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Praise God, brother, you are so right! We pray for your protection and your continued boldness in the Holy Spirit.

Did you know that in 1992 the Vatican finished building a 2 Km cross laying flat on its back, capable of projecting holograms into the sky, to be seen 40 miles distant? It is covered with red equilateral crosses. The sidewalks up to it also. It reminds one of a stepped Egyptian pyramid or at least Aztec Pyramid. There are plaques all over it for every country in the western hemisphere. NAtive Santo Domingans weren’t allowed to work on the inside. It has armed guards. The only reason I know about it is because a freind copied a homemade video about 20 minutes long on it. A group of Christians had gone to see it and taped it. Anyway, I have been unable to find anything on this building on the internet. Odd, very odd.

Also did you know anything about the Trilateral Commission (created in 1973 by David Rockefeller) that holds much power over the world’s food among other things? They created a map of the world divided into 10 economic regions, and the “tri ” accounts for the US, Western Europe and JApan (JApan!) I think, Daniel, Isaiah and Revelation. Ten Horns, seven kingdoms, three kings, Hmm. One little horn.

Now no doubt there was some reference to what is now history, but the Bible is efficient and good at multiple prohecies just to confirm things, with great meaning. All the Christ’ first coming for example. plus the PAssover as it is kept now– the holes in the Matza (and he was peirced for our iniquities) the three matzas (Father Son and Holy Spirit), the hiding of half the broken middle matza ( he was broken for us, The name of the Matza, Afikomen, meaning “I came”, the laying of the broken bread [body of Christ] for 3 days,), the Afikomen being found again (He was risen) the unbroken lamb shank ( the bones of the lamb shall not be broken), the third cup of redemption. —how is it they miss it all after years from their childhood of seeing this? YHWH shows it to them over and over and it just escapes them! We gave up the pagan Easter and now our church keeps the Resurrection Day by showing the Passover symbols. It truly has so much meaning, how can we divorce ourselves from the beauty of the OT?
What I mean is, as the Bible has great meaning for the time it is written, it has greater meaning as time has even had a few prophesies come true again, in a different way, as if to confirm it. Like the thing about Daniel, and the stuff about the different Caesars, and powers and Alexander, and yet here again the ten horns thing is coming about again! ANd the prophecies for the End times in Daniel also meant for a type of End times in their time. And yet it’s SO clear that it’s also happening now!

Amazing stuff. Keep strong, in Christ

Pastor Mike and Delia

This world is not being destroyed by the evil that people do, its being destroyed by the people who stand by and do nothing. All the truth and research in the world means nothing with out action. You have the statue of liberty on your website, not many people know that we sold out already!! The United Nations owns the statue of liberty as well as every other national park.

Dear Jack,
I just read your story. It is a story of truth,hope,and the saving grace that only Jesus can give.I understand and believe that miraculous life changing moment you had.. And each time I hear another’s story my heart leaps within me knowing it is true. Weather it’s a testimony of someone in our church or someone on the other side of the world. It has been a source of encouragement and blessing to me this morning.Thank you for putting it out there in cyberspace You just never know who the Lord will lead to find it.


Jack: I have been reading the Babylon the Great is Falling book. I still think you should re-publish and update it, especially in the light of identity theft. I think that this will be the great catalyst for requiring identification in your hand or on your forehead.

What do you think. Marlys

My dad is also a Vietnam Veteran.

From which forum did you find my contact info?

It is interesting stuff, but I have found my beliefs to the eastern philosophies and they too feel that some sort of end or rather great change is coming. The Mayan Calender, which hasn’t errored, predicts this on a date somewhere around 2012. Many, many theories are broughten up, many of them can be seen as plausible. The Earth’s core
has been vibrating faster and faster since the year 1987, two years before I was born.
The Bible, for me, contradicts itself as it is written from the very differing minds of over a dozen philosophers. 30 years of Jesus’ life is still a mystery and much of what he taught and preached is not recorded in what is called “The Word of God”. Moses’ Children, Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Siddhartha Guatama (The Buddha) all preached a principality that so much the same, all different paths of the same mountain… truth.

Everyone has their own version of what is “real.” It was said that you are the co-creator of your world. Jesus’ words speak truth to you in your mind and heart. For me, it is Lao Zhou and the Buddha who fills in what is missing from Jesus’ teachings.

I appreciate your message and interest. At least you were not some bot or spam! It is good to talk with a flesh and bone human being.

Hi Jack, You’re welcome. I know that I will enjoy reading more of your articles. There is a wealth of information and insight to truth in your article. When I was reading your article I saw in the spirit realm a deeper removal of gauze from my physical eyes and spiritual eyes. I knew it was the Lord doing a deeper work. Keep it coming. I thank God for your boldness and obedience to speak truth and share with all who’s heart, mind, soul and spirit is open to hear with the Father’s heart and discern the times..

