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Greetings Jack, from New Zealand,

Thankyou for your email. Very interesting. We are living in very uncertain times.

I too have been a Christian for a while now. Have raised 3 sons. Sad to say my first marriage broke down, which I still struggle with, as we are both Christians!

I have remarried and we fellowship at a church called ‘Jesus First’.

Feel sad at how the church in NZ is so divided! A lot of ‘Health and wealth gospel’ going on!

There is so much confusion!

People seeing feathers…gold dust…etc!

I almost want to run away and live in the country, till our wonderful Yeshua’s returns. I have a strong feeling when I look into the sky of late. A feeling of expectation and wonder!

We have opened our home to having traverlers from Israel stay with us. A way to outreach and hold a loving hand out to them. Been a blessing too. My husband and I would love to travel to Israel. But that will be in God’s hands. I’m sure it would be life changing! Have you been to Israel?

I find the Church very lonely and people put on holy masks! Have never felt like I fit in…this is a worry as I should have a burning love for Gods people! The church I got saved in would not let us mix with other church’s….as they said you were only saved if you recieved the ‘Holy Spirit’ and spoke in tongues! That Church was called the ‘Revival Center’.

Been to lots of meetings and still have a hunger for a closer walk with God!

Blessings to you and yours Jack.


Dear Katheryn,

Thanks for responding and sharing a bit of your testimony.  It is an honor to meet you.  I visited Australia back in 1968 during R&R from the Vietnam War.  That part of the world seemed then to be much like America, as I recall.  I was not a born again believer in those days, but it was sure refreshing to be out of the war zone if only for a week. 

Sadly, many of the religious delusions (health and wealth, judging faith or salvation by gifts of the Spirit), alive and well in America, have reached your shores from what you are saying.  I have been told of this by others from NZ and Australia.  The confusion and distortion is rampant but only verifies what our Lord Jesus said when he spoke of a great apostasy in the last days, coming in his name no less. 

The next and last great revival will take place among the natural Jews according to the Revelation, so what you are doing by blessing the Jews is a wonderful thing.  And yes, my wife and I traveled there in 1980 and it was a spiritual high point of our lives in Christ.  Like you, I find it difficult sitting under false teaching, and still keep in fellowship with others who blindly follow what they are being taught from the pulpit.  I do love them as brothers and sister in Jesus, but question how they can stay so indifferent to the truth.  Moreover, they become angry with me for calling the preachers to account for what they are teaching. 

I hope my online book written in 1980 and current articles help you even more in understanding the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ, his shed blood for our sins, and his glorious resurrection.  There is coming a day when the Lord will return in judgment and then imprison the fallen angels who are temporarily allowed by God to rule the nations because of the Adamic sin nature of all men. Until that day of judgment we are to call all men to repentance, to love and offer forgiveness to the worst of our enemies, even those who wish us dead.  Keep in touch, Katheryn, and add me to your mailing list. 
Your new eternal friend, 
Jack D. Hook 

Hello Jack,

Thankyou so much for getting back to me so fast with your uplifting email.

I have been reading some of your writings on your site with great interest. I must agree…still got more to read, but the church needs to wake up to the truth! This world is not our home and all will pass away and burn! We are not to seek a ‘Father Christmas God’ who died to give us a easy life with lots of riches! Many true Christians have suffered huge tribulation. But they have stored there tresures in heaven. Don’t get me wrong I like others like to have food in my tummy and a warm bed to lay my head! I can see times are going to get harder for us followers of Christ.

You might be aware that the city of ‘Christchurch’ had a big shakeup with earthquakes over here in New Zealand. Has been a lot of suffering and hardship for our people. Some even taking there own lives due to not been able to cope! No one even knew that Chrischurch had two fault lines running under it! Amazing this day that they did’nt know. Interesting with a city with such a special name…being shaken!

You are very good at writing down you wisdom. This will be used to reach others…both far and wide as they seek answers to what they see happening around them.

Thankyou for all the time and prayer you have put into this site. I will print off and show others too.

If you ever come to New Zealand do let me know. Would love to meet with you.

But if not in this life, will meet you both in the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ and Oh what rejoicing there will be!

May our Lord continue to guide you in all you do.

