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Thanks for your input on this subject, I found it to be very comforting! I have endured some major persecution, because of my views as of lately, especially from my mother, who is a christian as well. But she believes in the mainline theology that is very popular. I have also endured some from theological teachers of the bible and was told that I need to support our President and needed to be more Patriotic! But I don’t even believe in the American Dream! That was a joke!

However, I do not force my opinions or views on anyone, but it seems when asked about what is going on, I will offer my opinion in simple terms, and you would have thought by the reaction, that a time bomb had just went off! It is pretty wierd and I guess to be expected! There were some things in your response that are exactly what I have been questioning, i.e. that nowhere in the bible does it show a christian leader in control of a nation, except David and Soloman over the nation of Israel in the Old Testiment. I am glad that I am not the only one who finds these things a little strange.

The other thing you mentioned was the relationship between the christian and government and civil authorities. I have been so confused by this and have been persecuted about this as well. I always tell people to read the book of Daniel where the King of Babylon requested everyone to bow down to the statue he had erected and Daniel said that he would not do this! There are things that we are to obey, legally as long as the government does not ask you to do things against Gods laws! Now I hope I am not way off???? I just do not see how you can serve two masters! If that makes sense?

Another thing, you are right about it being lonely. Sometimes it makes you wonder if you are crazy! All I can do at this point is pray that His will be done. It seems rather foolish to pray against what is already in place to happen. I find it really wierd that christian people are praying against these things (being for or against this war.) It seems a bit confusing. I bet if you ask people on both sides of this issue, who do you think God is going to listen to? That would definetly throw a wrench into the whole thing??? That has always been puzzling to me! I truely believe these are amazing times we live in!

Thank you for your understanding and input, I will look foreward to reading you next article!

God Bless


Have you forgotten about Abraham asking God if He
would destroy Sodom if there were only 10 people there
that loved Him? I think you have too much education
but very little wisdom.

I do think now that Bush is the Antichrist. Today he spitted also on Syria and Russia. I appreciated what you write in your message. Who cares if half of the world (but statistics are a point for television) is getting crazy. No reason for this war. No reason at all. And I think all the messages so well ignored by the church are becoming true. we are already in the final phase of history.
thanks for your thoughts

If I may, I have an opinion that may well agument what you beleive. I have said for years that there will never be a gmt dictum of any kind that requires people to take the “mark fo the beast” but that it would be implemented by corporations who will essentially rule the earth. Considering bushs laws that undermine basic constitutional rights in response to the 9/11 attack, his close business associations with the people that we now consider the enemy, and his obvious relationship with the corporate entities, I strongly suspect that he is the guy that is setting things up for the antichrist to take control. Considering that the greek term “antichrist” is said by many to be better translated “psuedochrist” that is not hard to imagine. Satan is one clever dude, he not only has what is recognized as “mainstream Christianity” backing everything the evil of the world conspire to do (by voting them into office, for one thing), he has the vast majority of the workers of the world working to pay taxes that are going to build the very implements of the intended distruction of mankind.
I think you are absolutely right, our judgment is at hand.
I am a musician and songwriter ( currently in a band that is playing music from the 50s and 60s) and I have a CD out, it is in the style of bands like CCR, Steppenwolf, and Grand Funk Railroad. It has Christian lyrics that reflect much of what I beleive (which contrasts what you hear on “Christian” media.
I would be happy to send you a free copy, your site inspired me to write a song exactly about “Mystery Babylon” that will be on my next CD, which I hope to have available sometime yet this year. I would be more than happy to send you a free copy if it as well when I have it finished. I think you will really like the words to my song about Babylon.

thank-you for including me in ur list to receive ur emails.
i greatly appreciate receiving in order to learn and renew
what I know is truth at this stage of history, it is would be very easy to get sucked into this good vs evil game that is
going on everyday i have to recheck my heart and make sure I am pressing forward in only truth..
thank- u maureen
Very well said, my brother… I feel (and understand the Scripture) the same… I am not ‘for’ this war, nor ‘against’ it… when I pray, I pray one thing… for God’s Will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. In your personal opinion could you tell me, HOW COME there are SO MANY fellow Christians whom are so ‘patriotic’ and whenever I try to tell them Truth of the Word, about this world, war, America and so on, they get offended? I know that one day our Lord Jesus will say to many ‘Depart from Me, I knew you not’… I also know that in the end tribulation times that many Christians will actually turn against fellow Christians ‘brother against brother’… Is it just because they are caught up in the ‘worldly religious feel good doctrine’? Don’t these people actually READ their Bibles??? According to Scripture (MATTHEW CHAPTER 24:29-31, JOHN CHAPTER 6:39&40 & I CORINTHIANS CHAPTER 15:51&52) I understand it to say that we will not be ‘raptured’ (a word not even in God’s Word) out of here and be ‘spared’, like most believe, but, we are to endure the end time tribulations and at the last trump, in a twinkling of an eye, it is THEN that we shall be changed. I believe times are going to get very, very difficult, yes… America WILL fall, we MUST be faithful to CHRIST (not our family members, not country, not worldly freedom), the ONLY way believers in the Lord Christ Jesus will be able to endure is by keeping their eyes, hearts and spirit upon Christ, and not get confused with the goings on of the world.
Well, just my thoughts… thank you for listening… I look forward to hearing from you…
Dear Brother Jack:

