August 2004 Comments

You fruitcake take me off your mailing list. We are a colinization from
another planet. After they got what they wanted from us they left us to fend
for ourselves. Quit living in a fantasy world where hope is all you have

Dear Brother Jack.

Yesterday was a severe ‘bad-cold-day’ for me and during the struggle of many over the years I too did everything to fight it with the items to be found in most medicine cabinets – alas, all to no avail. Nothing helped and I sat here next to the computer doing my best to be a survivor. I couldn’t get my thoughts together enough to write or revise on some works I’ve been wrestling with but my head felt thick and my brain felt crushed.

I had finally given up and decided to just sit here and suffer through the common cold . . . then, I hear a ding that indicated I had an E-mail! I was happy to hear from you and found the article. In that your thoughts and ideas about ‘what is to come’ are similar in most respects you provided me with some thoughts and ideas I would later sleep on. I found this article especially interesting and did some serious soul searching as I read through about half of it (13th paragraph, last two or three sentences).

. . . thirteenth paragraph in which the final sentences read as follows:

“We agree on so many issues of the day and it is so tempting to just climb aboard their political bandwagon and march off to war for the “mother of all battles” against the Islamic world. Interestingly, I receive the most flack from the condemners after I tell them to be patient, to wait for Jesus to come, and let´us pick up our cross rather than kill our enemies.”

This is where I began to get lost as to your direction. It almost seemed as though you left your theological thesis and entered into a sort of political dialog (diatribe). I can’t fault you for this and, Jack, I want you to know that I personally believe that for one to be a prophet of the day it is necessary to simply crash right in and take on these items on directly . . . as you have done here.”

I have no idea where our country is headed – although one can get a rather clear preview in reading Scripture. However, I think it was another article of yours where I began to feel that you have a rather disparaging view of our President, George W Bush. In some way it comes through, at least to my feeble understanding, that you would likely be classified as a Bush hater. I don’t know how else to put it. As I laid on my bed last evening I went over your article again and again, and even though I realize that the example is seldom repeated in Scripture, I kept envisioning David vs. Goliath, and how that example would apply in your article. My memory goes back a bit further that the non-declared-wars of Vietnam and Korea, and settles most sharply on those in our WW1 and 2 and how if we had not fought them we’d most likely have ended up speaking German or had become a bar of soap. The answers to these things are part of those ideas that will be revealed to up upon being taken up to be with our Lord. As I look back it occurs to me that I served my country a mere 10 years following WW2. At the time it seemed as ancient history. I served much of my time in Germany and was there when the United States turned back to their control the ships surviving the war. I recall their attitude toward Americans then and how they held themselves well beyond and above us. Just an attitude.

We have been a warring nation. There are nations today that are succeeding democracies simply because of the ideal that all men are created equal and deserve freedom, or at least a crack at it.

I am afraid my head cold is still here and my thoughts are difficult to put down. I do want to thank you for your article, ” http://www.babylonthegreatisfalling.net/ “. I will endeavor to do it more justice when I am able to get my thinking cap back on. God bless you for your efforts to alert Christians of things to come . . . as well, some that think they are Christians but will stand before him hearing those dreaded words, “depart . . . I never knew you.”

Your Brother in Christ Jesus.

Bob C
Hello Jack;
You are teaching that America is Mystery Babylon listed in Revelation 17, and she is a Whore,
a woman, and a woman types the Church. That woman was built on 7 Hills, and that is Rome.Not America.
All the Sains blood was in Her….18;24.
In 17;18 says this woman is a City..Vatican in Rome.
That building in Rome that is half standing is where many died, and stands as a witness.
In the dark ages America was not even a Nation.
I have seen old movies where the Romans killed Christians in many cruel ways.
Jesus died on a Roman Cross.
Paul went to Rome and was killed, and his blood was not in America,
but it was in Mystery Babylon.
No nation is the danger to a Christian, but a Religion, a false Church.
The Scriptures are of no private interpretation, but Scripture interpretts Scripture.
Sincerely, Nathan

Hello Jack,

Well I read about all that I could before my eyes gave out. I’ve heard it all before and it’s the same old 7 and 6. Just tell me Jack, are you a regular Pre-
mill ,pre -trib rapturist ? Is this stuff you write regular Schofield/ Darby Doctrine?

