April 2014 Comments

Jack—-So glad to hear from  you—-You bring out the very best messages—I do agree with you–As a Christian, I truly believe in Jesus Christ and believe we should be about His business every day—The time is growing near for His return—We have to be prepared—These devils who run the Government will face their foe one day–they will pay for the awful things said and done against Christians–it even effected our Christmas–so sad–Keep up the Lord’s work–God Bless you–Keep in touch–In the Name of JESUS CHRIST—Harlene


Dear Jack,

Thank you for your mail. I am delighted you are a christian.I know Jesus is the way, truth and the life.

I know he is my only hope. All humans are in sin, and only Jesus can free us.

I would like you to say a prayer for me please Jack.

My name is Chris.

Keep sending the mails,they are so valuable. Amen,come Lord Jesus.


Hello Jack:   It was good to hear from you again.

The German patriot did point something out that no doubt will come into play before the Great Tribulation begins.  Like Germany during WW2, America has gone down a sewer of immorality.  Even in Christendom, apostasy has come in like a flood to even once fundamental Baptist churches. The stage is being set for a world leader to arise to unite every unregenerate person under the banner of “peace and safety.”  A “peace and safety,” that excludes the one person who can only bring that to mankind, Jesus Christ.

The anti Christ will come through the Whore Church system as Scripture tells us.  Some thing will occur in the world to bring a unified religious system to the fore front with authority over the governments of the world. A woman will ride the beast. 

I believe the fulfillment of Psalm 83 where Israel destroys the surrounding Arab nations, and Damascus is destroyed by nuclear weapons is the catalyst for this event.  This would cause a great humanitarian out cry against nations engaging in war, which would be led by the pope who has always been considered an anti Christ figure, and world leader.  

The ground work for a gathering of pagan religions, and apostate Protestants has been already laid by the two previous popes. With the world on the brink of a nuclear holocaust after Psalm 83 is fulfilled, the only thing that can bring in “peace and safety,” will be coming from a religious body comprising all the religions of the world.

Every segment of society today is not only calling good evil, and evil good, but is engaging in some form of occult pagan activity.  From the far eastern Hindu practices of Yoga, to the Charismatic Kundalini ecstatic forms of paganism, satan has his grip on the mind set of most of the world.

There will be nothing hindering a professing body of Christians who are one with the world and paganism through meditation, visualization, ecstatic tongues, occult slaying in the spirit, prayer rituals, materialism, evolution, and revised Roman Catholic bibles that have corrupted Scriptures to point to anti Christ, and not Jesus Christ, to accept a signs and wonders miracle worker who comes in his own name through the Whore church system !!!

Roman Catholic theologians have already remarked concerning the UFO alien phenomenon that when disclosure is made about such contact that the Scriptures will have to be reinterpreted to adjust to that reality.   And what is that so called reality in the mind of Roman Catholic theologians ?  it is that alien life has seeded planet earth, and man has evolved to where he is now, but he needs alien help to take the next step in evolution to become a god.  Now where have we heard that before ?  And remember the Vatican has endorsed evolution, and is scanning the heavens for signs of alien life through a binocular infrared telescope called LUCIFER, located on an occult mountain top in Arizona. 

The Wescott and Hort Revised corrupt bibles that come through the corrupt Roman Catholic Vatican Sinaiticus, and Vaticanus texts have led the way in the apostasy we see today.   The documentation on this is irrefutable.  I have no doubt that when the time comes for alien disclosure the Roman Catholic church will use its corrupt text to point to the anti Christ as the savior and not Jesus Christ.   Think not ? see Isaiah 14:12 below !!!

Roman Catholicism found a way, through mainly the Jesuits, to start a counter Reformation.  That way was greatly enhanced around 1850 when a corrupt revision of God Word was manufactured.  It was the same method used by satan in the garden of Eden to deceive Eve, “yea hath God said.”   Take heed that no man deceive you.

God Bless, David


Hi Bro. Jack,

Hang in there, you are doing a very good job.  Few American actually believe that we are the prophesied End-Time Babylon the Great of the book of Revelation, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, etc.  Only a few have connected the pieces of the puzzle together correctly and know that we are that mighty end-time nation.  I encourage you to continue in your well-doing.  Maybe we can reach a few with the truth about Jesus Christ and also show them that Amuraka is Babylon the Great.  

Your Brother in Service to our Lord Jesus Christ,



Dear Brother Jack,

Just to let you know, that we here agree with your observations in regards to the word of God.

