August 2012 Comments

Dear Jack,
I have had my fill of Scoffers of the End time and for the past two days wished you were with me on Google + where I did not spare any ones feelings at my statements in return for their stupid hate statements which they hurl out at random and most, sadly come from America!
Anyway, not to try to be smart or anything, I have often found that the way to lead other Christians, not pagans or non- believers to the End Time study is to use two very pertinent verses, that ought to put the already saved but do not want to know the end types.
If appeals to you please use it too.


Hi Jack.  I was looking over your enemies chart and saw that you have the rapture at Rev. 4:1.  I would suggested Rev. 7:9, between the 6th and 7th seal.  Rev. 6:17 says the great day of the Lamb’s wrath has come, and we know that God’s wrath is not for his people; however, Satan will pour out his wrath upon the earth for 3-1/2 years before God intervenes.  I see the church going to heaven and the remnant Jews going into the wilderness at that time.

I have always wondered if the American Revolution was the correct thing to do or not.   The world was watching to see what George Washington was going to do after we won the A.R., thinking he would make himself a king.  It was quite revolutionary what happened in America with the form of government that was set up by our founders.  Had we not have thrown off British rule that may never have happened, but we’ll really never know for sure how it “might have been.”  You may have more details on that than I do.  I really don’t want to be overtaken by Sharia law, dimitude and all that implies.  “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come” has a much greater meaning with every passing day.  The evil is beyond what could ever have been imagined only 20 years ago.  Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

I agree that the ballot box is not going to bring the answer–Ron Paul would have certainly helped give us a few more days if you know what I mean.

I appreciate your articles.

Stay the course,



Jack D. Hook,

Have read some of your email and I’m kinda of a slow learner from childhood sufferings that no one should gone through as I had.

Since I was a child and now at the age of 63, I continue of hearing and reading peoples storys or what will happen when God returns to earth. This is also including the end of the earth. As a dum person, I had learned a great deal but I continue to ignore the statements that people sends to me of what they think when the earth will come to an  end or when Jesus is suppose to return to earth.

Which is true? The end of the earth or the return of Jesus Christ? If the earth comes to an end, than Jesus won’t be able to return to earth so millions of people won’t see this see this event. Than I’m having a problem with Jesus Christ. So many say that Jesus is suppose to return to earth. My question is – WHEN?

Since I was born and till today, people continues to tell me Jesus is on His way to earth. I hear this all the time almost every other 5 years and so far Jesus has NOT return to earth. I’m a dumb person and a slow learner, but my heart and mind continues to tell me to NOT believe in such dumb stuff. If Jesus returns to earth than that will be a big surprise for millions of people. I’m also don’t understand of ‘How People All Over The World Be Able To See Jesus All At one Time Of His Reurning?’ It is night time in parts of the eath while it is day time in my part of the world.

It’s so difficult for me to understand this while millions of people are thinking the way I think. The ones who have great minds of education and communication, these are the only people who tells me Jesus is on the way.

What am I going to do? What are the slow people going to do when Jesus returns on earth. How are the slow learners going to learn this not unless we all have great power in knowlege and education.

Again, I believe Jesus will return, but not in my time or in your time. Jesus did say to be prepaire and be awake for the time is coming. No one will NOT know the time, place, ect. I been on this earth for 63 years and so far nothing has happen.

What’s going to happen to little children? I will have fear of God and children will also be in harm of this big event.

I believe that I will see God/Jesus in my death. Maybe see nothing at all. I certainly not see anything when I was being

born or being born on this earth. It certainly will be a miracle if something will happen after death instead of something on earth. I believe in that event. So many people waited and waited for Jesus to return and now they are dead without any proof of such event. Will we see Jesus upon death? No one knows.



Hello Jack,

My name is Kim McCall. I was reading you blog about the Manchu’s at Hoc Mon.

My husband, Steve’s cousin was in B Co that awful day. His name was SGT Ralph Wells. SGT Wells was KIA on 7th April 1968 by an ambush in Cu Chi. SGT Wells was affectionately called Stumpy by his family because he was so tiny at birth.

I am an O.R. nurse  at the University of Virginia and currently serve with the Army Nurse Corps ( reserve). I wanted to serve in Vietnam  but the war was over the year  I graduated from high school. I have always held Vietnam Vets in very high regard.

I learned about the book “Unfortunate Sons” from a Manchu who was  in B Co.

His name is Bob Gartner. Bob served with SGT Wells and because of SGT Wells, Bob and I have struck up an e-mail friendship. I am very grateful to him for info he has provided about SGT Wells. I don’t know if you know Bob or have seen him at any of the reunions. Bob was one of the Soldiers assigned to gather up the fallen that day on the bridge. He has related his experience of that day to me and I can not begin to comprehend the horror of seeing so many of your fellow Soldiers and friends lying dead and bloodied up. I have been a nurse for a very long time and have worked both in the ER and OR. I have seen a great deal of catastrophic injuries, but nothing could ever compare to what you have had to bear witness to.

