August 2002 Comments

Bro Jack:

Although I am not one who can prove everything in your article as either true or false, I can tell you that the essence of what you have written is true concerning the return of YahShua ha Mashiach.

However, Satan also has a plan … and that is to “send” his own “son”, a messiah-imposter called “Jesus Christ” to deceive and destroy.

My friend that E- mail was not only beautiful but 100% true i will pass it on– and save it to read over and over thank you.
Dear Jack Hook
it was so nice to receive ur letter…..really it was such a blessing to have it. I was really thrilled to know such beautiful things from the Word of God. It’s so good to know that really u r taking word of God seriously and teaching it to so many people all around the world.I am glad to meet one more profet of God…..i never knew who u r and i was just sending mail attachments…but now i know that u r a prophet of God….really it was such a blessing to meet u.
well i am also a born-again, believer and a choosen ;called child of God.I also love to teach the word of God what i know little bit.I am an indian girl.i too believe in the Second coming of God is soon…..very soon. I would grealty appreciate if u be in touch with me since we r brethen in Christ.

Shalom Jack,

I love the flow and work you have done for the Lord Yeshua.

I would like you to consider however that the antichrist is not American. The man of sin is not American and as evidence I submit this web page. Please read it and see if you can concur.


If you read this and still maintain the man of sin is an American then I will not be offended. If you refuse to read this so that you can simply feel “right” then it may be cause for the Lord to be offended.

Shalom and the peace of the Lord keep thee and bless thee.


Dear Jack,

I want to thank you for the time and effort you have put into building up the Kingdom of God and sharing your testimony and knowledge with me. I have really enjoyed reading your essay’s and learning from them. Thank you for your faith and I just want you to know I share your enthusiasm in the infinite goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ.




Dear Jack,

Greetings in our glorious Saviour, the LORD Y’shua the Messiah.

We have been receiving your emails for quite a while now, and presume that you got our address from trawling the Web. Though we agree with most of what you say, it is not really relevant to our ministry. We should therefore be grateful if you would kindly remove from your mailing list.

Yours always in the Master’s service,


It is not my intention to mock or scoff. Because I do not not believe that Jesus is alive does not mean that I follow Satan because I don’t believe in him (or it) either. I don’t that “sin” is a valid concept either.
Who are these four angels who have appeared in the last two years? Don’t you know that there has regularly been havoc and destruction of civilisations ever since, and well before the bible was written?
Don’t you think that it is at least possible that the writer of Revelation 8:13-9:1 might have been describing some natural astronomical event?
Prophets of doom and gloom and the end of the world have been shouting their message ever since I can remember. Now I know that the world is a terrible place for most people. I think that the way most people have to struggle to make ends meet (myself included) or struggle just to find a job (in a world where there is so much to be done) is a terrible thing, and we could do something about it as well!
I’m afraid that what is evident from your article is merely a profound conceit. Once again you do not admit that you are voicing only an opinion. You write as if you are stating facts, and as if anyone who disagrees with your intrepretation of events is not only wrong but also deflected from the truth by the devil. In doing this, YOU are the mocker and the scoffer since you do not take the trouble to imagine that you might be wrong.
Yes Jack, this is a profound and unwelcome thought for all Christians I know, but close your eyes, remember you live in a democracy, and say to yourself: “I might be wrong”.
I’m going to do it now:
“I believe in the Socialist Principle of: “To each according to his need, from each according to his ability” but I might be wrong in my belief”.
Come on Jack, your turn…….

Keep Preaching Brother, either they will hear or they won’t, but continue on with the Truth.
Pretty stout stuff dude!!!
God bless
have oil will travel

Dear Jack,

Your article is very interesting. Not too many people think that the United States is the Babylon of Revelation, but I am one that does. I think that in their own way Bagdad and Rome also are sort of secondary Babylons, but I think that New York City is the Babylon which will serve as the seat of the Antichrist. It seems to me that in America we have two systems which are in conflict with each other. One is the system established by the pilgrims and puritans based on righteousness and freedom to practice the Christian religion in a way that does not violate the individual’s concience. Another system also exists which is at war with the native American system. I think that this system has a European origin, and it has become stronger and more prevalent with time.

Please tell me more about yourself and let me know what you think of my site. What do you think about Mars serving as a city of refuge for Christians and Jews trying to escape persecution? I am an eye doctor and I also have a Master’s of Divinity from Bob Jones University. I am a born again Christian and I am active in my church. I am a member of a Baptist church but we sometimes attend a very conservative Presbyterian church in town (Free Presbyterian).

