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Visited your website, heard your testimony believe you love the Lord.  Agree on many things.  Disagree on a few.  But we do see the world systems in much the same manner.  My husband and I have a small home church.  We stepped out of the “old wine skin” five years ago.  We believe that there is a New Priesthood of believers since Jesus came and that is what Christ came to bring forth.  Everyone a Priest to Him not a Levitical priest system.

However, I do believe that there are a remnant of believers in many churches today.  But the Apostate church is not pro-life, and marriage between one man and one woman has been set aside, and they are ordaining homosexuals as well.  However the whole “system” of church is wrapped in the Old Testament Levitical priesthood system even though many try to follow the word and the Lord.   God  loves them all.  

Believe the Whore of Babylon is the entire Satanic system that is outside of Christ.  Rev 17 and 18 says that system is responsible for  ALL the slain on the earth.   Rev 18:24 And in her was found the blood of prophets and saints, and of all who were slain on the earth.” NKHV 

Will read some more on your website when I have time.  Resurrection week is still wonderful.  God bless you.  Katherine


jack hello,very deep stuff.well let just say, i am a born again

beliver. i,m not perfect.i love jesus, he is my master and

saviour.everyday i look at myself i see my need  for jesus.living in

this world is hard. living by faith is even harder.GOD IS MY STRENGTH







Jesus told his disciole to take up the sword again after telling them to put it aside. King George would love you guys. – Herb


Hi Jack

(a greeting you don’t great a friend with while at an airport unless you want to be arrested)

Thank you for your invitation and the email. I value my privacy and that of my family and

friends; therefore I wish to kindly decline on your wonderful invitation to list and disclose

any more information publicly on me or others.  I do use the Internet, yet I regret the fact

that anything I say on it becomes common/public information.

Thank you again. I will look up and read what you are recommending; however, I like for

you and others to assist by protecting or avoiding evasion of my privacy.  God bless you.

God bless,  guide and protect America and all the good people of our world

Kind Regards and gratitude



To submit to a repressive Godless regime is unthinkable at any time in scripture. Nowhere does scripture command us as Christians to bow the knee to Satan who certainly has deceived many in this nation. Onward Christian Soldier Marching as to War; with the Cross of Freedom going on before!



Greetings and Blessings. I read most of all you send and I understand why your doing it and for whom you serve. But I have this belief; when the Gov types lay down there weapons and there is total world peace only then I will allow my w###### to be turned into plow shares and pruning hooks. I look forward to that day when I can dream the dream of peace for my children and peace for all children. I cling to my arms for the following reasons to hunt for food, protection of life limb and property, nothing else except to hone those skill now and again.

I will not bend a knee or bow a head for what the illuminated ones want to usher into this world. I do not obscenly display my w###### but I believe in self defense and protection of my fellow Citizens and family. With this type of thinking does this mark me as a cultist for the 2nd? I know where I stand and I will run when it comes, but cornered I will fight to protect my grandbabies and being of Jewish descent on my mothers side I will never bow to the evil that comes! So help me G-d! I dont think I am in the cult of the 2nd!

I am willing to hear your thoughts on my thoughts. 

Thank you G-d Bless



Mr. Hook

Thank you for the email.  I mostly agree with what your friend had to say, however it seems as if he is gently nudging us toward pacifism.  His verses from 2 Cor 10:3-5 are taken out of context.  Paul is explaining “war” or “warring,” depending on the Bible version, as warfare in verbal debate.  The boldness Paul speaks of is argumentative, not physical altercation.  Verse 5 further explains this: “We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ,”

Mr. Baumgaertel’s text follows:

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal (2 Corinthians 10:3-5)

“For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal.”

Then he continues to explain further that Paul referred to spiritual warfare, not physical warfare.  While the Old Testament does a good job of delineation of what we refer to in Christian circles as “just war,” the New Testament is unclear on the subject.  We should be able to agree that the Biblical description for “just war” is unclear and in the seminary, we wrote for or against the subject with a final agreement that in the age of grace, there is no Biblical clarity for “just war.”

The tough spot for a Christian today is that we know the Bible says that we should be subject to the rulers God has put in place (Romans 13: 1-5).  So for proponents of the 2nd Amendment, we look at the rule of law foundation in our country and say that, “here is how it is supposed to be; but look at what the ‘new’ rulers are doing.”  My family prays that the next new ruler, elected in 2016, will be one who respects the rule of law and the entire Constitution rather than pieces and parts that he or she agrees with.  In the event that an uprising does occur, the tough question we face is; what side do we fall on?  Do we support the side that believes baby killing is good, government is the new god, and media is the sole source of information – or do we support the side that adheres to the Judeo-Christian values we live our lives by?  If we support the side of world government, does that mean that we accept whatever methods they employ to track, monitor, and rule their subjects (micro-chip for the people to be able to buy and sell goods and services – sounds like the number of the beast to me).

So the answer for us Christians who want to follow the Bible may be civil disobedience – in the same manner as Dr. Martin Luther King.  I do agree that focus away from God and towards anything (2nd amendment, specific rights, etc.) is drawing us away from the Truth and toward the world.  What do you think?



