August 2009 Comments

Someone sent me your article, Then Comes the Fire….It was sobering! Thank you for “telling it like it is”…Compromise shouldn’t be a word in our vocabulary. I appreciate your directness and boldness as the Holy Spirit has lead you to speak up & tell the truth. I’ve NEVER HEARD many of the things you wrote about. What we DIDN’T know is destroying us….I say BRAVO for sharing this amazing info.

I think for any American, it’s hard to believe that this country wasn’t founded on the principles of God’s word. My blood ran cold when you said they have accepted another Jesus, a “plastic” one, a false Christ that satan himself had a hand in creating & it has infiltrated our government & church.

Where does that leave committed Christians today and their responsibility in the government system? Like you mentioned, many will be angered because they are so politically minded. According to what you wrote, & it bears witness in my spirit, the entire system is a stench in God’s nostrils…Are we expected to participate? Besides obeying the rules and paying our taxes, rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, considering all things, do Christians have to vote? There are two camps regarding this because I’ve read both sides. It must be very difficult to digest the fact that you served in the military, proud to be an American, discovering everything you thought this country stood for was based on a false premise! Jesus did say, “My kingdom is not of this world.” How much is required of us as citizens, that is my question? We are in the world but not of the world.

I’m just asking what you think about voting especially in this election year! Right now, it looks like a three ring circus to me….I’ve this uneasy feeling inside about the whole thing, and the deception everyone is living under!

Your article staggered several people I sent it to…God is removing the scales from His children’s eyes in ways I never would have imagined today.

Thank you again for submitting this eye-opening article. If you can reply, I’d appreciate it.

God Bless you,

Hi Chris,

Thanks for responding with such encouraging yet gripping comments. Every once in a while I receive letters from other Christians that cause me to choke up, that also deeply impact my life and walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. Yours was one of them. The Lord has used you to refresh and renew my calling to awaken a sleeping Christendom, which sadly includes most of my family and friends who I love with all of my heart. It is gut-wrenching and heart-breaking to watch and listen to them ignore or re-define the clear teachings of Jesus in order to clear their consciences of the conviction the Spirit of God has place within them. I lived this way for some time and know how easy it is to do, especially in this nation which professes to be Christian.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed with doubt and confusion about the letters and articles I have written. My carnal religious mind works overtime to overcome what the Lord has called me to do. The fallen angels or spirits of seduction are always around to chime in with their two-cents worth of religious-political advice This last article you read was at the top of the list in doing this very thing. I tried to write it so the readers would clearly see the battle raging within me, and how difficult it was/is to identify the nation I was born in and served as a commissioned officer in it’s Army during the Vietnam war, as the Great Babylon of Revelation 18. Again, your reply and several others have confirmed in me what the Lord has called me to explain and write, so that others who slumber and sleep can be awakened and not fall prey to the Antichrist who is arising first as a follower of Jesus Christ. I have appealed to readers to test and prove everything I have written by the authority of the Bible.

As for your remarks and question concerning political involvement, I think you stated it accurately in your own comments. Paul laid out how Christians were to respond to the Roman government who they knew was the last Beast described in Daniel’s visions. In today’s Christianized Roman culture of democracy, voting is encouraged to generate deeper involvement in the Beast, but we both know this is a smokescreen created by fallen angels to keep us slumbering and justifying our allegiance to the government instead of the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. Furthermore, voting carries with it a desire to distinguish between two political parties, making it easier to identify the one we dislike as being antichrist, while looking at the one we agree with more as being “closer” to God. This is all a delusion which tempts us to look down upon, even condemn the other party, rather than seeing that both sides are totally controlled and manipulated by the fallen angels who rule all nations, and calling both Democrats and Republicans to repentance and faith in the shed blood, resurrection, and return of the Lord to this Earth.

Chris, I would be most interested in reading your full testimony and history. Perhaps I can use it in a future letter or article if you would agree to such a thing? I hope my online book and articles help you even more in understanding the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ, his shed blood for our sins, and his glorious resurrection. There is coming a day when the Lord will return in judgment and then imprison the fallen angels who are temporarily allowed by God to rule the nations because of the Adamic sin nature of all men. Until that day of judgment we are to call all men to repentance, to love and offer forgiveness to the worst of our enemies, even those who wish us dead. Keep in touch.

