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Your last essay was good, but how about something encouraging? You seem to be stuck on the same vein and saying a lot of the same thing in your essays. As a Preacher myself, if I continue to give my congregation the same thing Sunday and Wednesday alike, I will lose them because I sound redundant. Something to think about.

Blessings to you.


Dear Mark,

Thanks so much for responding, and know that your words of encouragement and caution are deeply appreciated. After thinking carefully about what you said, and praying to our Lord about this, I can see where you are coming from and why. For all of my letters and articles seem to focus on limited subject matter to those who read my writings. What I would ask you to consider is this: As I understand the various gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit given to born again Christians; there are pastors, teachers, apostles, evangelists, and prophets.

You as a pastor are called by God to feed the flock a well-balanced meal which includes every subject the Lord wants his congregation to hear. Of course this includes at times teaching prophetic detail like the Revelation and the Jewish prophets. And I think no matter what a pastor teaches from the scriptures the “general” teaching of the second coming, our blessed hope, should always be included in every message to encourage the flock that this world is not our home. This teaching of the Lord’s return does not have to include specific detail or prophetic meat every time you speak to the congregation.

I have learned from the Lord that all of us holding ministry gifts must be rooted, grounded, and focused first and foremost on the person of Jesus Christ, encouraging everyone that we can have a personal relationship and friendship with the living Lord and Savior. Heaven, Hell, our Lord’s death, burial, resurrection, pre-millennial return, along with repentance of sin as our fleshly sin nature components are exposed leading to renewed faith in God; are all inseparable teachings and are the milk of God’s word that all followers of Jesus need to hear and experience whenever we meet together. I am sure you are doing this with your congregation.

I am not a pastor, but do have prophetic and evangelistic gifts that God has given me which are different than a pastor. He has instructed me to reach out to the four corners of this war-torn planet, preaching both the milk, as I just described, but to build upon that the prophetic detail that helps convince people that God’s words of prophecy are true and can be trusted. He has also shown me to expose errors, not so much in prophetic details, but errors in sound doctrines of Christ that are seducing the sheep into following another voice, a seducing voice of this world that is spoken with religious covering.

These last days were spoken of by our Lord Jesus as including “a great falling away” from the faith once delivered unto the saints; which on the surface will be called a “Holy Spirit” revival but inwardly it is a brute beast when push comes to shove. The mystery of the militant Great Harlot (false Christendom) that sits, steers, guides, directs, and authenticates the Beast of Rome (America and Europe) is now being explained to those who have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches. Thanks again my brother in Jesus and keep in touch.

Your eternal friend,



Hi Jack,

In your email it says the mark of the beast will be the number of the last american president. Would you explain that further, where did this analysis come from and why.

Thank you,



Hello. I currently serve in the Navy Reserve as a Chief Petty Officer and C-130T Loadmaster. At the end of April I will be going to Bahrain for 20 days flying cargo and passengers where ever needed. We have bill boards along I-10 here in Louisiana boosting the end of times will occur on 21 May 2011. I know we may be living at the beginning of the end of time, I’m just not too sure about a date! The reason I am bringing this up was written in your letter: the 70th week.

I haven’t read the bible enough to understand and it may be that God isn’t giving me the understanding because I have fallen away, I don’t always do what is right by God. Truth and love can’t exsist in Lies and hate.

I need some help getting back on the path of truth. I know what I need to do, but don’t know where to begin, especially reading the bible.

Thank you!


Dear Angie,

Thanks for your reply and sharing your testimony which appears to desperately need a boost. Let me first say that your honesty in sharing your fallen spiritual condition is refreshing, and many of us who love Jesus need such honesty before God. For the rank hypocrisy now filling the pews and pulpits in America’s Christendom does not please our Lord Jesus. But know this my dear sister in Jesus, God still loves you and wants to forgive you. Just close your eyes for a moment and let him pick you up from the ground and hold you tight in his arms. The heaviness of sin, shame, and guilt will depart instantly as you repent in Godly sorrow before him. The beginning of our walk back into the arms of our Savior must always start at the bloody cross of Jesus where he paid the price for all of our sins and where he offers us cleansing and forgiveness.