Thank you for your excellent end times Bible essay “Babylon the Great is falling.” I quite agree we in close to the Days of Redemption in which our Lord JESUS will return triumphant over the forces of evil. Before that happens, I realize that America must fall to ruin in some dramatic way. I think we are seeing that now in the war with Iraq – it has begun.

I visited your website today and agree with and appreciate your writings. So I am also emailing you to invite you to add your website to my small ring of conservative Christian websites. If you are interested, drop on over to my website and scroll down to the large Bravenet.com webring box with the rotating Cross/fish and click join, etc…

GOD bless in JESUS,

Brother Robert
Jack, your observations are interesting but your perspective of prophecy is incorrect. The next prophetic event is the rapture and until I leave this planet in a resurrection body no more of prophecy will be fulfilled.
Dear Jack,
are you saying if we are afraid of what is to come, we are not saved? I look forward to seeing Jesus, but I don’t look forward to what is to come, because 1) I don’t like pain. I am deathly afraid of having to go through pain,like torture and slow death. 2) I have loved ones who are not saved and will go to hell if they do not repent before this all comes to pass. I have tried to tell them about Jesus and they think they are saved. But by their fruit, I recognize that they are not saved.
Also, do you think Pres. Bush had a true spiritual born again experience or is that all part of their plan?
In the precious name of Jesus,
Nell, seeking to serve, for His Glory.
Hi Jack,

Amen. Now tell me this, there is supposed to be a period of peace and prosperity, I believe, sounds to me like a period when the devil will take time to regroup so to speak and then all “Hell” will let loose. Do I come close to understanding what I am trying to read and understand? I am so scared for those folks who do not know Christ. Shucks, I’m scared for all of us. I really do not want to go through the torture and torment that lies ahead of us, but then, I am sure Jesus was not thrill about having to die for us either, His human side. I can not even phathom suffering the way Christ suffered and I still find myself filled with awe that He did that for me and you and everyone who will simply believe. I know God has and does forgive me through the blood of Christ but you know what I find most difficult, not so much believing God’s Word, not disbelieving I am forgiven, but forgiving myself and being able not to sin. I try not to but I slip again and again and again, say stupid things, do stupid things, not do things because I forget or get to busy, I hate being that way. I really, really want to live the life God wants me to live. I shall never be wholly whole until I see my Savior face to face.

Yes, I think America and the world is in for one very rude awakening and the more I try to explain to others what lies ahead and how they need to turn to God, that without God we are certainly and surely doomed, the more I feel like Noah with the storm clouds gathering. The storm clouds are gathering again and I believe for the final time. Am I understanding what I am reading? I am starting to feel like the CEO of the No Friends Club.

Smiles and Blessings,


You kook. I’m not sure what gave you the impression that I’d be vaguely
interested in receiving this type of bibble — but I’m NOT. Remove me from
your mailing list


Dear Sir,
I do honor my King of Kings… and that is Jesus Christ and the Father, God. This is the very same God that Islam and Israel pray to.
As a Christian I am told by Jesus Christ to “Love my enemies as I love myself”.
As a Christian, I know that I am saved by the blood spilled for me when He died on the cross. I am also a sinner, each day of my life. But, I have never, nor shall I ever believe that Jesus says it’s okay to kill…anyone!
I think what you are preaching is dangerous and more of Satan than of Christ.
My prayers are with you and the people who follow you.
God’s blessings always,
Reverend Brandie