What I said to you on 22 March 2002 (“Where is the body of Christ all the while? Raptured before the Tribulation, you say? That’s another Satanic deception.”), I now repeat it here in response to the question in your present email, “Do you or your family want to end up at Jerusalem fighting against the returning Lamb of God, Jesus Christ…?” For, contrary to your belief, Scriptures testify that the church, i.e. God’s Jewish and Gentile Christian nation of Israel, shall go through the Great Tribulation and fight WITH — not “against the returning Lamb of God, Jesus Christ”. I notice too in this email you’re even suggesting that Jesus will return to earth TWICE: first, on the day of rapture (a constant presupposition on your part), and second, on “The day that no one knows…when he will return prior to the 70th Week, to remove his followers that have overcome sin through his bloody cross.” Well, you’re deceived here too like most Christians, because there’s no such thing in Scriptures as a twice-returning, “a-rapture-and-then-a-return” Second Advent. I may agree with you about “the risen American Antichrist” and all that, but it’s your deep-seated Dispensationalism and Christian Zionism that I — and hopefully you eventually — must reject.

Hi Jack! Jesus is Lord!
Interesting perspective. One that I too have considered and taught with slight variation…
A comment on your previous article concerning the U.S. conquering Iraq making president Bush the “King of Babylon”… If America is Babylon, he already is it’s king… If America falls after Iraq is conquered and falls, “Babylon is fallen, is fallen…” Your thoughts? ron


Hi! Jack! Thanks once again for inviting me into being able to enjoy some more of your wonderful “up-lifting” messages about our Heavenly Father’s great plan, I love the Lord, and always enjoy any and all messages regarding Him… Keep them coming! God bless you and yours! Nancy

I’m not laughing. I know that Satan enjoys ‘setting up’ wars in which both sides are led by his followers. I pray that I may have the wisdom to see the truth, and I welcome all advice. Thank you.

Dear Jack, the invading armies that are gathering below are SPIRITS in the underworld and their MIGHT is their powerful capacity to interfere TELEPATHICALLY in the mind of sinful man. Yes, even you.

They soon will be inspired to by the dark source to ‘strike’ and as they put in their mental ‘spike’ into any unprotected mind the ‘recipient’ will become hell-bent on retribution and as ‘he’ metes out the satanic distribution of pain and destruction as many already do, his/her soul become a ‘part’ of Satans forces to fall below in the afterlife.

I am the “star’ returned and my message of HOPE is already here to be understood by the meek and mild who can “reason” that God’s ONE Law is immutable and thus all WILL reap what they sowed. – Terence

what an interesting twisting of scripture, you are like the ones that paul warned us about in scripture, you have so many half-truths and lies mixed in with the truth, its hard to know which is sadder, your insistence on continuing to proclaim a false interpretation of scripture, or the fact that there are those who are weak minded and believe whatever someone tells them. a cursery reading of the references in revelation show you are in error in many ways, there are no demons in hell, and satan is not in hell either, it is a place for unrepentant humans, not demons. the bottomless pit is not hell. if you continue to send these kinds of letters, you need to put scripture reference and the greek words (strongs # would be sufficient)to back up your interpretation. until then stop bashing catholics, this country, and stop trying to stuff revelation into your cospiracy mold! people can believe in jesus, and angels, and hell, and visitations. I have seen and spoken with what I believed to be an angel, once, I know they exist, and that does not mean I have to agree with you. my family has had many supernatural experiences, and God moves very powerfully in our lives. I am not making fun of you, I have a great amount of sorrow for people who think they have revelation fitted into this nice neat little interpretation. time and time again they have been proven wrong, and God is mocked because of it.

While I think you wrote a wonderful article, I am not convinced of one point, which I feel is an assumption on your part. Satan and his angels are part of the spiritual realm. That they will be visible to the physical world takes the interpretation of Scripture farther than I feel comfortable with. Having said that, I do think those with “spiritual vision” have seen and have also been warning of the increase of demonic activity; especially in the last hundred years. The increase of division among the body, along with more and more of the most outlandish doctrine, are physical manifestation of what is taking place in the spiritual.

Of course, there will be more signs as we get nearer to the end, but then,. . . some of the most severe catastrophes known to mankind have taken place in this past century. It just takes and eye to read the signs of the times. Sadly, this is one other thing the world is blind to.