So many are blinded, due to much involvement with the things of this world, rather than with the things of God.

Keep on proclaiming what God reveals to you.

He that hath ears to hear, let him hear. Mark 4:9

He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; He that overcometh shall not be hurt of the second death.

Revelation 2:7

Not sure if I sent you my last writing. The email  is below.

Much blessings and the Love of Christ be upon you.

Sister Trudy.


Hi Jack:

The signs that Jesus said to look for to show the end is near,I’m seeing every day in the news.I’m just wondering how worst it got to get before the end comes.



Jack; that was a gracious response to the old German soldier. Hopefully he will come to know the Lord! I have a question for you? After reading your comments about war and how we are to re-act or should I say “act”, what were we supposed to do when the Japanese attacked and killed nearly 3,000 men and women and children, in 1941 Pearl Harbor? Also, what were we supposed to do when England asked us for help, in that great war with the Germans? (who by the way, attacked, sank and killed hundreds of Americans in the Atlantic before we declared war with them?) Curious to hear your answer….is there ANY time that we should go to war as a nation? Thanks for answering.

Ron Brandon


USMC  ’65-‘69

RIpley’s Raiders (Lema Co.  3/3) ’66-‘68



Dear friend Jack,

I received your e-mail which is very interested to know the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Surely, I will be sending your documents to several of my friends and relations. I want to have one question at you. 2015 by April forth – John Hagee the famous preacher who does give most of the end time prophecies. He says the four moons will become reddish and the sun will become dark for some hours. If this take place, I am sure that the world will turn in to many wars and the same year by September 28th (which is my birthday day) the war between Christians and Muslims will begin and many Christians will be slaughtered? But at last Muslims will be completely destroyed. Thereafter only other wars will begin? So Ezekiel 38 and 39 records these end time wars. What you have said in your first article gives the picture  of the end time. Hope so that all these end time events will sooner or lately will take place.

Hoping to hear more on the end time prophecies which is a paramount concept.

May God bless you and your Bible explanation which is good for every one.

Yours very sincerely

Deacon Huxley


dear Jack ,  your German patriot freind has every right to his views of Hitler ,  and he being in his own plane of observation of Hitler ,

however ,  hsi admirations for Hitler ,    profiles and openly identifies him as someone  that needs to realigne his views by a true

re – information effort ,  or has to deeply think of how such a position could be a denied effect on Christian values , without political intervention

,  as that is mankinds convenient way to copare his ideas  with God’s   being in charge ideas .    Hitler was equal to a philistine leader  at best .


Hi Jack, 

Thanks for this forward.  It does astound me that he still believes so strongly in the Waffen SS, Hitler, and the “cause” that they fought for.  I looked up the Waffen SS and found this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waffen-SS.  They were involved in horrible atrocities, including the slaughter of innocent old men, woman, and children.  One photo in this link particularly stuck me, the photo about a quarter of the page down of the young boy forced to view the dead bodies of his family members before being killed himself.  

I did on one occasion see an ex-German soldier from WW2 who still believed in Hitler and their cause.  He was in a Hof-Brau in San Francisco one evening about 20 years ago.  He, too, was an old man and after some drinks began yelling at a group of young men (Caucasian Americans) at the other end of the bar, said that he’d served in the German Army during WW2, praised Hitler, said that these young men don’t stand for anything like he did when he was their age, and kept challenging them to a fight.  He did the Nazi raised arm salute and yelled, “Hail Hitler!” at one point.  Of course, nobody wanted to fight a frail old man, no matter how repulsive his words.  Wisely, the young men simply ignored him.  I was eating dinner with a woman friend of mine (also a Chinese American), and we also ignored him.  I wondered if he was going to start yelling at us because we were minorities, but for whatever reason, he didn’t.  Later we met a cab driver who said he had gotten in her cab one night and gone on in the same way.  Finally she couldn’t stand it anymore and after a couple of warnings made him get out of her cab.  The whole incident stands out in my mind as an example of how such intense hatred of others can stand side by side with other individuals who reject such hatred.  

I think your response to this German patriot is an excellent response, one that is respectful and loving yet honest and holding out the hand of love and hope.  Whether he will be open to it or not is his decision, but at least you certainly did the best that you could.  Thank you for your love and kindness toward others regardless of who they are, it is no easy accomplishment. 

Thanks very much, 



Maranatha (again!) Brother Jack.

We are all MADMEN until the Lord opens our eyes. I thank you for your God given insight and wisdom.

Thank you for this email and may the Good Lord continue to bless others through you.