Your new eternal friend,
Jack D. Hook

hi Jack, shalom and thanks for writing.
We are not born with a sinful nature, this is a source of tremendous
tension and violence in Western culture (ishmael is another matter and
yes, they are at war with everyone, as it states in Genesis). Every
person is born with an ability and tendency to good and another to
evil. We all are affected by our parents, families, neighbors, time,
previous history, and we must struggle to use our free will and best
intelligence in this context.
Study Shakespeare’s King Lear. If you want a book on “WW III,” visit
my site and get the most recent of my bks. The West is collapsing
because a branch that attacks its root is a branch that will wither
and die; and the West constructed itself by attacking and deforming
its root: clever, but a deadly Rx.
The oligarchs sent us into vietnam for bad reasons which, with the
media’s help, they achieved. but our soldiers and most officers did
great works of courage and kindness in putting vietnamese in position
to defeat communism, a terrible form of tyranny and falsehood.
sincerely, Gene.


It is good that you want all of us to look at our world in the light of scripture and not just accept things around us without examining them.

However, a couple of points.

Just war theology did not begin with Constantine or Augustine, it is clearly manifest in the Old Testament scriptures in the conquest of the Promised Land.

Nations cannot be Christian, only people can.

Who is a Jew? Circumcision of the heart. There is only one line of Faith. We have been grafted in, they need to return to their Father through the messiah.

God will keep His promises. Who wants a solution anyway that comes from men, that you say, ” hate and despise the God of Israel, the Lord Jesus Christ, and his teachings.”



jack your a whacko the jews are insane and you need to
get a grip on reality f…… wierdo.


My dear friend Jack,

It was good to hear from you again. Although I must confess that I would be very surprised if your message is received by many people. It is not that I am not in agreement with you because I am 100% certain that you are right about Christians fighting in war. But, you see my friend, I know it by revelation, just as you came to know it. And it is here that I think that you miss the boat. You and I know it by revelation and you think others should know it by reading the scriptures. Don‛t you see the inconsistency of such an attitude?

My friend, very likely the hardest thing for a man to give up is his country, just as the very hardest thing for a woman to give up is her children. I have often preached about good old Abraham and his conversion. As a matter of fact, last evening I preached again about that and his subsequent call to leave his country and his father‛s house in order to become a stranger and a pilgrim looking for a city. (See www.calledtoholiness.com, Sermons, “The Feet Of A Pilgrim”.) It is this that I think that you fail to see. I am talking about the necessity of receiving a command from God to leave your country, your kindred, and your father‛s house.

I was a professor of physics at Indiana State in August of 1961. I was an agnostic and, consequently, I was a great sinner. I was everything that you say that man is-proud of my intelligence and education, proud of my good looks and my possessions, and proud of my distinguished service for my country in the Korean war (I was a combat wounded and disabled ex-paratrooper.) Then, as I was walking across campus one morning, the living Christ spoke to me. He merely said, “But suppose that you are wrong?” But these six simple words devastated me. In that moment I knew that I was lost and undone and without God and without hope. And I trembled.

For ten days I wrestled with Jesus Christ over the question of sin and the world. I had been raised a Roman Catholic, so I knew nothing about the Bible or even the concept of getting saved. In my whole life I had only heard the words “getting saved” one time. But I knew that the Lord was calling me out of my old life to serve Him. I knew that my old sins would have to go and that I would have to become a saint.

Please understand that I was not holding back because I wanted to cling to my sins. My problem was that I wasn‛t at all sure that I could do it. I didn‛t know anything about grace or deliverance through the divine power of God. So I thought that I would have to grit my teeth and do it and I wasn‛t at all convinced that I could do it, knowing my weaknesses and the lusts that burned in my heart. However, after ten days I finally yielded my body, my soul, and my spirit to Him to belong to Him forever.

Well, I was ecstatic. When I got up from my knees, I was a different person. I was a new creature filled with divine love for my God and my Saviour. I had immediate deliverance from smoking and drinking and adultery and lusting. The Lord gave me immediate deliverance from my wicked mouth so that for almost 47 years not one bad word has passed out of my mouth. I was ecstatically happy because for the first time in my life I knew who I was and where I was going. And best of all, I knew Him.

Needless to say, there was a whole plethora of evils that I did not know were evil and every time that the Lord would show me something, I would immediately renounce it and He would free me from it. For instance, the following Saturday afternoon after my conversion, I walked over to the TV to watch the baseball game of the week. This was my habit and I did it by habit. When the picture came on, there was Dizzy Dean advertising Falstaff beer. The Lord spoke to me so plainly that I thought that somebody was in the room with me. He said, “Shut that thing off!” I jumped up and ran to the TV and turned it off. And I never turned it on again. Then the Lord opened my mind and heart to see the evil in that awful contraption. And I was forever delivered from that modern device of the devil.