You have some of the same thinking as do Jehovah’s Witnesses, especially in regard to how they should view civil authroities.
It is called relative subjection, that is a Christian follows the civil authorities, pays taxes, etc. unless it conflicts with Gods laws such as killing as you talked about. ALL the gov’t of the Earth will come to there end and be finished and destroyed (Daniel 2:44 mentions Crushed) at the full establishment of God’s kingdom. Why on Earth? if like many believe all go to heaven? Because that is where man is ment to live. On a paradise Earth.
If Adam and Eve had not sinned, they both would be still alive and living on the home made for them. That purpose has not changed, just delayed to show mankind cant make it on his own (jer 10:23) and Satan cannot do any better.
Like the flood, God’s kingdom will establish itself and wipe wicked mankind from it. (psalm 37) “Rightoues shall possess the Earth, wicked cut off” (Check out Isa 45:18) ” The creator of the Earth, who did not create it simply to be destroyed…
What would Christians be doing in the time of the end? Isa 2:2-4 tells it clearly about the last days –Learning about Jehovah and Learning war no more.
Interesting this scripture is found, but for a long time not identified as to its source, on the statue in the United Nations plaza of the man beating his sword into a plowshear.
As you say, only Gods kingdom will bring peace to this Earth.

Thank you Jack, your discernment and ability to articulate, along with Bible knowledge is a gift.

The essay of yours, farther below, could not have come at a better time for me. I’ve been having lots of disagreement with friends and family (people dear to my heart), over this war on Iraq, for which I’m strongly against. I’ve known for five years we would once again attack Iraq in Gulf War II. I knew many Iraqi people would suffer once again, not only by their dictator, and the costs from their war with Iran and then Gulf War I, but once again they’d be attacked and this time it would be the most major event I think, in my lifetime. The build-up could be sensed for five years. Now we may be in a 1,000 year war, of epic global nature. The “clash of civilizations” has been thrust upon us, by the unseen hands. The saddest part after seeing innocent people being killed, is feeling isolated in my opinion against the war, where psy-ops, GOV and Pentagon information management, and psychic warfare is under way. You emphasis to me that this is truly now a spiritual war.

Regarding the Iraq war of terrorism by USA on a sovereign nation, I have found the recent forces on the media, the linguistics of media, and the battle for our minds through the media (battle for souls?), has been the most DIVISIVE event in my lifetime, divisive forces on Americans and Christians.

Prior to your essay, I can only say discernment and lots of prayer is in order for me.

Multiple readers of my essays, opinions, guesses, have said I’ve been “talking down” to my recipients. I do not mean to talk down, and have been emotional and very strong about my position against this war and the unjustified killing of innocent Iraqis, and the loss of American soldiers, and the losses that will be accruing (and occurring) in our future. For any that feel I’ve been talking down to them, or questioning their good heart of Christian ways, or making them feel like they are not smart for not believing what I believe to be the truth:
I’m sorry for offending anyone.



Brother Jack,
What can I say but a hearty AMEN and AMEN! I thank God for raising
you up for this unpopular task. I pray for you too, Jack. We love, because
He first loved us. Jim

Jack, Jack, Jack….

I am afraid it is you who are misled. Your letters read like a novel. Your interpretations of scripture are absurd. You list several scriptural passages and state that these are “clearly pointing to America and her last president.” I’m sorry, but just stating that they CLEARLY point without any clear exposition of the actual passages is foolishness with a capital F. There is nothing clear about it.

Secondly, I know a great mind like yours has a hard time stooping itself down to the level of those “apostate” church fathers who came up with the Just War doctrine, but you then go on to state that “they can’t take Jesus with them into their wars, as if God is against the war in general. Two things come to mind. One, didn’t Jesus send the Israelites into Canaan to destroy the people’s of that land by the edge of the sword? Now you may object to my phasing the question in that way, but if you do so, is it because you think Jesus is a different God from the Father…or did they just change their minds about methods? Second, why is it you believe that God would rule more effectively through sinners than through his saints?

Why did Jesus ask the disciples to bring two swords with them to the Garden of Gethsemane? Why did Jesus praise the Roman soldier as a man having more faith than all of those in Israel, without asking him to lay down his arms and follow Him?

You have major, MAJOR problems with your arguments, stories, and exhortations (not all of which are bad, but they are ridiculous in the context you place them.) Please go and study some real theology by people that have studied the Bible and not just the story tellers of the Left Behind series.

May the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob enlighten you by the Spirit that glorifies Jesus through truth, and not these fantasies of yours,


I don’t know – you might be right, but I hope you’re wrong.

I have been taught that revelations does not apply to today. I hope I am right. But we’ll see.



