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Rick Warren is setting things up for the antichrist, not Jesus Christ. He is deceived totally and not into sound doctrine.


Hello Jack

Sorry this e-mail is late but my computer was down for a week or so………………it is really nice to see that you are trying to reach out to soldiers about Christians, both my parents were Christians, i have a brother in Marathon who travels alot and speaks the word of God, actually most of my sibblings are Christians, i myself backslid, mostly because i was afraid of loosing my husband, although i do beleive in Christ and the only way i will get through the Gates is by admitting, and accepting the Lord as my Saviour…………..My dad God rest his soul became a Christian about 10yrs before he passed away, and mother about 15yrs before she passed, so i know where they are today……………..my dad was also a war Veteran………..so you see we have bit in commen, i continue to read your web site, and do find it interesting…………keep up the good work Jack

Your friend, Denise


I passed your comments onto our local pastor…. he replied below…..

Thanks for the communications they are seriously thought provoking.

May God Stay with you.


Hi Clare,
I think Jack’s critique of Purpose Driven Life is a poor effort indeed and seems to miss one simple fact = Warren does not purport PDL to be the sum total of all Christian teaching. Warren’s book takes a very specific topic and deals with it extremely well. Jack clearly misrepresents the book.



I think you have defined the Rick Warren problem clearly and I find no apparent error with the material you presented below. I have been “forced” to investigate the inconsistencies of the Warren program because it arrived at a church I was attending early in 2005. This church has not been the same since. Southwest Radio Church Ministries has been on top of this Warren thing since practically the beginning, citing works by authors such as Brothers James Sundquist and Warren Smith, and SWRC Brothers Noah Hutchings and Larry Spargimino. Also, Lighthouse Trails Ministries has been on top of the New Age connections with Purpose Driven movement, and continue to be almost tireless in their efforts to keep people informed about the spread of this cancer.

Thanks again for your update. It is always good to hear from you. Till He returns, I am still —


Hi Jack,
I think you have wonderful questions and I wish I had answers to all of them -but I don’t ! I feel we are in a religious war and as Christians we must fight for what is right, just, and moral. The problem is many American don’ understand values and morals anymore. And business’s just want the almighty dollar. I believe in a fair and reasonable profit. I also believe we have lost the Republic and now have entered into a Plutocracy!!!! I would love to hear from you . My father was military and I was raised to respect the Constitution and the Rule of Law. But, are we a dying breed?

Thanks, Willa


You are right on Jack. I once was given the assignment to fill in as a
substitute Sunday schoolteacher who was teaching from the purpose driven life. I never teach
anything unless I canback it up with the Word of God. It was the most difficult 2 weeks of my
life. I couldn’t findany truth at all. It all sounded good but when you compare it to the Word
of God it is alltwisted and out of context. God help us. The Word says that many will be
deceived and thatwe must prove and test all things.

God bless you,


Yes Jack, well said. This teaching of Rick Warren and others is steep in Amillenial and Post-Millenial/Kingdom Now heresy. Of course, they all like to trace their eschatology back to Augustine who in part bought into Origine and the Alexanderian school of interpertation. This is part and parcel what the Catholic church teaches. A good dose of Lewis Sperry Chafer’s 8 volumes would do well to cure them of their bad exegesis


Dear Brother Jack,

I do appreciate your taking a stand on the Purpose Driven Life and Rick Warren. So many churches in our area have endoresed his “doctrine”.
One gets the impresseion that these people just go to church and listen to people such as Rick Warren, but fail to read the most important book of all, God’s Word.




I’ve recieved your letters from time to time and even been at your website a few times. I have to admit that I am very much like “a sheep” when it comes to discerning the times. I find it’s way to easy to get so caught up in the emotions surrounding the events of the day, that I have a tendancy to lose my(*or Gods) perspective. It’s much simpler to tune out and shut down. Most of today’s “prophets” are really “profits”. Yet, the bible gives us direction, we must be “watchful”, tuning out isn’t an option. His assurance is that we will all see him, “coming in the clouds”. And also that “No one knows, not one” when that time will be. I can’t help but think that when it finally does happen everyone of these “prophets” of today (Mr. Warren included) is going to be extremely embarrassed. Your exhortations seem to reflect that temperment and yet I appreciate the lack of “poison” conveyed in your words. I believe each of these people is following what they believe is “Gods will”, Satan’s deception was sly enough to work on Eve, why would we (or they) be any less likely to fall. Please keep me on your mailing list, finding commentary from trusted sources is tough these days.