About three month after my conversion the Lord called me out of my country. He showed me the evil of every nation. He showed me the horror of killing those for whom He had died. He plainly commanded me to give up all politics and war. He showed me that there are only two kingdoms in this universe-the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan, the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness. He showed me that even my beloved country for which I had risked my life and suffered permanent physical damage was a part of this evil system called the world which is and ever shall be at enmity with God. All of these things He showed me in the light. He called me to be a pilgrim and a stranger just passing through this wicked land, looking for a city whose builder and maker is the living God.

I wish that I could say that I immediately yielded it all up, but I can‛t. I am ashamed to say it but I wrestled with the Lord for a few days. I used scriptures to show Him that it was alright to fight evil people. But then He used scriptures to show me that he allowed that under the Law for the Jews, but under Christ it is no longer lawful.

The most difficult thing that I ever did was to die to my country. Figuratively, I dug a hole about 6 feet deep and 7 feet long and 4 feet wide. Then I wrapped up Cpl James G. Wolfe, RA19313370, in the American flag and placed his dead body into the grave. I played taps over his grave as I shoveled the earth over his corpse. Then I erected an immortal tombstone over the head of his grave and there shall he forever lie.

The last time I voted was for John F. Kennedy in 1960. Since that November of 1961 I have been a pilgrim and a stranger just passing through this sin-cursed land. Jesus is my beloved King and He is my only Lord. Hallelujah!

But, my dear friend, it doesn‛t stop there. It can‛t stop there. Do you see that? I have now openly declared war on Satan and his kingdom. I am once again a warrior, but my war is spiritual and my weapons are spiritual. And just as I could never have had fellowship with the Nazis or any enemies of the USA, I can no longer have fellowship with this world. So it all must go. The politics, the sports, the fashions of dress, the pursuit of wealth and the amassing of things, the Disney worlds and all of the cheap and gaudy pleasures that God‛s enemy uses to seduce men and women into his kingdom and to keep them there.

From what you write I can‛t see how far you have advanced in your walk toward heaven. I don‛t know how much the Lord has revealed to you about separation from the world and its spirit. But I have been walking in this way of the cross for almost 47 years. Many years ago I tried to convince those who call themselves Christian about the things that the Lord had shown me. And there is one thing that I have learned through the years. This will probably shock you, but I will share it with you. Almost nobody who calls himself a Christian pays the least attention to what the Bible says. That sounds awful, but it is true. The lives of the most bible-thumping people in the world are almost totally unbiblical. And they won‛t change even if you show them in black and white what God says. They are determined to have their Christ and the world too. That is exactly why Jesus says that very few pass through the strait gate.

Well, my friend, it has been enjoyable to pass the time with you and to share these thoughts. I hope that you will find time to visit our Web site. If you are ever in Maine, please try to come to see us. We will always have a room for you.

Your friend in Jesus Christ,



Dear Brother thank you,very interesting email.I will forward to my friends.
God bless you
Brother Slawomir from Poland


I am concerned about your viewpoint. It isn’t difficult to see who is being hurt most in the conflict between Palestenians and Jews today. The latter seems to think that God owes them the land. They have not read their Bible. Jesus made it crystal clear that the Jews were no longer the chosen people. This does not mean he loves them less — just that they were not fulfilling their commission and the gospel, through Paul, carried the message of salvation to the world. Jews as much as anyone else can claim the gift of salvation. When Jesus left the temple for the final time He said “your house (temple) is left unto you desolate” Also please read Matt. 21:33-43. His word is firm. And please spend time in prayer.


Dear Jack,

I received your email and have read it carefully. We share some very basic beliefs regarding Jesus
Christ and his being the only way to the Father, but likely will not agree on everything related
to Israel. Hardly anyone agrees about everything.

I have ministered in Israel/West Bank (palestine depending on one’s politics) for the last 16
years. I founded the Jesus House of Prayer in Jericho, but recently turned it over to local
ministers for continued growth under local guidance. I tell you this so that you will know where I
am coming from.

I have observed an overbalanced Christian theology toward Israel that encourages war and conflict
with the Palestinians. Part of our efforts right now are geared toward educating the Christian
world about the dangers of such theology. I don’t suggest that you are overbalanced since I don’t
know what you fully believe, but perhaps you can take time to review our new website and take a
few minutes to listen to one or two of our messages. I am encouraging input on our blog to discuss
serious issues related to Israel and the Palestinians.