Every Memorial Day my husband goes to D.C. for participation in Rolling Thunder. This year I am going to ask that he seek out those who fell that day and leave something in remembrance of them at the foot of their panel.

I very much enjoyed your reading your letter about the reunion in San Antonio with the  other Manchu’s and I felt compelled to seek you out to let you know that you and those who fell that day are still remembered.

Warm Regards,

Kim McCall

PS Thank-you for your sacrifices and for doing what your country asked of you.

Dear Kim,

Thanks for responding and sharing your story with me.  Unfortunately I did not know Ralph or Bob but I have met many Manchu’s over the last few years at the annual reunions.  Larry Ward and I grew up together and served in Vietnam when Hoc Mon occurred.  He was on R&R getting married in Hawaii and landed back in Saigon the day Charlie Company was slain in ambush.  I was right across the street when he landed and he didn’t know it for we were in two different units.  I was not a Manchu.  Larry and I got together in April in Saigon and it was then he recounted what happened.

Being a veteran yourself and a relative of a slain Vietnam veteran you are my friend and as a Christian my sister forever.  It is an honor to meet you, Kim.  I love veterans and want them and their families to know the truth.  I hope my online book written in 1980 and current articles help you even more in understanding the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ, his shed blood for our sins, and his glorious resurrection.

There is coming a day when the Lord will return in judgment and then imprison the fallen angels who are temporarily allowed by God to rule the nations because of the Adamic sin nature of all men. Until that day of judgment we are to call all men to repentance, to love and offer forgiveness to the worst of our enemies, even those who wish us dead.  Keep in touch, Kim.

Your eternal friend,



Thanks for getting back to me and your kind words. I appreciate you sending our correspondence foreword to see if anybody know SGT Wells or Tim Taylor.  have to say when I looked at your e-mail and those who were on the foreword list, I felt like I was looking at Vet Royalty. Everybody that was there on the bridge that day… or so it seemed.  If you wish, I can send you Bob Gartner’s e-mail address. Bob told me he was sitting next to a radioman that day when B Co was in reserve and heard somebody saying that half of C Co was gone. He and Doc Roberts were on the bridge shortly after gathering up the fallen.

I am at work now and can only stay a few minutes. I hope to chat with you more in the future.  Gotta run.

Thanks again,




Thank you for boldly standing firm on the Word, and for abiding in the Word, the fruit of which is evident in your “Despising Government” post.

May the Lord continually strengthen, guide, and bless you as you take up your cross and follow His Son and our Savior Jesus Christ………

I relate with what you are going through with friends and family. Thankfully, as tough as it is (gut-wrenching at times), I can find comfort in the Words of our Lord Jesus Christ that gird and prepare me for such division. Perhaps more difficult for me is experiencing division among believers who profess to be saved. Among the many brothers and sisters in Christ I’ve had the privilege of befriending in the past 16 years (born again in Feb 1996), I might have only one other brother that I share a like-minded understanding of doctrine with… particularly Jesus’ command to “love your enemies.”

I have been a member of three IFB “local church’s” in the past 12 years, and have become disillusioned by IFB preachers encouraging patriotism instead of being a pilgrim, “just war”, “special” pastoral anointing among “their flock”, legalistic bondage, etc. I love all of my brothers and sisters in Christ, so I am burdened by what I humbly believe is false teaching occuring in every “local church” I have gathered with. Of course I must be cautious, and always remain teachable myself, as I contemplate approaching brothers and sisters with what I believe to be the (one) Truth revealed to me by the Holy Spirit during my own scriptural studies.  My experience has led me to believe “the narrow way” is indeed very narrow, with true disciples of Jesus Christ few and far between on it… and I can only hope by His guidance and grace that I am on that route.

I very much look forward to continuing my journey through your online book and articles, and to keeping in touch.

Your new eternal friend and brother in Christ,

In Christ,


Well said Jack, I only hope you are right (about 2012: God’s Just War Resumed). Especially for our kids and grandchildren. Mac



I thank you so much for writing this.  I went to a different than my regular church a couple weeks ago after hearing some good things about it and as it turned out, their regular pastor was gone.  The guy they had speaking in his absence opened up with some exposé about, “What do cows give birth to? A: Little cows or calves  and what do dogs give birth to? A: Little dogs or puppies…and what did God give birth to? A: Little gods…..or you…   

(I was sitting in the 2nd row so I couldn’t get up and leave, but my desire to be there lessened with each minute that he spoke.)