Keep up the good work! And may the Lord continue to guide and bless,

You have a pretty good grip on the scriptures; it appears to me anyway.
If we want to know what’s it going to be like then, (ie the witness of heavenly and devilish events), consider how christians are maligned today, even those heavenly hosts, giving proof of the heavenly witnesses will be maligned as well. And even God, when those who have rejected the gospel, they will be givin a spirit of dilusion, to believe a lie rather than the truth, because they did not repent.
Think of the rapture; when Christ will decsend from heaven in the clouds, and we shall rise to meet Him there. Though we all might not be terribly visible to everyone, its hard to picture the multitudes, and the Lord Jesus Himself as not being noticed in the clouds during the great tribulation.
Then when Christ returns to Earth, along with us (for we are promised to be forever with Him), the Armys of this evil world, a world who has rejected the only hope they have, will make war on Earth. but the battle won’t last long, as Jesus personaly executes the beast, and everyone wearing the mark of the beast.
I wonder what the look on their faces will be when they see their leader, the beast, put to death at once! “who is like unto the beast?” they will ask. Jesus He is far above all who would dare come against Him.

Thank you so much! The days are gettting short, there are many signs, and some don’t even see it!

Dear Jack my brother in CHRIST,
I first want to say that all that you have writen has been a blessing to me. As you are aware, when I first read your monthly letters, I thought you were an extreemist, but I do not still have that opinion. I never mocked you, or spoke bad about you, or what you write, but just sat back to observe. It was not long before I began to see the truth in your writings. You are the first person to get me to open my eyes to the truth about our current presedent, who I would have voted for if I had voted, because I believed him to be a sincere believer, and I couldnt believe what I was reading when I saw what you thought of him. Everybody I know and trusted believed him to be the the saviour of americas values.
So now I pass on to all in my intire address book what you send to me after I read it. Some people call this spam.
Now this is where I want to get to.
I am a tree surgion (an arborist), and I run my own company. I do not run adds in the news papers, or big flashy adds in the phone book, as that costs 300.00 per year, and I believe my money can be better spent elsewere. I do not send out mail flyers through the postal system either, same reason, costs. I do however put my flyers in peoples mail boxes myself, and over the past 15 years I have recieved some 20 to 30 complaints some reciting the laws about mail tampering, others threatening to have me arrested. To them I simply write down the address and never leave annother flyer again. But over the years I have had roughly 3500 or so customers who have thanked me so much, not just for my hard and carful work but because I left the flyer in the first place. Now if you do the math, it is less than one percent that are upset enough by my spamed flyer in the mail boxes to complain. By the way I have talked to the local postal authorities, and they have assured me that my flyers are only a problem if I 1. put the flyers in front of outgoing mail or 2.the customer complains in which case if I would cease to put flyers in that box nothing would be said, but if to many complaints came from the same area then I would be officialy warned, and then fined if it happened again, and that has never happened to this day. So my point is that you are doing far more to help people than to bother them. Dont stop sending those emails and I wont stop passing out the flyers, eccept to those who do object. Other tree companies can have those customers, and if the truth be told those are the customers who wouldnt call me anyway, because of the fish on my flyer. Thanks for making this site available brother it speaks volumes.

Your brother Robert
Dear Jack,

I had four vists from angels in the flesh over the past 15 years. Two of which said yes, when i recognized their unearthly pure countenance and asked them, while i was talking with them, are you an angel? I was not the only one who recognized the unearthly purity in the faces of heavenly beings. If you read the story about Lot and Sodom and Gomorrah, you will discover that the 2 angels coming in the form of men upon introduction never told anyone they were angels. But their unearthly purity was not only recognized by Lot, but also, obviously recognized by the perverts in Sodom. So much so, that the perverts in Sodom turned down Lots 2 virgin daughters , who we, from an earthly perspective, would consider having pure countenance even a greaterpurity.


Though it is clear that you have set your heart on these ideas I would
encourage you to consider that there are many different tribulation
scenarios many of which involve aliens at some point. Why do you write
as if you are so sure that things will unfold according to your ideas?
Are you aware that many who hold different scenarios preach with the same
spirit of enthusiasm and confidence? I personally am very skeptical of
your ministry and would like to be taken off your mailing list. Thank

May the Lord bless you and keep you,

I normally don’t reply to SPAM – this is what your email is considered to be – I am not an atheist – believe in God but do GREATLY OBJECT YOU STUFFING YOUR OPINION IN MY EMAIL BOX. SEND IT TO PEOPLE WHO CARE ABOUT YOUR OPINION – I for one do NOT –

religion is a personal thing – PERSONAL TO AN INDIVIDUAL and I was raised in that way and no Christian, Jew, Atheist, Arab, Satanist, or whatever religion they profess to can change my mind, let alone an email from a person I don’t even know. So please refrain from sending me your emails, messages and opinions in the future.