It sounds a lot like the Armagiddon Theology of ” Scare the hell out of

I just wish one of you fright peddlers would come out in the light of
day and admit that the “End of the world” that was predicted by Christ was the End of the Jewish world that happened in AD 70.

Isn’t it strange to you that all the things that you say is going to happen in our
future,has already come to pass in the first century ?

How long, Jack Hook, are you going to sing this same old song?

Please respond , ><> Dean

Dear Sir

Thanks for the notice.

This is what I think about Mr. Bush and God…

Mr. Bush proclaiming to whoever will listen that he believes in God and is a Newborn Christian is good, but it makes me wonder which God* Mr. Bush refers to (or “god”; phonetics don’t make any difference, and it may as well be put on paper by a person assuming that Mr. Bush refers to the One, true God, who created heaven and earth, who gave his only begotten son to die on the cross for our sins).

Now Mr. Bush is endorsing Islam, saying: “We are worshipping the same GOD” (Let’s write it that way, like on the “ONE” Dollar bill, whose freemason symbols are well known…)

If Mr. Bush is worshipping Allah when he worships God, I am not! God said it clearly: Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Exodus 20:3. Deuteronomy 5:7, Hosea 13:4. The Lord is greater than all gods. Exodus 18:11. For all the gods of the nations are idols: but the Lord made the heavens. Ps. 96:1-13. He strecheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing. Job 26:7, Chronicles 16:23-36.

Nowhere in the Bible is it written that it is O.K to call Him by any other name!

Satan, who knows who the true God is, created the false religions! When we embrace a false religion (or endorse it, like Mr. Bush!) we are in rebellion against God! There is no “if”, “but”, and “and”!

Now Mr. Bush is invoking the blessings of Hindu gods and goddesses, and praying in a Shinto temple in Japan.

The Bible tells us to be “fruit inspectors”. Well, sofar, Mr. Bush has only produced rotten spiritual fruits! The facts speak for themselves, and not what Mr. Bush (or his representatives) may say about it!

Remember the Bible says: “They shall be judged by their fruits” and Mr. Bush misquoted the Bible, saying:” They shall be judged by their words”, thereby giving himself a licence to lie.

So let’s stop veiling our face and refusing to see how things really are, and start denouncing what is only an attempt to gain votes, even to the extent of denying the One, true God!

If Mr. Bush really cared about the One, true God, everything else (including votes) would be given onto him. Just like the Bible says. And he would not need to beg for votes elsewhere.

In Matthew 6:33, Jesus says: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

A. Crews
Dear Jack:

I’ve read your latest page, as well as many of your former pages. But
I couldn’t help but respond to your condemnation of Pacifists, for I have
been one for over 70 years.
I would like for you to kindly read one or two of my many pages. Please
begin with:
http://christianpacifism.homestead.com/Index.html. Then if you can find
the time please read: http://ejphome.homestead.com/Pacifist.html

In the spirit of Christ,

‘Israel’s remnant’ are those of us ‘in Christ’ today, and those
like Paul, Peter, Jude, and anyone else who have ‘died in Christ.’
Today’s orthodox Jews do not know the truth.

Dear Jack – I always look forward to receiving your letter.

Many “confess” Jesus as Lord but trust the government or President Bush more than Jesus Christ. Even if Bush is not the Anti-Christ, we should have exclusive devotion to Jesus Christ, Our Prince of Peace.

David Silverman from Out of Zion wrote me a quick note about how “we” are grafted into the xmas tree, rather than the olive tree. Even though so called Christians know for a fact that xmas is pagan, they don’t think Jesus minds – this is how they celebrate and show appreciation for our Freedom in Christ. How would they like their birthdays celebrated on some other day and that day was a symbol of an enemy of thiers??? Can you image a new wife having to celebrate her birthday on the ex-wife’s birthday??????