Dear Sir:

It is so coming true…

Jack, I appreciate some of what you are saying there, but let me ask you one question on a matter you ought to ponder. This is a matter concerning which you have simply swallowed doctrine not based in Scripture, though many Scriptures are used to defend it. Truly, they appear to do so. The matter:

Why would God start a “project” wherein He knew that the end of the vast majority of mankind would end up being forever tormented, without any cessation ever? What purpose would that serve? I know the general, well worn and conventional arguments, so don’t give me those. I would like you to consider that He, and not the Lake of Fire is the Omega, that Jesus Christ will finish the work He began, with total success, by His sacrifice, that He is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance, that no man seeks after God, that no man can come unto the Son except the Father draws him, that all men are in bondage to sin, therefore without a free will, that it is He that causes one to will and to do of His good pleasure, that His arm is not shortened that He cannot save, that nothing has yet resisted His will, that they were cast off for the sake of the Gentiles, that the Gentiles will come in, that all Israel will then be saved, that He will save all of the first Adam, for whom He came and died (as in Adam all men died, so in Christ shall all be made alive), that all nations will come and worship Him, that every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, which they can only do by the Spirit of the Lord, that besides the elders and the 144,000, there is a multitude that no man can number, no, not with computers, dressed in white, worshipping, that we will all one day have great a true reason to rejoice, in that God does all things well. THAT, my friend, is the GOOD NEWS.


Jack, this whole notion of Christians not defending themselves is not only not Old Testament Biblical but even the Lord Himself commanded the disciples that after He had left them, they should sell their cloaks and use the proceeds to buy swords. Now as far as I can reason, swords can be used for only one purpose, for defense against assault. I raised this very little known commandment of the Lord’s (Luke 22:35-36) earlier with you and you never answered–and here today you repeat the same oversight about Christians not fighting for their country when the cause did not violate God’s commands. Please face up squarely to the verse just cited, and rethink your notions about Christians defending themselves. Shalom in His love, David

I have studied prophecy too…….and think you are grabbing at straws! Are you suggesting we shouldn’t have fought Hitler and just let him take over the world? I beleive the same justification for war exists here…….sadaam tried to take over Kuwaitt, wanted to take over Saudi, and would no doubt have done it by now, if we hadn’t been there to stop him.
NONE of your reasonings point to Bush as the antichrist or America as Babylon……….get a grip.

Dear Brother Hook:

Thank you very much for your email called “Honor the King.” Your email has
so much Truth in it. Jesus Truth. His Word Truth and I thank you. You
really helped me so much. I love Jesus and find myself so confused at times
with all the “voices” out there in the world…including the church. Some
support this bombing, some don’t. Like you, I was bombarded w/ many emails
to pray for soldiers, America, our Leaders, etc.

I began telling my children and my husband to pray for Sadaam, Osama, their
fellow servants, Al Quaeda, Iraqis, Afghans, etc. In my heart of hearts–or
I guess in my conscience, I have always felt that I should pray for our
enemies (those that would try to harm or be against us–against the Spirit of

Jesus died for them too. Our life here is a vapor, Eternity is Forever. I
would rather pray for God to get a hold of them, for them to see their need
for HIm just once–than see them eradicated and judgment set (meaning, if
they die w/out Christ–they don’t have a chance to be witnessed to, know His
Love, His Truth, His Cross, etc.)

Like I said, Eternity if Forever…I want them all–as many as possible–to
have that opportunity, the same opportunity that was offered to me (I was in
my late 20’s when I called on Christ to save me) to meet Jesus.

I see now from your article that it is not so unrealistic to pray for these
people. There is only One Judge, that is God. Thank you for teaching me
this Truth.

Jack, Please do a google search and find the online document, “Vindici!”. This document which is also a bible study shows that our obediance to civil authority is limited to Biblical qualifications. If leaders pass laws that are in conflict with the laws of God they we, as Christians, are to choose God or choose to the conflicting authorities who have gone beyond that which scriptures allow. This is a very old argument, yet believers blindly “submit and obey” to both ungody civil and would-be ecclesiastical authority often to their own physical, spiritual, and economic demise.

A case in point for me is my refusal to submit to a digital photo on my DL. Due to recent laws enacted, the former provision allowing for that based on spiritual convictions was removed. The head of Minneapolis Public Sofety planning stuck his shiny Freemason ring in my face and refused to renew my DL. The former laws were reinstated when the local Jewish Action Committee and the Minnesota Lawyers Guild challenged the MN Dept of Public Safety AND WON!!