An overbalanced theology by our peers have done more to hamper ministry development among
Palestinians than any radical Islamic extremist ever has. Diversity often leads to division, but
it should inspire us onward to Christian excellence in pursuit of the heart of God. I hope that we
can respect each other while perhaps sharing our differences in theology.

I am inviting you to visit our site and take time to input our blog regarding
any issue relating to Israel and the Palestinians. I would like to hear from you there.

FYI, I, too, served in Nam from 68-69 with Special Forces. That info is posted on the site for a
purpose – to demonstrate that we are not inexperienced in the way of war as we must talk about
fighting between Israel and the Palestinians.

God bless you as you obey His call upon your life~


Aloha Jack,

Thank you for your article. I always enjoy reading your words as I know they come from your heart after prayer with the Lord. Someone has to stand up for the Lord’s word in these dark times. I know it’s hard for people you love to reject you and your true teachings of the gospel. I’ve dealt with this issue for most of my life. People love to feel righteous while distorting Christ’s teachings. I remember my own Mother telling me I Was turning into a zealot and alarmist over my understanding of Christ. I was only 8 years old when she said that but I knew even then that love your enemy meant never picking up arms for any reason. However there are other teachings that have been harder for me to follow like feeling the beam in my own eyes. I know I’m a work in progress.

Good news is the longer I live the more I’ve seen people come to understand the true teachings of Christ. A lot of the good things I’ve seen written are from your website. People coming around. So Jack keep up the good work. I’m sure the good Lord appreciates all your hard work on his behalf. I know I do.

In Christ we live,


Hi Jack,
I’ve been reading your email, Then Comes the Fire.

While I was reading the ‘Evangelical Separation’ paragraph about the 3 doctrinal pillars of pollution, the descriptions in Jude’s letter also came to mind:

1. the way of cain
2. the error of balaam
3. the rebellion of korah

I’m curious if you see a parallel there, with the pollution happening in the church today?


It seems the older I get, the more I’m interested in what the early church must have experienced living in the roman empire. For some reason I just can’t imagine them being patriotic for Caesar, though I know they were instructed to honor him so as not to offend anyone. I know they wouldn’t worship him or say he was their lord as the other roman citizens did. I remember when the apostle paul was about to be scourged once he reminded them that he was a roman citizen and they were afraid to scourge him. So it seems there were times when a Christian would use his roman citizenship to his advantage, yet there were also many Christians who died for their faith.
I’ve studied some of the historical accounts of how emperor Constantine and his son tried to make the roman empire a Christian nation but it completely ruined the churches power and influence for the kingdom of God.
The parallels with the ‘american’ empire are becoming more obvious, don’t you think?



with all due respect jack god forgot me and my war long time ago i kinda gave up on beliveing anyhting more then my own wits and survival got me through ….so with that id rather not get preached at the last preacher that swore up and down i was going to hell with in seconds of landing back in the states was almost murderd in cold blood …needless to say his stay in the hospital was there with 2 armed gaurds at his door if you catch mymeaning and yes …he worse a trubin and yes his last name was bin laden …i gave my blood my sweat my anger my tears and for what …no one to give a dam and for whom ever your higher power is to …conveninetly to forget one person …a man amongst men ?…thanks but save your breath brother ….i dun herd it all seen most of what id just like to forget so with that …agian bravo 20 …out. Nolan

Hi Nolan,

Thanks for responding and sharing your testimony. It is an honor to meet you my fellow veteran. Before I became a logistics officer I was trained to be a armor recon scout ,11D, I believe was the MOS. Some of my recon friends were killed and wounded in Vietnam while I was reassigned to OCS. Nolan, I hope you will consider Jesus Christ and where you will spend eternity. For your spirit and soul are going to live forever, either with Jesus in Heaven or Satan in Hell.

I hope my online book and articles help you even more in understanding the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ, his shed blood for our sins, and his glorious resurrection. There is coming a day when the Lord will return in judgment and then imprison the fallen angels who are temporarily allowed by God to rule the nations because of the Adamic sin nature of all men. Until that day of judgment we are to call all men to repentance, to love and offer forgiveness to the worst of our enemies, even those who wish us dead. Keep in touch.

Your new eternal friend,
Jack D. Hook


Dear Brother Jack,

Thank you so much for this article it gives me insight of what is happening worldwide, it helps me to understand that bible prophecy is aleady being fulfilled.

I’ll keep in touch.