God Bless




He (Frosty Wooldridge) is neither a forward thinker nor is he ahead of his time.  I heard this same stuff from the Mormons.  I have heard the same “forward thinker” thing for decades. In the 60s these guys called themselves “truth seekers”.  I had one of them tell me that if I just looked “behind his eyes” I would see the light of the universe. I never heard anything more lifted up and self glorifying in my life. They are so full of themselves because of their “forward thinking” that they look down at you from a high cloud.  The conceit is odious and discomforting. 

This, at its core, is an even more twisted version of what Mormonism teaches about Jesus and us. These people are incredibly arrogant people. (not the Mormons), They are deceived, and only God can open their eyes. Seriously, they will only draw you into their arrogance the more you go back and forth with them. Don’t condemn him.  Remember there were men preaching in Jesus name back in Jesus day, and when the Disciples would have forbade them, Jesus said no, leave them be.  If they are not against us, they are for us.  You can tell him in no uncertain terms that you believe he is the victim of a horrible deception about who Jesus really was, and ask him in all humility to seek an answer from Jesus himself.  If the Lord wants him, he will take him with your prayers of support and your humility.  Believe me when I say, this man is surrounded by an incredibly dark and high wall of pride, and only Jesus can break it when it’s this bad.

If he ever tells you, after you have gone back and forth with him that he realized he was thinking about a more “focused” and possibly even hints at a more Jesus Christ centered approach to God, but then he gives in to the Pride and says, but I realized that was just “your little prayers” pulling on his mighty big spirit, Don’t forget to point out that your prayers get answered, and ask him if he remembers the last time his did.


Hi Jack,

Forgive me for only reading Frosty’s last email and your reply.  I’m having some pretty strong medication reactions and I just can’t focus long enough to read all of the subsequent emails.  I published a piece I began thinking about earlier this month when Steve Jobs passed.  Then a couple days ago his biological sister (they were separated at birth I think) wrote an article in the New York Times stating that in his last breaths Steve Jobs said, “Oh Wow, Oh Wow, Oh Wow.”  This is a man, according to his autobiographer (Isaacson), “hoped” there was an afterlife because he felt people’s ideas and inspirations should not just vanish upon death within this world.  Isaacson went on to say that Jobs never said anything other than that regarding any “hereafter.”  So, I think as a guess, Jobs did not see this afterlife as the Heaven we, as Christians, love and know it’s existence to be without question!!!  I’d be interested in your thoughts on my latest post on www.BlessedBooks.com regarding Steve Jobs passing.  With the three “Oh Wow”s  at the very end of his earthly life, this technological Icon apparently learned something at that instant that blew his mind and, sadly, possibly his soul for all Eternity.  This is someone the world saw as being ultra “knowledgeable and sophisticated.”  Some would say, “Who would know, if not him!!”  You and I know who knows!!!  Let me hear what you think.

Blessings always to you and yours,



Gosh, we really need Him to come, don’t we?

So many Christians are drooling over the possibility of war with Iran, because that will bring the Rapture/Tribulation.  I cannot pray for war.  I consider it a sin.  But I am fed up with EVERYTHING here.

Needing help so badly.

Thanks for your good thoughts.



Hi Jack,

Just letting you know that I was a grunt Marine in Nam and spent most of my time in the bush in I-Corps area.

I like what I have read so far from you and will check out the other sites.

Just had a near death experience where God intervened again and saved my life.  I haven’t been to Church in 42 years and since my accident have been the last 3 weeks and plan on going every Sunday.  Can’t get enough of God right now and have read 4 religous books in the last two weeks.

If you would like to hear my near death experience let me know.

Thanks for finding me



You have no idea what you’re talking about. I think you got sprayed by too much “agent orange” or your brain got too cooked by nepalm. Again, don’t email me anymore because you are a QUACK!!!! Why don’t you go hang out with Harold Kamping.