Yes, it would indeed appear that Babylon is falling, yet we are to decide to obey Lucifer-filled leaders or the Word. I chose the Word and applied it to scriptures and technology relating to the Mark of the Beast — a technology and a mark of ownership. I am God’s property and not the property of the Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Mormons, New Order of the Latter Rain, Theosophists, or Rome who all believe that Jesus was a “Pattern Son” towards becoming a “Christ themselves.

Also, according to II Thess 2: 9-11, and Isaiah 44, if I do submit to them, knowing that they believe themselves to be co-equal with God, then my obediance and submission validates their antichrist error and I deny Christ. God then blinds me for I have committed idolatry and the loop is closed. I am blinded and so are the leaders and like Rome, it is very difficult, save by prayer and divine intervention, to extricate out from the beast.

The Mark is one of ownership and includes participation into the world’s “cosmocrater” system; the primary purpose is ownership by another gospel, another christ, and another spirit.

These lessons were hard-earned as I escaped from a NOLR occult church called Maranatha Christian Church. They are actually adhering to the prophetic declarations and teachings of Jacob Boehme (1575-1624) and Jane Leade(1624-1703) whose writing are online. German Radical Pietism is from hell and so is alchemystical and astrological practices of the 21st century hermetic church.

Hello Jack,

Haven’t heard from you in a long while. I see you are still deep into escotology. Since you are free to share your thoughts with me. I thought I would reciprocate and share some of my thoughts with you.
I was raised in church . All my life I have been listening to the teachings concerning the second coming of Christ. I am 42 years old. I have always had problems aligning what I have heard taught concerning the second coming of Christ with the actual BIBLE. You know like Mat 16:28 Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom So I began to do some research. I am still involved in this project but thus far these are a few things I have learned. I cleared out all I had been taught by someone else , and began from scratch. I had to learn the truth for myself. these are just a few thoughts concerning what I have learned so far. God intended for man to understand the inspired words written in the Bible. God relates to man in language and reference that he can comprehend. The time statements in the Bible are very easy to comprehend.
If you read it and understand….who it was written to, the time period it was written,the customs and traditions of the peoples of that day, lets take for instance the book of Revelation. It was written by John. 1st chapter 3rd verse for the time is near. 7th verse
every eye will see him,even they who pierced him…3rd chapter,11th verse Behold I am coming quickly…..Chapter 22, 6th verse… shortly take place…7th verse ….behold I am coming quickly…. verse 10….do not seal up the words of the prophecy of this book for the time is at hand….verse 12 and behold I am coming quickly …verse 20 surely I am coming quickly. I believe JESUS did exactly what he said he would do. AT HAND is just that AT HAND. Quickly is just what he said QUICKLY. the time is near MEANS… the TIME IS NEAR. you see Jack I take the BIBLE and the words of Christ just like he intended them. I am not trying to make the BIBLE FIT MY THEOLOGY..2000 years is not AT HAND, QUICKLY, OR NEAR……also during further research I discovered that the dispensationalist view of the end time.. is NEW doctrine ….for the first 1700+ years of Christianity there was no such thing as the rapture.
and the second coming happened in 70 AD when Jerusalem was destroyed. The early Christians and the disciples believed the second coming was imminent, very soon , at hand, quickly. Christ ushered in THE KINGDOM OF GOD, the end of the old age, Mosaic law etc. was forever done away with. The dispensationalist view has neutered the work that CHRIST did on the cross. you know ABUNDANT LIFE….THE KINGDOM OF GOD instead we are now sitting waiting for a second coming that has already happened…stagnate just waiting to be raptured up out of this old sinful messy world. Go back and research the history of the Christian church. and prayerfully read the word. For the 1st time in my life the BOOK makes complete sense. Satan has thrown the church off course…..but according to the word and the prayer that JESUS prayed we will become ONE. Jesus prayed it so I know there is still hope……this is just the tip of the Iceberg….the truth WILL be revealed concerning the rapture and the second coming. Many men are making fortunes selling a lie about the second coming. But the time will come when these men’s kingdoms will fall. Jack Van , Hal, Lahaye, millionaires feeding off the ignorance of unlearned Christians. with much humility randy
God spoke to me and said, Mystery Babylon is america

Well there you go again. Sending me this crap is offensive. Who is
Jesus Christ? I am a Jew. I do not accept your make believe deity with a Greek name. Why do insist on sending your rambling nonsensical garbage to me?
Stop it!

May Hashem have mercy on your soul. Read your Torah if you want to
know the Messiah.