It isn’t enough Jesus died for us, now we “dictate” to Him what is acceptable to Him. Amos 5:21 The Lord says ” I hate your feasts. I cannot stand your religious meetings”

I have expressed to a few that instead of fighting with the powers that be for laws, and protection they should be thankful to Our Lord that we have the freedom NOW to preach the Good News and then spend this precious time and opportunity to actually preach.

The first thing I noticed when I became a Christian is the all the Jewishness has been removed from Jesus. I read the Scriptures that clearly state that Israel would become a nation in a day, and that anyone going against or dividing the land will go against God…

Thank you for being so honest about when you don’t speak about Jesus and know that you should…happens to me sometimes too. Wanting to say something and saying nothing or diluting it out of fear. I hate this when it happens.

Prisonplanet.com is excellent and so is Crossroads or Kjos Ministries. Also, Jerry Golden Report is extremely interesting, passionate…he is a Messianic Jew who lives in Israel. Everything he writes I recommend, including his story Burned Alived.


I just finished reading your article aptly named “War in Heaven.” You’ve done a great job in articulating the T-R-U-T-H.

There are those in “Christendom” who refuse to see the truth. I’ve been plying back and forth with a friend of mine that believes the lie that Gods Law was nailed to the cross. He states that we no longer need “holy days”, or “Sabbaths”, because they were the “shadow of things to come”, and now we have the substance, Jesus Christ. This is partly true, but the deception of Satan is deep seated and he continues to follow the practices of demonically led Christmas and Easter.

I’ve sent him article after article that these so called “holi-days” are not for true Christians! I even sent him a website concerning the satanic “Wicca” religion, for lack of a better word, that states they also have Christmas and Easter as holidays. It seems to me that when a follower of the Lord reads something like this, that would WAKE THEM UP! Sadly, this isn’t the case and he states that it’s OK to keep any holiday we want because we are “under the blood”, and we are pointing people to Christ, not Satan! HOW DECIEVED! It’s a satanically led practice! I’ve known this fact for years, but I get called a “legalist” and I suppose I’m raining on the devils parade!

This friend on mine has a park ministry where he helps the homeless with food and clothing. This is exactly what Christ would want us to do. But I mentioned to him which gospel he was teaching. I asked him if he was teaching the same gospel that Jesus taught concerning the soon to come Kingdom of God, and that it is just around the corner. I never got a response back to that question, and l gave him scripture to prove Christ’s TRUE gospel.

Needless to say, that fell on somewhat deaf ears. He is going to continue to preach the “baby Jesus in a manger” Christianity, and leave out that Jesus Christ is the King of the Universe and He is coming to this Earth with bowls of wrath against those that are following this end time deceived form of Christianity!

I’m not quite as articulate as you are Jack, so maybe I come off a little strong, and I seem to condemn, but I’m NOT a compromiser! I know the TRUTH and I’ll stick to the TRUTH! The prophet Zechariah gave us a taste of the soon to come Kingdom in the 14th chapter. I noticed in this chapter that ALL nations and peoples will be keeping the Feast of Tabernacles, or reap the plague. For some odd reason, I didn’t read that ALL nations and peoples will be keeping Christmas and Easter! Why don’t people understand this simple Bible knowledge? Why Jack? I’m at a loss, and I don’t understand.

I guess I’ve bent your ear long enough.

God Bless You and keep up the teaching of the Kingdom of God!

I applaud you and the new message you have given on your website……couldnt have said it better myself!! Oh, and by the way, last time i wrote you, i was concerned about the church i was attending…..i have finally broken away from them……the pastor teaches dominion theology, and the prosperity message, loves Benny Hinn and Rodney Howard-Browne……he lives like a King with his wife, and takes money from widows and people on government assistance! I worked for this man for 2&1/2 years, without pay, with him promising me that he will pay me for it, but still hasn’t and I now believe, never intended to. He answers to no one and expects all of his people of the church to submit to HIS Authority and don’t ask questions or talk about things amongst ourselves!!!! I am still repenting and wonder how i ever got into the situation in the first place……he always told me i was working for God, and i would be greatly rewarded……yea, right…..but my heart was working for the LORD and not him, so i know Jesus knows my heart and will forgive me for following such a man! God Bless you in all your preaching the truth!
Be blessed!