Jack, I do appreciate your messages and I am blessed by them—So glad to be on your email list–Yes, the time is getting short to even preach the Word as I feel our Lord and Savior will soon return—The signs are everywhere, but we do the best we can—I do pray for that leading of the Holy Spirit every day and praying for others—-Keep in touch and God bless you in your work–All in the name of Christ—–Harlene


Thank you for this brother Jack. I have to concur. Right now I am writing to finish my book on spiritual warfare, and one of the crucial keys to understanding has to do with the “fallen ones” and their role in it all, from Babel to Blavatsky to Babylon. Which I too have suspected is us. I know David Wilkerson believed this. Please keep me in your prayers that I can do this book quickly, and well. I feel completely inadequate without His anointing.

God bless you.



(For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) 
Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; 
And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled. (2 Corinthians 10:4-6)
Brother, I believe I told you some time back that the Lord impressed upon me to give my rifle away when I was born again, almost 33 years ago. I’ve never needed one since as I rely (like you) totally on the protection of our Lord and Saviour for my life and the lives of my precious family.
He’s never failed us yet and never will. Amen!
You’re right on with your teaching. The Bible is our Sword. It is a spoken Weapon. 


Your articles: 

What Sword Do We Trust

Cult of the Second Amendment by Jim Baumgaertel

Hello Jack, Thank you for keeping me posted all of these years……

 I  have appreciated  your email’s greatly.And I have always read  each article you sent me with great interest

AND -Time is getting short  and nearer to it’s  conclusion – more so than MANY realize –

I feel-  we are……. really living in ‘VERY‘ difficult times – as you so readily know

I have personally always thought deeply about life Jack- I’ve always been a pacifist

 And my perception is sharp- seeing what is-Often  is going on behind the scenes  so clearly-

The veils . Lifted from my eyes a long time ago……..

But many are blind/ deaf /dumb and crippled  mentally- to what I see so clearly –

Many  cant see the wood for the trees) so to speak.-they are blinded  by mistake-

May they eyes be opened….

PS Anyway  I just wanted to say thank you for informative material –

God Bless You And Your Dear Family.


Very well and THOUGHTFULLY presented.

While theologically we are sometimes “worlds apart” and you might “consign me to hell,” we are in LOCK STEP that this is God’s World.

If there is “salvation” for this world as it “lives” now, it will come from listening to the Holy Spirit when we hear the words – “He who lives by the sword, will die by the sword.”

We share a radicalness of faith if not of theology.

God Bless



This is a good letter. I inserted some comments & references in this copy which are only for your consideration.
Thank you for your Nam tour and your love of Christ.
I remain in His service and yours,


Hi Jack,

Do you see in the scriptures that God uses wars to discipline nations?

His mercy is to put godly men in leadership to create a nation, this one.

Washington was a godly man, so was Lincoln.



God Bless you Jack!

Thank you for finding me long ago…Thank you for continuing to share ALL news with me…Thank you JESUS for bringing Jack into my world!

With all that said….much love, prayers and God’s grace be upon you.

I have never needed a gun – do not ever see that I will in my future either….My faith stands alone in Christ Jesus – God is in control, the Holy Spirit is upon me, with me, around me and that my brother is ALL I need in this lifetime to protect me.

May our Heavenly Father continue to bless your ministry!

Looking forward to HIS return…..when I know you and I shall meet!



“I honestly have nothing but compassion for the lost, even being afraid for those friends and family members who consciously turn their back on Christ and justify their sin. My heart breaks for them, hoping that they would soften their hearts and be saved, that they would jump in the ark before the flood comes.”

Thanks once again, Sandra, for responding with such encouraging and comforting words.  You indeed have a great trust in the indwelling Holy Spirit and know that your Lord Jesus is walking with you wherever you go.  It does not get any better than that.  When we walk in his power and love we can then see through all the bluster and blabber of our enemies and truly love and pray for them.  Keep in touch.  Jack

Thank you, Jack, for responding…and Let me say that although I still extend my hand in gratitude to all men & women who have served our country & nation….I do so NOW (since OUR first communications) with sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and how I not only appreciate their service, but I am grateful God brought them home so I could encounter them, thank them and share the Gospel truth with them!!  Time is of the essence and we all need to carry the Message of God’s love and Christ’s sacrafice so that we may accept, believe, Repent, be saved and live forever in His Kingdom!

All the other hype is just that…a distraction from our TRUE reality.

Jesus has been working miracles in my life….He is showing me how to be patient (something I never knew how to do) and wait on HIM…and the best lesson I’ve learned besides God is in Control is FORGIVENESS and how powerful that is….more powerful than any podeum, more powerful than any weapon forged against another. I am truly blessed as my eyes are wide open as is my heart & mind. Thank you Jesus! Sandra


There’s Sgt. Alvin York, (Congressional…) General Douglas MacArthur (read his Bible everyday)  General Patton (read his Bible everyday and used it for a “handbook” on how to whip Rommell !) …and many others down through time. It is a question that has plagued me. I’m a Viet Nam Vet and a Combat Vet! Yet I stumbled at the teachings of Jesus… but if you visualize your wife and children being sexually assaulted in front of you as you are tied up and a knife at your neck with a bunch of laughing drunken bozo’s in charge of the whole thing, and it could have been prevented with a little help from a Mossberg 500 and .00 buck! … I know what decision I would make! Others will have to consider it themselves. I don’t think “turn the other cheek” meant to leave your innocent ones under your shield of protection unguarded. –John