God Bless You. P.S. I know you love and sincerely pray for those men. You would not have mentioned it otherwise.

Your Sis In Christ – Wilma
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Hi Wilma. Thanks for responding with such encouraging remarks. I really do love and pray for those men I listed, and hope they will rethink what they are doing before our Lord come to judge Christendom, Revelation 2&3. We all should examine ourselves before him every day and walk in his Spirit, 2 Corinthians 13:4-5. I hope my online book and articles help you even more in understanding the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ. Your new eternal friend. Jack

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Dear Jack, I am just returning to work after a few days off, and was surprised to see an e-mail from you. I do not know how
my e-mail ended up on a public website forum, but I am glad that it was a good connection. I read the article below and
went to your website to read more articles you’ve written. Very interesting. I agree with alot of what you’ve written. And
yes, sad to say that alot of well meaning preachers are deceived and tend to give us a gospel that comforts the flesh. There
is nothing wrong with being comforted, but it is wrong to be comforted in a manner that distort the word of God. We need to
pray for those that have been given the office of Pastor and teachers.

I also read your testimony.. Powerful. I thank God that he has saved you and transformed your life 380 degrees.

God Bless You and your family.


Dear Jack Hook,
Thank you so much for your reply. Of course, I am ready for my Lord’s coming and waiting for him. Not only that but I have been trying to help others to be ready for Lord’s coming.I need your prayer for my ministry. Bangladesh is an Islamic country and most people do not believe in Christ as their personal saviour. I have been reaching to them with the Gospel of Salvation.

Hope that I will able to read from you in the coming days.

God bless,

In Christ, Lawrence

Please take me off your mailing list….I am not sure what you think you want from me….but as a Christian, I cannot agree with much of what you say on your site. I only briefly browsed through it, since I normally charge $25 per hour for reviewing and making recommendations for websites. You mentioned nothing about what you wanted, or what I was supposed to be looking for, so I assume that you are not willing to pay for my time.
We all make mistakes in life….even you….but we all also answer to only one in the end….GOD. So please don’t bother me any further with your beliefs….I have my own, and I read and take my advise from the Bible….not in context as you seem to do…but in its literal form….as it was intended. Your “interpretation” is simply that…your interpretation…which you are entitled to….at the risk of being judged on judgment day. But, that is a risk you seem bent on taking…so best of luck to you…..Good bye…and as requested take me off your mailing list…and your lists for sale to others….

Praying for the safe return of our deployed soldiers, and for the families who anxiously wait for them.


Well Jack,

We shall agree to disagree. It is insipiring that you have not lost your young heart that seeks truth, peace, and harmony among the rubble. If you had contacted me last summer, you would’ve found an inspired follower of the true Christian faith and not the mass social beliefs.

Hi Jack,

Thanks for the invite, and I can see you are doing a dedicated work inspired by the Lord. I see a powerful testimony
displaying a true life-changing, born-again experience, and I know you’re following your divine course as best as you
can and are spiritually equipped. I am one who “looks for common ground” in maintaining the brotherhood of believers
in Christ. I appreciate the efforts of others within the body of Christ in doing their part to enhance the Whole, so I
don’t want to criticize or step on any toes either….But, I do like Chuck Swindoll, Charles Stanley, and occasionally
John Hagee….I have a problem with doctrinal fencing and never want to alienate others through that, as I had done
in the past with some Roman Catholic friends. It bothers me to see people like that ‘in bondage’, but I’ve acquired
a more “live and let live” attitude, otherwise I’d go absolutely crazy trying to change this crazy world! You have to
remember also that I live in Canada, where they are on the verge of total recognition of same-sex marriages, and
I feel very frustrated living in the midst of these changes which get thrust forward against our will. Democracy is
certainly dead up here, and we’re becoming a haven for all the wackos, homosexuals, and even some terrorists!
I know we also have a lot of anti-American sentiment here, which is totally wrong and selfish….But, I carry on in
the midst of it, in my own little corner. That’s one reason why I wanted to contribute here and there to the Viet Nam
Wall on the net, because I feel we should support and treasure each other. We have no greater neighbour or friend
than the U.S. of A. It also disturbs me when I contemplate the prospect of their “falling”….I don’t want to be in the
hands of the Chinese or any other evil regime! I don’t think they would treat us as well as the States treats other
nations!!! Anyways, not to ramble, but THANKS for getting in-touch, and I wish you God’s best in your work!



P.S.>> I had a wonderful great aunt who used to always shout “fallen is Babylon the great”….She was a Jehovah’s
Witness, but her heart was in the right place! …Another reason why I don’t enjoy or derive any satisfaction
from religious or political debate. My father always said that in order to keep friends, we should desist from
talk of religion or politics! I figure he was right, in retrospect, but it makes it tough to “witness to anyone” if
you don’t speak….But then, “by our actions they will know us” I suppose…

I agree. I watch Lindsay but I squirm. I really should stop watching.
I also watch Van Impe, but he is not as warlike. I know you don’t
agree with his support of Catholics. I find there is no one I can
agree with completely. I have almost stopped watching TBN however.
Jesus will sort it out when He comes. Maranatha.