Brother Jack:

Thank you for your continued efforts in informing God’s people about
the deception and apostasy that is coming, yea, even now is.

I have to say, I love the email on Rick Warren. I have been very
suspicious of his teachings for some time. To be honest, I haven’t
read much of what he’s written, or heard him speak too much. I wanted
to check out that speacial on Fox News about him, but my wife had
other plans. *smile*

The fact of the matter is, there has not been a “Christian” book on NY
Times best-seller list yet that has not been riddled with errors and
false doctrine (at least not that I know of). We can be sure that
what is highly esteemed of the world and most of Christendom is emnity
towards God, e.g., Prayer of Jabez series, Your Best Life Now (I think
that’s the title Joel Osteen’s book), etc. I think that there are
very few “Christian” books that are sold in “Christian” book stores
that are Biblically sound. So when Purpose Driven Life came out, and
became a huge fad, I started to have doubts about the whole thing.

Anyway, I am sorry to tell you that I haven’t been able to visit your
website in a long time. I have been working so much, and I no longer
have internet access at home, so I never get a chance to read. I am
anxious to be able to read more of your articles, because I believe
you and I have much in common.

I really do have lots of questions for you. I know that you probably
have many, many more important things to do, so I hope to find some
answers to my questions on your website.

One thing I do want to ask you is if you know much about Antipas
Ministries. Through their articles, I came to believe that America is
prophetic Babylon. But after a while of being in contact with a
couple people involved in the group, and reading more of their
writings, I really found much that I disagreed with. I wonder, what
to you think about these guys, if anything? I briefely encountered
the Tribulation Network guys (Dene McGruff and friends) and I find
them to be much more Biblically based.

I think that I’m rambling now, so I will have to talk with you later.
Once again, I appreciate hearing from you. Keep up the labor of love!

Your brother in the Lord Jesus Christ,

Donnie “The blood of Jesus Christ…cleanseth us from all sin.” 1 John 1:7


Jack, get a life!

Jack , have you seen ” The Future of Food” video or “Sweet Misery”…all about
NWO agenda with foods ?
Also the video Cutting Edge has on Freemasonry in the foundations of the nation ?
That one helped me see why God is bringing judgement here, and why this is the
Babylon of our age, in terms of the roots…not just present day sin, but the occultic roots. I wish I had lots of money to give them all away free to everyone.


Dear Friend Jack:

This was a very interesting and informative newsletter. With your permission, I’d like to share this with a Christian brother and sister of mine. I think this is just the kind of thing that ordinary folks need to learn. Personally, I feel that whenever material wealth and gain become the motivating force for any individual or organization, integrity and truth will suffer.

I’ve seen so many who are building their own personal kingdoms rather than the kingdom of God. This has hurt my heart so very deeply. We can’t serve two masters, can we? In my day, I’ve seen a few folks who live homeless on the streets, but who have eternal riches in heaven. I hope and pray one day to have the honor to serve Brother Lazarus at heaven’s table. I have learned so many more lessons from him than from the Rich Man.

May the good you do return to you and yours one-hundred fold.


Hello again,
I always appreciate your letters. I was watching a
TV program about the ‘top’ $$ money earners, one of
whom is Rick Warren. The program stated that 90% of
his income is given to charity. Isn’t that nice???
The Lord has shown me several times over the past
year how in these last times the spirit of deception
is working. It is disappointing to see friends giving
themselves to these false teachings, readily
(greedily) following the feel good preachers. I’m no
longer with the ‘in crowd’ because I can’t follow this
way…because I know it is the way of the deciever!
Please keep sounding the warning!
In Christ, Ruth Ann



With you in the Battle! A disabled believer in Christ
from Holland, Europe.

Bro. Rene


I believe also that only thru the blood of Christ can one be saved. And I believe we are getting very close to the end times. I love reading about prophecy and what to look for.
I have read and read and prayed asking for guidance on who will be Babylon the great and I do not feel that the USA is it.

I may be wrong, but, I am human. I just put my faith in Jesus Christ and let Him lead me. mr wayne


I just wanted to write and say Thanks. I don’t understand the prophesies as I would like to so I just try to compare anything I hear to what it says in the scripture. I have read most all you have on your website, and have been recieving your email updates for quite some time now and I just wanted to thank you for your efforts.