When it comes to prophecy and the last days, it is important to know that two Kingdoms are operating on this planet today. One is the Kingdom of Man, created and ruled by God-hating fallen angels through the sin nature we all inherited from the rebellion of Adam and Eve. These are the various competing governments and institutions God has allowed to rule “temporarily” until the second coming of Jesus Christ. Satan and his fallen ones are the instigators of the pride, hatred, and the lust of the flesh that cause war among men. Obviously, some men are worse than others, but we all share and drink from the same sin nature. In spite of Satan’s rule over them, God also allows the human leaders of these governments to pursue evildoers among them, otherwise anarchy would prevail everywhere. But followers of Jesus walk to a different beat and are here to warn the nations, no matter how evil their leaders may be, there is another Kingdom that will be their judge.

This other Kingdom operating on this planet is the Kingdom of Heaven, led by the Lord Jesus Christ, who came from Heaven two-thousand years ago to reveal the truth about these two Kingdoms. He came to expose the sin within us all, but also gave us a way of escape from its hypnotic power, which is in his death by the shedding of his blood. This blood was the offering to God the Father for the sins of all men, but in order to be washed clean by its power we must confess our sin and ask for forgiveness. As Jesus said we must be born again into the Kingdom of Heaven even as we live in the Kingdom of Man as the Lord’s ambassadors of truth. But death could not hold the Lord’s body, for he rose bodily from the dead, ascended into Heaven leaving the promise of his return in judgment. We, his followers, are to walk as he walked while on this Earth, loving even the worst of his enemies, which included the evil rulers of the Roman Empire who crucified him.

The day is soon coming when Jesus will return in a violent, military-like judgment on all the nations, including America, for they all have rejected him and his plan for this planet. His followers will be with him in resurrected bodies on that glorious day and will join him in the Battle of Armageddon which is the greatest one-sided bloodbath this world has ever witnessed. Know this, our Lord Jesus allowed himself to be humiliated, beaten to a pulp, and then nailed to a cross the first time he came, and we who love him now do the same, but when he comes again it will as the Lion from the tribe of Judah to make war and exercise the judgment of God on Satan, his fallen angels, and the men and women who refuse to bow the knee to Jesus Christ. Keep in touch, Angie.

Your eternal friend,

Jack D. Hook


Morning Jack

Thanks you for your faithfulness to the call and gospel of our risen savior the Lord Jesus Christ. The gospel is a smell of death to those who are perishing as we have

Experienced in our own lives previously. Praise God for grace through faith in Jesus Christ that saves and keeps us until we see Jesus Christ face to face. May the Lord Jesus Christ through His Holy Spirit give you strength and encouragement to continue the fight which you are fighting.

We Know that man is totally depraved and there is no good in anyone of us. It is only because of Christ’s death that we have imputed righteousness. There is no

Goodness in us, and only the gift of faith allows us to see this. It is by Grace we have been saved and not of our ourselves, lest we should boast.

Keep running the race until Jesus comes back again.

Yours because I am His.



I see a many many people that seem to get ahead of the truth of God’s word and attempt to correlate the bowls, viles and wrath etc. to the things that our currently taking place on this planet. I think they get this because many churches have decided through “their works of righteousness” that the church is going to create the kingdom of God on earth, then when Jesus returns they are going to hand it to Him.

Sad, but that teaching is prevalent and totally not in scripture. We have the responsiblity/privilege to help grow the “true church” while on earth. Then when the last gentile according to the perfect plan of God the Father has been ushered in He will send our Lord Jesus to call us up and He will offer His Body to the Father.

Then will God’s wrath begin to be poured out according to scripture. We may think the things that are going on now are bad and they are in our understanding, but when God’s prescribed wrath comes to fruition for those that refused to yield, well I cannot wrap my mind around how bad it is going to be.

That alone should help us REJOICE, all the more, that our names our written in the Lamb’s Book of Life as we are encouraged by the Word!!! Dave


Well said Brother!!!!! You blow me away!! Keep up the good work and God be with you and Carol during these come back to Jesus Times!!



As a Viet vet, pls bro, give it up start doing alcohol or drugs if need be-go to the VA, they will pay you for this..