Hello Jack,

I have just read your new article and I concur! I have written to you in the past several times, I am not sure if you recall, as you probably get many responses, however I really enjoy the articles that you post.

I wanted to ask you for some Godly advice. I have been going through this Demonic court proceeding for the last three and a half years. This has been really hard for me, because it has to do with my son and his father who had been abusing him sexually for several years and continuely abuses this child emotionally, as the child continues to tell people what his father had done to him, which usually triggers the father to become paranoid and thus uses forms of intimidation and punishment on the child to keep him from talking. The problem is that the father has worked in the system employed through the Juvenille Court System to work as an Intervention Specialist in conjunction with the local child protection services in that town. His attorney works at the child protective services as a volunteer on Tuesdays and is married to the Juvenile Judge that employs the father. The Juvenile Judge was also a former board member of the of this Child Protective Services. The child had accused his father of this abuse in 1997, 1998,2001, and more recently in 2003. This has been going on in the court for several years as I said earlier, and a lot of things were covered up, evidence concealed among other things that I could go on forever about. I am presently representing myself in this case which is also very scary to me as I am not a lawyer. Officials and attorneys have been reported during this case. My question is that because I am so close to this situation, and I am so angry at the injustices done to my son and my family, that I am not sure that I am going about this right or what I am supposed to be doing. Right now I have been filing papers in this court exposing the deception and lies of not only the father, who is using his position to conceal these issues, but also the attorney that he has used in this case in that she has violated laws by representing the father and had used questionable practices in this case. My question is not of the legal nature, but of the Godly nature. Am I supposed to be doing this according to the bible? This seems like an easy question to answer, but it is not at least for me, because I am angry at the legal system, I am angry that there is such a lack of truth, or that the courts cannot tell the difference between a lie and the truth, when the evidence is there to support both sides. I am really tired, I pray all the time, and I am working all day and all night either at work or on this case. I keep wondering if this will ever end or if I should just accept the loss of a child to this tragegy, or if I am, or maybe there is something that I am doing in my own life that I have to go through this horrible experience? It is very hard to sit back and watch this happen to a child and not want to help or save the child. I am perplexed by all this and I am not sure that I have proper thinking about it, as I am to close to it and maybe do not see properly.

If you have some kind of thoughts or answer to this situation, please e-mail me back!
Anything would be helpful?

Please Sir,
How do I get off your mailing list??I have no objection to what you and your followers
think or say to one another.Or to anyone else for that matter!!but you are so woefully uninformed about the world around you that you are a danger to those who might depend on you for protection.
Please remove me from your list!!

About a year ago I was praying with some Christian brothers that I knew I would either not see again, or at least not for a long time. As they prayed I received 3 distinct impressions. I call them that because I do not claim to be a prophet and am not sure these words are prophecy. However, the impressions have deepened, not weakened over time. I am poorly disciplined as a Christian, but that is something I’m working on at the moment. Here are the impressions I received.
1) It would be made known to me the 7 Thunders of Revelation (and that I would proclaim them to the people).
2) That these 7 Thunders have to do with judgments against the Islamic nations. (I remember crying when I was impressed
with this thought).
3) That I was to prophecy to the “dry bones” in the Church of God (see Ez. 37).
My take on Biblical prophecy is a bit different than most. I’m not concerned so much about the sequence of events, although I do realize that we have a deadline that is coming up shortly. Some of your writings I find offensive, in that they restrict God to a human schedule. I cannot do that. I also have some opinions about the anti-Christ and the false prophet that seems to differ from many people. While I view America as “Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots”, I don’t really see much participation of the U.S. in prophecy one way or the other (again my opinion). I refuse the idea of the pope as being the anti-Christ because the pope is a religious leader. That would, in my mind, better suit him to be the one who forces us to worship the Beast. He would be the false prophet. The anti-Christ will be a political figure whom the world has embraced. Someone it loves because of his diplomatic abilities.
Keep challenging us to look at God’s Word to find these answers and not to accept yours or anyone else’s word on the matter. Keep us stirred up so that we realize our time is short. And pray for America. She is a country who is lost and does not realize it.
Take care and God bless. David