Thank you – wishing you blessings on your path –
Jack, this is an eye opening prophecy! It is chilling but so true. Thank God,
The Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost, for redemption through Jesus Christ’s
It may well happen as in this article…….It has got me thinking and on
watch for
the Rapture of the Church……………Regards. Lyndon

Dear Jack:
I just read your testimony and I was very moved. Aren’t we lucky that we
believe in Jesus.

My husband was Jewish when we met. I was reluctant to go out with a jew
because I had just gotten out of a relationship with another jew and was
suffering terribly. For 4 years we tried to figure out a way to get
married. To make a long story short he was a moma’s boy and his mother
was like the devil telling me if I deny Jesus I will give you anything.
This coming from a women who didn’t practice being a jew. Her husband
was a Catholic and she succeeded in making him a jew. This was a
horrible experience that I almost died. I was heart broken but I would
not deny Jesus for Anything or any amount of money.

I am not a saint but I go to church as often as I can.

Thanks for sharing, Marie

Will you stop bombarding me with your stupid, pagan religious beliefs! I
am not a Xtian I believe in the ONE God – not the three headed monster
you revere.

The rapture is a lie.
Sunday Sabbath is a lie.
There is no such place as hell.
Christianity has kept mankind in the bloody dark ages for 2000 years!

Not quite sure why you sent this to me, but thanks. I must say that I agree with a lot of the things you say in this document, but some I do not. Somehow, the apparitions of Mary will be tied up in the whole scenario…also, I don’t doubt the role of alien abductions (because I am a firm believer that they happen and are actually demons, the spirits of the nephilim) in the whole mess. When I read Revelation chapter 9, I see some really weird beings coming out of the earth.


Beloved One of the Lord, I agree with you that Babylon is falling and the Lord’s Angels are becoming known to His faithful. And I agree there is great wrath It is coming out through people. After that you sort of lost me, for what I read next was of the intellect and of the emotions…fear based. Remember Peter walking on the water with the Lord? When his vision was on the Lord, he saw and felt as the Lord felt and could do what He was doing and what He wanted him to do.. When he looked down, he sunk. Ponder on that daily!! And then you came to a very important verse! Rev.2&3 “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit of the Lord sayeth unto the churches.” To hear, we must be perfectly clear of all error in thinking and emotions and all false beliefs, so that His vision and His hearing is our vision and hearing. And, we WILL see Him face to face! Praise God!! May you be Blessed! In His Service, Beverly


Who is this angel Mary? I have never heard of her. I attend Calvary Chapel
here in Los Angeles. I hope that they don’t tell me not to read
your site because so far I like all I have read but I have not ever heard of
Mary from any of the Calvary Chapel pastors.


It is very sad to see how the truth is distorted in what you write.Jesus has never left us,”behold I am with you till the end oif the age”. “I will never leave or forsake you” Jesus never spoke of a second coming, except coming as the “spirit of truth” “now the spirit is the Lord”.The Kingdom of Heaven is within, Jesus said so obviously his coming is within our hearts”the spirit of his Son” has been sent into our hearts.Only the “old man” wants to enter into a flesh or blood kingdom. But I can tell you directly your old man that is your flesh is destined for the pit. Nobody can enter heaven “except Him who descended out of it”. Only in Christ as a new creation, in the unity of His body can you enter into the Kingdom…..now flesh and blood will never reveal this to you. Only the Spirit of Gods Son can elevate you into the oneness of the Body of Christ. Itis already your inheritance, you are already seated “in Christ in the heavenly places”….it is only your carnal body and mind that tells you otherwise, and deceives you into thinking it is always in the future. Now Jesus came preaching the Kingdom of heaven is st Hand NOW

Who are you? And whats all of this god stuff.


Dear Jack,

Thank you so very much for sending the page, Babylon the Great has
Fallen. I too believe that America is Babylon and that the Statue of
Liberty is pagan. We are all learning so much in these last days and
knowledge is being increased as it says in Daniel 12:4. I appreciate
all your information!


Thank you for your e-mail and your post.

Yes, Satan and his angels will at some point be cast out of heaven by Michael and his angels. And indeed, where else would they end up but on earth and in the physical realm!

Your post is well written, the scenario is very probable!


You seem awfully sure of your scenario. Just where do
you get this stuff, scripturally? All we have is a
vague glimpse of what will happen in the last days; a
framework, with no details. Certainly, there will be an
antichrist, controlled by Satan, who also controls a
host of demons. Just as certainly, there will be an
angel coming with the keys to the abyss, where Satan is
to be bound for a thousand years.

But nowhere does the Bible state that Satan’s minions
will become visible.

