastor of mine, Don Polston, studied the works of Grubb but will not talk to me about these things. He and I have had some problems, as you have, with the direction of Grubb’s life and teachings. I am forwarding your letter to him as your story might be of help to all of us. Keep in touch Greg.

Your brother in Jesus,


Too many people, including Christians, fall into the trap of believing what influential men and women say, when it’s mingled with just enough truth, and they fail to lean on the whole truth contained in God’s word. I learned long ago and I hope I never let my guard down, when the truth is mingled in a lie, it ceases to be truth and therefore it must be rejected. Thanks Jack for the information on Beck.


I have pointed out for some time that Beck is a Morman and a Morman missionary. He was previously a Roman Catholic but fell away after being divorced. I usually agree with him on politics, but articles like this make me question his REAL agenda, Rev Dr W.R.


Thanks for the article which supports what I have told my readers – that Glenn Beck is not a Christian, but a New Age believing Mormon. He believes Jesus is “a son of God,” but not “the” Son of God. Allen Barber


Hello Jack: I viewed the aricle myself just recently. I’ll forward what else is going on with the Mormon church along the lines of their belief of becoming “gods.”

God Bless, David


Yeah, Glenn Beck is sincere in his beliefs, but sincerely wrong when it comes to faith in God. I wouldn’t stop listening, though, because of that. He’s got a lot of other interesting things to say when it comes to our Republic.You have to eat the meat and spit out the bones. As long as you’re a strong Christian yourself, you can handle it. There are a lot of screwed up people these days, especially since the Christian prosperity movement began. If pastors would get back to teaching the book of Revelation, not forgetting chapter 13:15-18, it could straighten up people in a hurry. The mark is already here, and it’s about time to leave this place.


“My people parish for lack of understanding..” How true. Beck is sometimes very good at what he says and does on TV but I have always known him to be a Mormon so have to be on guard….too bad. Most Christians, and I repeat most Christians, do not know their Bible, don’t even read them let alone study them, so they are easily deceived whenever a Beck comes along. I teach up at the prison and one thing I always emphasize is the need to study the Word, to know it!



2 Thess. 2 details the apostasy that precedes God sentencing them to their great delusion. No one will know their wonderful techno conveniences and toys are killing them, until, like frogs slowly boiled, their useless attempts to turn down their “pot” to cope with their increasing sickness and fear (and ultimately death) proves to have been part of the whole delusion (satan’s conspiracy).


Dear Jack, David, Dan, and Woody:

When I sent you the essay titled INVENTIONS OF CONFESSIONISTS, I left out an important element. This email will correct that.

As you know, the tradition that we Saints can get our post-salvation sins removed from our sin account when we invoke our 1 John 1:9 confession. There is a passage (Colossians 2: 8-14) that speaks directly to the sin account. But let me take the passage verse-by-verse.

Colossians 2:8 is a dire warning to the church that it is possible for men to spoil (war – to the victor goes the spoil) the Saints through philosophy and vain deceit, after the traditions of men, after the rudiments or the world, and not after Christ. Evil men – so as to gain power over other men and women – are fully capable of twisting the truth in such a way that we poor ignorant Pew-Sitters are fooled into mental captivity to their traditions.

Skipping down to verses 13, Paul tells the Saints that they were “…dead in their sins, and the uncircumcision of your flesh, hath quickened together with Him, having forgiven you all trespasses;” All trespasses. How much is ‘all’? It’s just as complete as “It is finished!” The word, ‘quickened’ means the born-again moment. From death unto life.

Now verse 14: “Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to His cross.” THAT IS THE SIN ACCOUNT – AND IT WAS NAILED TO THE CROSS! FROM THAT MOMENT 2,000 YEARS AGO, NOBODY HAS A SIN ACCOUNT.

So, the next time anybody says that you have to “…keep short accounts with God…” or “…keep ‘fessed up…”, open to Colossians 2:8-14 and have them explain it to you.


Dear Roger and Friends,

Thanks again for the letter which helps me better understand your position on “post salvation” sins. After I became a born again Christian I ran up against preachers and teachers (still do) who walked in the spirit of pride as they elevated themselves in this great deception called clergy versus laity, found in both Catholic and Protestant churches. These men came off to me thinking they were the intercessors and interpreters between God and man, even though most would deny that. They focused on sin in such a way as you describe, Roger, using it as a means of control over the people, with the sacramental system of Catholicism being the most obvious.