Brian C


I am glad to see that you are what I call a “beam up” man, i.e Christ will change us and take us to Heaven at the proper moment. Alex


Bro. Jack Hook;

I am agreeing with your assessment of the fallen angel/extraterrestrial factor, with one little caveat: It really doesn’t matter if you call those malignant non-human creatures demons or space aliens, they are one and the same. Both terms refer to creatures that are evil and both terms refer to creatures not originally from this Earth, hence, they are both demonic, and extraterrestrial. It is an argument over ancient biblical terminology and modern scientific or anecdotal terminology, but both terms refer to the same class of creatures the Bible says were “cast to Earth” as a result of the “war in heaven”.

I follow Thomas Horn’s work at www.RaidersNewsNetwork.com , and have read his books, about such subjects as genetic engineering, microchip implants, mind control, spiritual warfare and the Nephilim. I believe I’ve seen your work mentioned on his website. I have studied these things for many years, and had an experience of “The Fourth Kind” in a rash of UFO sightings in 1974.

As an older hospital chaplain of the Baptist persuasion, I have bet my life on Jesus Christ and his saving grace. I believe the anti-christ is soon to appear on the world stage, and Christ will call us home soon to clear the way for “The Wrath of God” to be poured upon Satan and his hordes of evil. It will be a “War of the Worlds”!

I’ll be looking into your website further. I write regularly for the bold patriotic Baptist website www.OnlyWay.com and hope you will check it out.

For Truth, Justice, and Liberty for All,

In Christ’s Love!



Hi Jack…

The most significant sign in my estimation is the enormous apostasy that is ongoing as institutional churches and parachurch organizations sign up for ecumenical peace at any cost. IMHO, True Believers need only the revelation of a One World Ruler to open the door for Jesus’ return. How close are we???

Your Brother in Christ,



My wife and I just read your testimony on your website for a second time. And I must say that it touched our hearts just as it did the first time. Thank you for your inspirational words. I believe I have already told you this, but I served in Vietnam with the 1st Infantry Division in 1965-66. God was merciful toward me in that He allowed me to return home and later stirred my heart to accept Christ as my Savior. This, too, was an answer to my Mother’s many prayers. My wife, Janet, was saved the day before I was; however, we were baptized simultaneously in the cold April waters of Madison Creek, just up the road from where we have lived for forty-three years. Next month it will have been thirty-eight years since we were both saved and baptized. Again, thank you for your testimony. Take care.

David Lee T.


I think you’re on the right track here. And I also suspect that some of the mythological creatures — many of which have been worshiped in the past (or even are still worshiped by Hindus and similar religious

groups) were fallen angels in an altered form which they seem to assume.

That the Lord might use them as punishment makes sense as well.

Thanks for the email. Praying the Lord blesses you and continues to make you bold in telling the truth. Duncan


Jack and friends:

Show us in the Bible where the Japanese earthquake is a sign. Enough of your newspaper exegesis.

Matthew 24 is talking about Jerusalem being destroyed in 70 AD. Look at verses 1 and 2 and 34 and 35. These verses bracket everything that is being said and show when it was to happen.

Luke 21 is even clearer “When you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies”.

1 Thessalonians was written to people who were just as messed up about Christ’s return as modern Christians are. Read it in context please.

Dear John,

Reading Mathew 24, Luke 21, and Mark 13 in context says that Jesus would return “bodily” at the end of the generation that sees all those things take place. Where is he then, my friend? You know as well as I do these prophecies were only partially fulfilled in 70 AD. They are now being set up to finish this fulfillment which will see the bodily return in glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. I hope and pray you will change your mind.

Your eternal friend,



Hello Jack,

I’ve spoken to you before about this earthquake business, and with 3 of the gospels telling us to watch for an increase in earthquakes as one of the first signs… well maybe they aren’t really increasing according to scientific monitoring, but hitting more populated areas, and so increasing in our minds… and the unrest in the middle east… well that’s all part of the equation, isn’t it?