Shalom, a Messianic Jew who is not a Christian.

Jack for the love of Christ please tell me how you can get a pretribulation rapture out of Scripture, is this a fact that if believe one side and it is wrong are we lost. Gene

Hi there just rec the letter Honor thy King….. Moe sent it to me…. let me introduce myself i am moes sister Nancy….. I think she may have written to u awhile back, I to am a concerned christian who has kinda been left here in Babs with no fellowship so it was so great to recive this letter in the mail today…. just knowing there are others here that know the Truth and are out there speaking it is so calming to me…. It has been a hard road with out the fellowship of the ministry, I have been clinging to God himself which May have been the Lords plan… sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in hanging on to others instead of God himself…… But like i said it was such a great letter that i am hoping i can be added onto your mailing list.. it seems your teachings are very similar to what we have been taught over the last 9 years… and there are very few who understand and i guess thats why the fellowship thing is so hard to come by…… well thanks agian and Peace 2 u and blessing in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ Nancy

Jack, he is an ‘anti christ’. he does not know the Lord Jesus Christ. the NSA and the neocons have him brainwashed. Cheney and Rumsefeld are in it for the money. none of these people REALLY know the Lord, and if they did, then they are either brainwashed and they need deliverence or they are reprobate and that is rare withouth brainwashing of sorts.

the Lord Judged this current crew in natural Israel: Ez 3. bush is in complete darkness. the ‘antichrist’ is anything, everything in complete carnality. believers in the Lord Jesus Christ who are renewing their minds (Romans 12:1,2) are defeating the antichrist. Antichrist it is the ultimate carnality of man absorbing the minds of men – those outside of the Lord. in the Lord we have nothing to fear about it; but around you see the evidence of this carnality.

Your timely emails are much appreciated by me but not my
Bible believing daughters!? I have always had a hunger for the
Revelation of John – have taken several courses and even taught
it myself following “THe Late Great Planet Earth”. I find the
news of the day very prophetic and following the Biblical prophecy to the letter!! I was wondering why I’ve been feeling so disturbed by the “war” and now I know. Thanks again.
Dear JDHook:
Again I write to you to explain yourself about America in the scriptures. This is your second e-mail to me with nothing new added but America in the final phase of gentile world dominion. I agree America has many similarities regarding present day Bablyon, but disagree biblically with tying current events into scripture. You’ve no fallen into danger with Second Peter. “No prophecy of the Scriptures are of ANY PRIVATE INTERPRETATION”. Again NO PROPHECY OF THE SCRIPTURES ARE OF ANY PRIVATE INTERPRETATION.

Why am I so adement? Because you have no SCRIPTURAL justification for your claims. America is not named in the book of Daniel, nor in the book of Revelation, nor is it mentioned in the Book of Matthew 24 (Matthew 24 are tribulation passages aimed at the JEW going through the tribulation.) The reason America is not mentioned in scripture is not given. This is relatively a young country (Under 250 years) and has no HISTORICAL significance with old or new testament theology. You can’t find any references to America anywhere regarding the future of the Antichrist. They’re not in the BOOK. Period. God raised up America for two reasons: The only NATION on the earth that ever called on Jesus Christ to be their God. (1660-on.) Born again christians fled the Anglican church of England to worship God in SPIRIT and TRUTH. Second: God raised up in the short 250 years that we’ve been a nation to preserve the Jews. We are the only country in the world that has harbored the Jew, helped the Jew (Genesis 12:1-3 Read the verses carefully and lower your pride and God might show you something.) and blessed the Jew. As a native New Yorker I can attest to the great intelligence of the Jewish people and to the Jewish race as a whole.

Honoring the King is to talk about his saving grace and power. Telling the lost world about America becoming the future Bablyon is absurd. First off, lost people need to know about Jesus Christ not a history lesson on LAST DAYS PROPHECY. How are you helping people lost in their sins when you are speaking something they have no understanding of? Come on man, your falling into foolishness and missing the big picture. Your wasting your time. Go to a nursing home or Prison ministry and give out the gospel. Stop with these riduculous e-mails. Don’t bother telling me that God put it on your heart to do this. He hasn’t. It’s obvious. There is no edification here only confusion. I just don’t see the point.