Dear Sir
I agree with much that you have to say and I do feel that our President may be the Anti-Christ.
I do not wish to make light of our leaders for I too wish that GOD would lead them and direct them in a good way.
I fear that Mr. Bush has another agenda on his mind.I see him act like a lamb and speak like a dragon.
911 has been a reason to install many new security measures but a people will never be safe until they trust in the LORD.
I worked at Heinz FF Ore-Ida in Ontario , Or. because of 911 they went to a new security system which required all employees to have a microchip security badge.
I refused to take this badge for I felt it to be a part of the mark of the beast. I was fired for taking this stand but was able to demonstrate the lengths we are going to need to combat this evil that is coming.
Only by a sincere faith and belief in CHRIST do we have a hope.
About the Jews and 144,000. I do believe that the Jewish people will be persecuted but what of the other tribes of Israel? do not 12,000 come from each tribe of Israel?
Isaiah has much to say about the end times as well.
I believe he was also speaking about the Americas in his prophecies.
The Americas, North and South have much to ask forgiveness for and will answer for the evils that they perpetrated upon the indigenous peoples.
I believe the Native peoples to be part of the tribes of Israel.
In that day when men will flee to their own kind ? Where will the peoples of America flee?
The Americas are still Indian land and I do believe that GOD the Creator gave them this land.
Only by sin did the people lose their land only by sin will this nation lose.
The native peoples sat in darkness for many years thus the FATHER had to send his word to them and he used the coming peoples to punish them for their sins.
The native peoples are coming to CHRIST now and asking forgiveness for their ancestors mistakes.
This once great nation is lifted up in pride and is filled with all manner of filth and sin covers her like a blanket.
We are all guilty of sin and I am no different each day we must take up our crosses and deny ourselves.
Love one another as Christ has loved you.
Let us all search HIS word for is our hope, our security, our shield and the sword of our faith.
Brother in CHRIST

Shalom Jack
Having just read your article I have a few things to say…..
Have you ever read Tim Cohen’s book “The Anti -Christ and a cup of tea”? his thoughts are different to yours regarding just who is the Anti-Christ….he has researched his book well and is worth considering.
You may contact Tim at contact@prophecyhouse.com

Also being Jewish, I cannot agree with some of your statements…I think your thoughts are ‘too christianised ‘and maybe you could consider some Jewish instruction re the Scriptures…there are many excellent books available and are helpful…even though they are not Christian oriented ! biblically speaking they are quite sound and I think you would gain much from reading them. The Artscroll series has published some excellent books on the Torah and the Prophets….it is always good to gain an understanding from the Jewish commentaries on their prophets.
Another thought is that the NWO (which is controlled by Freemasonry Illuminati ) and controls the world through the CFR in USA and the UN/EU in Europe has not being mentioned in your article…you are missing out a VERY important part of prophecy here…..it is not just Russia and the Islamic nations.
There is a Jewish believer living in Israel who can elighten you to some of this knowledge…his name is Jerry Golden..I will forward his info on a separate email. The photos should come through OK I hope.
I also think that the 2 witnesses are the 2 Houses of Israel joined..that is the House of Judah and the House of Israel (originally the lost 10 tribes now returned)…these are the 2 olive treees standing beside the Menorah in Zechariah , who become ‘ the 144,000 Jewish evangelists’ and are killed but rise again before the world’s eyes….
Just some of my thoughts for now….maybe we can discuss more later?
Shalom u’bracha

Hello again Jack,

I know I may be getting in the way of a busy man, but I would just like to say that the last article you wrote really moved me. It awakened me to the state that I am in, and if I’m truthful I have known all along. I am very much in the coward bracket.