And where do you get the details of the antichrist’s
explanations to the world? There is no mention of
extraterrestrials in the Bible. Neither is there any
mention of how antichrist explains anything, nor any
indication that he feels bound to explain anything to

I’m afraid that I don’t agree with much of what you’ve
said. You’re spouting extrabiblical nonsense with an
assurance that obviously doesn’t come from being well-
grounded in scripture.

Please remove me from your mailing list. And I urge you
to consider seriously 1 John 4:1 — “Beloved, do not
believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see
whether they are of God; for many false prophets have
gone out into the world.” I’ve tested you against Holy
Scripture and find you to be lacking.

Send your crap to someone who’s interested, please. My
pro-Israel, Jewish ass could care less.


Sorry Jack Hook not everyone in the world is a Christian, thank you, but wrong church.


have no idea “how” you got my email address but i am glad “you” did. normanly this would have been deleted but i took a chance on an unknown messenger and i am truly thankful i did. thank you and my prayers are with you and yours

Dear Brother Jack,

You wrote: As I understand John, anyone who denies either the person of Jesus or his teachings is antichrist. I agree, the atheists, Muslims, Hindu etc. anyone who preaches another Jesus other than the one who said that “I am the truth, the life and the way, no man commeth to the Father but by me”! Those who think that they get there by their works can be included in that group. If we could get there by our works why would God have placed his son on the cross? Is he some kind of sadist? Not my Lord.


I don’t care how you want to disguise it, this is SPAM! I don’t know how you got my e-mail address because I certainly didn’t give it to you. YOU are violating MY religious freedom by sending me this. Since I don’t believe in Hell or the Devil, why should I be afraid of either?
The brightest blessings of the Lady be upon you.

Lady Red, the Universal Circle of Light
*Get a taste for religion – lick a witch!*

Brother Jack:


Your letter gives me joy to see the boldness and zealousness you have for our Master and King! AND, Yahweh has this great heralding letter in his Book of Remembrance! May the Lord of Hosts, blessed be He, make His face to shine upon you!


Thank you for this email. I am a born-again believer who just lost my father a few days ago, and he was saved just shortly before he died, so I know how important it is to get the word out.My whole family is unsaved and my brother is an agnostic, so I want them to hear the word.My husband passed away in Jan. and he too was saved just shortly before he died, so I’m very burdened for the rest of my family.I will frorward this to them and if they reject it I can only pray for them. Again thank you. Jack

Hi Jack,

Thanks so much for writing. Is it possible to read your book online? If so, that’s great. I’ve heard alot about it.

Can’t wait for our new bodies; these ole tents just aren’t all that great:) When we get HOME finally, I think I’ll give you a big hug. Please keep in touch as it gets lonely and your beliefs are alot like mine. Maybe we can learn from each other??… I’d love it.

For now, take care and thanks again for writing. May our LORD bless and keep you always.

Dear Jack,

I am not a scoffer or a mocker. I enjoy very much the articles you write. Please continue to send me them. It is too bad for those who don’t take heed.
Just wanted you to know there are christians out here who do enjoy your articles. Thank you so very much.
A friend in Christ.

You are nuttier than a fruit cake

Thank you so much for sending this article to me. You really said it
all. I am a Christian, and believe in what you have said. I wish
every-one would believe in Jesus. But that will never happen. Sincerely,


Babylon is Jesus, God, and lord, the belief in these will bring death !


I readed your article, Im muslim. If u really want to know some signs about the end of this world, read the words of our Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). Yes, Jesus (Also our Prophet ISA, NOT the son of god, like u christians are thinking) will come to the earth, in jeruzalem, near the mosque of Mescid’el Aksa. BUT only a very few people will be able to recognize him. He will come to the world as a moslim, and as a follower of the Prophem muhammed. Read the Koran, it is not changed by anyone, because Allah (god) said that he will protect it from being changed. Why do u want to read and belief a book, that was once holy,(bible) but now is changed many times, many years. I suggest u one thing, Read the Koran. Read it’s translation. Read what it says about the future, about science. Everything it says comes true. Example : Koran says that the heaven has 7 layers. Remember, this was in it 1400 years ago. Those 7 layers are discovered this century, with the modern telescopes. There are many many miracles like this. The end of the world is near, i really dont want people to burn in hell.

Thank you for the interesting reading material. My family has suffered some tragic turmoils, trials and tribulations. I will Praise Jesus Christ every step of the way. Faith in Jesus Christ is the best solution to every problem in this lifetime. I look forward to the return of God’s Son. Prayer, praise, and rejoicing is the way I defeat the evil in life. I believe that satan despises me because I love to rejoice when trials come my way. I thank God that He chose me!! God bless you, Keep praying! Karol

Thank you for removing me from your mailing list.

God bless and keep you,

In His love,