August 2001 Comments

Thank you for the invitation to see your website, Jack. I was quite moved by
your testimony in “About the Author”. God be with you.

I don´t know where you got my email, but I am glad you did. That was a
beautiful testimony. I was caught up in the name it and claim it too. I also
got caught up in alot of stuff that was going around. It steals your faith
and I hated it. The Lord never condemed anyone. I get sick when I see
Preacher catigorizeing sin. Sin is sin. I am saved by Grace thru faith. It
is not a do or don´t do gospel. America is preverting the Gospel and they
use their Western Jesus that the Word warns us about. I see the so called
Church ready to do a lot, but when it comes to the poor, or poor in spirit or
go visit a sick one or one in prizon or taking someone in or If you don´t
come to our church they won´t help, well I can go on and on, But I believe
God called us to love Him with all our hearts and love our neighbor as
ourself. I love the Jews and Israel and yes I love everyone with a true
heart. I suport Israel and will never believe the church replaced her. I
love being a part of taking them home. I support the missions that go get
them. Then support them when they get there. My God is a Jewish God now and
forever. Bless his holy name. God bless you all. Love in Christ Kim

His real name was Yeshua and he was a Jewish zealot. He was executed as an insurrectionist along with 50,000 other Jews who were crucified at the same time. This is a matter of historical record. According to Jewish sources, he repented his error. If he could speak to you now, he would tell you to worship G-d alone

Hi Jack & Carol:
Thank you so much for sharing your precious testimony. It ministered to
my heart and encouraged my walk with Jesus Christ.
Thanks also for your web site pointing lost sheep to the Truth.

By the way, Jack, I am a Vietnam vet also and can understand what you
went thru. I just thank the Lord that you, another vet brother, decided
to trust in the Lord rather than in suicide. Amen!

May the good Lord continue to work in your lives and bless you in so many
special ways according to His perfect will.

Semper Fi in Jesus,
Hi Jack,
I received an email from you inviting me to your website, and as I read the
“statement of faith” on your website, I noticed that you are a
pre-millenialist evangelical Protestant Christian; I´m a Catholic
Christian, practicing in the Latin Rite of the one, holy, catholic, and
apostolic Church of Jesus Christ.
I invite you to read up on Our Lady of Fatima, Medjugorje, and Garabandal

I am a Catholic and I find these pages offensive and
totally antichristian. Anybody who spreads bigotry on
behalf of God is a real antichrist and does not
deserve to be called a christian. Do not mail me any
of these trash anymore or else I will proceed legally
against you. You have no right to send this evil
inspired garbage to people. Keep your bigotry to
yourself. Real christians are not interested in that.
I am totally disgusted by your cynism. May God have
mercy on your hatred-filled souls.

Dear brother Jack Hook,
Love and greeting in the name of Jesus to you.
Thanks for reply.
Yours testmony is quite intresting may God continue
to use you for the lost souls.
Please keep in touch.
Looking forward to hearing once again from you.
God bless you

Thank you for your email and all you have confided me about Jesus Christ.
I am Catholic man, living in Norway.
How about you? Are you a Christian Pastor or a Roman Priest? God has come
into your heart by your mother´s prayers! And I wish you always keep
practising Lord´s words al your life. May Jesus bless you and listen to your
prayers and be with you forever.

I think you are a bit off in referring to the U.S. as Babylon the
Great. Though the tie to the Roman element of Daniel´s dreadful and
terrible fourth beast may exist, it is not a strong as the Roman
Catholic, Russian-Germanic element that exists today. If a true
consideration is given to Daniel, Jeremiah, and Revelation, there can be
no other conclusion than that the Roman Church is the mysterious lady of
the kingdoms. The beast on whom she rides is the militant power who has
supported her since her conception, and will support her when Christ
returns to claim Jerusalem as his throne. No doubt she will be enraged
at the prospect of a Jewish king claiming to be Jesus establishing the
throne of David in Zion. She will support the attack of the “kings of
the earth” against him, whom he will conquer. Then she will be brought
low, just as the prophets of Israel foretold.

If you would like to discuss this further, please feel free to respond
to this message. I will keep an open mind, so far as your scripture
supports your ideas. Be prepared to PROVE what you believe.
Dear Jack,
Warmest Christian greetings!

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for your recent email,
introducing us to your ministry. We will be happy to visit your

May we encourage you to continue proclaiming the soon coming of our
Lord! This is good news that the church – and the world – need to hear!

God bless you in your endeavours for Him!

Thanks for the e-mail. As to your question, yes I believe that one can be a Believer and Follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and be a Patriot. If one try´s to argue against that, then extrapolate the argument back to 1776 and where would we be?

Dear Jack,
Greetings in Jesus! We have looked up your Site and, although we do not
totally agree with all of your statements, it is very well done. Regarding
Christians and war, godly men have debated this issue for centuries:
scripture mentions both remaking plows into weapons and remaking weapons intoplows. The bottom line is always to do what God has told a person to do — and to do it with all their heart.

Hi, I don´t know who you are, or how you got this email. I´m assuming it was from my diary, but I´m not sure. I really don´t have a problem with you having those religios veiws, but I didn´t not ask for this and I really don´t apreciate it when things like this are sent. I´m not even sure what the whole point of that was, but I do know I´m sick of hearing about all this Christianity. Leave me alone, I don´t worship your god.