Please help me to understand why the Government is building so many “Bunkers” (I.E. Cheyenne Mountians just to name one- a huge one!) For the Elite people only? What is going on with all of that? Will these “Bunkers” save them from the “End of times?”
And “Why” is our government hiding from the general population all that is going on regarding the “Brown Dwarf Star”, Nibuira, Planet X, Elene, and whatever other name that huge mass (planet or star) that is currently headed for our Earth just like it did 3600 years ago when the Mayans were here, the same one that nearly wiped out ALL population on our planet?!?!
Why is it such a huge secret? One that NASA has even taken the pictures of its existance off the internet?
And how its orbit that is getting closer to us, pulling on our polar axis, slowly changing our North Pole to our South Pole, and with that creating all the Weather Changes on Earth, Volcanic Eruptions, Earthquakes world wide (over 50 per day of at least a 4.0 magnitude!) Tidal waves, huge Tsunami’s, Huge Hurricans, Huge Tornados, Huge Snow Storms, Huge Droughts and Rains! Why aren’t they telling us! Will only the Elite, the Bilderbergs, the Government be saved in the Last Days???
Have they no heart? No honesty? Are they all part of the Antichrist scheme of things?
How can those of us that KNOW what is going on have any faith in our government? In God? We are STILL here, seeing it, part of it all! Knowing our loved ones will before our eyes!
Where is our Merciful God? How can we have faith from all this? Tell me..please tell me?







Dear Jack,


There never will be a return of JESUS Christ because the name Jesus is a fiction. It cannot be the name of the Messiah because it does not contain the two vital letters Alpha and Omega.

Sincerely in Christ,

Brother Kilkenny


Jack, you sir, are a fool.  Shut up and NEVER speak to me again.



I agree with you that the calling away of the church will be in the beginning of the Great Tribulation.I concur with your message plus I look at Lot and Noah. Both were taken out before the judgment fell on the land.Thank you for the teaching.


Dear Jack,

       My name is Ron and I received your email.  I was also sent to Ft. Knox for recon scout training after my basic at Ft. Bragg.  As it turns out I did go to Vietnam with the 2nd of the 47th mech infantry a part of the Nineth Infantry Div.  I got there early Jan. 1968.  When Tet broke out I was out side of Bin Hoa they call it “widows village” where we were at that time.  Later on I became part of what they called ‘infusion’ where they moved some guys around.  I was sent up near Chu li with the Americal Div. I was joined up with the 1st of the 1st Armored Div.up there.  By May 7, 1968 I was wounded in a roadside attack.  I was really lucky.  A head wound from schrapnel sent me on my way to Toyko and then to Walter Reed in D.C.  I finished my time at 1st Army Headquarters at Ft. Mead and left the service with a 50% disability rating.

        It was great to hear from someone such as you.  I often think about the men I knew back then.  I am proud to have served in Vietnam and to have been in the Army.  I do fully understand the things that you put forth in the email letter.  I also have concerns about the direction the current administration appears to favor.  Of course I have faith in God and his Son Jesus Christ.  I believe it to be a must for our country to embrace God and remain loyal to Isreal.

       I will visit your web site and continue to have hope that this nation will forever follow Christ and stay strong against the evil of the world.

                                                  A Christian soldier, Ron


I don’t know where you got my name but I have to say that it sounds like the message you push is no better than any religious zealot. Since when is peace and properity a political position? It’s not, it’s a community position. For the record I’m a non-believer. Raised in a Roman Catholic home, I now believe in nothing but humanity and man’s spirit to survive. That spirit is not religious, not political and not fodder for those with their own views to move and manipulate for a 6 figure gov’t title that then nets them a free ride for life, regardless of how they screw up the job.


Dear Mr. Hook:

Thank you for service to our country in what I consider an embarassing war.  President Nixon ended the draft in April of 1973 and I turned 18 in May the same year with a lottery number of 3 (I think) so I was prepared for the draft but never served.

I am also a very proud liberal and 4th generation member of the Democratic Party.

I wish you all the best with your writings but I proudly support our President and if there is a “hidden” agenda out there, I haven’t seen it.  So please remove me from further correspondence.




Hey Jack,

                    Just emailing to say. ….”Hi”.  I am a subscriber to your news letter,  a Christian, and a vietnam era veteran.  Today,  we that are aware of history, remember the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack.  My father (86 years young, class of 42) is a veteran.  Thank you for YOUR service.  ………………..sorry…just got up,…still disjointed..

Have a great day.    Chuck