But I have to wonder and ask whether you have gone a step too far in coming against these kinds of deceptions? We all would agree that the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ has “paid the price” of all our sins, past, present, and future, before the throne of the Father in Heaven. And surely we all agree that God “offers” forgiveness by the blood of his Son to all men. And we agree that we must receive this washing and cleansing from sin through repentance and faith, our part in this wonderful story of love and redemption. I know you are not saying we no longer sin in the flesh, another lie that many have bitten into. So, am I now to believe that any of my sins in the present and future are handled by God differently than those of my past? As I have written countless times, when we are born again we are given a new pure, sinless spirit or heart by God that is surrounded by and connected to the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the core power base of our sin nature is washed away in his blood, and any “post salvation” sins we commit are not of our spirit but our carnal minds.

You say that “nobody has a sin account” before God anymore, which means those of us who are born again. I want to agree, then I remember that the carnal mind and body I have is also called Jack or the “old man” as Paul referred to himself. I remember that Godly sorrow worked repentance unto salvation or deliverance of my spirit by the Holy Spirit coming into my life. So also Godly sorrow shall work repentance for the deliverance in my mind, whenever needed, from the old man of my body until that glorious day when Jesus returns in the resurrection to make my “vile” body holy and pure like his own. This what Paul meant by beginning and staying “in the Spirit” keeping us from the delusion of working for our salvation or as he put it “to be under the Law”.

Furthermore, Paul wrote the Corinthians and others attempting to correct doctrines that false teachers planted in them. He reminded them the Day of the Lord would come when we would all stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ to be judged for our works in our bodies, whether they were “good or bad”. The good works done by the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit within us, the gold, silver, and precious jewels would bring us rewards in the Kingdom. But what about works he called wood, hay, and stubble? Are you saying the bad works done in our fleshly carnal nature that yet resides in our evil bodies, as Paul described them, are not sins against God that are “recalled” and dealt with in Heaven? Had these brothers repented on earth they would not have lost any rewards as their sins would have been washed away by the blood.

As Paul taught the early Christians, some would indeed enter into Heaven because they were truly born again, but at some point in their walk with Jesus they were deceived into thinking they were no longer responsible for the sins of their bodies that produced a carnal mind. Wood, hay, and stubble, or false doctrines as I see these things, consumed their time and energy, and yet sin had not overcome their new hearts. Is there a greater danger to born again Christians than just losing rewards, as shameful as that will be?

At some point in being overcome by the carnal mind, which Paul said was enmity against God that can never please him, if there is no repentance from the chastening of the indwelling Spirit of God upon all his sons, is it possible for sinless and pure hearts to be overcome with sin? If so, then at a point in time that only God knows, a fallen born again Christian will be lost and on his way to Hell as the Spirit of God departs from him. Will willful sin in those who choose to be willfully ignorant of sound doctrines of Christ keep a Christian out of Heaven if there is no repentance? Ask our Lord as you pray over and study these things?

For this is what happened to Adam and Eve, even Lucifer, all of whom were created with sinless pure hearts or spirits that were indwelt with the Holy Spirit. Some of my best friends hold to this “once saved always saved” doctrine which can give the carnal religious minds of men the rationalization that it really doesn’t matter what we think and do, for we can never lose our salvation. While I am a firm believer in “eternal security” I think this extended OSAS doctrine is a step too far, keeping those who misuse eternal security away from the Godly sorrow that worketh repentance unto salvation or deliverance from the besetting sin that overcomes them. Those who have fallen into extreme OSAS attitudes no longer have the fear of God and hatred toward sin, which David and Solomon said was the beginning of wisdom and knowledge.

It is an honor to know all of you as we grow together in the grace, power, and knowledge of our coming King. I hope and pray that you will know that I write this letter in the love of our Lord, just as I felt when I read all of your letters. The great apostasy prophesied by Jesus and his apostles is worsening as we speak, trying to devour all of us. But we who have the Lord Jesus will overcome this Great Harlot of Revelation if we abide in him and him alone.