God bless, Scott


I received your emial and really do not know what you are talking about or who Rick Warren is. What I do know is that the differences between Islam and us is immense. The muslim people do not look at things in the same way as us. Our saviour said live by the sword die by the sword this is something the muslim nations do not believe. What we have to remember, Islam has its roots in roman catholicism which has its roots in the roman empire. Muslim will never be happy until the whole world is under their domain. They believe the end justifies the means and carnage is permitted for the greater glory. Talks between Israel and the arabs will never suceed until the anti messiah is revealed. I do not agree with the pope but his analoge of the Islamic faith was correct. For him to back track I feel is wrong.



I just finished a day conference with R.C. Scroll who was asked by John
MacArthur to read Warren’s Purpose Driven Life and both Scroll and MacArthur
came to the very same conclusion as your article.
Thanks for the heads up.



Dear Bro. Jack,
I couldn’t agree with you more about the “philosophies” of Rick Warren. I
see him, Joel Osteen and others as the leaders in the “Seeker Friendly”
movement that is rotting the Church from within. When preachers and/or
teachers of God’s Word refuse to speak on sin and the need for repentance…
when they insist on speaking about the goodness of man rather than our
fallen and sinful nature… when “brotherly love” and human potential is
exalted above accountability unto our Creator and the need for a total
surrender to the atoning grace of our Lord Jesus, then the message has been
so diminished as to leave it unrepresentative of the whole councel of God’s
Word. It becomes so partial that it no longer presents the basic theme of
salvation… REPENTANCE, without which there is no true conversion. Such a
watered down gospel will deceive people into ignoring the very statement
that Warren says he’s preaching, namely, “It’s all about God.” as they
strive to perfect their own lifestyle, rather than seeking God’s plan for
their life.

Yours In Christ Jesus,
Evangelist Al


Jack, thanks for emailing me. While you were in VietNam, I was a senior in high school at an all-girls school beginning every day in prayer for you. I will visit your web site and appreciate your sharing it.


I am so confused with this world (Not about Jesus), surely he will come when he sees fit.

I am so full of hate for the world of Islam, I know I should not hate but it gets harder each day.

How in your opinion or faith can we not hate or at lease rage war against a people who do not believe in Jesus?

These people want to rid the world of Christianity, which means rid the world of Jesus’ message/s. Although he lives and his word is truth, I fear for my grandchildren?


A troubled Vietnam Vet & Christian


If your dribble is anti catholic , then i dont want to know .




Hmm. I don’t follow the christian way of life, I follow the traditional Native American way, we’re called the rainbow people and we do a mix of Lakota, Cherokee and many other nations. Pride goes before any fall. You probably got my addy from my yahoo 360 page. I must disagree with you about everyone being born with a sinful nature. I think that we’re not really born with it but it’s a learned trait. Nurture before nature. I have my thoughts about the bible and the holes in it but I try not to tell many people of my thoughts beecause too many folks forget that it’s MY OPINION and take it as some unseen truth. It’s not. BUT that does not mean that I don’t believe in Jesus Christ or God. What a lot of people fail to realize is that the Native Americans do believe in God and Jesus and a lot of what the prophecies say, we just do things a little differently. As I’ve said before, I don’t get into the war/political/religious discussions often, I try to stay away from them because a lot of times it causes fights. Too many people think that their thoughts are the only right ones.

If this letter/note seems a bit broken up it’s because I’m sick and running a fever and having a hard time keeping my mind straight. Catch you later.


First: Do not presume to think that I would be interested in reading a junk email.
Second: Do not presume to think that you have answers to the questions you pose.
Thirdly: DO NOT EVER use the excuse of A Vietnam Veteran’s Request for a subject line. Be real and upfront. If you you can’t do that–DON’T SEND YOUR CRAP.
Lastly: I am doubtful you had any military experience at all. None that was legitimate anyway.


Dear Sir,
Thank-You kindly,

It is always a pleasure to talk with an Officer from the U.S. Army. My father was in the Canadian Army for 25 years, Electronic`s Warfare Specialist. He actually tracked Russian Submarines with American personnel on the Queen Charlotte Islands, on the west coast south of Alaska back in the 1970`s.

I come from a long line of Soldiers, so does my wife of 25 years.

I just wanted to touch base with you, You speak the truth my friend, that`s what I like to read, or discuss, THE TRUTH!!!!

I`ll be in touch,