I appreciate your writing these thoughts and I am in agreement with you on all of them.

If the master of the house had known what hour the thief would come, he would have watched and not allowed his house to be broken into.  I truly believe that scripture suddenly has critical meaning for believers in Christ.

Also, I’m amazed that no one in the media has taken the time to scroll the Qur’an and find the many passages indicating that it is OK for a Muslim to lie as long as that particular lie is in favor of promoting Islam.  (I’m thinking of our president calling himself a Christian here.)  I’ve had a couple Muslims, here where I work, try and proselytize me into the Muslim religion.  I’ve had to explain to them that the Holy scriptures found in the Bible require no abrogation i.e. changing – they’re fine just like they are and I stand upon them.

Great newsletter here.  Thank you for sending it out.  Any possible way you could get these out more frequently?

In Christ,


Dear Sally,

Thanks for your kind and encouraging remarks.  I have sent this article on 2012 out to thousands of people and most are sadly indifferent to what is happening in and around them. And most of them profess to be Christians.  Figuratively, I can count on my hands the number of response which are like yours. 

This “little gods” heresy is part and parcel of the coming Antichrist, and the Mormon frontrunner, Mit Romney, believes this to be true as Mormonism teaches men can become gods.  The good news is that soon we shall see and be with our Lord Jesus Christ.  Keep in touch my eternal friend.

Your brother in Jesus,



Here at work I was given the privilege of winning a Mormon woman to the Lord in 2010.  I showed her Isaiah 43:10-11 (there’s only one God), and then flipped her over to Gal 1:9 (don’t even believe an angel if they give you a different gospel), finished my presentation to showing her the last paragraph in Rev. (don’t add to or take away from the Bible or you’ll be cursed).  I believe it wasn’t until seeing that last paragraph that she realized her Mormon bible had been “added to”.  Then with the Lord’s help, she put all the puzzle pieces together and decided she’d chosen wrong.  So she made the right choice!

But Jack, I don’t see this problem near as destructive, however, as the “Christian New Age” seeping into churches all over the U.S. and world. Church attending believers in Christ already know that “Mormon = false beliefs”.  But you start talking Beth Moore or Charles Stanley, not to mention Max Lucado and other well known Christian speaker/teachers and you’ve got believers thinking that anything that comes out of their mouth is gospel truth.

My own pastor has our church promoting Beth Moore workshops from time to time, “for the ladies to enjoy”, despite my giving him the Be Still DVD on contemplative prayer/(TM).  Beth, Max, Phyllis Shirer, Dallas Willard and a slew of other well respected speaker/teachers are all on there singing the praises of doing contemplative prayer – they just “Christianize it” by saying it is a good thing.  (I’m leaving the church as soon as the Lord gives me the go-ahead.)

I could go on and on but I’ll leave it at that.  I wish you’d do a letter on contemplative being the poison that it is.  You’ve been given so much to share, however, so just keep on going with whatever God give you, brother. 

In Christ,


p.s. I am seeing a generation gap happening within the Christian community.  The youth, teens -30’s, act and speak as though us older generation folks (baby boomers) aren’t hearing from the Lord and that they’re the only ones He’s truly sharing things with.  Church attendance is being looked down upon if it’s in a denominational church when they’re failing to see that charismatic is just another denomination in itself.  I’ve attended both and so I speak from experience on this.

Thanks again.


Hello Jack,

I have read your site and find it very interesting. I am a Catholic and naturally disagree profoundly with your comments on the Church founded and sustained by Jesus. I believe that your articles of faith are very near to the truth but prefer the Creeds!

I believe that we are about to see the minor tribulation (though it won’t feel very minor). This will commence with civil wars in Italy and France followed by others in most European countries, the war in Britain will be particularly vicious. This will be political right against left with some racial and religious differences in the mix. The US will not be involved because of its own problems and fears. Russia will invade Europe to support ‘progressive’ forces assisted by some elements in Germany, the Pope will be kidnapped and assasinated along with other Catholic leaders. Islamic nations will take advantage of the confusion to invade some parts of southern Europe. When all appears to be lost, a Christian-Catholic King will arise and be accepted as leader of the French nation ( a scion of the French royal family). This King will, against all the odds, lead an army that drives out the invaders. Europe will accept this man as its King as will many other nations. The majority of people will accept the Catholic faith that this King espouses. This man becomes emperor and appoints Kings and these lead the kingdoms described in Revelation, all are initially good. Peace ensues in a new, materially poorer but spiritually richer, society. After the Christian emperor’s death, people will go back to old, sinful ways and some of the Kings will fight among themselves and abandon their faith. Gradually things deteriorate to a terrible degree and then the Anti-Christ comes  claiming to be the only one able to restore peace and making miracles to prove it……………