Your brother in Jesus,



Thank you Jack very much for your insight and understanding of the scriptures. I fully agee with what you said and that is what my teaching as being a born again believer. Yes we fall and stumble because of our carnal minds even with the Holy Spirit within us and it grieves the Holy Spirt when we do and I have to constantly be on guard and ask for forgiveness. I don’t mean to sin,but if my mind thinks something even just lingered on it for a moment it is the same as acting on it whethered I actually did it or not. I have to stop right then and ask for forgiveness because I don’t know how to keep my sub-conscious pure. It’s an on going battle as long as we have this carnal mind and corrupt body even though we have the Holy Spirit.


Jack just as you,I am a veteran,but I never really liked killing and I don’t really think I could say I hated the enemy. To me they were human beings who had families just like I did fighting for what they believed. I only shot most of the time out of fear or say I saw someone and shoot at them. Jack to this day I can’t claim taking any lives. I might have when all the bullets were flying,but not that I know of. I should have not made it home and during my different tours I almost bought the farm. But I give the glory to God the He allowed me to make it home with minor wounds.

You see Jack at that time in my life I was still sinning even though I had accepted Jesus at 15. I still had a faith and belief in Jesus even though I was sinning. God was merciful even though I didn’t deserve it. I made it home and continued my normal life without the drawbacks our Veteran are facing still after Nam. Sin catches up to you and I can’t blame it on God. My wife and I lost our 17 hour old daughter in 72 in Hawaii. Then in 82 while I was in Germany clearing quarters(had sent family back stateside to stay with Wife’s mother) I had got word my youngest daughter and son had been hit by a car while riding red wagon. She died at hopital and my son was in body cast waist down. It was not drivers fault,but theirs.

My daughter just a few months before had got us to start going to Church again where I rededicated my life again. My daughter was how my wife and I started going back to church through the Bus Ministry. Like I said I didn’t blame God,but you will be held accountable for your sins and the choices you make will affect you later whether you believe it or not and you can;t be disobedient to God without some form of chastisment.I don’t have PTSD which is what a lot of our Vietnam vets have that I say in touch with. I give God the Glory for that even though I have other health issues such as sleep Apneah which I can live with and loss of hearing in both ears(wear hearing aids in both ears). Just thought I would share that with you Jack.



Jack your Battle Hymn article was very insightful. It exposes our “nationalistic rights to sin” while asking God to bless us and at the same time claiming He is on our side in every situation. That only serves to deepen our foolish sense of pride and emboldens us to sin more openly and unashamedly and drift further and further from Gods will.
The perfect example of this is now Obama is “considering gay marriage”.God help him ! ! !


Hello Jack,

I have read a good portion of this article (Battle Hymn) and couldn’t wait to

to share with you what I have recently learned. I have wanted a more in

depth study of the letters to the churches of Revelation for some time. So,

I started by trying to research the word “nicolations”. My study Bible was

of no help. They just said that it was probably a libertine sect who used

the grace of God to indulge in sin.

However, I got my Strong’s dictionary and by hap chance, I grabbed my complete

works of Josephus. While flipping pages I found the index in the back of

the Josephus book. The word “nico” was in there. It said that it was a

Roman battering ram, or “war”.

In conclusion, my study yielded that the “nicolations” are those who believe

in the conversion of a people by conquest or war. I have used the technique

of breaking down the greek words into sections to find what the names of the

churches mean. I urge you to do so. I am amazed at how much the Lord Jesus

is telling these churches just in what He calls them.

Your sister in Christ Jesus,

Deborah N.

Greetings Debbie,

What a great piece of knowledge, and thanks for sending it my way. Many years ago I learned that the Nicolaitans were those false Christians who established the clergy/laity separation for “nico” also means conquest or control over the laity. Placed together with your gem of truth we can see more clearly what the Great Harlot of Revelation 17 looks like. For she practices the clergy’s triumph or victory over the people, and she shares or sits upon a relationship with her friends in the Beast government of the Roman Empire which today is America and Europe.

The politicians in the government use her when necessary to provide moral cover to make war against their enemies. So the Nicolaitans were the clergy who drafted the doctrine of the “just war” for Christians throughout the Empire to take up arms. I can see in a better light with your evidence just how much Jesus hated their deeds as John wrote in Revelation 2:6. I will share your letter with some other friends, who also know that while we reject, even hate the doctrine or deeds of the Nicolaitans, we must cry out to them in love and compassion to repent and turn to the true Jesus Christ who is coming in judgment against those who refuse to “love the truth” that they might be saved. Keep in touch.

Your brother in Jesus,