There are multitude things I can thank God for in the way my life has been transformed since turning to Him so many years ago, but finding my voice in shouting His name from the rooftops is not one of them, I’m so ashamed to say.

If I was in a self righteous frame of mind, there a thousand and one things I can proclaim to have done for the glory of God, and I could confidently call God as my witness for each one. But the truth is, all these things are wiped away to a state of meaningless if I cannot find my voice in ushering in His coming Kingdom.

One of the most major things I have been set free from is an intense state of shyness, and fear of man that has haunted me since childhood, but there are many times this demonic fear still has an unbearable grip on my life. And preaching the Word of God laid down in the Gospel is one of them.

I give thanks that in many ways the Holy Spirit by His grace and mercy leads me to live a life that brings some amount of glory to the Lord, even when I am led there whilst my flesh is kicking and screaming. But the truth that lies open like a wound is the fact I am guilty of remaining silent on so many occasions. And I feel in danger of running the risk that I may be denied by the One I so truly love and desire in that Day, purely because deep down I love myself more, if that makes any sense?

Please find time to offer my life to the Lord in prayer, and ask that I may find a boldness that has been lost since the day I first was filled with the Holy Spirit. I pray for divine appointments, and recognise when they come, but somehow my mouth seems to be sealed shut like in some bizarre nightmare.

God bless,


Dear Jack
I was so touched to read the testimony of your Mother and how true it is. What a wonderful lady. I too have seen that final healing given others and it was wonderful to witness … the trust and the faith and the gladness of their peace with The Lord. However I have been blessed to witness healings that were brought about for the glory of God by His truths and his compassion.
Many write to me and ask what religion I am…. I tell them in all truth a Christian. They say … yes … but what church do you go to then ? …. I reply I go to them all. I know full well they wish to put me into a denomination and I also know there is only ONE Church … those that bear HIS NAME may understand the words of men in a different way to me and become bogged down with their traditions and customs and from where they are standing the view may be different … YET ..we have only to ask earnestly for truth in the name Of Jesus through The Holy Spirit and we shall see through His eyes …what a wonderful blessing and miracle The Lord has wrought…. One Church, One Lord, One Faith. I see the churches coming together in a new search for unison that is required by Christ at His coming. The day has truly come when we shall say I am not of Peter and I am not of Paul but of The Risen Christ Jesus …
Love and blessings

Dear Brother Hook,
Many, many blessings go out to you and yours as you prepare messages for the world to study and look for the Glorious Hope to arrive and conquer! I pray daily for His return to be imminent……what joy that will be! I thoroughly enjoy devoring your messages and want to encourage you as you serve the KING……..Please know I, with others, support your devotion to the Lord Y’shua! May the Lord of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob encourage, strengthen and guide you as we wait for the trumpet to sound……I can almost hear it ‘practicing’ ……. the horses are becoming impatient to break through the clouds as well, with the KING!Come quickly, Lord Jesus!!! Shalom! Janice

Dear Jack, I have just finished reading your latest article. I keep telling
those around me, war is not the answer. I know Jesus is. Maybe if humans
stop fighting for a while they will hear Jesus say “Love one another as I
have loved you”.
Call me a dreamer, I don’t mind.
I have not been to a “church service” for at least one year and do not
belong to any fellowship.
I have thought and prayed and come up with “stay away”. I am born again,but
find the evangelical churches too judgemental of their fellow christians and
the traditional churches are no longer for me.
I do share my faith with others when the opportunity arises, mostly I plant
seeds as I don’t see these people again. I pray the Holy Spirit sends
someone else along their travels to water the seeds.
I pray that the people of the world will open their eyes and not blindly
trust human leaders.
I do query your statement that all muslims do not worship the same God as
us. Only God himself knows the answer to that.
May the Light of the world Our Lord Jesus Christ Bless You and come soon to
our planet earth.
Your sister in Christ,Lynette

Hi Jack, just finished reading “War in Heaven”. Very good piece, I agree with you in almost every detail and any small difference I hold is not worth arguing about. Please allow me relate to you something that happened to me, I think you will find it interesting considering some of the things you recently wrote. There are not many I have told this story to and you are among the first I’ve heard echo its belief in any way.