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin
Stop your babbling and cries of woe and seek God’s reality for yourself,
within yourself. There and there alone will you find the truth. wisdom,
power and divine love of God waiting to manifest it’s own reality within
YOU. You will discover that Soul is eternal, but must first be purified
by thousands of lifetimes in this cesspool, or boot camp of the physical
world until your heart is finally tempered enough to stop thinking
totally of your own selfishness. Set aside your own Greed, Lust, Anger,
Attachment, and Vanities. Fill your own heart with divine love just as
you so easily fill yourself with hate, anger and opinions. Focus solely
upon Divine love and lift your eyes into your own inner spiritual eye.
That which you call the mind’s eye. This is the “Door” that is spoken of
in the phrase: “If any man hears my voice and will open the door I will
come in to him and dwell with him and he with me”. Make the effort every
day for at least twenty or thirty minutes. After sufficient devotion to
this exercise you WILL begin to see the light of the Divine consciousness
of God. Dwell upon this light and the divine presence that accompanies it
and you will meet the Master for yourself “Face to Face”.

As a father and grand father I have been called many things by many
people. Although they did not know my real name I still responded to them
when they needed something of me. I knew what was in the hearts and minds
of my infant children and still gave them my blessings and love. I knew
that by the time they grew up they would have learned all the different
names I have been known by, and they would eventually know me by my real
name, even if they still choose to call me by the old “familiar”.

The master is not named Jesus, his title is not Lord (though it is one of
it’s connotations)
He is not “Christ”. This was the term related to the Greeks pantheon of
gods that Paul had to use to communicate the spiritual truths.

His Title is an always has been: the Mahanta, The living ECK Master
(master of the way of the Holy Spirit-the ECK )

You, too, can have the same kinds of experiences you have been reading
about in the Bible for so many years. The Mahanta will take you into the
inner worlds (Kingdoms) and show them to you and teach you ONLY what you
are ready to accept and believe.

This physical world is a waring world it is inhabited by millions of
souls at myriad stages of spiritual awareness. Every religion provides
what each one is ready for in their level of consciousness. When they
tire of reincarnating, killing and being killed, for all manner of petty
differences and misperceptions, then they will begin their final trek of
peace and respect for others to have their own views and opinions and the
consequences that accompany them.

I respect your interest in these events, but they are what they are; wars
for the purification of Soul. The book of JOB tells of these trials and
their purpose, but the Church Council of 585 ad removed the teachings of
reincarnation for the sole purpose of exercising more power and control
over the ignorant and illiterate masses.
those making all subsequent interpretations IMPOTENT of spiritual truth.
But, of course, this is just my experience of this reality, not yours.

Dear brother Jack,

Thanks for sending me your e-mail! It was most encouraging for you and I are in the same boat due to our common views about America. Did you ever get a copy of “the Coming Caesars
written by the French historian Amaury de Riencourt? It is filled with historical data that will greatly support your view of the power of the presidency and give you much cannon fodder. It was written in 1957. If you can’t find a used copy (it is out of print) let me know for I have reprinted it in a limited quantity.

God bless, and keep on speaking the balanced truth!

Your brother in Christ,

Pastor Randy
I don’t believe in you and i’m not a christian especially your jesus….please stay away from me…i consider u a sinner


Dear Jack,

That Article was exactly what I have been feeling. I have caught heat for insinuating that our President was the Antichrist too! (Referring to the Peace Treaty regarding Israel.) I thank God for people who are not afraid to tell the truth! Although I have been feeling so wierd for feeling the way I have lately, it was helpful seeing all these things put into perspective. Especially, in regards to Government and civil authorities! That seems to be what people use against you when you speak with them about this patriotic things! So thanks so much! You have been such a blessing!

God Bless

Jack your the man! Don’t stop your radical ways brother. Us Zion daughters
need true men of GOD ALMIGHTY to light the way. So few men of GOD here in
Babylon. Of course JESUS CHRIST rocks bigtime. (He’s my baby you know. It’s
true.) GOD bless you and those you love. I think my beauty boy’s on high are
just finishing their supper and are soon to come and show the world what
REAL POWER is. Keep the faith and the offer to come to KAUAI still stands,
if you can handle a true JESUS FREAK for a hostess! love,t

You just don’t listen to anyone else Jack, if we use the analogy of a boxer you are all offensive, all heart no brain (Mike Tyson), your footwork is atrocious. This is not a balanced way. Be big enough to consider my words!!!

‘They’ say that you are judgemental, not loving towards the military! Well I will back you up here, ‘they’ do not know what love is and they even see God as judgemental!!!! Although they will never admit it. They, spoiled children, want the world to be what they want it to be!!