In Christ,
Pastor Ruel


Hello Jack. I received your email in which you “loveth and maketh the lie” (Revelation 22:15) that “The Lord Jesus Christ” is “the God of Israel”.

Christians, like you Jack, need a big dose of repentance towards “Yehvah Elohiym, The Mighty One of Israel Who ONLY does wondrous things” (Psalm 72:18).



I am also a Viet-Nam veteran, whom after 40 years was recently diagnosed as to having PTSD. Presently, I pastor
Agape Christian Fellowship, and Inter-Denomination congregation who teach the love of Christ. I served in the United States Marine
Corps from 1965 to 1974. My first duty station I Viet-Nam, was DongHa. I was later stationed at Camp Evans with the 3rdbn, 12thMar.
Both of my discharges were honorable. My exit rank was SSgt.

I can relate about the confusion of war, and the place of an individual as a quote, un-quote soldier for Jesus Christ. I grew up as a
catholic. We were always told that murder, or any form of killing was a sin. While in boot-camp, we were told that it was now
okay to kill. Like you, I became an avowed atheist. Especially, after witnessing the cruelty of humans upon humans. It was
difficult for me to believe that a loving God would allow such cruelty. But Satan is a deceiver; I blamed God instead of blaming man
who initiated the war that caused so many deaths on both sides.

It wasn’t until 1985, that I gave my life to Jesus. My life had been severely messed up by then. Previous to that time, I had
sought all methods of my own doings to achieve some sort of peace, and maybe a little happiness. I often considered suicide,
to end the state that I was in. However, when I came to Jesus, my whole life changed. It was as though a tremendous weight was
pulled off of me. I thank God for His amazing grace.

In these last days, there are many signs indicating the soon return of Jesus Christ. Greed, hatred, and violence appears to rule
the day. The high fuel costs that we are presently witnessing, will have tremendous detrimental effects. And unless this trend is
turned around, I am afraid that we have opened the door for the anti-christ to come in, and rule the day. This trend will have
negative, and long lasting effects in all area’s of society. There are so many indirect goods and services that depend upon
crude oil. I am afraid that we will be witnessing high un-employment, as a result of business shut downs. We are already witnessing
the problems in the housing industry. And the domino effect will soon take place with other industries, if the high cost of fuel isn’t
curtailed. With high un-employment, crime and violence will increase. And this will be a trend occurring globally. A good climate for
someone to enter in, and proclaim that a change can be attained. (Peace and Abundance for everyone).

I am afraid that our nation has shot itself in the foot. I hear so much, ” May God Bless America “. However, by legislation, we have
voted God out of America. Why should God bless a nation that no longer desire God ?

Brother, we have many problems. However, those of us who worship God in Spirit and in Truth should have no fear. God takes
care of His own. And in reality, we are witnessing prophesy in the making. May God bless, and I will take more time to search
out your site.

Pastor Claude



How do I have the pleasure of knowing you? I too am a Viet Vet, but with the Marines… However, we do worship the same Lord.

Former Sgt. of the Marines


Mr. Hook – thought you might be able to appreciate this that I have emailed to others. Thanks for your emails.

From me:
I will repeat myself: There is no political office or politician in this country that is the “savior” of the unbiblical “American Right”. The “American Right” is a man-made entity. It is also Babylonian harlotry. Bonded together based on “morals” and not God’s bible doctrines. Some of you will probably not understand what I am talking about. I am a new Christian who has made it my business to “watch and learn” both from the Bible and that which is going on around me.
Anyway – back to Bush ——

Showing his true colors lately, isn’t he?

There is an old proverb/saying: “Those who do not learn from history – are doomed to repeat it!”

I would not share this with just anyone, remember what the Lord said about throwing your pearls before swine?

I am guessing none of y’all are swine? Right?


Is this your best attempt to “love your fellow Christians”?
You might take a deep and searching look into your motivations, into what Christ’s focus and ministry was.

Titus 3:1-2 “Remind them to be subject to rulers, to authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good deed – to malign no one, to be peaceable, gentle, showing every consideration for all men.”

If you are a Christian, you energies are best served proclaiming the life-saving Gospel, not creating political or religious divisions. Build up the church, already others try to tear it down…

Mr. Weber


You are a wonderful writer and declarer of the truth. My husband and I worship with Mashiach Israel, a group of Messianic Jews. By that I mean Jews who are Believers, know Yeshua (Jesus) as their Savior. The ugly head of anti-sematism has raised its head all over the world. We who know God’s Word must stand by His Chosen or suffer the consequences. Keep up the good work. Yeshua is at the very doors of heaven just waiting for Abba to tell Him, “It’s time, Son. Bring my people home.” God Bless You.
CWO US Army (retired) Jack and Charlotte.