A had a good friend, a older gentleman I loved dearly who passed on about two years ago, His name was Hiem. He was a Messianic Jew who lived all his life in Tirat Karmel in Israel. I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone who loved The Lord Jesus as much as he did. He was a very simple man, a fisherman by trade and in his last years a fish seller as he became to old to fish himself. I will never forget a specific correspondence I received from him shortly after George Bush Jr was declared the winner and new president of the USA.

He wrote to me – “and so the anti Christ ascends his throne”. It was his contention along with others he worshiped with him that George W. Bush was “A” anti Christ, if not THE anti Christ. I immediately thought of this when I read your new article on your site.

Ever since I received my friends letter, I’ve watched as the United States has reversed direction in so many ways, as money was placed on a ever higher pedestal as the thing to be most greatly sought after and worshiped. As the general welfare of our children, elderly and sick was placed on ever lower steps of importance. All the while this president has held himself up as the champion of the Religious Right, always paying lip service to the “church going” voters while at the same time standing by and doing nothing as Christian values were allowed to be dragged to new lows.

I used to wonder how it was that the majority of people in our country could not see this. Could not hear the outright lies, see the repealing of laws that are leading to the desecration of the land and our children’s heritage. See the war lust in this man. How could Pastor after Pastor stand in front of there congregation each week and praise this man, holding him up as the savior of all God fearing people left in America, when in reality he seemed to me to be the opposite. To turn there churches into political rallying places, used to “get out the vote”. A movement which many churches are gearing up for again, at least in my neck of the woods, with rallies and voter signups after church services.

Than I recalled from the Word just how many people would be fooled in the last days. How if it were possible, even the very elect would be so fooled. Many would fully believe they were following the truth and doing the right thing, and I see it coming to pass right around me.

This is another fault that must be laid on the Church leaders, the Pastors, Priests and Ministers. For if they had spent as much time teaching the Bible to there flock, as they spent writing clever sermons based only on a sentence or two from the Good book, or urging there congregation to vote this way or that instead of seeing to there spiritual health, perhaps more would be able to have the eyes needed to see what is occurring right among them today.

Keep up the good work, yours, Dave


Opps, well this reply is due more to my vanity than anything else. I made an error when I said by Christmas that the two witnesses would be dead. Since that did not happen, then I read the Bible again in that area and to my chagrin I saw that first the two witnesses finish their testimony, and then sometime later, it does not say when, then the two die. I became a bit upset, and I believe God, or an angel of God did it to me, and also I became frustrated when Saddam Hussein was captured. After all he was the friend of the US for about a dozen years, and we helped him kill Iranians, and Kurds, and who knows what else, but today the press makes it look like we are saints and the past never happened. That is when I got upset, and made a vow to God, more likely God wanted me to shut up, that I would not teach anymore on finding Islam in the Bible, or the Bible in the Koran. It just so happened that Saddam was captured around the same time as the end of two sets of 3 and 1/2 years. One set was the time the two witnesses give prophecy. Is this all just more coincidence, or am I the witness that explains the two witnesses as I was told in 1977 when on a mountain in Colorado by an angel that I was the witness in the Book of Revelation. The two witnesses is a parable, and Jesus taught in parables, and I am the Apostle Peter reborn, and making a fool out of myself today, like I did every so often 2000 years ago.

The end all of this is that even though I made a slight interpretation error, small to me anyway, still over all I am correct, by the grace of God, and some time in the future the two witnesses , which is the elementary belief that Jesus died on a cross, and that he is God, that babes in Christ fantasy will die. Then Islam, and Christianity will become one religion. SO the show is still on, and it will happen eventually.