Hi Jack: The Wonderful Lord in His Providence saw fit to have you send me an e-mail. i just marvel at the goodness of God. Your answer hits the right spot! Yes, the Holy Spirit is the true Counselor. There is no charge in Biblical Counseling and the object is to get the person dependent on the Word of God for All answers.

Wow!! I am so glad to have access to your web-site and knowledge. May the Lord continue to richly bless you as you go about HIs business. Fannie

Jack Hook wrote:
Hi Fannie. Thanks for responding. To answer your question, I have no problem with biblical counseling, if it is truly “only” biblical. I have been warning people for years to avoid counseling that mixes and mingles with scripture the psycho-babble “self” theories of unsaved men (Freud, Jung, etc.) who are esteemed the fathers of psychology. Schuler, Warren, and Dobson are the most famous examples of men who have perverted the gospel by this mixture.

Most Christian schools and seminaries say they are rooted on the scriptures, but include in their courses teachings from these men who rejected the Lord Jesus. My experience with psychologists, some who are dear friends, has shown this perverted mixture to be true. Furthermore, the real and only true counselor is the indwelling Holy Spirit, who we should all rely upon. Too often, Christians become dependent on human counselors rather than the Lord himself. Money and fees charged for sessions usually are the root cause of this dependency.

I hope my online book and articles help you even more in understanding the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ. Your new eternal
friend. Jack at http://www.babylonthegreatisfalling.net

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From: Fannie
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Subject: a look at your web-site


I usually do not open mail from unknown sources. After opening yours and viewing your web-site, I am glad I did. I will be spending time in it, reading more and more. I do have a question however: I am a Certified Biblical Counselor. During all of the courses, I was admonished that the Holy Bible is our authority and major source for all problems. Question: Did I get a hint that there is a problem with Biblical Counseling? Please respond!

Thank you. Fannie

“Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth and the life: No man cometh unto the father, but by Me.” John 14:6

say man
your calling out politicians of national import who claim to be “good, old-
fashion, god-fearin,christians; is welcome in my mail 24/7.
calling scripture to my attention was illuminating. after all,.. listening to the
D.C. luminaries we are led to believe & FOLLOW their call to arms.
their sales pitch ie:just war falls shy of “an inspired call”.
tell me more. what can i do ? short of money donation i have lots to give.
i am in a S.F. hospital for an extended time.
I can donate time and languege skills to you/world through this pc
thanks pal
sincerely RSVP

Hi Jack, Nowhere in the bible are we encouraged to study prophecy, What if the lord changes his mind about how he is going to deal with the nations of the world, he is not bound by the bible like a lot of people seem to think, will all of those who think they have got it figured out loose their faith, The lord did say go into all the world and teach the gospel, ninty percent of proffessing christians dont really know what the lord has accomplished in the person of Jesus Christ the result is that they are religious without faith, trusting mostly in themselves and there experiences, Jesus Christ is the new adam, when the lord accepted Christ into heaven we were accepted in him, salvation is a done deal, sin is no longer a problem because it’s been dealt with, however there are consequences when we sin, our humanity is in Christ, all that Christ did was for us and on our behalf, he is our everything, Who cares what happens to this world. Yours in Christ, Bob

You say Babylon is a country, you say it is the same as the beast described in Revelation. Revelation clearly states it’s a city, not a nation. From the books description, it has to be a port city. I agree with most of you summations, however, I think you would be more correct to say the new Babylon is New York City, and the Beast is the American political system. Try researching it that way. Dan

Hi Mr. Jack,

Thank you for your email and invitation. I was in your websites and I am very surprised about your work from there. You have a lot of articles there.

I read your confession and I just can say “praise the Lord” for the way He worked in your life!

About your new article I must to say that I never thought about those things… Are many new things for me, inclusively all the people enumerated in your text. I heard about Billy Graham some good things about him, and just this.

It’s interesting to observe the events from today and to understand what God is saying about its. I will try to read more from your website and from
the Bible about this. Currently I am looking for ministry partners that would pray for me but also support me financially. Maybe God already uses you in His ministry, in different ways; but I would like to ask you to think and pray for God’s guidance and see if He is leading you to involve in His ministry here, in Romania.

May God bless you for His Glory!
With love in Him,

Thanks for the Mail.

I love Jesus and Jesus has done so much to me. Time is here when people shall arise. Others will preach the risen Lord and others will be false prophets. Our Personal relationship with God Father, Son and Holy Spirit will bring us to eternal GLORY.

God Bless