Dear Jack

Thanks for this email. This is a very long email. I agree with you concerning the need to glorify the God of Israel. It is shameful that Pres. Bush is more interested in placating his Saudi oil partners than standing for truth, but such is the nature of politics in our respective countries.

Mr Blair has become the Vatican’s number 1 politician and since his conversion to Catholicism has been active in confirming the covenant between Israel and the Arabs. Now his brief is the “Environment.”

As for your affirmations concerning the AC being a US president and other info, I reserve judgement as these things are open to interpretation and you may have misinterpreted events–There’s always this risk. You may be proved correct, in time.

I realise how you are putting your neck on the line. Here, in UK, we are not so patriotic. We do not pledge any kind of allegiance to flags, many UK citizens aren’t even bothered by scenes of people burning the Union Flag. We rarely sing the National Anthem other than at official events. We used to always stand at the end of plays and in the cinema as the National Anthem was played–not any more. If anything we are often embarrassed by the actions of the British abroad. I would say that Brits are more cynical about patriotism than our American cousins. This is a sign of our national pride–we stand aloof, keeping our emotions intact–“Stiff upper lip” and all that! We see such displays of emotionalism as “Vulgar” and “crass.”

Then we are a much smaller country. 25 miles is a “long way away!”

Many outside of the US resent what appears to be “American pushiness.”

The richest nation on Earth has the biggest national debt and has some examples of the worst poverty. The US that has always prided itself in being a “Godly nation” has instances of the ungodliest behaviour, and still worse–committed in the name of Jesus Christ.

Yet we in Britain are more guilty as we have known the commandments of God for far longer and we, as a nation, have even rejected Christ. As a whole we do not accept the idea of the Ten Commandments as being relevant. So many here simply laugh at any suggestion of them being sinners before God. The conscience of the nation has become so seered that many churches have come to believe that preaching against sin and preaching about hell is wrong!



facist bastard thats what you are, one. That bush fire that god sent hhhmmmm wel actually theres a high chace of fire there every year your just some religeous spouting maniac that thinks that God runs everything with an iron fist hhhmmm kinda like hitler really. oh and your views on homosexuals well im straight but if we ever met i would spit on you for your views that funnily enough Starlin agreed in. You dissapointed me at first you sounded like you were wise but now this constant string of insults to people who dont follow your view have showed me your just a nazi who probably lives in the middle of redneck america.


You can confess all you want. You can devote your life to someone who has set himself up to be a god (Jesus). This is done by him as written by man that you can’t get to a nice place unless he approves. That is psychological terrorism.

The is no proof that he or his papa existed. Not even written word has be proven. Get real. The siple words of thou shalt not have other gods before me is proof that in man’s mind other gods exist.

Give it up.Why would a loving god gather all those losers in one place to exterminate them? Economy of force? Loren


A very insightful and well written epistle, Jack. I wish Christians like you had plenty of air time on one of the major TV networks!

Although I am a Canadian, my colonial ancestors were Americans (from Britain) who came here in 1728 – almost two full generations before the Revolution. They helped John Naas found the “Brethren Church” in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. This was a pacifist sect that had doctrinal (and family) connections with the Mennonites and Quakers. Unfortunately, several generations later, our family has become completely absorbed into the secular world view (myself the sole exception). The reason? Success! Like most other American families, somewhere along the way we stopped worshipping the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob… and started worshipping Mammon. How did this transition occur? Well, most protestants in America regarded great affluence as a concrete sign of God’s blessing… until we started focusing on the blessing itself rather than the God who gave it to us.

Those who still think America is God’s shining example to the world need to take a long, hard look in the mirror.


Dear Jack,
A amazing how the Lord works! First of all, thank you very much for serving our country! I read your email this morning when I first came into work. The Vietnam war was a very real thing for me as I lost several wonderful friends to it.
The reason I’m emailing back is because I wanted you to know I emailed this to my son who is at Fort Benniing, Ga. and will be heading back to Fort Campbell in 2 weeks. He was a drill sargeant at Fort Benning. He’s about 99% sure he’ll be deployed to Iraq. Fortunately, he knows and loves the Lord as I do, so that makes it easier for me. I know the Lord is in control of it all!
Again, thank you and I hope the Lord continues to bless you.

In Him,