Sincerely, Dan

PS: Is Jack Hook a pseudonym, like you work for the CIA, or is that a real name that I might find on your birth certificate? Or are you Jewish, and you changed your name?

mr. hook,

as a christian, i think it is a bad idea if one doesn’t stand up for one’s self and other people who need our help. if we are to say nothing or do nothing then we are just as bad as the dictator.
war i know is a necessary evil, because freedom is not free and we are to fight for our freedom of religion, and other freedoms as well.
we need to stand up and be counted and do what we have to do to keep our freedoms from being taken away from us.
ms o’hare is dead let her legacy die with her and bring back prayer into the schools and discipline too.
thanks for listening


Yes my friend, soon we will be in the Olam Haba with our Messiah Yahshua! I am so glad we have a Blessed Hope (pre trib catching away). If we didn’t, then we would be most miserable and wonder what kind of Abba we had. Any loving Heavenly Father (Abba) would not put his children, those who He loves and cares for, thru GREAT tribulation. What lesson would that be for a child to learn anyway?

Be blessed my chaver, and keep looking up and keep your ears open for the sound of the Great Shofar!

In His Service,
I am unable to believe some of the remarks made by people that God gave
a mind . I would be so afraid. I also don’t know how your e`mail came to
me but i am so glad it did. Don’t be discouraged because they treated
Jesus the same way.I enjoyed all iv’e read even the website on
“rapture” now I can’t find it again .You are a great insight to all
Christians. God Bless Jean

Jack, Since I am firmly convinced that all prophecy is bogus, and since I
do not believe the books of the Bible are anything more than the ramblings
of superstitious and ignorant men, and since I class “angels” in the same
category as leprechauns, fairies, gnomes and the Easter Bunny, you can
remove me from your mailing list.


Hello Jack,

I read your testimony at your site and your new article that you sent me and it was very good and to the point.

The part about your mother in your testimony touched my heart but i know that she is at peace with her personal loving Savior Jesus Christ and you will be together soon as soon as the Lord has finished with you here on earth.

God Bless You and keep on serving the Lord no matter what!

Your brother in Christ,


Dear Sir,
Thank you for sharing what God has shared to you. I believe what you are
saying on everything except one. The Rapture. I believe that we will be
caught up to God, but if God is going to come here then I want to be where
he is. The scripture says that “He that endures to the end” many times. I
still to this day have not read that there is a “secret gathering of his
people.” Mathew 13 says that the tares will be removed first before
gathering the wheat. Please explain to me this. I am a servant of Jesus
Christ and Love him. The more I know him the more dependant on him I become.
God began showing me these things 15 years ago. I was scoffed at, but I
still believe!
I am a brother in Christ and will be praying for you.

Dear Jack,
Thanks a lot for the mail sent.Your new article is very informative,educative and inspiring to me.Please keep me imformed about your articles.They are a must for those ministers who love prophecy and look forward to the second coming of our lord. Please do not be discouraged by skeptics who are bent on frustrating your work. Keep up with the truth.

Your fellow minister,
Rev. Raphael

Shalom Jack,
Blesssings to you in Yeshua.

I took a quick look at your website. The biblical Feast Days and the Hebrew wedding as outlined in the Scripture are the template for YHWH’s plan of salvation and redemption. My position after 35+ years of studying biblical prophecy is that without a walking-it-out-understanding of these Feast Days one will not understand prophecy fully, but only through the the dim Torahless light of the Babylon/mixture/confusion church system that has for the most part rejected the Light of its Hebrew/Jewish roots. All Bible prophecy was written by Jewish prophets who were Messianic and Torah-observant using Hebrew symbolisms, idioms, oriental thought patterns and a Torah-perspective, etc.

All due, respect, and I hope I missed something on your website, but I can’t find anything there that takes these things I have mentioned above into account. If I am wrong, please redirect me. I am anxious to understand prophecy in more detail from an Hebraic, Hebrew roots of the Christian faith perspective, as I have many holes in my understanding.

Blessings to You in Messiah Yeshua!


Dear Bro:

Thanks for your note. I’m presently in Guatemala,
where faith is rather more alive than currently
in the U$A, which does seem like the first beast
of Rev 13: making (nuclear) fire descend from the
sky in the sight of men, making the (tv) image
speak, and marked by money-madness (666 as per
I-Kings 10:14). Plus at war with the Ishmaelites.
Apocalyptic times indeed!