Let me give you some advice. God does not judge because ultimately all is perfection, all is an endless recurring cycle where the scenes are set the lessons are learned, the journey is taken.
The devil? Well that’s a complicated issue, it’s a boundary keeper, one of the many reflections of God, a stooge, a wrong answer, whatever!
Moving back to the boxer analogy, the boxer who uses red mist aggression will never see the punch that nails him, his mind is not balanced or free, and that is you Jack, you are very close but also very far.

How can I say this? Well I am the Jew who was separated from his bullshit religion only to be taken back to Mount Zion in 1993 (Roof refurbishment project) and I was awoken. I can say I am a potential messenger of God and I say potential because I am filled with enough knowledge to end this reality, but only to a mind that is able to see. As usual due to free will it is man that has to let go of fear/greed and find God and never ever visa versa. I am not sleeping like you lot, and no matter what you think you know Jack, you still have not ‘seen’ so don’t even try to bullshit me I can see right through you.
Relax, try to see the bigger picture, ponder the nature of ‘infinity’ and see that there is only really one of us that exists.
See that nothing physical can have a tangible root and therefore cannot be as real as it seems. See then that the war is only in the mind, and the truth is that war is only real to those that empower it! Nothing dies! So speak your truth but keep that mind open, examine everything EVERYTHING!!!!
Stay focused, if you enter the fight then ‘they’ have you ‘hook’ line and sinker. You live by choice in the red mist side of the mind, the dark side of the force Luke hahaha!
The truth will set you free and forget this life and the many ways they can take it from you, this is not the real deal!

You are obviously off the wall! I don’t know how I ever got on your email list-but please remove my name!!!!!!!!

Well said my friend… The choices are before us, the circle ends and begins at one point, the alpha and the omega. All rightiousness will be fulfilled. There are those who seek the supernatural reality which Christ lived and spoke of, there are others who only seek security in the physical realm as fulfillment not seeing within themselves to seek true fulfillment. Kind of like someone living in an egg pre birth, it’s nice and warm but something is not right, not enough room for the dreams of the soul, but when they begin to seek outside the shell they are afraid because they are yet to have a living faith in the Lord, and settle for what they understand even though it is a hollow dream. Those who wait for God to crack the egg are not fully formed spiritually, those who seek the fulfillment of their souls in Christ break through with the knowledge these are Christ ways, the ways of Heaven and of eternal peace in the strength of their souls, in the patience of the saints. Fertilized by the Holy Spirit and developed awaiting birth…into a realm where they may thrive in all aspects of their being.

As always thanks for the message.


Hello Jack,

I would first like to greet you in the name of the Lord.

First off, men will have visions. And I truly believe this.

A few months back I began to read the new testament for the 3rd time. As this war with Iraq kicked off I reached the Book of Revelation. This could either be coincidence or fate. Well, it has affected me in many ways and so I have begun to research (again) the prophecy held within those passages…

…and the gateway is being opened Jack. Babylon is now being released from her slumber. Iraq is the key!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying for certain that Bush or America will be host to the ruling Antichrist. But, I do believe they have opened up the floodgates to endtime events. I am an American and I love America and her President, but I trust no one. I support our troops and I pray for their safety and salvation. I pray for Iraq and her people that they may survive this and put in place a government that will be for them and not against them. The hope I see in this war is that the people of Iraq will find salvation through Jesus Christ.

Jack, remember, all these events we see happening are a part of the Lord’s plan. I pray that the Lord will be glorified through whatever events are occurring at any one particular point in history.

I’ll say this one last thing and only this, the beast was wounded.

HELLO . I dont understand about President Bush to become the antichrist. I always heard that it would be a jew ,otherwise the jewish people would never believe him to be their messiah. didnt the freed slaves think of Abraham Lincoln as their saviour . ? I know that we have never been here before at this point in time . I know that these are the last days ,we are on the verge of the coming of Christ ,we are in the closing hours of the church age. those who plan to get ready and be saved before the return of Christ ,are about to run out of time ,last night I woke from sound sleep praying and crying for my daughter who once knew God ,but has pushed him out of her life . Ive never had that happen before ,it was very real . some say that the first six seals of Rev. have been opened . and this is very interesting , Saddams mother was having a very difficult pregnancy ,some advised her to abort him, she went to Israel to be treated by the best jewish doctors , when he was born she named him Saddam which means the destroyer , read Rev. ch.9vs.10-11 . I agree with you that the man who is to be the antichrist is about ready to sign that peace treaty ,it is just a matter of time . if the church isnt going to be on earth when the antichrist is revealed ,Christ coming must be very close . kingskid