I live on Vancouver Island, up in Canada, on the far west coast… We are in a very earthquake prone area apparently, and we are starting to do earthquake drills, just like fire drills… what to do when disaster strikes… pray, pray,pray, in any disaster… My niece is in Japan, far south of the epicentre, but wish she would just come home for now…. She has family there now and is staying… I pray…

I am enjoying following your interpretation of Revelations… we know it is near and soon the true manner in which all these pestilences will happen, will be oh so clear….just remember though that while Satan is allowed to wreak havoc around the world, God is ultimately in control, and He promised with the rainbow of Noah’s ark not to inflict us with massive flood Gen 9: 8-16… also He promised to maintain the day and night and other things we need to survive, Gen. 8: 21-22. And Noah after all these blessings, got drunk and shamed himself… ah… that old sin nature….how and why???

God Bless you Jack… keep spreading the word.



It seems to me that the Radical Islamic groups, like al-Qa’ida, have figured out the western mindset. If they cry out, “we want a democracy,” most Americans will succumb to the cry and be willing to go to their aid. We should remember that democracy to the Arab world is one vote – one man. They do not understand the principals of a Republic. The problem now is this, there is mounting evidence that the “Libyan Rebels” are connected to al-Qa’ida, as was reported by Fox News today concerning the calls to battle that were being used as rebels spoke to one another.

If my hypotheses, above, is correct, could it be possible that we could see the Islamic world controlled by al-Qa’ida segments and thereby radicalizing the entire Middle East? We’ve seen Turkey turn against Israel, Egypt is on the way along with other segments of the Arab world. If this happens and I believe it is already happening in Egypt, we could be seeing the stage being set for Psalm 83. In Psalm 83 Israel delivers a massive blow to the Arab world and in accordance to Muslim law, the Arabs would make peace with Israel only to fight another day. This then, could help in bringing the False Peace Covenant to reality and would setup the Ezekiel 38-39 war after the tribulation begins.

Interesting to watch unfold isn’t it?


Greetings Jack:

In examining your questions to this brother, it would appear from here that the questions somewhat answer themselves. First, I believe that the fallen angels re manipulating the masses of people (in Egypt and elesewhere) for “change’s sake”. However, the fallen angels are in reality, as Satan is, masters in manipulation and two-facing. In some ways Egypt resembles the Iranian student revolution in 1979 that brought in Ayatollah Khomeini and we know where that went. Th e power behind the throne this time in the Arab/Muslim states is not Shiite Islam but rather the shady Muslim Brotherhood with its Wahabbi-Sunni fundamentalism. Interesting to note how our President is siding with the MB.

Secondly, Satan has always worked via free agency. If God out Father could have programmed us to love Him, we would have been just good little robots unaware of His great love wherewith He loved us. His love is greater than that however, and our God understood in advance the chance He took giving us free agency to choose.

Last, I believe this is a necessary step to help point the way to the Antichrist.. These and other insurrections in the Arab/Muslim world may also have the stamp of approval of the Muslim Brotherhood. This Brotherhood must reduce the somewhat fractious nature prevalent in some Arab states and make them all unified under the banner of Sharia. Even Iran sees a benefit in this in that it would help form a unified Muslim bloc against Israel. When, but there reckoning, the infidels are destroyed by Islam, then they can take on each other to see who prevails along the lines of Mohammed’s successor.

I personally believe the Muslim world faces two major conflicts that will destroy it – a Psalm 83 war and an the final Ezekiel 38-39 Gog-Magog war. With Islam removed, it will ensure that the Man of Sin will have one less formidable opponent to deal with in the world of the New World Order. Your eternal brother in Jesus,



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Thanks so very much for this epiphany. It makes me realize how close the return of Jesus is. I am 75 and served with the USMC in the 1950s during the Korean War period. I hope you and your family are well.

God Bless you,



Jack read your e-mail and found it interesting. I served in Vietnam twice 1966-1967, and 1970-1971 with the 1st(Air) Cav. Div. 1st Bn & 2nd Bn 7th Cav and the 545th MP. co. And I have lost some friends there too.I served a total of 11 years in the US Army. Sorry I am not much of a letter writer. I am short and to the point, but I enjoyed reading your mail. May we all find the peace that we need from that war.Here is hoping that I hear from y7opu again. William